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11-15-2006, 02:12 PM
This thread is meant to discuss the balance of the ZC hero silri (the nightsister);
ATM I find her just too strong:

- First off, she owns other land heroes and units pretty hard in combat (I haven't tested all, but Luke was totally fried) even without the use of her special abilities
-Silri can attack any planet any time, being a cloaked unit (I have already started another thread concerning the unbalance of this)
- Drain life is extremly strong, immobilizing all units in a certain radius, damaging them and healing Silri - I mean, that's like sonic blast, EMP shock, a stronger lightning that works against vehicles as well and Force heal combined together into one power - and it even works against heroes (about the only special ability that does this).
- Cuddles too is simply extremly strong. Just consider that a nightsister is a unit that costs the ZC 2000 credits and can own AT-ATs; and now add that Cuddles does far more damage (he kills about everything in 1-2 hits, even AT-ATs), takes more of a beating and spawns and respawns for free. Yeah, you get the idea.

My suggestions for balancing Silri a bit are the following:
-Lower Silri's damge a bit - nightsisters shouldn't own jedi and Sith (or perhaps take the help of her rancor to own them)
-Uncloak Silri in galactic mode
-Somehow (perhaps only slightly) lower the damage drain life does or somehow limit the stun effect by shortening or even removing it
-Make Cuddles not better than a normal nightsister unit, i.e. lower his damage quite a bit

These nerfs may seem a bit extreme, however I think that Silri would still be a very good, just not a godlike unit.
What do you think?