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Master Nark
11-01-2006, 07:25 AM
This is a continuation of Coruscant- Jedi vs. Clones. If you already have a character you can use him/her. If you don't please give your character's:


If you want to add a bio that would be great. Have fun!

11-01-2006, 07:35 AM
As our light cruiser sped up and out of the atmosphere, the gaining ARC-170 squadron continued their assault.
"Get us into hyperspace!" yelled Klagen Vest from the co-pilots seat.
"I need to check the co-ordinates!" one of the knights replied. "Does this thing have weaponry?"
"Master, let's go," i said calmly to Gandon. "We can man the aft defences."
Gandon and I leap down towards the rear of the ship, manning a turrent each to keep the starfighters at bay.

Master Nark
11-02-2006, 07:17 AM
Both of the ships were taking damage, but something dreadful happened next. The ARC-170 fighters each launched a pair of missiles at us and our ship couldn't stand the damage. Mikahal and I were firing mercilessly at the enemy ships. It was all about to end when suddenly, a pair of Jedi starfighters flew past our ship going the other way and shot down the clones' fighters. "Thought we should stay back and protect anyone still trying to escape," a voice stated as it came over the cruiser's communicator. Then Klagen Vest replied, "Thank you, we wouldn't have lasted long in that." "We'll escort you to the rendevous point," the Jedi pilot responded. With that they activated their hyperdrives and continued their perilous journey.

11-02-2006, 07:30 AM
I braced for impact from the oncoming proton torpedos but the impact never came. I opened my eyes and saw the crippled wreckage of the ARC-170s spiralling towards Coruscant's surface.
Thankyou brothers, I said to myself and proceeded to the younglings to calm them.

"Co-ordinates set for Ord Mantell," Klagen informed me. "We should arrive in a few hours."
"Thankyou," I replied and made my way up to the cockpit. "Care to join me Master Nark?"

Master Nark
11-02-2006, 04:29 PM
"Yes, thank you," I said as we walked into the cockpit. We took our seats and I let out a sigh of relief. "I fear that today will be the fall of the Republic. Their is a great evil at work. Before the clones attacked I was with Master Windu. We were about ready to leave when Anakin came up to us and revealed that Palpantine was indeed the Sith lord we had been looking for. Mace instructed Anakin to stay in the council chambers while we went to attempt arresting the chancellor. We quickly boarded a transport with Master Tiin, Master Koth, and Master Fitso. On the way there Mace, who I was not long ago apprenticed to, told me he was proud of how I turned out. He told me that he had tought me everything he knew and that I had become a very wise Jedi. When we arrived we intercepted the chancellor in his main office. When Master Windu announced his arrest, Palpatine drew his lightsaber and lunged at us. He killed everyone except Mace and myself before I had been thrown out the window by the chancellor. I survived the fall and within minutes Mace followed my fate, though he had suffered greivious wounds. I rushed to him and he told me to hurry to the temple and save the order. He died in my arms before I found a transport back to the temple. After that I arrived at the temple and raised the alarm just as Anakin's forces arrived. Then I met up with a few of my friends and we defended the temple, recovering holocrons and hiding younglings. I even dueled with Anakin in the library before I met up with you, Mikahal. I just hope that the Jedi will be able to survive this overwhelming blow. I need to go meditate on this. I'll return soon." With that I left the cockpit and proceeded to the back of the ship.

11-03-2006, 05:28 AM
"Indeed, master," I was still baffled by the story. Master Windu and three other masters overwhelmed by the Chancellor and Skywalker? Impossible.

I pondered this story for the next few hours, watching the gentle glow of hyperspace pass by.
"Prepare to initiate sublight thrusters," Klagen announced.
"Yes master," I quickly replied and carried out his orders.
I called over Gi'in Gandaer, one of the other knights, to take over my post. He obliged and I proceeded down towards the aft where Gandon was meditating. He drew back his hood.
"Master, we have reached the orbit of Ord Mantell," I informed him. "We will be landing on the surface soon."
Gandon nodded slightly and replaced his hood, mumbling something I couldn't understand.

A few other cruiser's came into view, the other survivors, along with half a dozen jedi starfighters. We all formed a small fleet and proceeded down towards the atmosphere.

The planet's surface became more visible. It was a dark planet, it's seas reflecting the crimson glow of the orbiting moons.
"We will make camp in a mountain range just north of a small community," Klagen stated across the intercomm. "There we will decide what to do next. Agreed?"
They all answered in turn as we began the descent onto the surface.

Master Nark
11-03-2006, 07:22 AM
We landed on a large flatened out piece of land high in the mountain area. When we landed I exited the ship with the rest of the group. "Now younglings, do not wander to far from the ship, understood?" I said as they nodded in agreement. I looked around at the rest of the fleet. To my surprise more Jedi had made it than I had expected. I met up with another group of masters in the center of the landing area and Jedi Master Adi Gallia stepped forth. "I've recieved word that there are more Jedi still coming and others who have seeked aid somewhere else. For now we will wait here and see if we can recieve word from them."

Nancy Allen``
11-11-2006, 01:53 AM
This is the current RP? Okay here's my character.

"There are quite a lot of limbs sacrificed to lightsabers -- you could almost build your own Jedi from all the spare parts."
"How freakishly awesome would that be?"

Jedi Knight Vao Soth and Alixe Medcraft.


Name: Sergeant Alixe Medcraft
Team: Republic
Weapons: Electroscope rifle; part of Alixe's mission in providing security means being able to take out targets from a distance. While not a true sniper rifle, the Electroscope allows her to provide good overwatch of her tasked area, and is the weapon of choice for ranged combat.
Blaster Carbine; when close in the accuracy of a smaller weapon is more important than the range of something larger, and to that end Alixe relies on this old weapon that had been modified to provide a greater rate of fire.
Class: Republic sniper.
Bio: At the time of the blockade on Naboo Alixe Medcraft was a promising young army recruit for the Trade Federation, before defecting and choosing to fight against the droid army. Knowing she made the right decision Alixe joined the Naboo Defence Force and served as a soldier long after Queen Amidala stepped down. Her loyalty would not be forgotten however; when an attempt on Senator Amidala's life was made Alixe, now a sniper, was tasked with protecting her along with the Jedi Council, specifically Jedi Knight Aayla Secura. While Padme debated the Military Citation Act Alixe provided sniper overwatch of the council, keeping in contact with the Jedi providing security. However when Padme went back to Naboo Alixe was assigned to fight the Droid Army, being shipped from planet to planet, even working alongside the Clone Troopers after they were first deployed on Genosis. She was in fact working as support for a squad on Polis Massa when Order 66 was issued and she witnessed the Clone Troopers cold bloodedly kill the Jedi that accompanied them. Not knowing what was going on Alixe fought back, retreating to find out why they turned so suddenly. She discovered the distress signal calling the Jedi back to the temple on Coroscant, before it was switched off. Suspecting a trick Alixe waited in hiding and discovered the events that occured leading up to Palpatine becoming Emperor. The death of Padme, the slaughter of the Jedi and Younglings, betrayal from what was left, it was all too much and Alixe chose to hunt down and kill any Clone Trooper she could find, not realising that some chose not to participate in the attacks.
The quietly spoken and thickly accented soldier holds Queen Amidala in high regard, while not agreeing with her anti war stance believes that diplomacy takes presidence. Alixe however knows that decisive force is a nessecity especially in the dangerous politics the Naboo senator was involved in. She keeps a warm manner about her, patiently explaining that war is a nessecity, and is bilingual with a number of alien species including Twi'leks, Sullistans and Hutts.In fact Alixe had taken a shine to the Twi'leks and wishes to do something about their plight.

Opening post: "There's nothing from the other Jedi," Alixe said over the radio, talking to a Republic Officer, at least she hoped she was. "The distress signal from Coroscant had been cut off, the Clones couldn't have got them all." Alixe thought for a brief moment about the Jedi she had served with as she piloted the stolen fighter from her post on Polis Massa, maybe she could try finding them but she had no idea where to look.
"We're as confused as you are." The look on Alixe's face said she didn't like that one bit. "We're trying to raise any Jedi that might be..." the officer paused as he was given an update. "We have something here that might tell us what happened."
"Let's see it then," Alixe told him, nodding for him to go ahead. Immediately Alixe saw a video taken from inside the temple, where a group of the Jedi Younglings were hiding. There was no sound but Alixe saw a man enter and the children come over to him. "He looks familiar," she mused, before the man activated his lightsaber.
"I don't like this one bit..." the officer told her.
"I gotta see it." She had a good idea what happened next, but..."oh no." She turned away as Anakin struck down the Younglings, not being able to bear facing it. "Did you, did you see what he did?" she asked, trying to keep the shock she felt in check.
"My God," the officer agreed.
"I've seen enough." Alixe tried to put what she'd just seen out of her mind.
"What now Sergeant?" Alixe shoot her head.
"Not sure." In truth she had a fair idea. Head for Coroscant, stop the man she saw, somehow.

11-12-2006, 08:43 PM
(^^^Nice profile!!)

I looked around in awe. I hadn't seen this many knights and masters in the same place since Genosis. Gandon strode off to where the masters were meeting, deciding what to do next.

I spotted Njan Smite, a knight I trained and fought at Genosis with, over by one of the shuttles.
"Greetings young knight," I said sarcastically from behind. He turned in dispute before recognising me.
"Good to see you again brother," he said quitely. "I hear you put up quite a fight on Coruscant?"
"If you say so. You get out ok?" I asked. He nodded slightly, it was clear he was still confused as to what was happening.

"Come," I gestured and began walking towards a ridge. "Someone has to scout the area!"
I recovered my hood and strode off, not waiting for Njan to oblige.

Master Nark
11-12-2006, 09:23 PM
(Yeah, good profile. On my last post forget the part about Adi Gallia. I just found out she died. Instead, replace her part with Klagen Vest.)

"I'm going to go and track down Master Yoda. He will have some of the answers we seek," I stated. "Very well, the rest of us will stay here. If there is anyone you'd like to recruit for your trip, do it now. Contact us when you find Yoda. We must discover the truth behind this madness," Klagen acknowledged. "May the force be with us all," I replied before I strode off to find my starfighter, supposing that someone had recovered it. I found it and a feeling of relief went through me. Next to the ship was a greif stricken group of Jedi whom I immediately recognized as some of my friends. "Gandon!" Katherine cried as she rushed into my arms. "No one knows what's going on. Everyone is scared. I-," I cut her off by putting my finger to her lips. "Shh, It's okay, we must be calm about this. I'm going to rack down Master Yoda and discover what is happening. I want you all to stay here with the rest of the group. You'll be safe," I said as she began to speak again. "Please, take me with you, I'll go anywhere. I love you." "And I love you," I said and embraced her again as we kissed. Then I spoke once more, "Please, you will be safe, I'll be fine once I reach Master Yoda. I'll return, I promise." With that I entered the cockpit of the starfighter and took off to whatever lied ahead.

Nancy Allen``
11-15-2006, 01:19 AM
**OOC: That's good? Great, I'll post right now then.**

Kids. Alixe Medcraft, a sergeant in the Republic, thought about them all the way from Polis Massa. Since she had witnessed the killing of the Jedi Younglings from the Coroscant temple's security cameras it was impossible to shift the thought from her mind. Alixe thought she had seen her share of the horrors of war, children died in conflict, killed in mishaps by the Republic, Jedi, Droid Armies and others. Seeing the Clone Troopers turn on the Jedi was a shock to her, yet she was able to put that aside until she could get the details. But whoever the sniper fought against there were limits in how insidious they would go, she thought, what evil they would commit. This however shattered those beliefs.
"Children," she mused, trying to raise someone from her stolen starfighter and picked up a message, coming from the Jedi Temple. It told of how the distress signal sent earlier was meant to lead the Jedi into a trap.
Why? Alixe had to wonder. Who would want to kill the Jedi? Coroscant would be coming up soon, if there indeed was a trap set for the Jedi there she needed to be focused for whatever awaited her once she entered the planet's atmosphere. Kids.

11-15-2006, 02:12 AM
A short boom vibrated through the air as a starfighter took off of Ord Mantell's surface.
"What the-?" Njan spoke silently in confusion. "Where do you think it is going?"
"Give aid to the others perhaps," I answered, not quite knowing the answer.

We had reached the summit of a ridge about two hundred metres from the camp. In the distance a crimson sea sparkled in the failing light. On it's shoreline a small community was situated.
"They will start to become suspicious of the air traffic," Njan stated.
"Indeed," I replied sounding not very interested. "You know this planet was a Republic military outpost, now it is just home to countless bounty hunters and criminals."
"Yes, I did actually.." Njan replied, seemingly offended.
"Come, let us return to camp and find out what is actually going on."

Master Nark
11-16-2006, 07:19 PM
(I'm the only one out of my friends taking off in the starfighter unless one of your'e characters wants to go.)

I was in my starfighter flying through hyperspace when suddenly something blinked to life on the ship's holoprojector. "Master Nark, are you alright?" It was Senator Bail Organa. "Yes, the temple was ravaged by my own troops. I'm not sure what to do. Most of the survivors are on Ord Mantell," I replied, knowing I could trust Bail. "Well done. Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi are here with us on my ship. We're sending you our coordinates." The holoprojection then faded away and the navigator showed an update. I flew off not knowing what would happen after he found Bail's ship.

Nancy Allen``
11-17-2006, 01:10 AM
Senator Organa? Alixe wondered, picking up the radio transmission. What's he doing here? The answer seemed pretty obvious; whatever was happening down on the planet was enough to drive him out. Rather than head any further Alixe held orbit.
"Hello? Alixe Medcraft here, Sergeant for Republic stationed on Polis Massa. Clone Troopers turned on Jedi. Picked up distress signal from temple." She hoped someone was getting this. "Can you hear me? What's going on?"

11-17-2006, 01:46 AM
OOC: Sorry I had the impression several others were going. Post edited!

I returned to camp to find Gandon absent. A knight soon informed me that he had gone in search of Master Yoda, and no sooner had I heard the news I was gearing up a starfighter for the journey. I sent forward a short informational message to Gandon, and bid my farewells.
"Take care Njan," I spoke quietly as I fitted my flight helmet on. "And may the force be with you, with you all.."
The astromech droid fired up the sublight thrusters and prepared for take-off. I gave a short wave and focused on the upcoming cloud cover, bursting through it and into Ord Mantell's orbit.
"Master, are you there?" I blindly asked through the commlink.

Master Nark
11-17-2006, 07:05 AM
I was about to take off towards Bail Organa's ship but just before I fired the thrusters, a message popped up on the HUD. I waited a few moments and then a voice came over the communicator. "Fkkk...Master...Are you there?" I recognized it as Mikahal's voice and answered immediately. "Mikahal, yes I'm about 50 miles southwest of your position. I'll wait for you."

11-17-2006, 10:47 PM
"Mikahal, yes I'm about 50 miles southwest of your position. I'll wait for you." Gandon's voice came loud and clear over the commlink.
"Copy that master, I have you on my Nav now," I stated and kicked the thrusters up to 80%. "I'll be with you in a second."
Gandon's fighter came quickly into view of the naked eye and I decelerated to his speed, lining up parallel to him. With a quick 'all clear' wave we locked in the co-ordinates to Organa's cruiser and made the jump to hyperspace.

I settled myself in for the journey and spoke slowly into the commlink.
"Forgive me master, but I couldn't sit on that planet in wait of word. I need to see all of this first hand to make sense of it."

Master Nark
11-18-2006, 04:33 PM
"Yes, I don't blame you. Everyone wants to know what's going on. Not just the Jedi either. There is one thing I do know. I sense that whatever is going to happen next is going to be something we're not fully prepared for. I do have a positive feeling about this though. I mean, we're going to Master Yoda aren't we?" I said as the galaxy was flying past us. After Mikahal nodded in agreement and I spoke again. "We're coming up on the ship. Disengage your hyperdrive.

After we slowed down and landed in the hangar we were greeted by one of the ships guards. "Greetings my friends, this way to the conference room."

(Give me a bit Nancy, my next post will help you out.)

11-18-2006, 10:53 PM
I disengaged my hyperdrive and space pieced itself around me. With a few quick glances over my shoulder and a chirpy whistle from my astromech droid I was soon reassured I was safe, for now. A short thud vibrated through the cockpit and the gentle hum of sublight engines died out. Gandon had already stepped out onto the hangar floor and was being greeted by a ship guard. With a quick leap onto the deck I composed myself and joined Gandon's side.

The guard ushered us out of the hangar, marching boldly in the lead. As soon as my starfighter left my sights I grasped my sabre in a seemingly 'kneejerk' reaction.
The republic turned on us, what was stopping Organa?
"Calm yourself brother," Gandon reassured quietly from within his hood.
Within a few deep breaths my hands were soon cradling one another in front of me.

There was a strange disturbance in the force. Whether it was the countless Jedi still being culled on Coruscant and the Outer Rim or something much more devious. Only time would tell.

Master Nark
11-19-2006, 03:22 PM
After marching through the twists and turns of the ship's hallways, we arrived in front of a silver door. The guard pulled out a security card and swiped it in a small security box. When the door opened it revealed a long table with Bail Organa and Obi-Wan Kenobi sitting on two different sides with Master Yoda sitting at the head. "Master Gandon, Mikahal, filled with joy we are to see you again," Yoda stated. "As we are to see you, Master Yoda. The Temple was attacked by a legion of clones. They were led by..." I stopped knowing that the truth might be to much for Obi-Wan. "Anyway, we led the survivors to Ord Mantell. They are there as we speak. What do you think we should do Master?" "Hmm, hard to say young one. Decided we have to go to the Temple. Recallibrate the code we must." Then Obi-Wan spoke up. "Yes, if there are any other survivors we must stop them from entering the trap."

"I agree," Bail replied. Yoda nodded and Mikahal and I took our seats. Just as we sat down a guard came in. "Senator, we are getting a transmission from a Sergeant Alixe Medcraft."

Nancy Allen``
11-26-2006, 10:07 PM
"I know what happened in Jedi temple," Alixe tried again, not sure if anyone could hear her. "Man went through killing Jedi there, distress beacon sent then changed to warn it was a trap." The difficulty she had in bringing herself to report what happened made her usually thick accent even harder to understand. "There...there were children there. I saw them, on video screen."

Master Nark
11-30-2006, 06:56 AM
"Yes, please rendevous with our ship. We're sending you our co-ordinates now," Bail said into the communicator. "We'll, looks like we'll wait here a bit longer," I said. "Yes, scared the young seargent is. Help her we must," Yoda replied.

Nancy Allen``
11-30-2006, 03:14 PM
"Understood sir." Alixe thought it was best not to keep them waiting, if the situation was bad enough to drive out Senator Organa then hunting down whoever murdered the Jedi Younglings would have to wait.
Still, she mused, how much will they mind this being a stolen fighter? The fact she abandoned her post in doing so probably made the point moot, whatever was going on it seemed bad.

Nancy Allen``
12-13-2006, 02:57 AM
Alixe gingerly brought the starfighter in to dock and pulled open the canopy, still in the sniper fatigues from Polis Massa and her rifle slung across her back. Thinking it a good idea to not appear hostile she chose to leave it, as well as the blaster carbine she fought her way out with.
"Sergeant Medcraft," she said to the crew chief when he ran up to her, "I have information about Coroscant."
"We've been expecting you. Leave your weapons with the ship and follow me." Alixe did as ordered and walked with the man, preparing to give her report.
"I still cannot believe they would kill the children there," she muttered to herself.
"So it's true?" Alixe nodded soberly. "We heard through the comm channels stories..." It was clear the incident had shaken Alixe and he kept quiet. "Right this way." Alixe was shown where she was to go, and once left spent a moment to make herself presentable. She longed for a mirror or something so she could do a proper job, but that would probably require more time than the Senator and Jedi were willing to wait. Deciding she did the best she could Alixe made her way in, recognising Bail Organa immediately, as well as the other pilots who had gathered for the meeting.
"Sergeant Alixe Medcraft," she stated, snapping to attention and giving a formal salute. "I was assigned sniper duty on the Polis Massa asteroids." Her gaze fell on Yoda, not just because of his strange appearence but because he appeared worse for wear. Instinct made Alixe want to help him but she knew it was better not to make any sudden moves. "If there is still some form of military for us to fall under," she added, clearly not knowing what was going on.