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Mace Windu and three other members of the Council, including Master Kit Fisto, sat in the chambers, deliberating the war and its consequences, immediate and advancing. As they discussed the mission to Kashyyyk on which Yoda had been dispatched, the Chamber doors slid open and a slightly breathless Padawan hurried in. He bowed hastily to Mace and delivered his report.

"Master, We've recieved a transmission from Utapau. It says that Master Kenobi has been successful in his engagement with General Greivous and has destroyed the latter."

Mace nodded and spoke.

"Thank you for reporting this, Padawan," he said. "You may leave."

After the young child had left, Mace turned to the other members of the council.

"The war is now officially over," he said with finality. "The remaining Jedi and Clone forces will mop up the stragglers of the droid army. Now we need to deliver this report to the Chancellor and make sure he returns his powers back to the Senate."

"I agree," said Kit Fisto. "But what if he refuses to hand over his power?"

"Then we will be forced to arrest him on charges of manipulation," said Mace. "Now, let us leave."
The four Jedi Masters made their way down the vast hangars of the Jedi Temple to the awaiting gunship. As they did so, Anakin Skywalker ran up to Mace from his just landed ship.

"Master, we must speak," said Anakin.

"Skywalker," said Mace, no doubt a bit annoyed at Anakin for not realising the urgency of the situation which was spoken in volumes by the fact that all the remaining Jedi Masters were embarking on a fully armed and loaded LAAT/i gunship. "We've just received word that Master Kenobi has destroyed General Greivous. We're on our way to make sure he returns his emergency powers back to the senate."

"He won't give up his power," said Anakin sadly. "I've just learned a terrible truth. I think Chancellor Palpatine is a Sith Lord.

"A Sith Lord?" asked Mace, shocked.

"Yes," replied the Chosen One. "The one we've been looking for."

"Are you sure?" asked Mace.


"Then our worst fears have been realised. We must move quickly if the Jedi Order is to survive."

They began walking with renewed pace toward the gunship. As they went, Anakin spoke.

"Master the Chancellor is very powerful. You're going to need my help if you want to arrest him."

"No," said Mace, "There is too much confusion in you, young Skywalker, much fear that clouds your judgement."

"I must go, Master." urged Anakin.


Mace came to a stop and turned to face Anakin.

"If what you told me is true, you will have gained my trust, but for now, remain here. Wait in the Council chambers until we return."

Anakin recognised the lost cause and stayed silent, then he added as an after thought as Mace entered the LAAT/i,

The Jedi Masters strode into Palpatine's office and the latter turned to face them.

"Master Windu," he said, feigning a slight smile. "I take it General Grievous has been destroyed, then. I must say, you're here sooner than I expected."

Mace would have none of it; he unclipped his lightsaber from his belt and thumbed it on, bringing his signature purple blade to life, thrumming in his hand. Saesee Tiin, Agen Kolar and Kit Fisto followed suit.

"In the name of the Galactic Senate of the Republic," said Mace with a faint tone of satisfaction in his voice, though he betrayed none on his face. "You're under arrest, Chancellor."

The older man rose from his seat slowly, not taking his eyes off the Jedi.

"Are you threatening me, Master Jedi?" he said sofly and dangerously.

"The Senate will decide your fate."

"I am the Senate!"

"Not yet."

Palpatine flicked his elbow and a gold and jet black tube shot out of his sleeve into his palm. He pushed a little button to reveal a flaming red blade coming into existence.

"It's treason, then," he said. Suddenly, without warning, he shot out of his place in a horizontal spin to land directly in front of the Jedi. He stabbed his blade forward in an attempt to impale Agen Kolar, but the Jedi jumped sideways and slapped Palpatine's blade downwards. Saesee Tiin slashed upward at Palpatine, but the Sith Lord blocked it. He twisted Tiin's blade downwards and stabbed at Tiin's chest. The Jedi brought his blade up in an attempt to block it, but it was a little too late. The ruby blade passed cleanly through his chest and the life force left him.At this same intstant, Mace, Kit and Agen Kolar swiped at Palpatine's waist, but the man backflipped and landed on his desk. Kit Fisto slashed at the Chancellor's legs, but the latter repeated his move and landed behind the Jedi at the mouth of his doorway. He turned and broke into a run down to corridor to his lounge.

The three Jedi raced after him in pursuit. As soon as they reached his lounge, Agen Kolar jumped high with the aid of the Force and landed in front of Palpatine's elevator, blocking it. Palpatine's objective, however, seemed to he the HoloComm.

"Stop him!" Mace yelled and raced alongside Kit towards the Chancellor. Kit Fisto landed squarely onto the comm unit and stabbed downwards with his blade, destroying the console. Palpatine tried to use the opening and swiped from the left at Kit's waist, but Agen Kolar's green blade intervened just in time. In the split second, Mace jumped forward with his buzzing purple blade and swung it upwards, taking off Palpatine's sword arm at the wrist, causing the latter to yell in pain and drop to the ground. He held his blade at his side and stood over Palpatine's cowering figure.

"You are under arrest, my lord," said Mace with finality.

"NO" shouted Palpatine. "I will not let all my years of careful planning come to an end like this! You will die!"

With the last word, Palpatine shot a burst of lightning at Mace from the fingertips of his intact hand. Caught off guard, the Jedi Master was hit point-blank. With no other open choice, Kit Fisto jumped down from the desk and sliced sideways as he landed. The cut decapitated Palpatine neatly and his hand ceased shooting lightning. Mace, now a bit shaken, slumped onto the nearest chair and took deep breaths.

"It is done, then," said Mace. "Thank you, Kit. Now we need to get this news to the Senate."
The security hologram of the whole duel showed for everyone to see in the middle of the Senate chambers, where all the delegates had been called together for a special summit meeting. As the recoding ended, Master Windu, flanked on his side, where Mas Amedda used to stand, by Kit Fisto, addressed the crowd.

"As you can see, Chancellor Palpatine was the second Sith Lord we were searching for." Mace said and the crowd shouted words of agreement. "With the death of Palpatine, the war is officially over, and the Sith have been eradicated."

A loud cheer rose over the crowd and eveyone clapped, cheered and shouted.

"Word has been sent to the Separatist remnant and they have been ordered to stand down." Mace continued. "They remaining leaders, including the ever elusive Viceroy Nute Gunray, have been located on a volcanic planet in the outer rim called Mustafar. A Jedi taskforce will be dispatched will all possible haste to arrest the leaders and to be brought to stand trial."

The cheer continued and Mace allowed it to linger for a while before he continued.

"Unfortunately, with the death of Chancellor Palpatine, the Republic is also left without a leader," Mace said and paused, allowing his point to sink in. "Therefore, the Jedi Order will be forced to temporarily take control of the Senate as long as the fighing continues."

Roars of disapproval punctuated the cheers as the delegates gave their views.

"But." said Mace, and the crowd quietened a little. "But, we ask the Senate to begin elections for a new Chancellor as soon as possible. Once the new leader has been elected, we will gracefully stand down and return the torch of power back to the Senate and its leader."

The delegates found that fitting and cheered non-stop. The delegate from Malastare, however, had a question to ask.

"But what will you do in the meantime?" he asked. "Will the Senate be disbanded? Will we be forced to watch as you do as you please?"

"You will function just as you have before," said Mace. "Only you will be led by Master Yoda instead of Palpatine."

Nobody had any furthur questions and seemed happy with the situation.

"Very well, Senate dismissed," said Mace, ending the special session.
"Good news, this is," said the hologram of Master Yoda. The Grand Master was leading clone forces on the planet of Kashyyyk and had to resort to using the HoloNet to attened the Council session.

"Indeed," said Ki-Adi-Mundi. "Finally the Sith have been defeated and peace will reign over the galaxy once again."

"This peace," said Yoda. " Short-lived, it may be, if careful we are not."

"Agreed," said Master Obi Wan Kenobi. "We should always be on the lookout for the Sith or any inclination that the Dark Side is growing stronger."

"On the other hand," said Mace. "It was young Anakin's tip-off that allowed us to be prepared for the assault by Palpatine. It is unfortunate that we have lost a Jedi Master, Saesee Tiin, but we do have a replacement in mind."

He looked at Anakin and spoke to him.

"The Jedi Council is in agreement that you should be granted the rank of Jedi Master and have a permanent seat on the Jedi Council."

Anakin was dumbfounded and stammered out a response just in time.

"I... thank you very much, Master Windu, I promise to adhere to whatever the Council guides me to do."

Mace nodded once and ended the Council session. The Galaxy was at peace, the Sith were eradicated, and peace would reign supreme for a long time to come. The Jedi Order would rebuild its ranks and would do their best to prevent such a catastrophe from happening again. There would be no more problems...for now.