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12-30-2006, 01:01 PM
There is quite a big chance that if you'll release a STABLE (net code fixed) version of OJP Basic it will be put on a very popular(20ppl average) server which would further raise the popularity of OJP. So please DO think about this opportunity and lets not put it to waste.

It would be enough just to compile the current OJP Basic code with the net bug fixed.

12-30-2006, 03:26 PM
net bug?

12-30-2006, 03:39 PM
net bug?

Lathain Valtiel
12-30-2006, 05:03 PM
...Wasn't a Basic 0.1.3 released? I can't quite remember.

12-30-2006, 05:13 PM
...Wasn't a Basic 0.1.3 released? I can't quite remember.

Lathain Valtiel
12-30-2006, 05:16 PM
I could've sworn something like that had happened... maybe I dreamed it. Though, there's this in Basic's changelog:

Version 0.1.3:

New Features:

Prototype dynamic alloc for vehicles - no vehicle limit based on file size, and greatly increased memory efficiency for vehicle parsing system.

BugFix47 - Fixed issue with entity spawn keys containing a backslash (\) skipping the next letter after it.

Bolted Effects (Bolted effect) - OJP now supports effects that are bolted to player models thru the EV_PLAY_EFFECT_BOLTED game event. We used this to add the SP visual effect for Force Heal.

BugFix46 - Fixes problem where players could illegally keep their saber style selection after dropping the saber offensive holocron.

BugFix45 - Fixed issue from MasterHex of xMod dealing with the saber collision when you die and saber was knocked away.

BugFix44 - Fixed issue where arena files on the server would not load when bot_enable was set to 0 and yet G_RefreshNextMap and G_DoesMapSupportGametype still uses it and has nothing to do with bots.

BugFix43 - Merged fix from MasterHex of xMod that fixes the allowing of +button2 to hold weapon charges forever.

BugFix42 - Fixed issue while in speeder and trying to fire the guns; it was allowing you to fire still when you had 1 of 2 sabers off.

BugFix41 - Some siege-related fixed including allowing /kill while in temp spectate, and using /team <current team> as a self-kill method.

BugFix40 - Fixed issue where players could use holdable items while dead prior to going into temp spectate mode.

BugFix39 - Fixed issue where if you reconnect (and/or are in a vehicle) the siege item you were holding would disappear. Edit: whoops fixed the follow/followcycle pb.

BugFix38 - Fixed some issues with StopFollowing, going to intermission, and leaving a vehicle (Added Function G_LeaveVehicle).

BugFix37 - Fixed critical buffer overflow issue in cgame dealing with CS_ITEMS configstring.

BugFix36 - Fixed issue with game crashes whenever a bad forcepowers configuration string is given.

BugFix35 - Mindtrick users now decloak when they attempt to grapple someone.

BugFix34 - Team overlay data is now only transmitted to players when they're using the overlay. In addition, the transmission method has been optimized to only broadcast when there's a change in the data.

BugFix33 - Fixed problem where the bottom-left and bottom-right animations for parries, broken parries, and knockaways were switched.

BugFix32 - Fixed problem where a player's dead body wouldn't match their team color after respawning in team games.

BugFix31 - The "where" command now works for non-spectators.

BugFix30 - Fixed an issue with demo playback lagging for demos recorded in local mode.

BugFix29 - This fix prevents players from kicking private duelers.

BugFix28 - Fixed a problem where players with who maxed out their ammo with an ammo dispensor couldn't pick up the thrown weapons (thermal, det pack, etc).

BugFix27 - Fixed issue with force lighting doing damage based on the server's frames per second. IE, higher sv_fps settings were causing lightning to do damage very, very fast.

BugFix26 - Fixed issue with saber collision detection where deactivated blades where still counted as hittable areas.

BugFix25 - This fixes a problem with locked doors unlocking when blocked by an object.

BugFix24 - Players can no longer become invisible by reconnecting to the server while inside a vehicle without a visible rider.

BugFix23 - This bugfix fixes an issue with dropped sabers spawning inside objects and then freaking out. This is more of an issue in Enhanced where dropped sabers occur much more often.

BugFix22 - This bugfix fixes a problem with players not being properly removed/added from a game of powerduel for the next round. This problem may or maybe not be the result of some TABBots related changes or it may be a basejka bug.

Ammo System (AmmoSys):
- Fixed EF_DOUBLE_AMMO flag with adding ammo (mostly with ammo floor units).
- Fixed floor units all together.

- Finished porting all camera scripting for all the SP basejka maps to work with CoOp mode.
- Team overlays now work in CoOp.
- Fixed problem with many SP related messages not displaying their messages properly.
- Fixed problem with fraglimit and timelimit drawing @ load screen.
- Truely fixed problem with key pickup messages not displaying properly.
- Scoreboard now works in CoOp.
- give force and give inventory added like SP and works in all gametypes.
- Tweaked color codes for secret and autosave touching.
- Fixed problem autosave teleportations resulting in players merged into each other.
- Spectators don't get screwed up by cutscenes anymore.
- Exiting a cutscene doesn't cause a visible "camera whoosh" back to their player's position.
- Players no longer get merged together after cutscenes.
- Fix a instance of instant death at a certain point in t1_sour.
- Players' sabers no longer invisibly clash during cutscenes.
- Added t2_rogue, taspir1 as selectable CoOp maps.
- Fixed crash bug on map load for taspir2.
- Fixed some problems with NPC corpses not disappearing when they were supposed to.
- Attempted to fix issue with autosave points randomly crashing the server with entity overflows.
- Added additional sanity checks to NPC_BSST_Attack to prevent a crash bug.
- Fixed crash bug in Q3_SetBState where it was calling into NPC functions without setting the NPCGlobals.
- The profile menu no longer displays team color models after the player joins a CoOp game.
- The profile menu no longer shows the team join buttons in a CoOp game.
- Fixed problem with SET_WEAPON calls with undefined weapons causing the game to error out. This fixes the problem with the game dropping when players reach the boss room in vjun3.
- Death scripts now work properly for characters with the undying flag set. This allows the boss battle with Rosh to be completable.
- Ported SP ICARUS code for the SET_ORIGIN command.
- Players now properly end up on the other side of the blocked door at the end of the rocket attack cutscene in t1_sour.
- Ported SP ICARUS code for the SET_ANGLES command.
- Increased POOLSIZE for G_Alloc() to attempt to prevent the game from running out of memory on t2_wedge.

Integer Sliders (INTSLIDERS) - A integer based slider has been implimented for the menu system under the new type ITEM_TYPE_INTSLIDER. To assign only integer values to a slider with this new type, use cvarint instead of cvarfloat.

Overflow Protection (OverflowProtection) - Adds a variety of tweaks to prevent buffer overflows.

RGB Sabers - (MP Only) All RGB Saber menu items now use only integer values on the color sliders.

Siege Cvar Fix (SIEGECVARFIX) - Retooled the siege code to reduce the number of cvars used for internal purposes. This dramatically reduces the likelyhood of MAX_CVAR recursive errors in Siege.

Area Portal Fix (AREAPORTALFIX) - Fixed the glitch in siege where areaportals would remain stuck in last state on round changes. (From Cerburus of MB2)

Crash Log (CrashLog) - Run stack traces and such on init and shutdown so that the game can better give information in the log and shut down properly on a crash from server.
(Note: MSVC 2003, and newer you must tell MSVC to generate a program database and must be put in ojp directory for it to work). See ensiform for more help on this.
This can be set in the jk2game project under linker debugging (must set for final and debug compiles and any other) Generate Debug Info: Yes; Generate Program Database File: filename.pdb
MinGW/gcc and Linux Do not need to have this pdb file, and there is no support for mac yet for this at all. Edit: Make sure you have your windows headers in the correct place for this to work also.

Missing File Close (MissingFileClose) - Fixes various missing trap_FS_FCloseFile calls when they should have been there.

Raw Map Name (RawMapName) - Adds level.rawmapname for simple use of getting the mapname without the .bsp on the end and thus not having to make a bunch of cvar calls all over the place.

Private Password Fix (PrivatePasswordFix) - If server is password protected, and there is a private password, and you attempt to connect using that password instead of the one in g_password, you may still connect now.

Client Number Fix (ClientNumFix) - Fixes various ps.clientNum errors with printing and such.

Taunt Fix (TAUNTFIX) - Fixes several issues where saberOff sounds would be played when attempting to use some of the duel taunts and weapon was not really saber, also some extra checks for when to use taunts, togglesaber, and saberattackcycle

VS 2005 Source Code Port (VS2005) - The OJP source code now compiles in VS2005.


Admin System:
- CenterSay now also duplicates the message in the chat buffer and in the game log (so the admin can follow admin<->player conversations).
- Fixed problem with the bot_minplayers system making stupid bot removal decisions when the teams are close to being even.

Ambient Player Sounds:
- Added animevents.cfg for VaderVM model so Vader will have his signature breath.

Auto Team Balancer:
- Added point spread to the team score balancer. CTF/CTY Spread = 2 Captures Team FFA Spread = 5 All other gametypes don't have team scores so they aren't balanced.

Bot Tweaks:
- Added human player check to the bot chat code to make the bots not talk unless human players are on the server. This tweak was done to fix the problem of server logs getting filled up with bot chat junk.
- Bots now attack other players in the JediMaster gametype if the JM saber has been dropped.
- Bots no longer cheat by getting extra force powers.

- Dead NPCs now disappear instead of blocking elevators and other moving map objects.
- Fixed a bug where movers could move a partially spawned NPC before it has completely spawned. This was causing a read memory error in the AI Grouping code.

BugFix17 - Fixed a problem with the fix causing bots to just continuously join into a duel/powerduel game when bot_minplayer is non-zero.

- Fixed problem with scripted voices not running for the proper length of time.
- NPCs now scream and fall to their deaths when dropped from great heights like in SP.
- Fixed issue where vehicles and droids weren't appearing in CoOp mode.
- Fixed problem where some parts of the game was acting like all NPCs were enemies to players. This was causing a problem where bots were attacking our NPC allies!
- Increased G_Alloc() memory pool to prevent crashes on vjun1.
- Added additional autosave points to hoth2, hoth3, t1_fatal, t1_rail, t1_sour, t2_rogue, t3_byss, t3_hevil, t3_rift, taspir1, taspir2, vjun1, vjun3, and yavin2.
- Fixed problem where NPCs that lost their weapon would continue to visibly hold said lost weapon.
- Removed fraglimit voice countdown.
- Fixed problem where seekers were scanning for enemies in a small static piece of the map rather than immediately around themselves.
- Fixed crash problem involving the Seeker NPC. Also fixed issue where it was trying to hover around enemy players instead of allied players.
- Crosshair names no longer appear during cutscenes.
- Added basic return for SET_OBJECTIVE_LIGHTSIDE so that it does not spam that it does not exist.
- Weapons may only be picked up by players if they do not already have the weapon or need ammo for it.
- Made it so team, kill, and noclip cmds are not able to work while in_camera is qtrue.
- Tweaked BroadcastTeamChange and Cmd_Team_f (with no args) to act like you are either free team or spectator when sending print/cp.
- Added "misc_model_bomb_planted" and "misc_model_beacon" entities.

CoOp Editor:
- Rewrote the .autosp phrasing to make it simplier and more stable.

- Added Build Date and Time to the log output.

Duel Taunts in all Gametypes - Fixed problem where the standard taunt wasn't playing the full selection of taunt sounds outside of duel/powerduel.

Holstered Weapons:
- Added holster.cfg for VaderVM.
- Tweaked holster.cfg for clonebacara.
- Tweaked holster.cfg for clonebeehive.
- Tweaked holster.cfg for clonebly.
- Tweaked holster.cfg for cloneclassic.
- Tweaked holster.cfg for clonecommander.
- Added holster.cfgs for clonedelta and clonemando.
- Fixed bug where a dropped saber was rendered as being holstered when using a non-saber weapon.

- Massive re-write of our DeclaredVariables system.

Improved Obituaries - Added Obituary messages for all the NPC classes.

OJP Client Plugin Detection:
- Changed the way the plugin flag for the player is stored. Hopefully this will fix issues with players dropping from the game on map restarts or reconnects due to poor plugin detection.
- The version detection is now associated with the general GAMEVERSION rather than a seperate client plugin version.

Old Gametypes:
- Fixed bug where the siege team switch option was appearing in the create server menu while making a Team FFA game rather than a Siege game.
- Fixed bug where CTF maps were not added in the internal lists for CTY to use (callvote, auto map rotation, etc) and for the create server/vote menus.
- Fixed problem with the menus loading CTF when attempting to start a CTY game.

- Fixed a buffer overflow error that was causing crashes with the OJP client when it was compiled with gcc.

SPWAYPOINTS - Feature removed because it didn't work correctly.

- Increased the minimum attack range for the saber to prevent TABBots from dancing on top of their enemy's heads.
- Bots no longer get in situations where they don't click-in at the end of a round.
- TABBots now switch saber styles on respawn if they're using a single saber.
- Players can no longer give orders to bots on the other team.
- Bots can no longer give orders to each other accidentally.
- TABBots no longer stare at navels when their current enemy disconnects or switches to spectate.
- TABBots now act properly in CoOp based on their team.
- Cleaned up the TABBot enemy selection code.

True View:
- Fixed problem with the trueview.cfg settings not being loaded.
- Added new option to cg_trueinvertsaber (2) to be able to force the third person view while using melee or sabers. This new option is the basejka view behavior.
- Added menu option in Setup->Advanced for cg_trueinvertsaber (determines how the weapons handle the current 1st/3rd person setting).
- Fixed problem with some models (rebel_pilot) not working with True View.
- Fixed problem with the camera freaking out whenever the true view using player uses the dual saber special flip attack.
- Fixed problem with the primary fire disruptor beam not looking like it was coming out of the player's gun barrel while using True View.

UI Tweaks:
- Added some missing colons to the Setup->Advanced menu items to make them more consistant with the default menus.
- Fixed blank option bug for "Display Holstered Weapons" in the ingame menu.
- Fixed bug where the Defaults button was highlighting instead of the Advanced button while in the Setup->Advanced menu.
- Cleaned up the Setup->Advanced menu so that it's order of menu options are consistant.
- Cleaned out the FPMessageTime and parsedFPMessage code which was active but unused.
- Until we get a full french translation, french players will at least see the english version of the text messages.

Vote System:
- Cleaned up some trap commands in vote drawing and have them point to CG_GetStringEdString with Q_strncpyz instead.
- Added fraglimit, capturelimit, and timelimit to the vote display.
- Added a generic else statement to display whatever is in the voteCmd as a whole.
- Added JM and CoOp to list of valid displaying Gametypes.
- Added the generic N/A gametype just in case...
- Cleared all the char's so that we don't get any goofy characters or, non showing up vote data.

New Commands:
/siegeCvarList - lists the data and values that were originally stored as cvars. (Siege Cvar Fix)

12-30-2006, 05:42 PM
That is really great, but where is it posted that something like that happened, or better yet, where is the download link?

Lathain Valtiel
12-30-2006, 05:51 PM
If I could tell you, I would. Razor?

12-30-2006, 06:51 PM
I hasn't been released yet.

12-31-2006, 04:47 AM
I hasn't been released yet.
So could you please release a beta of OJP Basic with the current bugfixes including the one that caused clients to disconnect?

12-31-2006, 05:03 PM
Task ticket it.

Lathain Valtiel
12-31-2006, 08:10 PM

02-14-2007, 04:19 PM
Oooh, sounds good. I can't wait! ;)