View Full Version : Can't get game to start - 'Fatal' in taskbar

11-04-2006, 11:18 PM
I just purchased battlefront 2 today to play with a friend of mine. i got it installed and everything without any problem however when i clcik on play game it opens two windows in the taskbar. One is 'Battlefront II' and the other says "Fatal". I have to end the battlefront task to close the thing and there is a part of my screen that i cant click on or anything until i kill the task like somethings there?

i should also note that i didnt modify the shortcut at all or anything. its a freshly installed copy from the game i bought at the store today. also i have my screen res at 1024x768 and 32bit colors so its not that. and i meet the requirements as listed on the box.

any help please?!