View Full Version : I can't install KotOR I into my computer, a little help please? =)

12-26-2006, 08:27 PM
Okay, so, I have received KotOR I for the PC this christmas (because it was on my list). And so, I now have the game, but I can't play it for some reason. It won't even start up. And so, I am in need of assistance.

Technically, I've installed the game into my computer fine, but it just won't start. So, I click on the KotOR icon to start the game, and this pops up:


I press start, and it will go to a black screen, then shut down right away. So I click on 'analyze computer' to test my computer, and it shows this:


On that part where it says 'failed', I need to know what part of the comp that is, so I can hopefully go out and buy/install it into my computer. If anyone knows, help please, thanks.

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12-26-2006, 09:28 PM
I think the size on your "D" hard drive is too small...But the size should be accumulated into the whole size of Hard Drive...I think the small D drive prevented the game to start up.

Besides, my start up screen is different than yours--mine is similiar to K2...

Diego Varen
12-27-2006, 05:16 AM
I think CSI is right about the C or D drive being too small. When I installed both KOTOR and TSL onto my current Computer, I saved it on the J drive and kept all other Documents from Word on the C or D drive. Hope this helps.

And yeah, your KOTOR menu is different to mine. It must be because it's in the Best of PC pack.

Kitty Kitty
12-27-2006, 01:41 PM
As others have said, the section on the report that has "failed" is simply saying that the D partition of your hard drive is low on space.

If you open "My Computer" you should see a list of drives, and among them should be both a C and a D drive -as well as others, the specifics of which depend on your exact hardware.

I would suggest that if you installed the game to the D drive (something I myself usually do, reserving my C drive for system files and applications and using the D drive for images, games, etc), you may wish to try un-installing, and then re-install to the C drive instead which has plenty of space available.

Just because there was enough room to install the game doesn't mean there's enough drive space to run it, since the way these games work require certain files to be written and modified "on the fly" as the game runs. If there isn't enough room for that, crashing out is a very possible result.

The only other thing that struck me as odd about that system report is the amount of RAM reported. 504 MB is a number that, under most circumstances, really doesn't make any sense. RAM chips should in most cases these days come in even multiples of 256K -so 256, 512, 768, 1024 etc.

I have seen situations in which these "system checkers" simply report the numbers wrong, which may very well be the case here, but if not, are you using some sort of "ram doubling" software or anything similar? It's possible that software like that could be causing problems as well, and if that is the case, you may want to try again with anything of that nature -as well as any other programs running such as virus scanners or the like- temporarily closed and disabled.

One way to test how much RAM your system ACTUALLY has (at least as far as Win XP is detecting) is to right click the "My Computer" icon and choose "Properties". At the bottom of the "General" tab it will list your processor followed by the amount of detected RAM on the system.

Now just for the sake of completeness, when you try to start the game, do you even get any of the intro movies or screens, or does it go straight from the menu to the black screen you mentioned?


12-28-2006, 07:49 PM
Thanks everyone, I went out to Circiut City and my mom figured out the problems that we needed. Now I'm able to play. =)