View Full Version : LUAs - What does what

09-27-2006, 06:57 PM
If this helps anyone, I investigated the LUAs and figured out what each one did:

LUAs in: Scripts\AI: Obvious. Defines when AI should build units, send them in, etc.

LUAs in: Scripts\Evaluators: Numerous functions for defining how far something is, whether land slots are free for building, etc.

LUAs in: Scripts\FreeStore : Defines things such as how a unit should respond when idle (attack, defend, use abilities, whatever). For both Human and AI players. Defines Galactic Conquest event probabilities (example: Will I get the "conquest planet for credits/units event or not?)

LUAs in: Scripts\GameObject: Defines who, or what, this hero or structure should attack, weights, force powers (if any), area of effect of force powers. Looks like they primarily concern AI, as the structures in particular do not target by themselves. For example, SecondaryHeavyFactory describes how abandoned factories crank out units.

LUAs in: Scripts\Library: I believe this is a library of common functions for the other LUAs.

LUAs in: Scripts\Miscellaneous: It looks as if there was some content such as "hyperspace accidents" that never made it into the final cut. Not sure about this though, it could be for retreating units that have nowhere to retreat.

LUAs in: Scripts\Story: Scripts for the campaign mode.