View Full Version : I've finally beaten Star Wars Triology!

08-22-2000, 02:37 AM
Yep, I have finally beaten this great game at the arcades. It took me 10 tries just to beat it and I know it does seem to suck. Anyway, during the lightsaber dueling was very realistic as it seems. I felt the joystick was much tougher to control at those times as it was rumbling. It wasn't easy, even though having the markings telling you where to block because it happens quite fast. Fighting Boba Fett was much easier than Darth Vader, because of not much movement involve. Dealing with Vader was very difficult. I have to swing my saber across instead to damage him. Every time I block, he takes a second hit within a matter of seconds. Then, I feel a sudden rumble. Another thing, was going against an AT-ST was quite difficult, it keep shooting at me, even though I shot at the 'hot spots'.

08-22-2000, 10:33 PM
Well the AT-ST in the ROTJ series. You first damage it by hiting it in the 3 weapon areas, then go after the knee joints. The weak areas should be idetified as Green boxes then red boxes. But beware, if one of the Weapon Boxes starts lighting up you need to hit it about 5-10 times otherwise you are going to get hit.

The AT-STs in the Battle of hoth have a off center firing. You would be shooting it's body, but the shot would stil lbe coming at you.

Delta attacks are needed to destroy the AT-ATs Focus your fire at the head as the other speeders shoot it, and "BOOM"

Is their any secrets in: Battle of yavin, ESB base, ROTJ Speeder chase, and ROTJ space Battle?

And how can you have a bloodless Speeder chase?