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Air Juggernaut
04-17-2000, 05:01 PM
Rebel Trooper: = to the stormtrooper, but he has a child face!!!
Heavy Trooper: A guy with a heavy gun and granades, the voice don't go with the face, child face again!, it should has facehair (this last word is correct?, not as Chewie! http://www.xwingalliance.com/forums/wink.gif)
Swoop: The Rebel main recon, no atack, why?, the driver can't use his own weapon to fire while it run?
Medical Droid: Uf!, this thing save me a lot of times.
Repair Droid: It can repare buildings!, what about a TUG to repair air units?
Infiltrator: You are in the Alliance but you want walkers?, don't worry, this guy will help you. "And the brake is.. here" http://www.xwingalliance.com/forums/smile.gif.
Hover Transport: This tranport can be very fast with the right upgrade
Hover Tank: As imperial you will hate it, as rebel you will love it, it take 350 prestige!, piloted by a very calm guy. Has AA weapons (this is why you will hate it).
Attack Tank: I don't know for what but it can be destroyed easily and takes 500 of prestige!, it has a very usefull proton missile launcher, piloted by a german guy.
Scanner Jammer: The perfect recon, it can put very close to the enemy, very slow, 550 prestige!!!
Torpedo Launcher: Very good unit, it can deploy mines!, very slow.
Airspeeder: the tow cable is very cool, piloted by the classic Star Wars pilot.
Y-wing: has a very usefull ion cannon, the pilot is an idiot, I want lady Blue!.
Eagle: a very rare unit, it should be a Correllian Transport
Rebel Transport: It look very little!, it should be a Stormtrooper Transport or an Incom "Raptor", why? because the Gallofree Yards Medium Transport are not prepared to load war machines, it can load little boxes that are magnetized and transported away, is imposible put a tank inside it.
Unit Portrait
Very good, unfurtunatly it apear only 2 seconds.
Very good campaign, from Tatoonie to Coruscant, for me many levels are little.
Very simple, a very little amount of maps, it don't has a lot of options, so I will get boring in the next week.
I don't check it for now, I don't have Internet at home.
Another good things are the Hangar Bay you can load the units for the next level, I don't agree about:
- You need to use your prestige to load them, or more to store them
- If you get a Tie Fighter in the last level, don't apear here to use again
- The Probe Droids and Ferry Shuttles don't apear here also
- Only one AT-AT Barge and one Landing Craft for your units.
Repairing units: when you repair one unit you loss prestige, why? it should be just the opposite!, if you repair a unit you are taking care of your troops, so you should gain prestige!
Depending on the type of scenary where you are the Rebel units can be brown camoufled or white, very good!
Well I finish it, the final %:
Cutscenes: 97% (A guy blooding)
Menu: 96% (A very good Direct3D programing)
Music: 98% (many music are not from Star Wars or are ver very mixed-remix, It should be like Rebellion on this)
Maps: 99% (are little for me http://www.xwingalliance.com/forums/frown.gif)
Sounds: 99% (no Speederbike fly-by sound when running)
Units: 92% (a lot of "should be")
Unit portrait: 94% (it disapear after 2 seconds or less)
Skirmish: 80% (Can be very boring, don't has cool options)
Multiplayer: 90% (I don't try it but the directplay work well http://www.xwingalliance.com/forums/smile.gif, not used on % final)


"Game of the year (for now)" Air Juggernaut, Apr 2000 http://www.xwingalliance.com/forums/biggrin.gif

Kanon, Top Ace 4th Order, -Let get thoose guys-

04-17-2000, 05:09 PM
get thee over to sw games