View Full Version : Returning player Query #234: Maps?

10-18-2006, 06:50 AM
Boring BackStory: 4 years ago a wonderful game came into my life - Jedi Outcast. I had been on a multi year hiatus from gaming and it ushered me back into the fold quite nicely. I became addicted to what it had to offer, both via its gripping single player story and intoxicating online experience. It was the first game I played religiously online, getting deep into CTF matches and learning the nooks around various maps. Anyhow, soon after my JK-outcast experience I ran into a few computer issues and promptly switched to Mac for the majority of my artistic (musical) needs. I eventually forgot all about JK, and pc gaming, and switched to a platform I wouldn't need to consistantly invest money into - an xbox. Nowadays, I am content with what my little 360 has to offer, but - with all the talk in that community about titles like Gears of War and other online centric experiences - I've grown nostalgic for my JK experiences. Thus, I've returned to the fold (now that I've finally found a forum not coated over with cobwebs).

My Question: When I left JK, JA had yet to be released and the servers were booming with activity. Today, I imagine it's a twing different. I imagine the community has weeded out the pointless maps and have focused on a select few greats. What maps, not included stock with the title, would you suggest I track down and download to get the most out of potential matches?

My personal favorite was the episode I Dueling Fates map. Not sure what's in vogue these days, however.

Anyhow, thanks for any help you can give.