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10-11-2006, 04:21 PM
So, I've been thinking. Yes, I can hear the groans now, but hear me out.

It has occurred to me that a board Psychonauts role-play would be pretty much awesome. Not that the ones here aren't, but an actual board just for a literate Psychonauts role-play. I know there was once a lovely board called Camp Whispering Rock, and from what I can tell it was pretty darn amazing, but it's...kind of dead. Which is truly a shame, because...again, a Psychonauts board RP would be awesome.

So I was thinking about this and I thought ...You know what? Maybe I should make that Psychonauts RP board. Truly a novel concept, I know. And as I thought about it, I began to like the idea. Unfortunately, I haven't run a board in a long while. I co-admin with a friend on a different site, but it's not exactly the same as running a board all by my lonesome.

Thus, I have come here asking for ideas and suggestions from all of you. First of all, I currently see two possible games one could have on a Psychonauts RP board. They are:

1.A role-play set in yet another summer at Whispering Rock. Players can choose to play as a canon character, a camper, or a counselor. This would basically be like Camp Whispering Rock was.

2.A role-play set sometime after the game, centered mainly around Psychonaut headquarters. Players can choose to play as a Psychonaut and go on missions/do whatever their job calls for, a Psicadet going through training to become a Psychonaut, or...something else (psychic criminal, villian, regular person stuck in the whole mess somehow, the list goes on and on.). This game is a bit more flexible than the first option, since one could easily still have a plot going on at the camp. However, it would be more centered on the agency as a whole, as opposed to our beloved camp.

3.Um...any other suggestions?

I, personally, happen to like option two, but again, I'm open to suggestions. I want to make sure people are interested in the game I choose, savvy?

Right, aside from that I have a few more questions.

1)What sort of things would you most like to see in a Psychonauts Role-play? Powers allowed, places, plots, anything?
2)Would you prefer a game with an overlaying plot, or one where you're pretty much allowed to choose what you want to do? Or perhaps a combination of the two?
3)What sort of board would you suggest for this sort of thing? What's easiest to work with? I definitely could use the advice.
4)...Heck, would you even want to play on a Psychonauts role-play board?
5)Anything else?

I think that's all...um...right. I'd definitely like to see this happen, and your opinions are greatly appreciated! If you have any ideas, send them my way, please!

...Right, um, that's it for now.

Lord Pancake
10-13-2006, 03:46 AM
It would be great if someone set this sort of thing up. I'd kind of like a "do what you want" sort of thing as far as story goes. When I first heard about Camp Whispering Rock, I was very excited. Imagine my dissappointment to find that it was dead. Anyways, I strongly encourage SOMEONE to do this. I know pretty much nothing about administrating a board, so I'm not much use in that department, but I would really love to see something like this.