View Full Version : October 5th: FoC Demo coming!

09-30-2006, 12:36 AM
Learn brand new game elements and abilities that signal the beginning of the end for Jabba The Hutt. Use any means necessary to achieve your goals: kidnapping, intimidation, piracy and black market technology are but a few of the options you have with the brand new planetary corruption feature. Fight dirty with new units like cloaking transports, mobile defense pads, disruptor equipped mercenaries and abilities like bribery, cloaking and buzz droids. Do you have what it takes to corrupt the galaxy?<br>

The Official brand new Forces of Corruption demo is coming to Fileplanet on October 5th.Prepare to corrupt the whole galaxy!

Thanks to JediGoat for the update. It will indeed come out on October 5th and not the 6th. Sorry for the confusion. -LIAYD