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12-20-2006, 09:00 PM
Is there a mod to remove the stormtrooper and his annoying announcements before each battle? I had one that worked with the original EAW but I don't know if it will work now with EAW / FOC 1.1.

Besides they could have at least given me an Imperial officer to criticize me instead of a footsoldier...

12-24-2006, 06:36 PM
Come on folks, its Christmas eve - Santa is on his way, my kids are grumpy over having to wait another 12 hours for their loot, plastic Jesus dolls are being stolen by Nativity vandals coast to coast and I'm about to launch an attack on Fondor.

And you call yourselves modders.


For the love of Pete would somebody demonstrate some verve and true talent here and make a mod that shuts up the Stormtrooper sassing me every time I go into battle??!!

For what its worth, I had a mod that did the job but seem to have misplaced it recently. It probably wouldnt work with EAW / FOC anyway.

Sorry about my venting here. Now where's my eggnog and Southern Comfort?

12-25-2006, 02:07 AM
To help out for a Christmas present, that file actually gets played by the main EAW install .meg file. You have to actually stop it there. Similiar to enabling a real end of game video instead the credits screen playing in FoC.

I can take a look. The stormtrooper in blabbing while my fleet that just hyperspaced in is getting the snot kicked out of it. It will not release control until he is done talking.

No Southern Comfort here, only straight corn Moon Shine. Finest gut rot in the Midwest. :)
UPDATE MOD for FoC-----------------------------------
Remove_Stormtrooper_Holicron_Video Mod

Remove_Stormtrooper_Holicron_Video Mod Slocket December 25, 2006

Star Wars: Forces of Corruption

This mod removes the annoying Holicron Video of the verbose Stormtrooper
upon initiating a space or land battle. This will allow you to control your
fleet quickly, because while the video is playing and he is talking, you
have no control until the video plays out.

In this version, the video does not play so you can immediately control
your fleet. However, his audio voice still plays. I have found the files,
but you will need to add another folder into your original EAW folder and
it gets more messy and involved for novice mod users. KISS.

So, even though you can still hear him give his little speechs before the fight,
It no longer pevents you from waiting to take control of your fleet while
the enemy is getting free shots in on you.

He is no longer so much in your face. This only works for Empire. I you want to
know where the speech files are, there are 23 of them with the EAW original install
directory inside EnglishSpeech.meg called EXBX_GES0***_ENG.MP3 This is for other
modders if they want to make one that will quiet his spoken dialogs too.

Oh yes, UNRAR package and place the ART folder into your root directory /DATA

Example C:\Forces of Corruption\DATA and drop it there.

12-25-2006, 08:14 PM

Excellent! Sorry for the slow reply old man it wasn't the hootch but a crappy internet connection today.

It would be worth it to completely eliminate him - video and audio if it can be done. I found the mod that I had misplaced but don't know how to install it. It looks like you have to crack open a "meg" file but I'm no modder, and don't have the tools to do the job.

Would you like for me to send it to you?

12-25-2006, 08:34 PM
It was the hootch for me lol. Slept all day, no kids around this year!

You would need to send it to me to look at it...I know where the audio files are, but not exactly there yet into fooling the game into accepting the blank MP3 voice files.

Just upload it to a free server such as Rapidshare.de (it is free and no registration is required). I would have that the old Mod would have shut the trooper up since it is solely within EAW original install, though it does look inside the FoC root directory first for the files (I can shut off the video which is nice). Having trouble shutting off the voice from within the FOC directory I may need to place inside a one second true blank MP3 file instead of a NULL file. Eventually I will figure it out, I think. Go ahead and try to upload it to Rapidshare.de, or some other free server. ;)

BTY There is a tool called 'Big something' over at Petro froums that let you directy edit the files inside the .meg without extraction -now that would definitely eliminate the voice tracks, but you would need to know how to use it.

12-26-2006, 03:09 AM
Although I do admit to fantasizing about a few days without kids and not having to ride the non-stop parenting machine, mine were such a delight on Christmas morning. Just seeing my kids breathless over their new treasures discovered under our brightly lit dying tree was worth all the pain of the retail juggernaught. Besides, I had Daddy's little helpers to ease me through. :)

Here's the upload link:


Let me know what you think. And Merry Christmas!


12-26-2006, 04:56 PM
Ok, I see what is going on, first the name of the file is ESBX_* not EXBX_* as I stated above. So wrong file names. Plus you must place the 'Speech' folder from the Audio folder into the Foc/data/Audio directory. That is a bit different from EAW directory structure.

It also removes the trooper from Empire and Rebel.

So the old Mod will work, you just need to make sure the folders get into the correct spot.

From the mod place the ART folder into the FoC/DATA directory.

From the Mod open up the Audio folder and take out the modified blank Speech folder, and then place it into the already existing Foc/DATA/AUDIO directory.

I wish modders would include readme files with their mods, else they may as well not make them since most users are not that savvy to figure it out, and their mods go to waste.

Later I can give a more user friendly version to work with FoC, but the readme instructions will have to show you where to place the two folders. FoC has a somewhat different directory structure than EAW vanilla.

As for now, you can try to give that a go from what I said above...the mod works, but you must change what and where it goes.

12-27-2006, 07:14 AM
Yep, that did the trick. Thanks for your guidance on this.

It is SO nice to have that yapper quieted. In my opinion, when they do another expansion they need to change this over to a high ranking Imperial officer or just take him out period.

Right, now back to running those Rebel traitors and crimminal scum out of my galaxy!