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11-26-2006, 12:03 PM
I am curious if anyone is willing to start a Star Fox mod... We can use of course the Lylat System as a bonus GC. Also Star Fox already has some main units set. I could show you some units from SF64. But my main focus will be on SF:Assault. This can be a FoC mod, because there can be three factions Cornerian Fleet + Star Fox Team(As Rebels), Andross & Co(As Empire), and the Apariods(As Consoritorium). Of Course this will involve a whole mod team. I am just putting my idea out there. There are enough ships and capital like ships to be able to create fleets. Although most of them are fighter based (making it a little easier to model + program). This only an idea, if anyone is will to start it all {have too little programming/modding skills to help that much, however I will be able to provide the information on most of the vehicles & such}. Anyone willing to go through with this feel free to post your opinions or if anything, the idea of creating a mod group willing to do something like this.
-Darth Extas