View Full Version : Sam & Max spoiler policy?

10-07-2006, 04:54 PM
Given the 2 week difference between Sam & Max's gametap & general release, just wondering if there will be a spoiler policy in place for Mojo news / comments and forums for the GameTap exclusivity period ?

10-07-2006, 04:56 PM
Hopefully, I like concrete objects so I'm waiting the 15 days.

10-07-2006, 06:26 PM
Well, hopefully people won't say anything, but I can't guarantee that from user comments... so basically just don't visit Mojo for that two week period, or move alternatively move to America.

10-07-2006, 07:54 PM
Couldn't we just use spoiler tags?

Or would that be too complex for most of us?

10-07-2006, 07:57 PM
Only if Brushguy comes back.

10-07-2006, 08:01 PM
Well, you can't use spoiler tags in the news comments to the best of my knowledge. Can probably use HTML to set text colour same as background, but a bit too complicated for most people (if it works at all).

10-07-2006, 08:02 PM
Jakey will figure something out, or he doesn't get a brand spanking new kidney.

10-08-2006, 12:55 PM
Man, the fact it's released first on GameTap should make very little difference. Not everyone would plough through the game at the same rate even if they had access to it at the exact same time, so you should use your common sense when discussing spoilers - just as you would for any other game in existence.

10-08-2006, 05:26 PM
Hint:Listen to itchy.

10-08-2006, 06:18 PM
Gaw, thanks for ruining the game, Metallus. That secret wasn't supposed to be revealed until episode six.

10-09-2006, 03:57 AM
Why aren't we treating this like any other game when most other games tend to come out at different dates throughout the world. I think the basic rule applies, just like any other game that for a few months or so, we should just use spoiler tags in posts.

Infact, since these games are episodic, we should just wait till the second episode ocmes out before discussing without spoiler tags.