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11-20-2006, 12:46 PM
Hey People..

Long time no see eh??

Well to cut a long long long story short... We are still here, we are still working.

What on I hear you cry? We've released stuff to EAWFiles for FoC..

Well. Here is the low-down. Legacy of War is a mod for Both FoC and EAW. Empire At War and Forces of Corruption will both have a Galactic Civil war Mod. With Forces of Corruption of course having extra abilities etc.
We are also going to be releasing a Yuuzhan Vong Mod for Forces of Corruption. This part is ONLY for FoC owing to the Corruption factor and other graphic updates that Forces of Corruption has over the Original.

We will of course be releasing a number of smaller "filler" mods containing the Era between the two mods.

The overall releases will take time. Reason A is that we only have 7 staff.
Elron, Chooie, z3r0x, Klarin, Arkles, moda and myself.

Which is in staff terms, 1 skinner/rigger, 1 modeller/skinner, 1 mapper/coder and 4 XML/LUA coders. To get the stuff out faster we really need at least 2 more skinners, another mapper and at least another modeller.

Anyhow.. On to the Main part of the News post.. This is a long one isn't it guys

Thats right Guys.. Its that time of the year. Vote for us at the Moddb Awards.

http://moddb.com/images/goldenspanner/2006/mods/SmallLightFire_MOTY.gif (http://mods.moddb.com/6249/star-wars-legacy-of-war/)

And further on in this great great news post of doom... Some Images... Yes. IMAGES. of stuff in game. The MC90, MC40, MC80b and Lancer Class Frigate!

http://moddb.com/images/cache/mods/62/6249/gallery/thumb_51369.jpg (http://mods.moddb.com/gallery/image/51369/)http://moddb.com/images/cache/mods/62/6249/gallery/thumb_51368.jpg (http://mods.moddb.com/gallery/image/51368/)http://moddb.com/images/cache/mods/62/6249/gallery/thumb_51362.jpg (http://mods.moddb.com/gallery/image/51362/)

Well there you go for this weeks Long Long Update... Just to leave you with something... I sense a Disturbance in the force.. Something is coming in the future....