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05-15-2000, 05:55 PM

Has anyone got to massacre on abridon pt3 yet. If so, how do you get to the renegade walker in time. I send a group of 6 STs over to it while they are covered by Artillery and other STs. A load of airspeeders fly over then and carve up my 6 STs. I can't protect them with air cover cause I don't have enough CPs to get them and they take too long to arrive and the walker is at the rebel base by then. Also I need the AAs to protect the TR MB. Either way I can't seem to win!

Hints appreciated.


Wraith 5
05-15-2000, 06:56 PM
OK first thing,

don't go over the brige!!!! If you do this you will almost certinly lose!!!

you have to go west stait at it!!!

I took an at-at down from the ship and as many other at-aa as i could.

this at-at was what i sent after the rouge.

When you get on the planet you will what to have about 6 at-aa so call down more if needed. If you think you may need more at-st call them down with the at-aa, but keep the force small, you have to get though the hills and it is hard with a big force.

Once you are over the brige... STOP!!!

If you go down the trail the rouge starts off and you may be in trouble!!! Here is where you want to call back up, some at-st's, replacment at-aa's if you lost any to y-wings and maybe even an at-at or a heavy arttilery platform. Oh call down one or tw0 at-pts too, these will help keep troopers off your at-at while it takes out the rouge!!! You should be able to land the shuttles on the flat land on top of the hill, just move the icon around, i did it i am sure you can to http://www.xwingalliance.com/forums/smile.gif.

Now you are as ready as you will every be, (if you have any fear just tell your self that over and over) Group your at-at 1 or 2 at-pt's and 2 at-aa in to a group, the rest of your units into another group (except any artillery you have, group them in to another group and deploy them on top of the hill).

Now it is time to move, move the at-at group first, send it as far west as you dare. Then move the TR-MB group in to the flat area at the bottom of the hill.

now comes the blaber mouth stromie that tells you about the rouge.

AS SOON AS YOU HAVE CONTROL BACK get back to you units. press one of the group numbers twice to get back fast. Time to see how good you really are!!!

you are about to be tested be the strongest rebel force you have ever seen!!! call down more units ASAP if you have any arttilery set up it will be a little esayer.

BUT DON'T STOP YOUR AT-AT GROUP FOR ANY THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you are haveing trouble back at the TR-MB move it toward your at-at group but DO NOT stop the at-at group!!! you will run into tanks and troopers just keep going you at-aa woun't last long and if a speeder gets it and you don't have any at-aa you can kiss the at-at good bye.

Save the at-at chin gun for the walker, you should get to it before it gets to far. take it out and get both of your groups to a safe place, I would say where tulons group was befor the walker went rouge.

Now all you have to do is defend, defend, attack, attack, attack.

Thats why i'm in demolstion and not communication,
It's much easier to blow things up.
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Wraith 5
05-15-2000, 06:58 PM
dewdddd that is a lot of stuff...

but than it is a hard mission, and i only told you how to get past a third of it

whuahahaahahahhaha http://www.xwingalliance.com/forums/wink.gif

05-16-2000, 03:31 PM
I only need to get the walker. In firefights I am d' man!

Wraith 5
05-17-2000, 03:54 PM
hey you keep talking like that and i may just have to chalnge you to a fight