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07-28-2000, 01:20 AM
I know everybody plays this game at arcades that costs a buck to play per life. It seems quite hard and I can't beat it. I mean, I got shot once, then BAM, I just lost half of my shields. I can't even beat one level. Does anybody got hints or strategies to beat this game or a site I can go to learn to beat it?

Tek Gunner
07-28-2000, 01:24 AM
I guess you could try the FAQ/Hints <a href=http://www.gamefaqs.com/coinop/arcade/game/23032.html>here</a>

07-28-2000, 01:52 AM
well, it depends how high they got the difficuly settings

Normally in the first Yavin battle, the TIE fighters shoudl only be hitting oyu about 50% of the time, and only do about 12% damamge to your shields.

remember, all the tagets appear at the same place every game, you learn to know where they are coming from, and where they are going.

Last time i played i got all the way up to the AT-ST with one credit, and then i got pegged a few times b/c my blaster overheated (jeez, i got a AT-ST attacking me, why dont i use a Thermal detonator?)

07-28-2000, 02:54 AM
I got all the way up to the Space Battle outside the second Death Star II before i died. That is one fun game to play.

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Rogue 6

07-28-2000, 03:09 AM
i thin kthe one i was playing was at the Medium setting, b/c Vader pegged me 3 times in one pass. Really pissed me off to b/c i just knocked out his wingmen, and had him at about 30% health

07-28-2000, 06:22 PM
I guess, we weren't meant to beat this game, but to just lose, and enjoy ourselves. The arcades always set games in the hardest mode, so we can lose money, and they can gain profit. One of the major problem is the joystick, which is quite stiff to move and it gets frustrating. Also, the game deals with timing and precision. The loss of at the least shields could result to failure. But, the good thing, is that their is a blocking manuever, where we can shoot back to eliminate a shot towards you.

Rebel Loyaltist
07-28-2000, 06:37 PM
I've betten the game before! Plus the Bonus Levels! My rank was major.

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07-28-2000, 06:58 PM
I love this game! http://www.xwingalliance.com/forums/eek.gif I played it through 3 times, although that was a few months ago. The 3rd time I beat every level except the final saber battle with Vader. I was lucky enough to play it at one arcade where you but time cards and you just swipe the card for like an hour or whatever, as many plays as you want. So it's cool, cuz then I didn't have to worry about lives, I just beat the living hell out of everything. http://www.xwingalliance.com/forums/eek.gif I keep waiting for this game to come out on Dreamcast though, so I can play more and more and more and more... http://www.xwingalliance.com/forums/rolleyes.gif

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07-28-2000, 10:41 PM
still my favorite is the Battle of hoth, i have been able to get eveything destoryed, inculding all the AT-ATs. 1 assist, 3 with attack pattern delta, and the one at the end. allways like taking pot shots at the running troopers

07-29-2000, 12:06 AM
I also forgot, to point out is that the game is somehow easy, because the player only needs to "aim & shoot" with no need of any piloting experience.

I remember there was another Star Wars Arcade game, which included piloting and shooting, but it had pitifull graphics, that had nothing to compared with Star Wars Triology Arcade.

I don't think this game could be out for any console gaming. I mean it'll be too hard to control with a gamepad or using the analog stick. If it would of been created, make it for PC users with their joysticks only.

Also, the favorite part of the arcade is The Battle of Hoth. So, we could really take out AT-ATs? I only take out the AT-STs.