View Full Version : Fog problem in KOTOR/KOTOR2

12-29-2006, 07:59 PM
I dont really think this is a bug or a glitch as much as something to do with the game settings but in both games, especially in dark places or those that are really big there seems to be a fog issue where things fade off in the distance and all you see is this grey/brown color and its really weird because its not realistic. Most noteably this happens on nar shaddaa in KOTOR 2 (stuff that is on the other side of rooms/hallways are shrouded in fog like stuff) and Davik's Estate in KOTOR (you cant see to the end of his hallways). Also another problem is sometimes in these places the lights are supposed to glow because I have frame buffer effects enabled but they dont glow unil im up close to them like right next to them. I have an ATI card and my video drivers and patches for the game are all updated so I think its just some detail setting thing, but I dont know how to change it because I couldnt find an option for it in the options menu in the game or in the swkotor.ini file. I just think it looks weird and would like to change it. Please help.