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Rabish Bini
10-29-2006, 03:37 AM
A poem Revan wrote for Bastila
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Revan's poem #2

To Bastila Shan

Winter is here
It is cold
There are no flowers
In the fields where they grow

But when Winter ends
It's Springs turn to come
The flowers rise
In the warm Spring sun

Flowers are lovely
Like that special someone
Who is proud and confident
But always fun

My dear Bastila
I love you
And you love me
I know you do

I'll never forget
The day we met
The first time I saw you
Under a Taris sunset

Later in life
Somewhere down the road
We had a kiss
And now you, I hold

When I was evil
You saved me
When you turned evil
I returned the favour to thee

When we met
Our love started to unfold
I know you see
The love we hold

So every night
When you go to sleep
Just know that i'll be next to you
Lying in a heap


----------The end----------