View Full Version : Can I install mods mid-game?

10-23-2006, 10:13 AM
That's basically my question, I'm already a couple of hours into a game and just installed some mods, so will they be active for the already started game, or do I have to start a new game?

Playing TSL btw.

10-23-2006, 10:38 AM
Most mods will be, but there is some that require a new game, look into the readme, they usaly say if you need to restart the game

10-23-2006, 10:40 AM
Depends on the mods really, but for some.. then yes, starting them mid-game shouldn't be a problem.

Known problems will be if a mod changes a spawned npc character's inventory (stores), adds placeables on first load items, etc.

Gibberish aside ;) If the modder took care to make spawns activate at no matter the point you're in the game, you should be able to add them.

Re-texture type mods can be placed in-game at any time and the effects (depending on the case) will show up immediately :)

If you have a list of mods you're wanting to try, you can always post them and we'd definitely be able to let you know which ones might be a problem..

10-23-2006, 11:22 AM
So, as always, it depends. :p

10-23-2006, 12:34 PM
Ok, thank you for the quick responses, you've been very helpfull.