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10-17-2006, 11:38 AM
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10-17-2006, 11:42 AM
Drunken Moments
The quiet of space was a blessed thing after a hard and tiring battle. After saving the monarchy of Onderon by siding with Queen Talia, the crew of the Ebon Hawk trudged their way back towards the ship to head for Korriban. That led to some anxiety on the part of the Exile Serena Korrin, which in turn put everyone on edge. To lighten the mood, it was Atton who suggested that they play a drinking game along with a few rounds of pazaak. Naturally everyone else declined save for Mira and Serena.

The rounds of pazaak went badly after a few rounds of juma. Mira had passed out and Serena wasn’t into the game. Atton was perplexed for Serena was getting drunk for she was tipsy but she wasn’t smiling or anything. He was at a loss at what to do when Serena said, “How about youse teach me your Echani movesh?”

Atton looked at her with a grin on his face and said, “Alright tough stuff if you think you can stand on your feet long enough.”

“Yesh I can,” Serena slurred a bit. “I can last ash long ash you flyboy.” She punctuated her sentence with her right index finger on his ribbed jacket.

The two stood up in the common room. Atton got into a ready stance with his left hand leading with an amused expression on his face. Serena stood in a fighting stance remarkably well for someone under the influence. Atton just smiled at her and said, “Ok tough stuff you need to throw a punch. Ball up your fist and put it there like you mean it.” Atton slapped his opened right palm. He held it up for her to hit and braced himself.

Serena swung hard and accurate with a right cross. She muttered, “I mean it.” In her effort to hit his open palm she threw herself off balance. She hit his palm but ended up spinning and falling from the effects of the alcohol. The smack to the palm sounded good but she was more amused by her falling and was giggling like a girl, not minding the fact that Atton caught her and was trying to keep her steady.

Atton wondered for the life of him why she had never shown this side of her before. He admitted that the punch hurt. Even in her drunken state, she was pretty accurate. When she fell, he caught her to prevent her from hurting herself. He was able to move her small, supple frame with one arm and sat her on one of the couches. He responded to her by saying, “Ok I think it’s time for another drink.”

With both sitting on couch, Serena teetered a bit before grabbing a bottle of juma that Mira has nestled against her cheek and said, “Unlike some of our most illustrious crew, I know when to say no.” She opened the bottle and took a swig.

Atton looked at her bemused and replied, “Uh huh and unlike everyone else, you are something else. You I just don’t get.”

Serena had finished her swig and wrinkled her nose as she swallowed. Waving her hand in front of her as if to drive a smell away she replied, “I know. You’re probably wondering what is a ship like me doing in a girl like this. You want to know how me left the Force.” She accentuated her remarks with careless waves of her arms oblivious to the fact that she almost smacked Atton upside the head.

Atton for his part managed to take the bottle away and set it aside. He thought she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen when he met her on Peragus. He had been tempted to ask if she was an angel for she certainly looked like one with her auburn hair and startling green eyes and golden skin. Watching her teeter around drunk just opened his eyes to how beautiful she was, personality and all. She’s cute when she’s drunk, he thought but didn’t voice it. Instead he responded, “Something like that.”

Serena smiled gently and said, “You see I’ve been away since the end of the wars. This,” and she pulled out a rough shaped pendant from under her tunic, “this is a piece of shrapnel from my ship when it crashed on Duxn. I kept a piece to remind me of the horrible things I’ve done.” She smiled again but sadly as she continued, “I have always been driven to suffering and such. Maybe that’s why I hang out with you guys.”

Atton looked at her as she admitted freely to her reasons why she was the way she was. He didn’t know if it was the alcohol talking but when she showed him the piece of metal from Duxn, he felt bad for what she said to her earlier. He had ribbed her about Duxn and Serreco asking her how could she live with herself and she just took it. In the end, she forgave him and offered to train him as a Jedi. He held the piece on its chain and looked at it before softly replying, “Well I understand why you do some things, I get why you stick around with us but what are you doing here in Republic space?”

Serena became flustered and indignantly let out an ‘ooh’ and stood up. She nearly lost her balance but was steadied by Atton who watched in amusement as she worked herself up into a rant. She said, “I may not be a pilot or bounty hunter or scoundrel, Mr. Rand,” she had bent forward to look at Atton in the eye before turning away, “I am proud of what I am.”

“And what is that?” Atton asked wanting to know but not wanting to know.

“I…” Serena looked confused as she tried to search for what she wanted to say. Her faced brightened as she finished, “am a silly little ex- Jedi.” Feeling sudden weakness in her legs, she plopped next to Atton and leaned real close. She crooned, “I am going to kiss you Mr. Rand.”

“What’s with the Mr.? Just call me Atton,” Atton replied feeling nervous. He liked the Exile, really he did, in fact he loved her. As much as he fantasized about it, he was absolutely dumbfounded and slightly scared of her forwardness. He preferred the hard to get approach.

Serena on the other hand didn’t seem to care. He liked to think that she liked her sarcastic pilot hell maybe she loved him. He had no idea that she hid it trying to be the good little Jedi but when she started drinking, she seemed to have little control over what she said and did. He certainly had no idea of her thoughts when the thought, I can always blame it on the alcohol ran through her head as she leaned in close. She whispered, “Oh, Atton,’ and she closed her eyes and leaned in for the kiss.

Atton responded timidly and leaned forward to greet her ready and full lips. He got a surprise when she moaned and fell flat into his chest, passed out. He sat there looking at her for a few minutes, his features mingled with relief and frustration. With a sigh, he made a small peck to the air. Maybe this will work when she’s not so drunk.


Bingo, Mira thought as she snuggled into the couch she had lain on. She had feigned passing out and sat back to watch the show. What they didn’t know was that she had recorded the whole thing on a small holo recorder that she kept just in case. Thank the Force for little moments like these. It makes this trip worth while, she thought as she drifted off to sleep with the promise to give it to Serena when she woke up. Then again…and she smiled mischievously in her sleep.

The End