View Full Version : Layers not loading with World in Zeroeditor

09-20-2006, 05:28 PM
I've got a map named TATT that I added a new layer to, in order to hold all of my CP's, mounted guns, powerups etc... When I added the layer using the New... button in Zeroeditor it created Layer001 in the interface and a file TATT_Layer001.LYR.

I saved the map by saving the world and exited.

The next time I opened the map the Layer wasn't available from the layers tool. If I try to load the .LYR file it tells me about possible instability and either throws away the [Base] layer and just shows the contents of TATT_Layer001.LYR, or throws an exception and crashes Zeroeditor.

What's a little freaky is that it all munges correctly. That layer shows up on the munged map, layed out properly. I just can't get it to load with the .WLD so I can edit it sanely.

Previously I was working with a map based on the tat2 world, and every time I loaded it I was prompted for which layers I wanted to load. I looked through the .req and other files that I could think of, even looking at .wld files with a hex editor to see if I could find a reference to lyr files, but didn't see it.

What do I need to do to have a .WLD file recognize that it needs to load this additional layer?