View Full Version : Did TSL Destroy ny Windows/system files?

10-03-2006, 04:14 PM
Hi everyone.

I have played TSL for a long time, although not on this computer before, it is a new great computer. Yesterday when I played TSL it crashed, not for me an unusual thing, it tends to crash quite a lot even though I have installed both the patches, anyway. What was weird this time is that it did not crash to the desktop; the computer just went black and then rebooted itself, an unpleasant surprise. When I had logged on and entered the desktop SpyBots passive wall thingy (can't remember the name atm, but it blocks things that changes the start-up process, a nice thing) suddenly went crazy and started to block some really important programs, like stuff in the window/system folder. I could not do a thing with the computer, nothing reacted on my clicking, and so I just held in the button for 5 sec and restarted. BEEEP! "System files damaged or missing please repair or reinstall windows". I did manage to repair the files and so forth so the computer is working great again but I wonder. Did Spybot or TSL cause this? Or something else? You don't have to answer all those questions but I just want to know before I start TSL again if this is how this game sometimes do, destroys windows files...

Anyway, I find it highly unlikely that TSL could do this, but I want to check with some experiences guys before I try the game again. Happy for all sorts of answers :)



11-13-2006, 09:07 PM
Ummm... this never happened to me or anyone else i know. I highly doubt it was TSL. Probably a virus or something. But... your computer might be incompatable w/ the game. Check to see if it is.