View Full Version : Forsaken memories The worlds first Silent hill Psyconauts cross over!!!

12-27-2006, 12:55 AM
Well.. It is my fic, I hope to have more up very soon... I hope...

Five years after the situation at WR, and when Raz became a PN, and five month after Heather relearned who she was, and destroyed her inner demons... A monsterous town shift. Raz is called in for buisness, along with one of Heathers old friends... And Heather herself, for some unholy reason...

Lots of old friends will be there (sorry, no new... I kept it nearly 100% fan charecter free)

Along with 2 of the greatest PN ever...
Some old lunitics...
And sexy demon with some strange connections...

This was done after the normal ending in SH3
after the 'leave' ending of SH2
after the 'good+' ending of SH1
and after the '21 sacraments' ending of SH4

Here's the fic... Enjoy