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Star Wars
Darth Bastila - Power of the Dark Lady

Bastila Shan awoke from her meditation on the Star Forge. The Republic had now passed through the Sith blockade and were attacking the Star Forge right now. Soon, the Star Forge would be destroyed, but Bastila had more of a reason than the Republic to destroy the Star Forge. She waited for Revan to return from defeating the dark lord of the Sith, Malak. The door opposite Bastila opened and Revan returned glad he had defeated Malak.

“What happened?” Bastila asked, trying to hinder Revan from passing.

“Malak is dead,” Revan told her, “I killed him.”

Bastila smiled and stood there, her Saberstaff in hand.

“Bastila we need to get off the Star Forge, while the Republic are destroying the Star Forge,” Revan warned her.

Bastila’s smile became more crooked and Bastila ignited one blade of her Saberstaff.

“Oh don’t worry Revan,” Bastila told her former lover, “We’ll get off the Star Forge in time, but you’ll be dead!”

Revan ignited his green Lightsaber and tried to attack Bastila.

“Touched a nerve did I?” Bastila asked mockingly, “Well thanks to you, you’ve killed Malak and now I can take control of his empire.”

“You traitor!” Revan shouted, attacking Bastila again, but Bastila parried all of his attacks.

Bastila used the Force to push Revan into the nearby wall, before calling on the dark side of the Force to shoot a large bolt of lightning. Revan was shaking, due to the effects of the lightning and was shouting out in pain. Bastila concentrated harder on Revan and the power of her lightning became stronger. Soon Bastila stopped, but Revan was still alive. But only barely. He leapt up towards Bastila, Lightsaber in hand and Bastila immediately stabbed Revan with one sweep of her Saberstaff. As he yelled out in pain, he stared directly into Bastila’s eyes, knowing that she had tricked him about returning to the dark side. Bastila put away her Saberstaff and picked up Revan’s body.

Aboard the Ebon Hawk, Revan’s crew were waiting for the return of their leader and Bastila. The young Twi’lek, Mission Vao began asking questions.

“When are Revan and Bastila going to get back?” She asked, “Because we should leave them, if they’re taking forever from getting blown up.”

“Patience young lady,” The old Jedi Master, Jolee Bindo told her, “The galaxy won’t end if Revan and Bastila don’t hop at it and get her quick.”

The loading ramp descended and Bastila walked inside the ship, carrying Revan’s lifeless body. Carth immediately ran towards Bastila looking at Revan.

“What happened to Revan?” Carth asked concerned for his friend.

“What does it look like sonny?” Jolee asked impatiently, “He’s been killed.”

“Or he’s been drinking too much Tarisian Ale,” Mission added.

“Well we don’t have time to stand here arguing,” Juhani told them.

“The Cathar is right,” Canderous Ordo added, “The Star Forge is going to be destroyed soon and I don’t fancy being star dust.”

Bastila nodded, knowing that both Juhani and Canderous were right.

“Carth, we need to return to Rakatan Prime,” Bastila told him, “The Republic and the Jedi will celebrate our victory.”

“But what about Revan?” Carth asked, “He died saving us from the Sith.”

“Yes, but the Jedi will give him a good send-off,” Bastila told him, “Besides he wouldn’t us to be sad on our big day.”

“I guess you’re right,” Carth agreed.

Bastila felt happy, that she knew that the Star Forge would be destroyed soon and then she could start a new powerful empire to destroy both the Republic and the Jedi Order.

The Ebon Hawk landed on a beach on Rakatan Prime. Bastila knew her plan had worked. She had used her Battle Meditation to tell all the remaining Sith soldiers to escape the Star Forge onto this planet. They all knew that Bastila was going to become their new leader. Despite the battle on the Star Forge, the Sith were still going strong and over thousand Sith soldiers had survived the battle. On the Ebon Hawk however, all of Bastila’s crew were worried to leave.

“What do we do now?” The Wookiee Zaalbar asked in his native language of Shyriiwook.

Bastila noticed that other than Carth, he was the most upset about Revan’s death. Bastila understood why though. Zaalbar had sworn a life debt to him, after being rescued by Gamorrean slavers in the sewers. He had joined Revan and since Mission followed him everywhere, she had joined now. Bastila would now test them all, to see if they would join Bastila’s empire. But she had to get them out of the Ebon Hawk first.

“Don’t worry,” Bastila announced over the Ebon Hawk, “They’re just leftovers from Malak’s empire.”

“Leftovers?” Jolee asked, “Leftovers? They look like they’ve all returned from a party on Nar Shaddaa.”

“Shut up old man!” Canderous shouted, “We’ll be fine.”

At least someone doesn’t doubt me, Bastila thought as she stepped down the boarding ramp.

Thousands of Sith soldiers surrounded Bastila and the others. Bastila knew they were her soldiers now, but they were just doing it, because Bastila told them. Bastila leapt on top of the Ebon Hawk and stood.

“Malak is dead!” She announced, “All hail the new lady of the Sith, me!”

Everyone in the Ebon Hawk crew turned around. The new lady of the Sith? Bastila had now betrayed them. The Sith soldiers held the crew, to prevent them for trying to kill Bastila.

“You used us!” Carth shouted angrily, remembering his friend.

“Of course,” Bastila told him, “I used you to defeat Malak, so I could have his empire. I used you to get me off the Star Forge and I used you to become my new servants.”

“You killed Revan!” Carth shouted, his voice getting louder.

“Of course,” Bastila told him, “With Revan weak from the battle, I could get an easy kill, since he would never return to the dark side. But for now, it is time for me to see who will join my new empire. I already know the two Droids, HK-47 and T3-M4 will serve me, since it is in their programming, but will you join me?”

“We’ll never join your empire Bastila,” Jolee told her.

“Please come back to the light, before it is too late,” Juhani added.

Bastila laughed out loud.

“You think after all this time of careful planning, I would return to the light?” Bastila asked disrespectfully, “The Republic and Jedi used me and now it is time I destroyed them for good. Do you two Jedi want to fight me in a fight to the death?”

“If that’s what you want to call it, yes,” Juhani told her, getting out her two blue Lightsabers.

She leapt towards Bastila and Bastila used her Saberstaff to block and she immediately destroyed one of Juhani’s Lightsabers. Jolee also leapt into battle, igniting his green Lightsaber. He ran towards Bastila and she immediately countered with a powerful parry, forcing him to the ground. Juhani continued to attack, but Bastila was too powerful for her and she immediately stabbed her. Juhani fell to the ground and Jolee returned to battle. Bastila quickly turned around and threw her Saberstaff at him. The Saberstaff beheaded Jolee in one quick throw.

“Who else wishes to challenge me?” Bastila asked.

“If you were Revan, I’d join you right on the spot,” Canderous told her, “But since you aren’t, I won’t join a Jedi princess.”

Bastila’s eyebrow rose at the comment.

“I mean Sith princess,” Canderous countered.

Bastila threw her Saberstaff straight into Canderous’ heart, which killed him. The only three people left were Carth, Mission and Zaalbar.

“I’ll deal with you three later,” Bastila told them, “Lock them up in the Ebon Hawk,” She turned to look at the temple in the distance, before speaking again, “An old master must be killed.”

The End