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2 years after Empire at War, Tyber Zann a crimelord who rose to prominence sometime after the Battle of Yavin during the Galactic Civil War. Using the Imperial connections he made while in the military, Zann began to build up an extensive criminal organization known as the Zann Consortium. He collaborated with noted Hutt gangster Jabba Desilijic Tiure, until he stole a valuable and strange artifact from the Hutt on Felucia. However, while Urai Fen escaped with the artifact, Zann was arrested, for "crimes against the Empire".

While Zann rotted away in the spice mines of Kessel, his loyal servant, Urai Fen, planned his escape. By starting an insurrection on Kessel and hiring the crew of Millennium Falcon to pick him up, Zann made his escape.

After his return to freedom, Zann, along with his closest companion Urai Fen, reestablished the Consortium as a power to reckon with. Among other things, the criminal organization would offer protection to worlds affected by the Galactic Civil War, having built up a sizable military force. Zann even went so far as to attempt to capture a prototype Eclipse-class Star Dreadnought for his navy.

He used his extensive crime network to influence the warring factions, siphon their credits, and sabotage their operations when necessary. During the course of his ascent to power, his forces fought against both factions of the war. He had his own flagship, an Aggressor-class destroyer called Merciless, for his navy. Now he planned to use his great army and navy to finish off the Galactic Empire and the weak Rebels once and for all...

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Star Wars: The Way of Corruption and the Rise of Tyber Zann Empire

"I am Tyber Zann. Corruption is my weapon. And while the Galaxy is distracted by civil war, I will strike."

He had said it to his troops, officers, and all to worked for him. He was aboard his ship the Merciless. It was his personal flagship a great part of his navy fleet. His personal fleet included a Vengeance-class frigate, hundreds of StarVipers, Kedalbe-class Battleships, Crusader-class corvette, Aggressor-class destroyers, and the Skipray blastboats. He considered them invencible. They would all be used on todays assault on Couracant.

“Your mission is to go down to Coruscant and wipe out the senate and all the Empire’s ways of holding togther the galaxy.” Zann told his troops in the briefing room.

“Wipe out the whole Empire in one strike?” Asked one of the troops.

Ignoring him Zann continued, “We will have Canderous Assault tanks, Droideka MKII, F9-TZ Transports, Moblie Attack Launchers, and all the other Units you need in our army. We must win.”

“Yes, sir” The troops responded earger to start the mission.

Tyber Zann walked down the corridor of the Merciless toward the hangar. What his army did not know was he was joining them on Corucant. He would want to be the one to shoot Emperor Palpatine. There was of cource a few flaws in his plan but not any he would admit. But there was one he worried about, Darth Vader. If the conquest worked and they took over Corucant Darth Vader would still be out there ready to strike at him and his Consortium. He boarded a ship that will take the army down to the planet. Disguised as a solider he sat in a seat. He griminced as the helmet over his head touched the long scar down his face.

“Ready to take off.” The pilot annunced to the soliders.

Zann grinned as the ship left the hangar and flew toward Corucant. He would soon be ruler of the galaxy, he hoped.

Emperor Palpatine relaxed in his giant throne. He had sent Darth Vader on a mission to find the remaning Jedi so long ago. Now he had sent him again after a former jedi named Ferus Olin. He had made Ferus to join him once but was only tricked as Ferus slipped out of his grip. He thought about these annoying things when suddenly his aleart alarm went on making a terrible sound. He hit the button.

“My lord, a fleet of enemy forces are moving in. But they are not the rebels.” Told his Commisioner.

“Then what are they?”

“They call them selfs the Zann Consortium army and navy.”

The color drained from Palpatine’s pale face. He knew Zann he had been a great repulic threat.

“Kill them.” Palpatine told him.

“Yes sir.”

The aleart ended, Palpatine reached forward in the force alearting Vader of the situation.

Zann jumped out of one of the many invading ships. He shot down Stormtroopers With his heavy blaster rifle as he ran forward pulling off his helmet realvealing his true self to his army. He ran through the sectors toward the senate building shooting all the Stormtroopers and civilans in his path. He grabbed a thermal detenater out of his utility belt and through it into the approching crowd. He ran into the senate after killing the guards. There stood Palpatine starting to be excorted out of the senate. He raised his blaster and fired to the sides killing the guards. Palpatine raised his hands preparing to shoot lightning at him. Zann jumped to the side as bolts flew past him. He ran out of the building and jumped in a passing CAT. Surprised Palpatine didn’t react as Zann fired a deadly laser missile killing Palpatine. Looking around Zann saw he was winning already. Suddenly his comling beeped. He anwsered it.

“Sir, someone reconised Darth Vader’s ship. He was blown from the sky.”

“Who Vader or the person who saw him?”

Vader, sir also the ship wished you good luck. Then he flew away.”

“What ship and who?”

“The pilot of the Millennium Falcan, Han Solo.”

Zann grinned he knew the pilot and would never forget him.

“Game over.” He said to himself, “I win.”

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