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09-30-2006, 08:12 AM
One of my more recent favourite shows is the remake (or reimagined) of Battlestar Galactica. Anyway as some people may be aware I like to do RP's based on other thing I like (I.e the Merc crews are based on firefly), so here I have decided to do one based on this TV series.

Note: if you haven’t seen the series this does contain spoilers of the mini series and the first 6 episodes of series 1 (If you haven’t seen it you should i highly recommend it)

The way I would like to do it is players will take the part of a Viper or Raptor pilot onboard the Battlestar Galactica after the Cylon attack on the 12 Colonies. More specifically after Season 1, Episode 6: Litmus where the Cylons have been revealed to the public as having human copies and new pilots are being trained.

The Story

The Cylons were created by man, they rebelled and the Cylon war raged, then peace was declared and the Cylons disappeared for 40 years… Then they returned. There attack was swift and devastating, somehow managing to disable all of man’s defences, they nuked every world and obliterated the entire military fleet, but 1. The Battlestar Galactica escaped with a small civilian fleet and has been evading their Cylon pursuers and searching for a new home named Earth.

After a resent accident onboard the Galactica which killed several pilots the commander has started recruiting Civilian pilot to fly the Vipers and Raptors.


Viper MK.II (http://media.battlestarwiki.org/images/8/8c/Bsg-viper-1.jpg)
Race: Colonial
Type: Military
Propulsion :1 x Voram VM2-D15 upper turbothrust engine, 2x Voram VM3-D22 turbothrust engines, 2x reverse thrust motors: RCS points
Crew: 1 pilot
Role: Space superiority fighter
Weapons: 2 Kinetic Energy Weapons, missiles
Armaments: 2 x MEC-A6 30mm Thraxon forward-firing kinetic energy weapons (KEW) mounted in the wing roots with 800 round magazine, Dorsal storage bay for 8 x HD-70 Lightning Javelin missiles (optional 50 megaton nuclear warhead)[1], Weapon hardpoints for mounting missiles / munitions pods, etc. under the wings

Viper MK.VII (http://media.battlestarwiki.org/images/d/d4/BSG-Mark-VII.jpg)
Race: Colonial
Type: Military
Propulsion: 3 x turbothrust engines mounted aft, RCS points
Crew: 1 pilot in Terrell ES 24C ejection seat.
Role: Space superiority fighter
Weapons: 3 Kinetic Energy Weapons, missiles
Armaments: 3 x forward-firing kinetic energy weapons (KEW), 2 mounted towards the outboard sections of the wings, 1 x mounted in the vertical stabiliser, Weapon hardpoints for mounting missiles / munitions pods, etc. under the wings.

Raptor (http://media.battlestarwiki.org/images/7/79/Raptor-1.jpg)
Race: Colonial
Type: Military
FTL: Yes (short range)
Propulsion: 2x sublight engines mounted aft, 1x small-scale FTL system, RCS points.
Crew: 2 (Pilot and ECO).
Capacity: Approximately 5-10 passengers.
Role: Reconnaissance and surveillance, electronic countermeasures support, transport.
Weapons: Missiles and bombs (special missions only); normally unarmed.
Armaments: The Raptor's contours provide it a reduced DRADIS signature to avoid detection. In addition, the craft carry an assortment of pods to aid in communications or defense. Up to 6 decoy drones,Up to 4 communication drones, Up to 4 sets of flares, Up to 4 chaff pods.

Standard Forum Rules Apply
Thread Master Controls all plot sensitive NPC.
Char Sheet (With Examples(e.g.) and restrictions)

Note: Raptor pilots can create 2 characters as the Raptor has 2 Pilots, Unless two Raptor pilots wish to work together.

Note 2: I’ll take the Rank of Lieutenant so my Char has authority over your’s

Fighter: (Raptor or Viper)
Name: (e.g. Jane Doe/John Doe)
Callsign: (e.g. Apollo, Starbuck)
Rank: (Candidate pilot ‘nugget’ or Lieutenant Junior Grade)
Homeworld: (Aerelon, Aquaria, Canceron, Caprica, Gemenon, Leonis, Libra, Picon, Sagittaron, Scorpia, Tauron or Virgon.)
Sex: (Male or Female)
Age: (18 - 56)
Appearance: (What they look like or an image)
How you were recruited: (Galactica= On Galactica at time of attack or Civ= Civilian fleet recruit)
Bio: (A little history and personality)

Fighter: Viper
Name: William Twix
Callsign: X-Ray
Rank: Lieutenant
Homeworld: Caprica
Sex: Male
Age: 30
Appearance: Picture (http://barefoot.provocateuse.com/images/photos/alan_tudyk_01.jpg) [/b]
How you were recruited: Galactica
Bio: William was brought up in Caprica City the son of a Battlestar Major and a Doctor. He Took after his father joined the military as he trained as a Viper pilot as soon as he was old enough. He got assigned to the Galacica 3 years before the attack when Adama took command.

He’s known as the kind of LT who those he fly under him can trust. Although his inability to take even the most vital situations seriously has led to him being stuck at this rank for years. He's always telling inappropriate jokes at the worst times, but always manages to lighten the mood.

09-30-2006, 01:08 PM
I tried watching an episode of this but I got board of it. But still good luck with it starmark.

10-03-2006, 08:37 AM
I love this series! Started out not liking it, but my hubby kept watching it and, well, it just started to grow on me. Now I think I like it more than he does. :)

So, count me in for this one. Need to get a character together first, but think I'll be a Viper pilot. :) I'll edit this post later and add my charry sheet to it.