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Loona Vao
12-13-2006, 06:52 PM
So far, the programmers haven't compiled a Mac version of OJP Enhanced. But Mac users can get OJP Enhanced to work (sort of) by placing the individual files in the JKA Base folder, and starting from the main JKA MP application. The .bat file does not work, and the Enhanced files (currently three files for version 0.09r) must be placed directly in the Base folder, not in another folder nested inside the Base folder or the main JKA folder. Users can install and run OJP Basic the same way.

I recommend labeling the files in a different colour so that you can spot them and remove them when new versions become available, or if you just want to stop running OJP Enhanced or Basic. You can keep inactive files in separate folders.

OJP Basic runs very well on Macintosh, but you may get the message that you're not running the latest version (ignore that). The present version of OJP Enhanced (0.09r) doesn't work quite right; you shouldn't crash, but you may not begin with any points to allocate to Force powers, or any weapons. If this happens, you'll need to earn points by fighting before you can obtain Force Powers. Two points in score seems to earn one point for Force powers. To get a lightsaber, you may need to allocate points to Saber Offense, Saber Defense, and perhaps Force Sense. Right now, the scoreboard doesn't seem to work properly on Macintosh. There may also be a problem with Saber Throw, because on previous versions of OJP Enhanced, Kick was permanently bound to secondary attack, and Saber Throw couldn't be bound to anything else.

It's not the complete Enhanced experience, but until a Mac version is compiled, it'll have to do. At least we get to play!

12-13-2006, 08:09 PM
Uh, I think there's actually only 2 pk3s in 0.0.9r.