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05-14-2001, 08:40 AM
Okay - so I gave up on opt design and am still figuring out mission editing, but editing Supremcy looks with in my ability.

As such, I have UGE and various already created modules that have been made for the purpose of cheating.

But that is the Dark Side of Hacking. I beleive this technology can be turned for use by the Light Side of Hacking.

To this end, I reqiure either someone, or a help file, that explains editing Supremecy in particular.

If I can find such a prophet, expect the worlds FIRST proper non-cheat patch for Supremcy that will allow you to use variants of vessels.

Variants include :

Two Man Turret X-Wing

Missle X-Wing

Heavy Y-Wing

Two Man Turret Y-Wing

Interception Optimised A-Wing

Mon Calamari Cruiser variants (heavy troop transport, heavy fighter transport, bombardment, ion artillery (not all in one))

Modified Corvette (Missles)

Eclipse Class SD (instead of SSD, or I will remove ISD2 and VSD2 (but makiing ISD1 and VSD1 better to compensate) and there by give you access to SD, ISD, SSD and ESD)

(So far, I am iunsure whther it is possible to outright add new vessels, so the variants would be INSTEAD of rather than ALONG WITH).

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