View Full Version : [TSL] Darth Trylan Recruit Mod Release

Darth Trylan
12-28-2006, 01:21 PM
hi, just to say that i have two new recruitment mods online, you can find them in my sig. You can now Recruit Darth Nihilus and Clone Trooper Cody from Star Wars epIII.

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Ghost Down
12-28-2006, 01:43 PM
Some more info and screenies whould be usefull..

- Ghost Down

Anakin Skywalker
12-28-2006, 02:14 PM
Yay, you released the Clone Commander mod.... I'm definetly downloading it... also, where is Cody Recruitable at?

Darth Trylan
12-29-2006, 07:05 AM
I will do screenies later. you can recruit cody by talking to mandalore. theres a reply saying "Do you know someone called cody" follow that dialog and you can recruit him.

Anakin Skywalker
12-29-2006, 12:01 PM
I think your dialogue file is corrupted when your trying to recruit Cody, I just played through it, when I click on him all Mandalore says is Blah Blah, help me gather the clans, blah blah blahy blah blah....

Darth Trylan
12-29-2006, 03:40 PM
when you talk to him there is a new entry saying do you know someone called cody.
its when he starts his line "yeah, whats do you want"

Anakin Skywalker
12-29-2006, 04:05 PM
But that line is unavailable to me, he starts out saying.... "I need to talk to you.. blah blah blahy blah blah"

Darth Trylan
12-30-2006, 09:45 AM
i will have a look tonite

Anakin Skywalker
12-30-2006, 08:12 PM
Cool, but I may have a fix, I've renamed the dlg file and added a new Mandalore template, so he will speak the dialogue, hopefully it will work..., I've learned it is better to create new dialogue for stuff like this than edit existing dialogue

Darth Trylan
02-21-2007, 10:17 AM
aorry...i havent been on for awhile i have been working on lots of other mods....so hows the recruit mods going...anyone found any glitches or infprovements that i could make to it?

02-23-2007, 06:03 AM
As Ghost Down put it so nicely. You need honey (Information and screen-shots) to attract the flys ( downloaders/people who will comment on your mod).

Darth Trylan
02-24-2007, 05:54 PM
k...i havent been able to get any screenshots done as my game isnt working atm...could someone upload some screenies if they do any plz...then when my gmae is up and running i can get some done...

02-25-2007, 11:16 AM
... filefront says file not formed well and won't let me download...

Darth Trylan
03-20-2007, 04:31 PM
hi hows everyone finding the mod....
as to ur post.....if you send me your email addy in PM i can send the file to you....im not sure why your getting it lots of people have D/L it and had no probs...

Republic Armory
03-27-2007, 01:06 AM
I just downloaded your recruit clone trooper cody and I am having trouble with the dialogue. As in previous post by Anakin Skywalker, I am having the same difficulty.