View Full Version : Spawning NPC PLZ

09-20-2006, 10:38 AM
Hello all. I've trying to figure out how to make this simple mod but I still missing something. I allready have all the tools, I've read many tutorials and yet, nothig.

Anyhow, what I need is please someone to help me spawn a Sith patrol (one red guy and two regular silver ones) in the hall outside the hideout in Upper Taris. I want them to appear after you rescue Bastila from the Black Bulkars. I want them to be walking around the hall and when they approuch you or you approuch them, dialogue triggers. If Bastila is in the party, they notice her and attack. After you kill them, another dialogue triggers between main char and Bastila. That's it.

If someone is up to it, you can PM me for the dialogue details. In fact, is the only thing I was capable of doing. Thank you all in advance.