View Full Version : [TSL] Dark Side Changes

Anakin Skywalker
12-23-2006, 02:54 PM
If your like me, you hate the gray of the DS Transitions... so what I did, was removed the gray altogether, but only on my favorite character, the Blonde short-haired Male... I removed the Gray effects, and put in Red Sith eyes instead... sorry to people whom like the other heads, I'll release one for them later, but I just wanted to know what everyone thought about it, before making the entire thing...

Subtle Dark Side Transitions (http://dodownload.filefront.com/6409441//21b653a415aef531c374b89f5650f9b8f9013dcd42e7c6ea12 343ffc1f0442d0dcec6d630f71731f)




Version 2 (http://dodownload.filefront.com/6414319//d65aebeb7deb66c28307781647ade398150fe3f9b1478c2f58 969980289385078088f5af0b925cda) is out, but it is only the Male heads... I'm working on the Female heads....

P.S. It may give an error, but wait and you'll see the download.