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Rabish Bini
10-27-2006, 08:45 PM
This poem was found by Bastila after Revan left for the Unknown Regions.

Revan's poem

To Bastila Shan

When Winter comes
Warm turns to cold
This is where fragile things
Like to unfold

Sculptures are made
Out of ice
People all snug, and warm
In their homes so nice

But when Summer comes
It all must end
Because the ice
It can't defend

Just like me today
I must go
When will I come back?
I do not know

My only wish is
That you don't worry
I left you alone
For that i'm sorry

But I will come back
And when I do
I'll be there always
Next to you

So do not cry
Or moan, or weep
Just rest your head
And go to sleep

Through this bond
You know I live
When I come back
All my love i'll give


----------The end----------