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01-01-2007, 07:03 PM
Hey l always a fan role play and strtegy so l thought l might start a role play forum were u can be the teams found in forces of corruption but plz no incorrect language or starting to be mean u can to be warring factions but please dont sware ok anyway lm a fan of the empire as you can tell by my avartar so lm going to be an imperial moff so you can choose any team from forces of corruption even if you want you be other star wars teams like the sith from the sith wars or stuff like that so com here to have a good role playing exp so dont forget you dont need to be on a paticular team you can just be a bounty hunter or smuggler and dont forget the swoop gangs am=nd jabbas gang and the nightsisters clan and naboo the C.I.S and all that its sought of have no time line in a way but any way have fun

01-01-2007, 07:29 PM
Question: Can I do a fiction faction for this fiction based game in this roleplay thread?

01-02-2007, 04:50 AM
lm sorry l have no idea wat you just wat you said but aslong its not out of star wars or nor mean, go ahead l think you mean make up a new faction aslong its a star wars faction lm alright. just tell me wat you mean and lm going to start this role playing

01-02-2007, 04:58 AM
Moff Garn has entered the system prepare for his arival....


Automatic targeting systems online ok lets hope we survive well
Tyber Zann hey just get rid of them protect the eclipse they seem to be with a new toy hey eliminate them

01-02-2007, 07:27 AM
Meanwhile, Darth Aap, Dark lord of the sith, searches the galaxy for Urai Fen. He had a score to settle with him from the past.

01-02-2007, 10:13 AM
Also meanwhile, the leader of the Kithoran Alliance, Okoe Kithoran, just beyond the outerrim worlds, disturbed when news reaches him that an Empire is controlling the galaxy, is planning to reveal his hidden faction to an unsuspecting Empire.... :vsd:

01-02-2007, 12:11 PM
Darth Aap's path leads him to Dathomir. Knowing this planet is the home of ZC hero Silri, he was hoping the nightsisters could tell him where she is. Finding her could lead to finding Urai. ''If they don't co÷perate i'll MAKE them co÷perate'', he was thinking, while his Cloacked Sith Infiltrator landed on Dathomir.

01-02-2007, 12:32 PM
This doesn't belong in the FoC discussion... moved to Dex's Diner.

01-02-2007, 01:40 PM
WHAT the eclipse is going down repeat the eclipse is going down get the empourour off the ship quickly before....we need back up oh no.....star....gravity pull.....to close....death.......blow up now eva...cuate......stupid comm

we preparing our shadow troopers to go to Dathomir we need to get to were Darth Aaps is to help take out those witches.

we move on your command Darth Aap

understand prepare for the Stardestroyer to move

01-02-2007, 01:49 PM
Hologram News:on today news the empire just today captured the whole galaxy while jabba the hutt is trading a ancient sith artifact to the empire a load of credits and aswell on todays news pirates attacked a tibbania gas facility they them selfs the zann consortium and these lot of pirates makes the black sun look like a swoop gang as for prince xiszor has nothing to say about because he died today not knowing how they noticed the darth vader the prince had a feud so that might been the way he died and now 98% of the whole galaxy now speaks basic thanks to Garn corps he some how got them all to speak basic so thats the news for today bye.

01-03-2007, 02:35 AM
theres emergency news theres a great new faction that has revealed it self its the incredible Kithoran Alliance that plans to get rid of the empire for once and for all thats all for todays news.

hmm this new swoop gang should prove to be a nusance contact the bounty hunter IG-88 then tell him the mission is to destroy the leader Okoe Kithoran move at once.
Said an formal imperial

Strait away sir. Said a stormtrooper

01-03-2007, 07:17 AM
Hearing the news that the Hutt's are going to trade the Sith Artifact, he knew that Tyber Zann and perhaps even Urai Fen would be there.
Darth Aap and his soldiers, granted to him by the empire, left the planet Dathomir, wich was now a Nightsister Graveyard, and moved on to the location where the artifact was being trade.

01-03-2007, 09:56 AM
*Kithoran Alliance trooper*We are about to Enter the Coruscant system, sir! *Okoe Kithoran*Good, this Empire seemingly hasn't discovered how to hyperspace without going from system to system, that will help us overthrow this Empire greatly. Soldier? *Kithoran Alliance trooper*Yes? *Okoe Kithoran*Arm former Darth Revan with his new lightsaber and get him ready to infiltrate the Senate to assassinate the Emperor. *Kithoran Alliance Trooper*Yes sir!

01-03-2007, 10:37 AM
Once Darth Aap arrived at Nal Hutta the deal was already done. And unfortunately the ZC has stolen the artifact and where already gone. Aap: Troopers, I want you all to search the galaxy and track down Urai Fen. If you find him, contact me before you engage him. I will go to Coruscant. I don't know what it is but I sence a distrubance in the force. And while the troopers were searching the planet, Aap's Sith Infiltrator left off to Coruscant

01-03-2007, 11:07 AM
*Okoe Kithoran* I sense.....*Kithoran Alliance trooper* an Imperial Star destroyer has entered the system!*Okoe Kithoran*put it on screen.... Those markings-only one person has those markings on a ship.... Darth Aap..... Recall Revan, retreat!

01-03-2007, 11:41 AM
Okoe Kithoran's fleet arrives in space over Hypori. *Okoe Kithoran*Conatact the Geonosians.... tell them I will need Super Battle droids, Destroyer droids, and Magna Guards. When the are done, tell me at once. *Kithoran Alliance Trooper* Yes sir! *Okoe Kithoran* The Empire has already fought one Clone/Droid War, they will be disturbed if they hear that another one is brewing....

01-03-2007, 03:46 PM
Formal Imperial Officer:this new swoop gang seems to be more organised then usual they must be pirates of the black sun bandits.
Formal Imperial officer:WAT
Stormtrooper:we have picked a hyperspace route to hypori we have picked up a small amount of the comm mesage to the geonosians.

Comm message:we the kithorans alliance would like to aquire a new droid army wich will defintly get rid of the empire.Us da genosians do not accept unless theres quite alot of credits in it because they got rid of all our droid makeing facilities so to get the droids its going to cost alot.Okoe Kithorian may not like the idea but l'll tell him about the extra credits so........

Formal Imperial officer:is that all you got out of the message.
Stormtrooper:yes sir
Formal Imperial officer:well lets go to genosis and send a blockade around the planet full of star destroyers move out now
Stormtrooper:YES SIR
Formal Imperial officer:its good that this kithorian alliance does not know of that we control the planet hm hm

01-03-2007, 03:59 PM
Hologram News:On todays news theres suddenly a huge break throug for the rebels today the rebels destroyed the death star on of the empourours most prized possesion now they can keep there planet of yavin 4 and the rebels decided to make a move and controled bespin,hoth and mustafar they said they found this gigantic droid producing facility and there trooper said ''l think we will build a new droid army for us''
so they started that already on other news the new faction named the kithorian alliance had its first peak suprise at coruscant but they escaped when the star destroyers came in but they were protecting the.....*force choke* *strong breathing*
*force lightning* *electricity noises* Empourour: your news program doesnt need to be yoused for revealing secret infomation about the war now.The news progam is now being runed by these stormtroopers now NEWS IS OVER!....

01-03-2007, 04:03 PM
Imperial officer:we have spotted a zann consortium pirate sneaking into coruscant hes name is urai fen hes trying to do something investigate.
Stormtrooper:yes sir!

01-03-2007, 06:12 PM
''This is my chance'' Darth Aap thought as he heared that through his Radio Intercept. He went down to the planet and begane his search. It wasnt that hard to track him as he was force sensitive. He went inside a big, empty room.
Aap: Stealth Field Generators can't hide you from the force.
Urai: *de-cloacks* Then i guess this will end here
Darth Aap drew his lightsaber and the battle begun.

01-03-2007, 07:30 PM
*The Kithoran Alliance sends out smugglers all over the galaxy to siphon credits to build the factories so the Geonosians can begin their work*
*Okoe Kithoran* Now Geonosians, begin your work at once and we will give you a partial of the credits in advance. *Geonosian speaking in native tongue* Very well. *geonosian takes credits and tells his underlings to get to work*

*Okoe Kithoran and a pilot are on a shuttle coming from Hypori to Okoe Kithoran's flagship* *Kithoran Alliance trooper* Sir, a ship identified as.... IG-2000 has entered the system! *Okoe Kithoran* Hmmm, there's only one explanation, there's a bounty on me.... let's show our friend, IG-88, some starfighters from the unknown regions.....

*IG-88 speaking on comm link to Okoe Kithoran's shuttle* Surrender now and I may show you mercy and take you to my employer alive.... *Okoe Kithoran answering* I don't think that will be happenning anytime soon. *IG-88* Very well, you shall be shown no-*IG-88's ship is telling him that unknown fighters are incoming* *IG-88* You have not seen the last of me, Okoe Kith*IG-88's ship explodes*

01-04-2007, 04:57 AM
Formal Imperial Officer: is this true that IG-88 failed to destroy this new leader of this new swoop gang.
Stormtrooper:yes sir he didnt last very long but at least he did something.
Formal Imperial Officer:yes wats that.
Stormtrooper:when he died on of hes guns fired and hit a tracking beacon onto there ship so right now we are picking up the beacon at genosis.
Formal Imperial Officer:wat we have blockade there how are they there they must have cloaking devices make sure that the blockade make full serch on the system if you cant find them they must be on the planet.is the death star there.
Stormtrooper: yes sir
Formal Imperial Officer:hmmm if you dont find him blow up the planet actully do it anyway but keep the genosians l have a task for them put it on the news
Stormtrooper:yes sir!
Formal Imperial Officer:these guys are getting difficult we need to find were there hiding.

01-04-2007, 05:15 AM
Hologram News (controlled by the empire):On todays news the genosians were saved by the empire today because an evil person named Okoe Kithorian let of the death star so the genosians were saved and are all still leaving as for genosis its gone and destroyed bye the most evil person that ever lived Okoe Kithorian hes got an evil corp that threatens everyone he wants to destroy all that lives luckely we have put a bounty on this person of 1,000,000 credits thats right you heard me 1,000,000 credits it would make you very rich so anyone who wants to get it go get him we dont care if hes dead or alive go ahead choose so do that.Also on todays news the empires rating to win the war has gone up to 46% of the galaxy votes for the empire

Join the empire u know u want to

also on todays news our scientists found an old weapon on Dathomir that was created by scientists its a huge mutant as tall as 50m tall its amazing isnt it well guess wat its for sale to all warring factions it comes with controllers and everthing so u wanna buy come get it its only 250,000 credits ok so any interests come have a look if happy you buy its a good weapon so u want come get it.thats all

(dont take the for real because this is a brainwashing program that the empire set up but the events are real like about the rancor but not about the evil things)

01-04-2007, 05:27 AM

Field commander:wat

Stormtrooper:with spotted some things down here on coruscant

Field commander:wats that

Stormtrooper:weve spotted plenty of outdated and outerrim products flying to down here but we reackan its just people but now we think its an invasion

Field commander:your right

Stormtrooper:l am

Field commander:yep look


Field commander:over were the goverment is

Stormtrooper:oh yeah

Field commander:we need to report about this to lord vader that theres a new droid army here but there signatures different thoe but all well PREPARE TO BATTLE!

Stormtrooper:um l think the droid army should get rid of that person urai fen

Field commander:yeah thats him


Field commander:there see look theres to guys falling out of an empty room hmm that other guy looks like darth Aap hmm...SITH SPIT IT IS DARTH AAP FOR CRYING OUT LOUD SOMEONE SAVE HIM!!!

Stormtrooper:YES SIR!!!

01-04-2007, 06:52 AM
Heh heh heh ''too easy'' Darth Aap mumbled while Urai Fen had fallen down.
*droids walking and rolling in the room*

Droid: Where is Urai Fen

Darth Aap: Already taken care of, but what are you droids doing here.

Droid: Objective 1: Kill Urai Fen. Objective 2: Take over Coruscant

Darth Aap: Then you are quiet unlucky that Darth Sideous is a friend of mine. Now die!

Droid Captain: Attack! Attack!

And Darth Aap and the droids went into battle. The droids in the big room werent much of a challenge for Darth Aap but as he looked down through the window he saw an entire army.

Darth Aap: Captain!

Captain: Yes sir

Darth Aap: Abort the search! Get my men to coruscant this instance!

Captain: Affirmative sir!

Darth Aap: And make contact to the empire. I'm not shure that they are aware of this invasion.

Captain: It shall be done.

01-04-2007, 03:32 PM
Captain on comm:Sir theres a huge droid army here l think they may of been sent by this Kithorian Alliance because they orded a large amount of droids wat do we do.

Moff Imperial:Tell Darth Aap that darth vader would like to speek with him as for you prepare for a fight get the men ready for the fight of there lives.

Captain:yes sir!

Moff Imperial:l hope we survive this new war.

01-04-2007, 03:41 PM
Darth Aap:wat did you want with me Darth Vader

Darth Vader:I want you to speek to the emporour he wants you

Darth Aap:ok

Darth Sideous:Hello Darth Aap l have an asighment for you

Darth Aap:yes wat is it

Darth Sideous:its a task that takes great skill wich you have its to have a padwan learner this is Darth Reaven l was able to revive him from the sith wars but l accidently wyped his memory and wanted you to make come back,train him well so he can be as good as you and me some day the same gos for darth vader ive heard about the droids so that would be a great place to start so go train

Darth Aap:yes my master

01-04-2007, 04:47 PM
*As the droid army marches throughought Coruscant, destroying buildings, killing any enemy that gets in it's way, and following their objectives, Okoe Kithoran takes his cloaked fleet to Coruscant to kill the emperor and end this Empire while the Imperials are distracted with the droid army consisting of 20,000 battle droids, 15,000 destroyer droids, 17,500 Suber battle droids, and 10,000 Magna Gaurds, Okoe Kithoran perceives this plan to be undefeatable unless something very unexpected happens.*

01-04-2007, 08:32 PM
*Okoe Kithoran and his apprentice fight their way through countless Elite stormtroopers and royal guards to Emperor palpatine's throne room*

(I think it's time you get to know what Okoe Kithoran is like, he is a Zabrak who used to serve in the Clone Wars as a jedi that won countless victories until the force told him to go to the Unknown Regions, there he made discoveries of new planets and species, found new ship designs, weapons, and technology until he heard of the newly formed Empire, then he gathered his fleet consisting of ships, weapons, and technology from the Unknown Regions and set out to find the Emperor. Now back to story)

*Okoe* It is time to die, emperor, though it is against the Jedi way to kill an unarmed prisoner you are much too dangerous to be kept alive. *Darth Sidious* Kithoran, where were you hiding out like the pathetic weakling you are all these years? *Okoe Kithoran* All you need to know is is that you're about to die. *Okoe Kithoran drew his green double-bladed lightsaber while his apprentice drew his single-bladed blue lightsaber and attacked Darth Sidious and the battle began....*

01-04-2007, 10:47 PM
Formal Imperial Officer:Did they go for the bait

At-St commander:yes sir Okoe kithorian has not know that the empouror hes fighting is sympily a droid soon the droid will overload and let out a very poisinus gas that will kill him for sure and hes padwan

Formal Imperial Officer:good prepare to make sure hes dead

At-St commander:yes sir

01-04-2007, 10:51 PM
Now this is were l come in lm a very formal moff named Moff Karn the best imperial that ever lived l personally accompany the empouror and l control the whole imperial navy l control the eclipse and the destroyer(A super Star Destroyer like the excecutor)
l am very good at everything and lm force sensetive.The empire will never lose now.

01-04-2007, 11:00 PM
Moff Karn:weres those rebels l want ot find those rebels

Imperial:sir l think that the rebels are hiding at the hypori system

Moff Karn:well ofcourse set course for Hypori we are going to get rid of these rebels for once and for all.

Imperial:we are entering the system..... sir there not rebels but the new faction the droids

Moff Karn:l remember him Okoe Kithorian hes the x-jedi that escaped our attack when we attacked the jedi temple he shall pay

Imperial:now wat

Moff Karn:destroy them all and blow up this planet

Imperial:yes sir just wait until we get in target...........were ready to fire

Moff Karn:Fire!!!

Imperial:yes sir *pulls the switch* *the usal noise of the death star when fires* *BOOM!*

Moff Karn:Well done

Imperial:thank you sir

01-05-2007, 11:20 AM
Darth Aap and his new apprentice Darth Revan went to Korriban to look for clues that could lead to Revan's past. After searching some toombs they found a cave .

Darth Aap: There is a high concentration of the Force in here

Darth Revan: I feel it too

Darth Aap: Let us go in

And so they went in. After walking through quiet a long tunnle they arrived at the Toomb of Exar Kun, One of the most powerfull sith ever lived.

Darth Aap: From here you must go alone my apprentice. Let the force guide you. If you succeed the tests that await you, you will regain your knowlege of the force. I will wait at the ship and meditate on what is happening back at Coruscant.

Darth Revan: Yes master

Darth Aap: Oh wait don't forget this *throws lightsaber*

Dartj Revan: Thanks

01-05-2007, 12:37 PM
Darth Aap: Revan, How are you doing

Revan: How..

Darth Aap: I can communicate with you through the force. But I have to leave you for a moment. I have to visit another planet and then i'll be back. Is that a problem?

Revan: But what if i'm done and you are still away

Darth Aap: You won't

Revan: Ok master.

Darth Aap took his personal Sith Infiltrator and went off. He left the ISD and his troops in orbit of Korriban. If the rebels, the consortium, or the Kithoran's find out Revan is here and growing strong again, I want him defended.
Now lets go to Kamino. We are gonna need more men if we are going to war with 3 Factions at the same time.

*Message to the Empire*
This is Darth Aap.
Darth Revan is doing well. If he keeps up like this, he will find his memory back through the dark side of the force. As you know Korriban holds many dark secrets.
I'm also arranging more men for both me, and the empire.

PS: Please let me know how the situation is back on Coruscant

01-05-2007, 02:48 PM
Rebel Alliance Trooper:Darth Aap you are to late for coruscant when the droids were done there wasnt very many so we got rid of them so to bad

*The empire got into message*Stormtrooper:Wat we going strait back to coruscant now and take it back off your hands since its only you guys there.

Rebel Alliance Trooper:Why you will.....*Empire cuts out the message*

Emporour:Darth Aap how is your aprentice doing we did not get the message before that you sent to coruscant we no longer controls the place

01-08-2007, 02:59 AM
Darth Aap to Emperor: Darth Revan is doing well. Perhaps a bit too well. If we keep on going like this we are taking a bit of a risk. If he goes on like this he might find his memory back. Knowing that he was THE dark lord before his memory went black, he might want to reclaim that title and kill us both if he can.
On the other hand. If this wont happen we have one hell of a strong ally. The other factions will be chanceless against him.
What should I do, It's your call.

PS: I'm ordering more soldiers from Kamino to aid us in battle

01-08-2007, 05:00 PM
Empouror: Well done Darth Aap its true of wat you say l have already covered that he is attached to a weak sechsimic charge if he doesnt abey he dets it but it wont kill him but it would be quite painful he will learn that he has a master and he has no army so to have army he will have to do wat we tell him to do.Next thing how is the progress at kamino wait l'll go there personally l dont want anyone to come with us thats right your coming too get ready we lieave soon

01-11-2007, 10:03 AM
*Okoe Kithoran and his apprentice kill the Emperor and find out he is not the original Emperor, he was a special prototype droid with fake skin, voice and everything else necessary including being infused with the dark side of the force.* *Okoe* blasted, we have to find the-*there was an incoming message coming from Hypori, there was the Geonosian leader on screen, behind him floating in space was the Death Star* *geonosian leader speaking in native tongue* The Imperials have discovered our locatio-*BOOOM*

*Okoe Kithoran* recall the droid army, commander and let us head for the base, if they try to track us or get the coordinates of our hyperspace route it will show up as 0000, 0000, come my apprentice! *then Okoe and his apprentice fight their way back to their fleet while the droids also fight there way back, when they got their as soon as they left atmosphere, they hyperspaced out of t he system...*

*Kithoran Alliance Officer* Sir, Revan has escaped in a shuttle! *Okoe Kithoran* Things are getting out of hand, I wonder if the galaxy can stand an entire galaxy's worth of weapons and technology....

01-13-2007, 02:33 PM
Emporour: Its time for senate meeting
Imperial: But sir they want come to the meeting
Emporour: they will darth vader make sure of it
Darth Vader: Yes my master

01-13-2007, 03:14 PM
*Okoe Kithoran told his commander in the Unknown regions to hyperspace the Kithoran Alliance fleet as close to the base as possible, the fleet was so large that it took up eight planet's worth of space, so the commander hyperspaced the fleet in every planet's system that was closest to The Kithoran Alliance base, destroying any Imperial, pirate, or Rebel forces that were there in a matter of seconds. All an Imperial moff that was in one of the systems which part of the Kithoran Alliance fleet hyperspaced in could report to Coruscant was "We are under attack by unknown ship-" before his ship blew up.*

01-13-2007, 04:14 PM
Darth Aap arrived at kamino and was waiting for the emperor.

Soldier through intercom: SIR! DARTH REVAN GOT HIS MEMORY BACK, STOLE A SHIP, AND FLED!!!!!!!!!!

Darth Aap: AH F*CK!!!

Soldier: We have 23 casualties.

Darth Aap: Ok guy's, get your asses over here!!

01-14-2007, 05:02 AM
Empouror: I am not pleased with your peformance of keeping reaven but no matter he took a homing beacon with him that will lead him to the main position of were he is so heres the tracker dont forget about the scesmic charger understand

Darth Aap: Understood
Emporour: Good

Imperial transmission: The storm troopers has gone rebel against us the decided we were so bosy so a mob of them started attacking imperial officers we need specialist help wait... oh no more storm troopers die *alot of blaster shots* ahhh.....

Stormtrooper: This transmission is out

Emporour: Darth Aap before you search for reaven go to the main imperial outposts and investigate this l always feared of this day

Darth Aap: Yes Master

01-14-2007, 05:08 AM
we found a transmission from the planet of hypori or astroid field
Imperial: We are under attack by uknown ship-
thats all
Imperial: we need only star destroyers lets go
*then battle raged on*

01-14-2007, 10:57 AM
*Six Imperail Star Destroyers MK I hyperspaced to Naboo (one of the planets the Kithoran Alliance fleet occupied) only to find not just an unknown ship, but a system's worth of unknown ships, as soon as they hyperspaced in they were already under attack from all sides by hundreds of ships from the Unknown Regions, by concentrating all of the Star Destroyer's fire on one frigate, they managed to destroy it before the fleet obliterated them.*

*Okoe Kithoran then ordered his fleet to hyperspace to the next set of planets, destroying any Imperial and pirate resistence in the way. They then had sixteen planets under control with only one capital ship loss, one frigate, and two corvette losses.*

01-14-2007, 06:43 PM
Imperial: Sir theres an enemy fleet trying to find a place for them to stay they identified as a canderous 5-68 fighter other ships are unkown we found this in an hypori space station that was built there we will continue our search for more containers that have there ship plans in it

Moff Karn: We shall build these weapons for the empire and we will be able to find weaknesses in the enemy ships

Imperial: We have found a weakness in the fighter on the side they have a very exsplosive fuel that boosts its engines and weapons if you shoot at least once derectly at it, it will heat up and explode

Moff Karn: Excelence job imperial you have gone up a stage in your training same with everyone who helped out now they will be sitting dust

Imperial: Wait theres another plan coming in its called the.... um... Sith infiltrator? how did they get one of those

Moff Karn: I dont know but we shall use them and l already know there weakness you shoot were they come out then its easier to kill them because it disables the shields strait away

Imperial: Apparantly we found a whole lot of these tubes now they were all in the sheild generator bay heres another one the agressor hey the consortiumn use this weapon and.... *he continued talking about there ships and there weaknesses*

Moff Karn: WELL DONE IMPERIAL GENERAL! l am well pleased with your peformance you are now an formal imperial officer same with those people that found all of the tubes

Formal Imperial Officer: My thank you

Moff Karn: Now fire at these weaknesses *Moff Karn sent the weaknesses and the looks of the ships to all of the ships in the fleet*

01-15-2007, 11:21 AM
Darth Aap tries to activate the tracker.

Darth Aap: Can't find homing beacon?! Cheap piece of Bantha Crap. Ah well I'll use the force to guide me to him.

Without Darth Aap knowing it, the stolen ship from his fleet lands on Kamino. Darth Revan is trying to get himself an army so he can take over the Galaxy again like he did 4000 years ago. Darth Aap didnt sence him because he thought it was the emperor.

Darth Aap: I can't sence him anywere. And searching the entire galaxy is impossible in just 1 lifetime. I'll have to figure something out fast.
Wait a minute. Before he can rule the galaxy again, he might want to recapture the Starforge, as he probaly thinks it still exists. I will gather my fleet and wait for him at Rattattak.


In fact one of you doesnt know, a 1000 years before the movies, Revan and Malak wanted to conquer the galaxy. To achieve this they had to find the Starforge (a space station very strong in the dark side of the force). This station served as a factory that could get an entire fleet running in very little time. They went to the planets: Kashyyyk, Tatooine, Korriban, and Manaan to find parts of a Starmap that would lead them to it. Eventually they found it in orbit of the planet called Rattattak.

01-15-2007, 04:17 PM
Imperial: Darth Aap you may not of noticed but you going out of bounds to the planet rattattak this eligal please turn around otherwise give authorized permission

Darth Aap: The Empouror gave me permission

Imperial: You may go through be aware of the last lirking droid animated fighters there extremly powerful

Darth Aap: Will do

*Darth Aap went in to the astroid field full of broken bits of the left over ships and he found millions of fighters but they were all deactivated so he found the star forge they was really well damage but apparently not destroyed its only lost its main control place, so he knew it was safe to go in so ofcourse Darth Aap went in. He found were they made there ships and they were still being constructed and he noticed how fast they were constructing they were going something like at that speed you could travel to 3 planets in 1sec so he tried to take control but a peice from a very large republic ship was smashed in to the controls so he had problems trying to do it so he used the force and made it go off the controls so he took control of the station an noticed that the deactivated droids in space were actully maned by sith troopers so he wondered who the imperials must of been versing when they attacked the droids who was controlling them so he tried to find the people there but apparently he found out that there was droids controlling the ship because they were actully a astromech droid so they were controled by droids*

Darth Aap: Amazing

Nancy Allen``
01-22-2007, 05:43 PM
This RP was suggested to me and I thought I would put up a character.

"Jedi should not feel anger. Or hatred. Or love."
"I'm not a Jedi, so you can think of me as an angry hating loving Naboo soldier, oh that doesn't sound right."
Aayla Secura and Alixe Medcraft discussing Jedi sementics.


Name: Alixe Medcraft
Age: 52, born 50 BBY
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Planet: Deralia
Job: Republic soldier
Affiliation: Republic
Appearance: Dark skin, green eyes, bald. Alixe wears the uniform of the Rebel Alliance but can be found kicking around in whatever clothes she can find, especially on Hoth where she hates the cold.
Gear: Imperial anti tank rifle: Twenty years ago Alixe was a sniper in the Clone Wars and with this monster of a rifle she is able to shred both stormtroopers and their armor from great distances.
Stealth Field Generator: The technology had been around for thousands of years yet had been sparingly used. Alixe sees great benefit in moving around the battlefield unseen, but because the rifle has perhaps the loudest retort of any weapon the Rebels use as soon as she fires off a shot any type of stealth is deemed useless.
Bio: Alixe was originally a soldier for the Trade Federation and was part of the incursion on Naboo. When the planet was invaded however Alixe defected and swore alligience to Queen Amidala, proving herself by fighting against the droid army. After the liberation of Naboo Alixe continued to serve as a soldier until an attempt was made on Padme's life, who was now a senator for Naboo. Because of her loyalty Alixe was sent at once to Coroscant where she was given orders to work with the Jedi to provide security, as well as a runner, Jedi Knight Aayla Secura. Together they watched over Padme when she was at the senate, swept her lakeside retreat in case of another attempt on her life and ensure her passage to Tattoine was a safe one.

"Clones? This cagey commando cannot be conned by complicated convoluted charades cooked up by a connieving cynical old coot."
Alixe passes summery judgement on Palpatine.

When the Clone Wars took place Alixe was largely left out of the picture, watching from the sidelines until she began hearing about the Jedi massecre. She quickly found out that Palpatine had issued the order to have them wiped out and sought to hunt down every Clone Trooper she could, determined to cut off his forces as best she could. But she knew that with the Empire now in control she was fighting a losing battle, and when she failed to protect Naboo, on top of everything else that had occured, she turned to spice as a means of easing the pain. But there were still people who needed her help, and as one of the few remnents of the Old Republic Alixe was sought out to protect those who were involved in the senate, and because she was known by those involved when the rebel alliance was formed the offer was extended to her to join.

The thickly accented soldier had changed a lot since her early days on Naboo. War had scarred her badly, from losing those she cared about to a lack of faith in government and politics based on the rise of the Emperor, and this had left her with a slightly smarmy attitude and a particular disdain for who she fights against, any compassion she once had now gone. Alixe adheres to a complicated moral code, believing that there is no line that cannot be crossed if it meant she had a chance to take out the Emperor, that intimidation, threats and scarring people into submission really is the best way to stop those who sought to harm others. While the importance of teamwork is something Alixe cannot stress enough she prefers to work alone, thinking that no one else has to pay the price if something goes wrong.

01-23-2007, 01:55 AM
Great we got another person doctor Aap is a person called Darth Aap and Impelite is a person named Okoe Kithorian that has the fiction faction thats called the kithorian alliance and lm just the empire ok you can choose a faction to be on or you can just be a person

Nancy Allen``
01-23-2007, 04:59 AM
**OOC: Groovy, I'll have Alixe play with the Rebels if that's okay.**

She still had hair back then, when they first came to offer her a job. Alixe Medcraft, a veteran of war, was now little more than a retired soldier who looked after those in the senate. But there was scarce little to look after anymore, it was the way of the Empire or you were tortured and killed, far as Alixe could see.
"Look over there," she said, leading the Rebels who came to find her outside. "That used to be where the queen of Naboo resided. Now it's where Palpatine has made his home."
"He's in there now?" one of them asked.
"Every time I'm here I hope to catch a glimpse of Sidious. That's what the Jedi called him. Just long enough to take a shot at him. Never do."
"You hate the Emperor then?" Alixe gave a look to the second Rebel puke that indicated that went without saying.
"Okay, you've seen enough. Now I take it you're not just here because you want to hear about the Clone Wars." Alixe walked back inside before she could be seen, before any Imperials would have the chance to recognise the people with her.
"You know we're planning to strike back against the empire. We've been seeking out those who had been loyal to the Old Republic."
"You've been seeking the dead then?"
"There are those who are still loyal to the Republic, who would restore balence to the galaxy if they could." The patience these two Rebel solicitors struck a chord with Alixe.
"I'm not a political animal. All I know is fighting for the government I believe in." Her fingers drummed against the wall as she thought.
"That's why we're here."
"I figured that." Alixe cross her arms and stared straight at the pair of Rebels, who held their ground. They had grit, she saw. "So don't bore me with your boilerplate speeches, all I want to hear is you want Palpatine dead." The direction the conversation was going was uncomfortable, but the Rebels tried not to show it.
"We wouldn't put it as bluntly as that." Alixe glanced outside, thinking about listening devices the Imperials might use, before nodding in agreement.
"That'd be along the lines of your ultimate aim." She allowed herself to relax and sat herself opposite the Rebels. "I'm not the only one you've spoken to about this of course. You'd have sought help from others, those with less than reputable backgrounds. Smugglers, pirates, how'd you get them to agree?" From her tone it was a rethorical question.
"Are you saying you want money?"
"This is quite a dangerous proposition." Alixe leaned forward, seeing what their reaction would be. "How much you think you should pay?" They were obviously expecting this.
"We're not well off for funds, but we can offer you restitution of five thousand credits for your service until the end of the war."
"War huh?" Alixe leaned back. "There's something I'm good at." She shook her head. "Can't do it." Before the Rebels could reply she continued her dismissal. Not for that price, it's too high. Call it twenty five hundred." The Rebels readily agreed to the sum. Then Alixe excused herself for a moment, digging through her belongings for something she had during the Clone Wars. "This is a stealth field generator," she explained when she found it, holding it up. "I hear the Imperials have anti tank rifles. You want me to steal one, you give me two fifty credits."
"We have rifles..."
"Not like these. They can punch holes through AT-PTs, those armored troops transports." The change in attitude, from dark and brooding to charitable and eager to get to work, took the Rebels by surprise.
"Why are you doing this?" Alixe thought the answer was obvious.
"Revenge, as much as the Jedi would be against that. The Empire's made a mess up of the galaxy and I know I'm not the only one suffering for it. Besides, I'm loyal to the rightful ruler of Naboo."
"Rightful ruler?"
"Leia Organa." A smile crossed her face at the thought. "She has no love for the Empire."


That was ten years ago, Alixe thought. Looking at her reflection in the shuttle's window it seemed like a lifetime, not surprising as the galaxy had changed virtually overnight when the Empire took over. She had aged badly, her hair going grey before she made the decision to shave it off and her face was starting to show wrinkles, and that was no surprise either.
"You had to kill Rebels in order to maintain your cover?" she asked disbelievingly, not for the first time either. "Good thing I'm so against the idea otherwise I'd be seeking to avenge their deaths." The shuttle pilot was up to the challenge.
"You want to make an issue about it, gladly."
"I do, but not with you. That's just twisted." Alixe slammed a fist against the metal bulkhead. "Damn it, I know why it's nessecary but that's just evil." She saw the surface of Kamino and headed into the back.
"What're you doing?" she was asked. Alixe was distracted as she changed, waiting until she was in the Rebel uniform she was provided before replying.
"Lock and loading." She saw the shuttle pilot's head tilt up.
"Isn't that against the regs?"
"You read'em?" Alixe reached for her rifle and the ammunition, which she began to hand load.
"Only for what can be used against the Rebels or Empire. You'll need to fast rope onto the planet's surface quickly before I dust off, we cannot be seen here."
"As far as anyone knows we're just air dropping supplies." There was a crate that she placed the rifle in before activating the stealth field generator, rendering herself invisable. The shuttle's doors opened up and Alixe kicked out the rope before pushing the crate to the ground below. "Have fun Strange," she called out as she slid down the rope, letting go when she was several feet from the ground and landing by the crate. She scanned the landscape for any sign of Imperials, thinking this was where Kai Ai Mundi was killed. Alixe wondered if maybe his lightsaber was still here, but somehow she doubted it.

01-23-2007, 03:18 PM
Imperial: hey you rebel scum wat you doing your not killing anyone on my watch troopers attack

Stormtrooper: Yes sir

Imperial: Die

Alixie Medcraft: Well l dont think so

*alixie medcraft shoots the rifle at the troopers and killed them all and also the imperial
then a alarm sounds*

Alixie Medcraft: Great

*more troopers come*

Alixie Medcraft: Here we go

Nancy Allen``
01-23-2007, 04:25 PM
Alixe ditched the rifle, knowing that the sound would draw every Imperial for miles. It was better to rely on stealth, she thought, taking cover in the ruins and watching the Stormtroopers fan out in search of her. One of them found and secured the rifle, which was upsetting but she could always get it back, if she survived this. Her best chance was to sneak up on a lone soldier.
"Spread out across the area. She can't have gotten far."
So much for all that planning for a simple recon. At least she knew the Imperials were here, and she would get an idea to their strength on Kamino as well. Plus no one could see her, it was stupid to have opened fire, whether that was a sign of her bloodlust or simply an indicator she was growing too old was something Alixe had no time for right now. Instead her attention was on how the Imperials acted to an intruder. About how she would expect, if a little conventional. The Rebels would act much the same way. Alixe idly picked up a small rock and tossed it overhead, watching them rush over to investigate. She could still escape, but instinct told her it would more to the Rebellion's advantage if she sowed confusion. Sneaking up on one of the Stormtroopers and setting off one of his thermal detonators was a tempting option, although dangerous. A second rock was throw full tilt at the head of a nearby Stormtrooper.
"She's here." Alixe ran off unseen before they could converge on her position. Clones, Alixe thought, knowing how a large number of the Stormtroopers were made up. She could toy with them until she wore herself out but that wasn't what she wanted to do, she wanted them dead. I wonder how they would react if one of their own was at my mercy? Of course she had about as much mercy as the Emperor himself but they wouldn't know that.

01-27-2007, 07:01 AM
*email to the emperor*

You arent going to belive this. The Starforge is in better shape then I expected. In fact, I have updated the Sith Capital Ship Blueprints so that they can match Mon Calamari's. It's working for 2 day's now and we already have an entire fleet of hundreds of ships. With this thing the Empire could destroy all resistance with ease.

By the way I havent seen or even senced Revan's presence yet. I find that quiet suspicious.

*email to the emperor*

01-28-2007, 02:48 AM
Imperial: Rebel come out of hiding we know your here

*Alixie dragged out this wounded storm trooper that was in her hands*

Alixie thoughts: I wonder how they would react to a trooper of there own being captive that mite let me go

Imperial: Attack

Alixie Thoughts: They dont care much for fellow troopers l wonder how the troopers would think of imperials and troopers for troopers and Imperials for Imperials

*Alixie just got away because a creature came out of the water and nocked the stormtroopers out so while she had the chance she grabbed the Imperial and took him captive. Not long after she was found by a group of troopers*

Storm trooper squad: Let go of the imperial and you will have a quick death

Alixie thoughts: The troopers dont have much respect on the imperials but they respect them a bit

*Dropping the imperial Alixie gets away*

Alixie: Few that was close

*Alixie did the same thing again but they were swapped*

Alixie: Well they seem to only care about there only class nothing else lm even amazed that the empire is not torn down by this yet so the emporour must actully keep it right


Emporour on comm to Darth Aap: Well done you are doing well and about the disapearence of Darth Reaven doesn't really suprise me anyway hes at Coruscant to get rid of the jedi but now he figured it out so darth reaven is currently at Kamino trying to clone an army and heres the danger he has nothing else to clone so what does he clones HIMSELF! Im already at the main entrence of the star forge so l want you to go to Kamino but another danger is that we have picked up an intruder at Kamino she goes by the name of.... Alixie be aware of her and dont underestimate her l sense alot of strength in her she is force sensitive so be aware

Darth Aap on comm to The Emporour: Yes Master

01-28-2007, 08:05 AM
*Okoe Kithoran ordered his fleet to hyperspace to the main imperial planets to do tons of damage to the Imperial core resources. (Coruscant, Kuat, Byss, and all the planets around them.) The Kithoran Alliance was then in control of one fourth of the galaxy with minimal losses.*

*Okoe Kithoran* I don't like this, we conquered Coruscant, Byss, Kuat, and all of the planets around them with only a capital ship loss at coruscant and a corvette loss at Kuat, they must be planning someth-*Kithoran Alliance trooper* Sir, a huge fleet consisting of what appears to be modifed Ravager class destroyers has hyperspaced on us in Coruscant!*Okoe Kithoran* Then destroy them before they send out a message to ANY other Imperials in the galaxy!*Okoe Kithoran thinks to himself* So, this is how they were planning to fight me, how could they have conjured up-*Okoe's thoughts went back to his old Jedi history lessons, he remembered there was something built five thousand years ago called the Star Forge, and he knew only too well what it was capibal of.*Okoe Kithoran then told the Commander to hyperspace as many ships as possible to planet Rattattack to destroy the Star Forge once and for all.*

01-28-2007, 03:15 PM
Darth Aap took a huge fleet and went off to Kamino to kill Revan and perhaps an entire cloned army.
*getting out of hyperspace*

Imperial: Hello, what brings you to kami-

Darth Aap: I'm on official Sith Buisness and in a big hurry so let me pass

Imperial: I'm sorry but first we have to-


Imperial: ok ok!! go ahead.

*The transports quickly deployed all troops on the ground*

Darth Aap: Begin the search immediately, and get those transports off the ground. I don't want Revan or this Alixie person stealing them.

*Darth Aap and the army begane the search. He begane searching Sector 4T-877. When he was done and about to move on he senced something behind a box. He used force push and threw the box. It was Alixie who was hiding.*

Darth Aap: I assume you are Alixie.

Alixie: ah crap

Darth Aap: I think the emperor will apprechiate it that i've just captured a rebel like you.

*alixie drew her blaster but Darth Aap tossed it away using the force before she could use it*

Alixie's Thoughts: Ah great. What am I going to do against this guy.

Darth Aap: Your blasters are no match to the force. Now come peacefully or-

*Darth Aap senced revan*

Darth Aap: What the!! I'll deal with you later.

*Darth Aap force-runned away with incredible speed*

Nancy Allen``
01-29-2007, 03:04 AM
"What the hell?" Alixe picked up the blaster she found and checking that she was safe to do so put in a call to the Rebellion. "Something is going on here. It looks like there is more than just an Imperial garrison here, there is some...some type of agent here, a Sith I think it could be."
"Why would a Sith be on Kamino? Did you find anything the Imperials might be after?" Alixe did her research and knew that power cells were collected from the planet, a quarter of a century ago or more. Othe than that the planet was a junkyard, an Imperial presence would have been more useful on Ord Montell.
"They have to be up to something." They were always up to something, she thought.
"Do you recommend the Rebellion strike Kamino?" Alixe was asked. That was a capital idea wherever there were Imperials, but Alixe knew that it was too early for a strike yet.
"I need to use my brain to get some more information first." She began heading in the direction of where she last encountered Stormtroopers. "I am thinking of something."
"Try and find out what the Imperials are doing there. Based on your information it must be important." Alixe felt under her breast.
"You are still tracking me?"
"Yes." The monitor was hidden on her body, pressed between her chest and her feminine anatomy. If anyone tried to check they would get a slap across the face for their troubles, even if hardly anyone would be interested in an old witch like her.
"Hmmm. Monitor it. I may have a way to get the information you need." She saw Stormtroopers in the distance. "Piett, the information on him is still current?"
"We made sure it is." That was gratifying. This could work if she played her cards right.
"Good. Out." Alixe terminated the call, knowing what she was going to try was risky, but that went with the territory.
Besides, she thought, Rebels risk their necks like this all the time.

01-29-2007, 02:15 PM
Imperial: Sir we are losing way to much forces at-

Emporour: It is time for my new weapon to be tested it a very powerful weapon called the eclipse it is a modified version of the first one, According to the mods it should be able to make a whole entire planet exsplode well it is time recall all imperials and troopers on kamino lm going to blow the planet

Imperial: Yes sir oh and one more thing we have spotted well a very intelligent rebel named Alixie she is well known to be dangenrous when she has a gun in her hand and we have a secret imperial monitor that watches her every move.

Emporour: Well it looks like it my be worth capturing this rebel after all l want you to capture this woman alive and make sure of it and contact the sith down there understand

Imperial: Understood

Nancy Allen``
01-30-2007, 05:43 AM
"Hold it," the Stormtrooper said upon seeing Alixe. She walked calmly up to him as though she hadn't a worry in the world at the rifles aimed at her. "I said hold it." Alixe slowed her approach but made no move to stop as she was ordered.
"Now what would you have to fear from an old woman like me?" she asked. "I am old, surely I would be no threat if you had anything resembling skill."
"Enough to put down rebel scum like yourself."
"And what do we have here?" Alixe chose to stop at this point in case they decided to shoot her. "A platoon leader who hopes one day to become an officer. Well you certainly have the right attitude." In reply the rifle was aimed at her head.
"I'm getting sick of your mouth now on your knees." Alixe shook her head. The Stormtrooper repeated the order.
"I do not think." She looked around at the others just like him, same height and build. "Would have to be pretty desperate to try it with a clone." That cutting remark was met with the Stormtrooper knocking Alixe to the ground.
"We have orders to keep you alive, but we can make you wish you weren't for that." As the others restrained her Alixe thought about making a grab for one of their rifles, or a thermal detonator. She wasn't in that great a rush to die just yet though. That didn't stop her from headbutting the Stormtrooper who made the mistake of trying to frisk her. The helmet prevented her from causing the damage she would have liked, the soldier more stunned that she did it than anything else. She glared in defiance, daring anyone else to try, a welt mark visable on her forehead. "Enough of this. Take her away."

01-30-2007, 11:32 PM
Imperial: We have captured the rebel you were talking about

Emporour: Bring her in

Alixie: Well its been a while

Emporour: We dont need those chains

*The Emporour uses the force to break the chains around Alixies wrists*

Emporour: You are here to become of us you are very special Alixie you are ideed lve heard that the jedi made you fail the test to become jedi because you were very un patient so l am here to help you become a jedi

Alixies Thoughts: I could take this in and then kill the emporour secretly and then get rid of evil but he will maybe want me to actully kill a rebel trooper or like luke skywalker and l can do that wat should l do?

Nancy Allen``
01-30-2007, 11:51 PM
Alixe had no idea what he was talking about and chose to pay it no heed, nor the Emperor's presence.
"If I remember correctly," she said, having studied history, "you turned...Annakin, by convincing him it was the only way to save his wife." She so dearly wished there was a weapon she could grab to kill Palpatine here and now. Anything would have done the job, whatever force powers he had be damned. "Four thousand years ago Darth Malek used a more direct approach, torture and drugs. His master Revan, a better Sith Lord than you will ever be," Alixe went on, fighting to contain her anger, thinking that was exactly what the Emperor wanted, "used the destruction the Mandalorians created and a little something called charisma to sway his followers." Scratching at her neck she finally looked at Palpatine. "You must be desperate. I'm the only one close to your age, huh?" She gave a sardonic smile at the comment. "Well I'm not as easily influenced as your lap dog is, I'm already a drug addict, and let's face it I have nothing to lose." To prove her point she screamed, knowing the Rebels would hear on the other end of the radio, "Palpatine's on Kamino, send everything you have! Right now!"

02-05-2007, 02:38 AM
On that moment the door was bashed open.

Revan: Time to reclaim the title of Dark Lord and take control of this "Empire".

The emperor tried to attack him with a quick force lightning but Revan dodged it easily.

Revan: Hah! You're prethatic. Only by manipulation you were able to take control. very smart of you but against me you don't stand a chance

Alixie: What the.. REVAN?!?!?

Revan: Yes! The ultimate Dark Lord is back once again to rule the galaxy!!! And nobody can stop me!

On that moment Darth Aap came rushing in.

Darth Aap: How about me.

Revan: You are strong, Aap, but still not strong enough to defeat me.

Darth Aap's thoughts: I know, i'm gonna have to think of something. It's unlikely to defeat him, but not impossible.

Darth Aap: Bring it on.

And there they were. Aap, Revan, Palpatine and Alixie, all there. And the battle for rulery of the Sith was about to begin.

02-07-2007, 02:21 AM
Alixies thoughts: this will be a good conversion for me so l can escape

*Alixie runs out the door with no one noticing but reaven but if he yelled out he knew he wouldn't end up killing the emporour and Drath Aap so he didn't even look at her afterwards*

Before you knew it Darth Vader sensed this so ofcourse he went to have al look so he ended up fighting

Emporour: I just remebered thats right l was exspecting this. Darth vader under the floor is a controller that will badly damage reaven and he has no choice but to serve

*ofcourse Emporour didnt say it out loud he said through the force so darth vader went down and when he saw the control he reached and grabbed it then he activated it bringing down reaven*

Nancy Allen``
02-07-2007, 03:12 AM
What the hell? Alixe thought as she ran along the hallways avoiding patrolling Stormtroopers called out by a quiet alarm, not knowing what to make of this turn of events. Revan? Alive? Impossible. But, she wondered, wasn't it Ajunta Pall who came back from the dead seeking forgiveness? Force ghost, she remembered. Maybe it was a clone, she didn't know, Alixe was no expert on the topic and there were more important things to worry about. She began searching for the communications room where she would be sure to get a message out to the Rebellion. She could also probably contact Revan from there as well, maybe use it to her advantage.
"What is this?" she wondered, coming up on a dead squad of Stormtroopers. It looked like they had encountered Revan, or maybe that other one, whoever he was. Their armor had no scorch marks so they weren't killed by blaster fire. A lone trooper would arouse suspecion but it was better than nothing, she could pretend to be injured if she was spotted. Communication might be a problem though. "Damn, I am getting too old for this." She pulled one of the bodies aside and began putting on the armor, disgusted at what she was doing.
Hopefully this is a recruit and not a clone. Ick.

02-07-2007, 10:44 PM
Alright since I haven't been able to visit this thread for a while, let's say Okoe came alone with his padawan to Kamino to find this Rebel to negotiate an alliance against the Empire while most of his fleet went to Rakkatack.

*Okoe Kithoran and his apprentice killed a few stormtroopers in a hall, seconds later hearing footsteps heading his direction.
*Okoe* hide, quick!
*seconds later Alixe came there, seeing the dead stormtroopers she began putting on the stormtrooper armor*
*Okoe Kithoran walked slowly forward, lightsaber in hand and found Alixe halfway through putting on stormtrooper armor*
*Okoe* I presume your the Rebel named Alixe?
*Alixe* what's it to you?
* Okoe* I am a Jedi that escaped the massaceration attempt on the Jedi at the end of the Clone Wars, discovering planets and technologies in the Unknown regions, I came to find you and negotiate an alliance between the Rebel Alliance and the Kithoran Alliance, but right now, I must find the Emperor and the two other force users I sense here.
*Alixe* So you're the guy behind the Empire's sudden lost planets.... I'm sure the Rebel Alliance will eagerly accept an alliance between us Rebels and your faction.
*Okoe Kithoran* Very well, please tell me where the Emperor is, I need to stop this once and for all.
*Alixe* This way, follow me, by the way, if you put on this armor you might be able to pass the patrols.
*Alixe, Okoe Kithoran, and Okoe's apprentice, Jaax Loris put on the stormtrooper armor and rushed down the corridors to the room containing the Emperor, Revan, and Darth App*

Nancy Allen``
02-07-2007, 11:59 PM
Alixe kept to the back and kept her weapon at the low ready position, looking as though she was confused on what exactly she was meant to do and trying to focus all her thoughts on a message she tried to project to Revan. Most people looked at her as a soldier, someone who's highest claim to fame was probably her attempts to snipe Grand Moff Tarkin. But most people gave her intelligence too little credit. Even before she worked with them prior to the Clone Wars Alixe knew enough of the Jedi to know that she would never become one, that she was too unlike them to ever walk the halls of the Coroscant temple as a knight. But that didn't bother her in the least, she knew much about them, including that Jedi, or more accurately force sensitives as Sith were capeable of it as well could read thoughts and feelings.
Lord Revan, she strained her mind to scream out, thinking that stroking his ego would help if he had again taken up the mantle of the Dark Lord, Palpatine is the one you want. It was a risk she knew, if Palpatine or App heard her they would probably kill her, but it was her best chance to

02-10-2007, 04:45 AM
Emporour: well done vader

*As alixie,Okoe and his apprentice walk through the door they noticed reaven laying on the floor all burnt and then alixie noticed a wore out grenade that was on the floor at her feet, quietly alixie walks in but before you knew it okoe and his apprentice bursted out of the armour they were wearing and started to fight so that was when alixie ran away but she put a chip for the cordinates for the rebel base so the can team up*

Emporour: well look whos there reaven get up

*reaven rises off the ground*

Reaven: Yes master

Emporour: Fight them and kill them

Reaven: Yes master

*they started fighting and it took a while but when reven sliped he lightsaber and cut off his whole arm he fell to the ground*

Reaven: l sense death in you okoe wat is it (being said via force)

Okoe: Well my well wife shes dying and--

Reaven: You want to save her

Okoe: yes

Reaven: you will save her if you save me please

Okoe: l will

Reven: Thankyou

*okoe had a plan so he excepted he offer*

*reaven got up pretending to actully kill both of them he took them to there ship*

Reaven: There


Emporour: That was wired why did that happen

Darth Vader: Well l dont know

02-10-2007, 01:01 PM
Darth Aaps thoughts: I sence betrayal here. I dont trust them a bit. I better follow them unseen to be shure of this.

Darth Aap followed them to see what they were up to. Supressing his force powers, he could remain hidden from their force sensitivity

02-11-2007, 08:30 PM
Gee, thanks for turning my guy to the dark side, Daniel >_>

don't have time to add more right now, will when I can though.

Nancy Allen``
02-11-2007, 10:27 PM
Alixe managed to find a computer where she found out where the communications hub was. The Stormtrooper patrols were heading to attend to the other intruders, plus when she surrendered herself they didn't find her stealth field generator. Making her way to where she wanted to go she feigned an injury and banged on the door.
"What happened?" the Stormtrooper asked, seeing that she was in a bad way. Thinking she was one of them he went to pull off her helmet to help when she stopped him, grunting in pain. "Wait here." Alixe nodded as he left to find medical supplies. That left the communications officer. Still wearing the Stormtrooper armor Alixe went over to see what he was up to.
"You are not a clone, are you?" she asked, aiming the rifle. The officer reached for an alarm but Alixe knocked him to the ground. "Answer the question or die."
"Clone? No, I enlisted." Alixe kicked him in the head, knocking him out.
"Find another job." She needed to make this quick. "White Lion to Eagle's Nest," Alixe said once she found the right radio frequency. "Come in Eagle's Nest. Require update."
"This is Eagle's Nest, we've been waiting to hear from you." That must have meant her radio was being blocked. The Imperials however wouldn't have that problem.
"We have Vader, Palpatine, and some type of reincarnated Sith Lord. You cannot ask for a better target."
"Palpatine? Are you certain?" Alixe wished there was some way to verify what she saw. Well her word would have to do.
"He is here. We can end the war here and now." It was certainly a bold comment, but this was by far the best chance the Rebellion had.
"I shall pass the message on. Prepare for retrival."
"Understood. There are a couple of extra passengers I need to find before then." Alixe terminated communications, she wasn't sure if the Jedi were survivors of the purge or were from after then, either way it was only right to get them out.

02-17-2007, 03:37 PM
Well since Daniel kindly turned my guy to the dark side, Okoe's lieutenant will take over the Kithoran Alliance.

*before Okoe turned to the dark side... >_>..... the lieutenant was told my Okoe via comlink that they were gonna alligne with the rebels*
*Lieutenant* get a shuttle prepared to take me to Yavin IV to negotiate an alliance with the rebels, commander.

*a few hours later they were on Yavin IV signing a contract with the rebels*

*in the meantime the Kithoran Allaince fleets were destroying the Star Forge, there was no telling with team was winning so far*

02-19-2007, 12:50 PM
Imperial: We need the star forge to remain there quick send in a crew to activate the droids on the ship man the controls

Stormtrooper: Yes sir

Imperial: I hope we win

I forgot to say you may of not read right anyway your guy didn't turn to the dark side he had a plan quickly mad in his mind so he had a plan to do something with reaven

02-19-2007, 05:28 PM
While darth aap was following Revan and Okoe, he was contacted via his implant.

Trooper: Sir, We are holding the Kithorans off at the Starforge but I'm not shure if we'll win this one. We could definetly use some support down here.

Darth Aap: Got it.

Darth Aap's thoughts: Hmm, perhaps i can use my backup army still remaining at Korriban to attack a Kithoran homeworld so that their army is forced to retreat and defend the attacked location. This way the Starforge might survive. Ok guess i'll do that then.

And so darth aap contacted his backup fleet and traveled to (*ImpElite has to decide wich planet is most important to his alliance*) to attack and distract the kithorans.

02-24-2007, 06:38 PM
Imperial: We need the star forge to remain there quick send in a crew to activate the droids on the ship man the controls

Stormtrooper: Yes sir

Imperial: I hope we win

I forgot to say you may of not read right anyway your guy didn't turn to the dark side he had a plan quickly mad in his mind so he had a plan to do something with reaven

Ok, ty for telling me.
As for Doc Aap, I think the MOST important planets that the Kithoran Alliance controls right now would be Coruscant, Byss, Corellia, Kuat, and Mandalore.

*With the alliance between the Rebels and the Kithoran Alliance the Kithoran Alliance had knowledge of Rebel plans, worlds, and technology, and vice versa.*
*The Kithoran Alliance was fighting a losing battle in the Rattatack system, so the Lieutenant sent more capital ships and anti-fighter ships there to help.*

02-24-2007, 08:33 PM
Darth Vader: My apprentence l took secretly go and vanquish the leader of the kithorian alliance so we can end this pathetic battle go and kill them

Sith: Yes master

02-25-2007, 09:12 AM
Darth Aap's fleet jumped out of hyperspace at Coruscant and begane to launch a heavy assault at the Space Station. His fleet was part ISD's and part Enhanced Ravager's.

Darth Aap: Now lets take our primary planet back from those worms.

The space station was easily destroyed as the Kithorans didnt have time to get reinforcements on location. Darth Aap sent his land forces down quickly to take Coruscant back. The transports landed and the troops started Rampaging through the big city. It was a hard battle tho and Aap wasn't too shure of his victory.

02-25-2007, 03:37 PM
Darth Aap: This is wierd this is one of the most important planet of the kithorian alliance but theres barely no one here and the ground force we only found like 50 troops whil we had a thousand troops this is really weird.

Trooper: Look whats that

Darth Aap: trouble

Trooper: Bring all garrisons to the central area of the city we need to protect it

Darth Aap: Why?

Trooper: In the central part of the city is where the emporour and darth vader currently is.

Darth Aap: You heard the man go go go

*a large ship went into orbit with plenty of smaller ones too*

Kithorian Officer: Give the planet over and we let you go free

Darth Aap: Never

Kithorian: Fine fire

*a huge battle started in space but the kithorians didnt wait until all the space forces were destroyed they already were sending down troops so there was to large battles*

02-26-2007, 04:54 PM
Heh, heh, heh. Like they stand a chance against us, against me. And as the transports started to deploy troops Darth Aap raided them before they knew was was happening.

Darth Aap: Time to feel the wrath of the future Lord of the Sith.

That's right. Darth Aap had already thoughd over it more than once. He was planning to try and overthrow the emperor and claim the title of strongest sith. He didn't knew when he was going to make his move yet, but he was planning to do so very soon. Good thing that he had learned to throw up a wall of emotions to make his mind impossible to read. Otherwise his plans would fail for shure.

After 2 hours of battle the alliance started to weaken in reinforcments. A sign of defeat? Darth Aap hoped he was right.

02-27-2007, 12:04 AM
Imperial Traitor: Hmph you think we just suddenly knew that you were comming lm the admiral they planned your fleet so l told them where you were going to attack so not very far away we were there waiting funny that the emporour didnt get my talents of my abillity at least the kithorians do.

Darth Aap: What traitor lm going to cut your head off and add it to my pile of heads that were owned by other traitors

Imperial Traitor: Your little storys dont entertain me apparently lm in charge of the eclipse so bring it in boys.

Darth Aap: What?

Imperial Traitor on comm to the eclipse: Soldiers Darth Aap is planning to destroy the emporour kill him

Stormtrooper: What kill the traitor

Darth Aap: Great

*darth aap remembered the biggest blockage of them alll to kill the emporour which is the whole empire they will kill me well for sure the stormtroopers lm not sure about the imperials but ln any case they will end up killing me so better be cautious*

Darth Aaps thoughts: I forgot where l am lm in the midle of a planet thats about to blow wait l need to some how keep the emporpur and darth vader here than my problem will be solved and at the same time the imperial traitor will be killed once they find out that he tricked the imperials and stormtroopers into firring

*darth aap disabled the emporours and darth vaders ship and didnt it off the planet in time*

Darth Aap: Yes excellent

02-27-2007, 07:14 AM
heh heh heh this was even easier that i expected. Even if they survive, they will never find out it was me who disabled their ships. And if they do, Try and find me!

While darth Aap said that he activated his stealth generator and hyperspaced away in his 1-man fighter

02-28-2007, 09:24 AM
With the combined effort of the Rebels and the Kithoran Alliance, they were able to take many worlds, like, Korriban and many worlds around that system (I can't remember ALL of the planet's names.....)

*Kithoran Alliance trooper* we're intercepting a transmission coming from Taris!
*Lieutenant* well patch it through then!
*Kithoran Alliance trooper* oh, well... jee, sorry sir I didn't mean to-
*Lieutenant* JUST DO IT!
*trooper* y-yes sir! r-right away sir!
*Okoe Kithoran* I've managed to escape, I'm located at a merchant's shop on the west side of the main city, ask for rocalph, I'm out.
*Lieutenant* send the fleet to Taris immediately!
*trooper* yes sir!

02-28-2007, 09:25 AM
*With the combined effort of the Rebels and the Kithoran Alliance, they were able to take many worlds, like, Korriban and many worlds around that system*(I can't remember ALL of the planet's names.....)

*Kithoran Alliance trooper* we're intercepting a transmission coming from Taris!
*Lieutenant* well patch it through then!
*Kithoran Alliance trooper* oh, well... jee, sorry sir I didn't mean to-
*Lieutenant* JUST DO IT!
*trooper* y-yes sir! r-right away sir!
*Okoe Kithoran* I've managed to escape, I'm located at a merchant's shop on the west side of the main city, ask for rocalph, I'm out.
*Lieutenant* send the fleet to Taris immediately!
*trooper* yes sir!

02-28-2007, 09:26 AM
oops! didn't mean to do that, please ignore the second one :(

03-09-2007, 08:28 PM
is this dead?

03-09-2007, 10:04 PM
nah, I was just waiting for someone to do their turn.

03-10-2007, 04:00 AM
Stormtrooper: Sir

Imperial: Yes

Stormtrooper: l have disturbing news

Imperial: What is it

Stormtrooper: The well.... emporour is um..... dead

Imperial: WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stormtrooper: He died on coruscant

Imperial: Who killed him

Stormtrooper: They said he was killed from an imperial traitor but his dead

Imperial: GOOD!!!

Stormtrooper: Now what

Imperial: We will all move back to the main system that we captured Taris

Stormtrooper: Affirmitive l will tell all the remaining fleets to regroup at that planet

Imperial: Good

Nancy Allen``
03-10-2007, 06:49 AM
Alixe looked through a pair of binoculars, trying to find some sign of the Jedi she ran into, but couldn't see anything, and it was too late to do anything regardless.
"Hell is too good a place for you," she said of the Emperor as the shuttle lifted her from Kamino, "you son of a..."
"His death will go a long way to bringing peace back to the galaxy." From behind the hologram of Mon Mothma interrupted the abrasive old soldier. "We are going over Kamino now. Anything you have to add about what you found there?" Alixe thought for a moment, her arms crossed.
"We have one dead Sith Lord. Best reason in twenty years to get toasted on spice." If Palpatine was dead maybe she could even retire, leave the Empire to a younger generation. "Did you find anybody else down there?"
"So far we have not been able to find any trace of the people you informed us about. However if they were indeed Jedi then it would be important to find them so they can aid us in their cause."
"Humph." After the Jedi purge Alixe wondered about that, if maybe any survivors simply chose to quit like they did thousands of years ago. What she encountered suggested otherwise. "You want me to hunt them down and convince them to work for us then?"
"We have another task for you. Intelligence has uncovered information of a threat against Skywalker."
"Skywalker?" Alixe wasn't surprised in the least. "He took out the Empire's trump card, prevented them from destroying the Rebellion. A farmboy. Only reason I can think of that every loser has not been hired to kill him is because of embaressment." Mothma looked up the information she had, repeating it to the commando.
"Her name is Mara Jade, an experiment we believe. She would use the Empire's funds to stay in the Imperial's hotels as payment for her services, which we believe is at the moment to hunt down and kill Skywalker." Alixe looked at the image of her target and couldn't help but think how ugly she looked.
Well, I am hardly one to talk.
"She is called the Emperor's right hand, having been trained in the ways of the Sith."
"That means she probably uses the Force to currupt minds." A disgusted look crossed Alixe's face. "I did not get the opportunity to put a bullet in the Emperor's head, but the chance to cut off his right hand is fine by me. Out." Her finger stabbed the controls of the holovid, terminating communications.
[Mara Jade,] she mused. Sith training or not, a sniper was probably a good choice to send after her, especially one that sought to hurt the Empire any way possible. Alixe headed for the front of the shuttle.
"What did Mothma want?" Alixe took the seat next to the pilot.
"There is an assassin sent to kill Luke Skywalker," was the reply. "How they explained the reason beats me."
"So what now?" Alixe was suddenly very very tired, not just from Kamino. It felt like she had been fightiing this war forever, sacrificing everything she had for her great crusade: any chance of a family or happy life.
That ended years ago when evil took control of the galaxy. Now wasn't the time for introspection.
"Home feels good right now." Wherever that might be. "Nar Shaddaa. We might be able to get some information there."

03-11-2007, 05:35 AM
Darth Aap arrived back at a small hidden outpost on Dathomir. Here he was gonna plan his uprise. He couldn't just walk in and say ''Hi, I killed the emperor, obey me now.'' He needed good representatives (Representing is something Darth Aap never was good at) and a backup army just in case (he already had that). Let's start on Kamino. With a bit of luck the fight there may be over so i can move in more undetected. Oh and ofcourse some major imperial planets to collect some loyals who already planned on serving me when the time was there.
So darth aap cloacked his ship again and moved out. He was a bit.. troubled tho. Darth Revan was still out there, and Darth Aap just knew that a confrontation with him was nessesary and it would happen soon. He also wondered who the old rebel woman he ran into might have been. He senced traces of the force within her. If the rebels have a new Jedi Padawan it might become dangerous (not knowing of Luke).

03-11-2007, 01:45 PM
hello everyone i am joining this thread.

rebel:dran,the emperor is dead.
dran:Oh good.hunt the empire down.
rebel:they might be on taris
dran:lets get moving then

dran and his rebel army appear on taris and kill some stormtroopers and stormtrooper officers
dran:lets get on that command post and kill some stormies there
rebels:YES SIR!
dran:not that loud

stormtroopers hear the rebels and a battle starts
dran throws a rock at a stormtroopers head
dran:hee hee
stormtroopers are dead now

03-11-2007, 05:36 PM
can you give us some info about your character?

03-11-2007, 08:46 PM
OK, just so you guys know, azimnj is from the Jedi Knight part of the forums, he hosted a roleplay thread there about the Clone Wars, we finished up the Clone War part..... so, here we are..... except..... daniel and I were already here..... anyway, yeah.....

*The Lieutenant and some disguised Elite Troopers came and found the shop on Taris*
*Lieutenant* I'd like to see.... rocalph.
*shop manager* storeroom.
*Lieutenant* thanks.
*the Lieutenant heads to the storeroom and escorts Okoe Kithoran out, as they head back to the shuttle a trooper called on the Lieutenant's comm and said there were Star Destroyers entering the other side of the system.*
*Okoe Kithoran* Double time, we need to get back to the ship as soon as possible.*
*Lieutenant* good thing we brought a landspeeder along... :D
*Okoe* now that's more like it!

by the way, about azimnj's profile, he was a Clone Commander in the clone wars that defied order sixty-six, he saved Plo Koon's life, and he has won many battles, that's pretty much all I can remember about his profile.

03-12-2007, 04:45 AM
Darth Aap flew over to kamino to see what was happening and while he was hovering around the place to pick anyone alive before you knew it there was al large population of stormtroopers and imperials and all the empire bassically (well troops necesary).

Darth Aap landed and had a look around then when he had a look at the stormtroopers and imperials they looked like "what is he here" or something like that.

Darth Aap enters the main building then suddenly storm troopers seize him and take him to Darth Reven.


Darth Reven: Well not much except from the idea of me controlling the empire now

Darth Aap: WHAT!!!


Imperial: Theres an imperial fleet comming in and as well as a rebel fleet

Imperial Commander : Good we can get rienforcement

Imperial (with reven): Give up you stupid person

Imperial Commander: Pardon you how rude

Imperial (with reven): Prepare to be blasted

Imperial Commander: Ok then all troops man guns and all piolits go to your vehicles and get out there and fight

Imperial: Rebel fleet incomming

Imperial Commander: Well

Rebel: Putting you in now dran

Dran: Well Imperial Commander nice to see you again

Imperial Commander: You were the stupid clone that rebelled against us

Dran: We will see who stupid. Attack!!!

Imperial Commander: All fighters attack these given targets and as well as gunners

Dran: Turn on all sheilds

Imperial Commander: Turn on reflecter shields


03-12-2007, 05:28 PM

*The empire was torn to bits once reven took control of the empire so a group of people from the empire made a new faction with more advanced technology to destroy reven and who ever was to oppose them the faction is The Moff because they had no other imperials except all the moffs (master imperial class) and a few imperials and troopers well the only clone troopers not the new recruits*

Moff Imperial: We have to get new ships and vehicles since we only have a small group of imperial vehicles.

Moff: Understood track okoe when he flies to different areas he may end up going off to get more technology

Moff Imperial: Yes Sir

*while okoe isnt looking a Moff stormtrooper attaches a hommig beacon onto his ship and then he flies off with out even knowing*

Moff stormtrooper: I have done my mission

Moff Imperial: Good

03-12-2007, 09:11 PM
*Okoe's fleet consisting of his best ships were hyperspacing in the system, upon receiving a distress call from Dran.*
*Okoe on comm with the Rebel ships and the Kithoran Alliance ships* Let's teach these suckers a lesson, Dran, send in your best fighters to the Star Destroyer Revan controls, my corvettes and bombers will be there to help.
*Dran* Okay, sure.
*Okoe* just like old times, eh, Dran? ;)
*Dran* Just like old times..... :D

Nancy Allen``
03-13-2007, 12:12 AM
"Ah, Nar Shaddaa," Alixe said as the shuttle touched down. "Best place to celebrate by getting toasted, roasted and burnt on vice." She wished she was able to recover her rifle from Kamino, the size of it might get her a few stares here but it'd be worth the protection, especially if she found her target.
"Need a drinking partner?" Alixe looked at the bar that was pointed out and shook her head.
"If something happens you will need to carry on the search on your own." She didn't expert that her life would be in danger, especially if there were two Rebel commandos as opposed to just the one. This was Nar Shaddaa however, where there was more than one way to take a wrong step and fall. Without a weapon it was a risk but Alixe wanted to chance it over putting her partner at risk. Stepping out into the cool air she pulled the coat over herself further, more to hide the Rebel uniform than to keep warm.
"Scuse," she said, brushing past a group of people leaving the bar, including a redhead. She didn't give the woman a second thought, more interested in seeing that the bar was in fact an Imperial hotel. "Hmm." Maybe she wouldn't get any help here but she had to try, if she played her cards right someone might tell her something. She approached the Sullistan behind the bar and dropped a handful of credits on the counter. "Beer, anything." As the bartender got her drink Alixe mused at the Imperial's hiring policy.
A Sullistan working for them? Well he was probably from some type of employment agency and not actually with the Empire. The glass bottle was placed in front of her and while she was given the correct change she took a sip, approving of the choice in drinks. It was quality stuff, tasting better than the usual low priced drinks she usually ordered. Checking the label she saw that it came from Onderan. When her change was brought to her she pushed it back.
"You seen any redheads here recently?" she asked. Alixe liked Sullistans and understood them, sort of. His jibbering, nodding and affirmative facial expressions told her he did. "Short cropped hair, red hair, like a Sith's lightsaber. I owe her some credits," she finished by way of explanation. The Sullistan pointed past her. Looking, Alixe saw that she was trying to look like she wasn't listening in. A flash of recognition clicked in her mind, Alixe caught a glimpse of the woman as she walked past but it didn't register. Now that she got a good look it was clear that Mara Jade had found her, not the other way around, how Alixe had no idea, and she was defenceless.

03-13-2007, 04:46 AM
can i join too please

03-13-2007, 04:55 PM
Shure, just give us some information about your Roleplaying Character.

Darth Aap's Thought: That didn't went as I hoped. Guess the confrontation with Revan begins sooner than I thought.

Darth Aap: You?! Controlling the Empire?! Prethatic!!!

Revan: I once controlled the Sith Army, and now I can do it again.

Darth Aap: Not if it depends on me. I've done too much to reach my goal to be stopped by some half-dead sith lord.

Revan: My body mignt not be as good as it was before, but I can assure you, my power is.

Darth Aap: Then why don't you show me.

Darth Aap used the force to smash the stormtrooper guards uncontious agains the wall and he drew his lightsaber. He directly attacked Revan. After several attacks on eachother Darth Aap thoughd; I can't win this, but, perhaps I don't have to. No if I play this smart it'll work out just the way I like it. Heh heh.

Then Darth Aap stopped the fight

Darth Aap: You are too strong for me. I Yield.

Revan: Now you know the power of the Dark Lord.

Darth Aap: Yes, I see it now! You deserve to be the Dark Lord, not me. If I had only seen that before, I would have joined you, not fought you. Please Revan, Let me join you. Together with me as your apprentice, we can be much more powerfull. You can be much more powerfull.

Revan: I knew you would realise the truth. That's why I didn't kill you yet. I have more value to you as my apprentice, instead of another corpse.

Darth Aap: Thank you Lord Revan.

Revan: Good, now follow me.

And as Revan, fully blinded by greed and power turned his back to Darth Aap, Darth Aap did a quick strike and cutted Revan down.

Darth Aap: You na´ve fool. The galaxy will be mine now!!

Revan: You... Cowar-

Revan died

03-13-2007, 05:59 PM
i'm gonna be jedi
age 8
weight 30klbs
jedi master
faction rebels
name tyrone
nickname TJ
tj was survivour of the great jedi purge his family were jedi. after excute order 66 his family died he survived he heard abput darthmori
then his shuttle landed he fotce leaped cut stormtroopers in half
then a darktrooper came deflecting blaster bolts pizz wiiz the armur would not take damage then he used force choke
errrargh he died
p.s he knows both ways of the force but is a light jedi.

03-13-2007, 09:41 PM
Wow, an 8 year old Jedi Apprentice, this is getting interesting! :twogun:

*The space battle raged on, with the combined strength of the Kithoran Alliance and the Rebel Alliance, they seemed to be winning the fight.*
*Okoe just then felt a surge through the force.*
*Okoe's thoughts* Hmmm, I sense the light side in a being, not very much, but I still sense it, I must investigate this immediately!*
*Okoe on comm* Dran, I need to leave, something has come to my attention, think you can finish this up?
*Dran on comm* You got it, good luck.
*Okoe on comm* you too.

*Then Okoe hyperspaced out towards the light sided being in a starfighter.*

03-14-2007, 12:52 AM
Hey Tyrone how about we dont have any sound effects like aaaarrhh unless there saying something and so yeah no bam or boom or things like that because l got confused if someone was saying something or not ok thanks oh thanks for joining this thread tyrone!

*Alixie heard on a holo that there was a surviving jedi and she noticed it got alot of stormtroopers attention because they remembered killing all the jedi and she heard a comment of the jedi is that he was young one that was said to be either 7-10 years old and they said he was a very young jedi master that rised throught the ranks faster then any other jedi has ever done*

Alixie's thoughts: If this a jedi thats alive he may be a good chance of getting rid of the empire


*Darth Aap turned the empire arround and turned it back into it state it was before the emporour died and the moffs rejoined the empire finding out that the rest of the empire were not crazy anymore but that didn't stop them from getting new technology*

Darth Aap: Imperial prepare to move to this system

Imperial: Yes Sir

Darth Aap: Heres the given commands

*Darth Aap poped up a hologram of the places to go it said
Nal Hutta

Imperial: understood

Nancy Allen``
03-14-2007, 07:02 AM
Alixe had another agenda on Nar Shaddaa. It was finding those two men who claimed to be Jedi that made her think of it. Maybe not all the Jedi were dead, but in hiding. Since she expected if not now then maybe later to try and find any that still may live and have them join their cause. That wasn't an appertising thought, she did that at the end of the Clone Wars and found nothing but torment in finding them all dead, or missing, having presumeably met the same fate. None of that was on her mind at the moment however as she looked at the redhead across the bar. Mara Jade looked right back as she took a pull from her beer. The fact this old woman was looking for her made the Sith defensive. But there was an edge to her, the aura about her suggested that she had seen a lot in her long life.
Military? she wondered. There was also the face, she was certain that she'd seen the face before. Alixe began shaking her head as Mara tried probing into her mind, looking as though she was clearing away cobwebs but she figured the woman could feel her poking around. What she saw was surprising...dead Jedi, Younglings to be exact, and the anger that came from the sight, though she couldn't tell if Alixe was responsible for it. Killing children is as low an act as you could possibly get and Anakin...Vader, carried it out as though they were nothing but the Droid Insurgency. Alixe's voice echoed through Mara's mind as she saw the woman, much younger, in what she thought was a Republic uniform as she killed a Clone Trooper, feeling the burning anger the woman felt at those who had killed the Jedi. Seeing this made the Emperor's pupil remember, the woman looking for her was one of the Rebels. Age and the lack of hair made her not see it before and her eyes widened ever so slightly at the recognition.
"Been looking for you," Alixe said finally. "Think I owe you credits." Now that she knew who the woman was Mara wasn't about to waste any time and used her Force Corrupt ability to sway the old commando.
I'm only a soldier, a voice inside her head said, she realised this was something that was said to Alixe, likely just before he was killed. The line between the life I want to live and the life I'm expected to live... This she knew was Senator Organa. The results of trying to sway Alixe were unexpected. Spice helps ease the pain. Somehow she was able to block her attempts to corrupt the woman's mind. The referrence to spice made her wonder if it was the alcohol for a second, but the more likely answer was that Alixe conciously or self conciously threw up thoughts of her past as some type of barrier so that Mara couldn't do anything to her. Her gaze went to the other bar patrons, but the woman saw what she was planning.
"Do not even think of thinking about it," she warned, smashing the bottle against the counter. In response Mara reached for and activated her lightsaber, the red blade lighting up as she brought it in an upwards arc against her opponant. Alixe managed to step out of it's way and shoved the bottle at Mara's torso, but came up short. The Sith swung the blade down but Alixe grabbed her wrist with her free hand, dropped the bottle and pushed up, trying to bring it around to her back. Mara tried to pull free when Alixe pulled with her, yanking down before recieving a kick to the gut. She staggered back against the bar as Mara charged in, swinging the lightsaber just past her head. Stepping back before Alixe could retalliate Mara threw her lightsaber, using the distraction to Force Corrupt the bar patrons. Alixe charged, dodging the deadly blade and running like a bull at her foe, her head lifting up at the last second to strike underneath the chin. But the commando knew she had a lot more to worry about and had no idea how she was going to get out of this. Killing was out of the question for her. She was distracted by a laser blast and looked to see that her shuttle pilot had ignored her and followed, she must have been waiting in case she was needed. Again Mara used the distraction to her advantage, retrieving her lightsaber and force jumping to the balcony. Alixe was torn between going after her or, seeing the man that was shot, going after the pilot.
"Alixe, c'mon." She began firing on the crowd that advanced on her when Alixe screamed at her.
"No! No dammit! Shoot the woman!" She decided it was best to go after Mara with the shuttle. "Jan, the woman!" Jan Ors joined Alixe in running out.
"Take it you found her then." When there was no reply she added, "Not like sniping at Tarkin." Alixe wasn't in the mood to hear it.
"Just get the shuttle in the air. We will track her that way." Mara watched the two Rebels retreat, recognising the other one as Jan Ors She figured they would try and escape the planet, or maybe come after her with reinforcements.
"Well a call to the Empire will put a stop to that."

03-14-2007, 10:48 AM
Darth Aap's Thoughts: Finally, The empire is mine. With the combined machinery of the Kuat Shipyards's Stardestroyers and the Starforge's enhanced Ravagers, I will soon have almost every system in the galaxy conquered.

Darth Aap: Moff 332

Moff: Yes sir?

Darth Aap: Take the 533rd legion and conquer these systems.

Darth Aap gave him a starmap with several core worlds marked.

Darth Aap: If you need any replacin troops on your quest just contact 344-ez-atc at the Starforge. He'll send you anything you need. Now get moving.

Moff: As you wish.

03-14-2007, 05:45 PM
more stormtroopers came i used force destruction
then 29 darktroopers came after me i quickly stole an imperile tie inceprator off in space
then I quickly landed in rebal hanger then got in my x-wing blasting any ties in my path
then a lambada shuttle lanched in space to land dathmori i used rockts lasers nothing worked then a interceprator shot me i quickly skidded on the imperil hanger then force jumped killing any piolits and stormtroopers then i felt the force in space i wonder if theres a survivor?

03-15-2007, 05:23 AM
Imperial: Stormtrooper l want you to take a troop (if your thinking only a troop l mean the group kind of troop) to the planet mandalore because the mandalorians are acting well agressivly so understand

Stormtrooper: Yes Sir

*The troop of troops went down to the planet mandalore to see what the problem is with the mandalorians*

Stormtrooper: Move to section 113 and you lot move to 13 understood

Group of Stormtroopers: Yes Sir!

*The two seperate groups went in there directions*

Stormtrooper on comm: The mandalorians are gavering in the main square

Stormtrooper on comm: Affirmitive move to that section

Stormtrooper on comm: Yes sir

*The stormtroopers go to the main square of the clan where they do meetings and battles*


Mandolorian other clan leaders: YEAH!!!

Stormtrooper on comm: They seem to planning to-

Stormtrooper on comm: Take over the galaxy

Stormtrooper on comm: What are we going to do

Stormtrooper on comm: Dont know we will move back to the stardestroyer and tell the imperials

Stormtrooper on comm: Lets move!

*The troop move out but they were seen by an mandalorian and it called out that there was spies*

Stormtrooper on comm: AAAHHH INCOMMING

Stormtrooper on comm: WHere are you

Stormtrooper on comm: .................

Stormtrooper on comm: HELLO

Mandalorian uses stormtroopers comm: His out same as you

Stormtroopers: AAAAHHHHH FIRE!

*the stormtroopers fired at the rouged mandalorians and killed them and they ran to there shuttle*

Storm trooper: WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS THAT!!!

Storm trooper: Dont know maybe they are going to control the galaxy well at least try

*while the stormtroopers left the planet they had look out and they noticed thousands of ships docked for use*

Stormtrooper: WOW!!!

Stormtrooper: WHERE DID THEY GET THEM!!!

Storm trooper: They must of got them from the star forge

Stormtrooper: We must tell Darth Aap it doesnt matter about the imperials we must say it straight to Darth Aap


Moff on comm: Moff to starforge repeat moff to starforge

*a mandalorian picked up the comm and answered but the moff didnt notice*

Mandalorian on comm: Yes

Moff on comm: We need troop refills and spce craft as well

Mandalorian on comm: Send you cordinates

Moff on comm: 64-Nar Shadda

Mandalorian on comm: Lets see oh yes Nar Shadda we will send reinforcements right away

Moff on comm: out

Mandalorian on comm: out

*The Mandalorian on comm knew it wasnt one of them he knew it was a moff but he acted like normal so he knew where they were*

Mandalorian: We have bait at Nar Shadda

Mandalorian: Lets go

*the mandalorians hyperspace into Nar Shadda*

Moff: Thanks for comming

Mandalorian: Die

Moff: WHAT!!!

*before they knew it they were sreaming like babies and ran into the escape pods and launched down to the planet Nar Shadda and the fighters protected them while they were landing*

03-15-2007, 09:40 AM

Communicator droid: Affirmative

Darth Aap: What is it soldier

Imperial: The Mandalorians are planning a major assault to take over the galaxy!! They've got hundereds of capital ships somehow!!

Darth Aap: That is unexpected. Try to hold the line down there, I'll send some reinforcements.

Imperial: Hurry up!! We can't hold out much longe- BOOM!!!!!!! connection lost.

Darth Aap: You. How long until our rebuilt deathstar is operational

Engineer: 3 Months if it isn't more

Darth Aap: Ah great. Darth Blaze, Report

Darth Blaze: You summoned me master.

Darth Aap: I have a nice little assignment for you my Apprentice. Take some troops at your choise and exterminate those Mandalorian traitors.

Darth Blaze: It shall be done my master.

Darth Aap: I'll get you some troops.

Darth Aap: This is Lord Aap, come in.

Mandalorian: What is it sir?

Darth Aap's Thoughts: That isn't the clone communicator who is supposed to be there.

Darth Aap: Never mind.

Mandalorian: ehh, ok sir.

Darth Aap took a huge fleet of Star Destroyers and moved to the Starforge in person. When he arrived there he saw a huge fleet of Ravagers with mandalorian marks.

Darth Aap: AH GREAT!! Attack!! Attack!! BUT DON"T DESTROY THE STARFORGE!!!!!!!!!!!

And so the battle to retake the Starforge begane.


Darth Blaze Profile

Age: 19
Race: Human
Weapon: 2 Single Blades, Orange and Red
Force info: Strong with force lightning, Weak with corruption tecniques.
Personality: Brutal, Smart, Dangerous Enthousiasm, Loyal, Does anything to achieve his goal
Biography: He was born on coruscant and his parents were killed by a clone trooper (still serving the republic) as an accident. Since then he has always been full of hatred. This way Darth Aap found him and offered him to join him and avenge his parets by helping him killing all loyal to the republic (rebellion etc.). Because of the hate he alway's carrys with him he is a dangerous opponent who knows no defeat yet. Althougth he is strong, he is still far from a Sith Lord, and his big Enthousiasm could become his death.

03-15-2007, 03:31 PM
i sensed a dark force somewhere hmmmm *uses force sense* ahhh
the bridge so he cut any imperils in his way he made it there you will not destroy mandlions for the rebal alliance! *pulls out saber*

03-15-2007, 06:30 PM
Darth Blaze: Heh, heh, heh, and a kid like you is going to stop me? You might be strong in the force, but you are no match for my skills. Beside that, I am a sith, and the light will never be able to defeat the darkness so, bring it on!!

Darth Blaze drew his two light sabers and attacked Tyrone. Even with Darth Blaze's training it was a hard battle. Just when Darth Blaze was winning Okoe bashed the door and aided Tyrone in battle. After Darth Blaze defended a few hits he knew he would never win this. When he got the chance he force-runned off without a word.

Okoe: DAMNIT!!

Okoe tried to use Force Push to stop him but Darth Blaze force-pulled the dead stormtroopers before him to catch up the attacks. Darth Blaze was already in the hangar with Okoe and Tyrone on his ass but just as he jumped toward an Interceptor Tyrone force-jumped toward him and managed to hit his leg (not cut it off).

Darth Blaze: AHRG!!!!!!!!

Okoe: Give up, You can't win.

Darth Blaze: Never!!!

Darth Blaze used a force lightning attack to throw Okoe and Tyrone off him and crawled to his fighter just before they recovered from it. Since Darth Blaze was already weakened a lot the attack didn't do any physical damage. Darth Blaze got behind the wheel and took off just before Okoe and Tyrone could stop him.


Okoe: That's just great...

03-15-2007, 06:50 PM
my x-wing is in good conditon *then a pilit rebal lanaded and crshed okee got in wohoo
next minte darth blazes ship blew up oke made it out just in time *heres some sounds bssh wossh kaboom loom thars star destroyer blowing up sounds not speaking* i was on darth blaze on his ass using rockts lasers he escaped in a pod but the squardion said hold your fire he goning down to mandlion planet so i could duel him i found where he laned then i Duled him and force pushed off a cliff i was brusied medics came and put me in a bacta tank

03-16-2007, 04:38 AM
Darth Blaze was in a bad condition after the fighting and his wound in his leg hurt him alot. He tried crawling back to his ship. If Okoe would find him here he would be captured for shure. And with all the mandalorians around here it wasn't a safe place to be wounded either.

Darth Blaze: Must... reach... ship...............

But then Darth Blaze got uncontious.

03-16-2007, 03:59 PM
i was healed and found blaze i found a transport ship then went to the crusier darth blaze awok seeing me there he was trying to grip his saber.
Blaze: Were is my saber?
Gone u threw it down a hole.
join the rebel alliance or die coward!

03-16-2007, 10:09 PM
guys i got a clone wars nabbo roleplaying any of you can join its at dexster jettsters dinnrer cya there

03-17-2007, 03:44 AM
Darth Blaze: I will..... ahhh.... never ever join the reb.......

Tyrone: His uncocious he may die

Darth Blaze: Im not going to die by you

*Darth Blaze got so angry and force pulled the whole transport crushing it together and making it look like a scrunched tissue*

Tyrone: NO!

*tyrone jumps out of the transport with a few other rebels and it wasn't far from the ground so they could easily jump out. Darth Blaze stopped nearly unconscious and he was trying to get to the controls and then he went unconcious and fainted and he lent on the contols and he went up into space then it went past a star destoyer and they used its tractor beam to take the transport in*

Tyrone, Im going to have a look at this other thread your talking about but nobody go because l am going to still be on this forum

03-17-2007, 04:29 AM
tyrone got in the transport tooked him out then was put in a bacta tank tyrone sat there waiting then he awoke
Tj:join the light side my freind
tj: Become my apprenticre
Guys dont leave this thread i made a nabbo one but still chat here

03-17-2007, 07:47 AM
Imperial: Search the ship for any rebels.

Stormtrooper: Affirmative sir

The stormtroopers rushed inside the rebel transport that was torn to a piece of strap by Darth Blaze's anger attack. All they found was a dead rebel guard and Darth Blaze who was nearly holding himself together.


Darth Blaze: Tell Aap... that.............. there are... 2.. Jedi's....... Alive.....

Stormtroopers: Jedi?! r-right away sir.

03-17-2007, 05:17 PM
* The stardestroyer left the system to go look for rebels*
Wheres Impelite l wonder?
Imperial: Search the systems for any rebel scum

Stormtrooper: Yes sir

*The different groups of star destroyers left to find the rebels on different planets and they found all the rebels accept from tyrone and his group of rebels*

Stormtrooper: Found a group of rebels on plenty of different planets what should we do with them

Imperial: Eliminate them

Stormtrooper: Yes Sir

*Nearly all the rebels was killed and when they found mon mothma they sent her to Darth Aap*

Mon Mothma: You will not get away with this

Darth Aap: Already have. PUT HER IN THE CELL!

Stormtrooper: Yes sir

*the stormtroopers left the room and when they got to the cells mon mothma went out of disguise and it was Alixie and she kicked the stormtroopers and she jamed the hand cuffs in to the cell and they broke and when the stormtroopers were getting off the ground she got there gun and shot them both*

Stormtroopers: Sound the alarm

* an alarm sounds *

Alixie: Very unsettled but it got the job done

*Several stormtroopers were running towards her and alixe just shot them all*

Alixie: Easy

*the battle continues*

03-17-2007, 05:42 PM
Tj quickly went to the plant or ship and ran cutting stromtroppers in half with some rebals and okey
come on darth app will be here any minte now
blossh he was there
Darth aap: ha ha ha jedi scum
tj: i will finish you once and for all
the battle rages on then tj cut darth aaps leg off and pushed a pile of strometrooper on him then tj used force lighting tj got in the rebal transport and woosh to the planet below

Nancy Allen``
03-17-2007, 05:58 PM
"This is your worst idea ever," Alixe said, contemplating how she got here. Using only Jan's blaster pistol she couldn't get a good shot at Mara Jade as they chased her through Nar Shaddaa. After she escaped however this ingenious little plan was dreamt up, despite Alixe pointing out that her age would give her away. She never would have guessed that they were half blind. "Imperials will kill themselves with their stupedity if we do not kill them first." Ripping off the wig Alixe searched the dead Stormtroopers, the fact she had disguised herself as Mothma making her think of the Rebel Leader's thoughts on the Death Star, how the Empire's destruction of Aldaraan had rallied the galaxy against the threat like never before. That thought appealed to Alixe, frowning that she couldn't find what she was looking for. Of course not, these guards wouldn't need thermal detonators, though the reinforcements who would be close to being outside might. Alixe aimed the rifle to the roof and fired, thinking a much easier way would be to try and find the ship's armory, if there was one. Not knowing whether or not there were Stormtroopers after her Alixe fired down the hall, hoping at least they had enough brains to not risk getting killed long enough for her to climb up through the hole she made. "Damn it, I am getting too old for this."

03-18-2007, 09:01 AM
Darth Aap: I sence a disturbance in the force. There is battle going on and Darth Blaze is having a hard time it seems.

Darth Aap to Imperial: What the hell is going on back there

Imperial: Lord Aap?! but, you're dead.

Darth Aap: What are you talking about.

Imperial: Well this kid came rushing in the throne room, he battled you and you died.

Darth Aap: I've been on korriban for 3 weeks now. WTF IS GOING ON!!!!!

Imperial: It looks like somebody cloned you. I already wonderd how the Dark Lord could be beaten that easily. You, I mean the clone was dead in only a few seconds.

Darth Aap: Im thorough with all this bullsh!t. I'm taking my 3 Darkside adepts with me and I'm going to restore order to MY empire. YOU!! Collect all the possible troops and kill anything suspicious immideately.

Imperial: Right away sir.

Darth Aap: Start with clearing out Coruscant. I want this kid you're talking about dead. And any rebel presence too. By the way where is Blaze

Imperial: He has been attacke by Okoe and the kid and is now in the hidden medical outpost at the moon of Dathomir.

Darth Aap: NOW I"M MAD!!! TIME TO DIE SCUM!!!!!!

03-18-2007, 04:03 PM
Guys we have to go to yavin and tell master luke skywalker corasunts is being invaded
my the imperils come on theay took a mandlrion medical one and took off then laned on yavin 4 .
Tj: help us master skywalker we need alot of jedi the empire is trying to cntrol corausunt. right away then luke got him all sorts of jedi so rebal transports and flagships went to corasunt.
Stormtrooper: Whats was that?
Tj: die
Stormtrooper on comlink wtf?
tj: cut any imperils in his way then he saw darth aap
time to duel and finish once and for tj force oushed him off the edge so he feel...

03-18-2007, 06:34 PM
Darth Aap fell down but just before he smashed into the ground below Darth Blaze catched him.

Darth Aap: Thanks. Are you fully recovered yet?

Darth Blaze: O yeah.

Darth Aap: Now let get back up. He's no match for us both.

Darth Blaze: I've got something better. Lets sneak off the planet without anyone knowing. We'll leave a hologram down here of a dead you. We get off the planet and fire the Deathstar I just brought with me just in case.

Darth Aap: It's operational yet?!?! how did you manage that. It was supposed to take 3 more months.

Darth Blaze: Yeah but one of the mechanics invented some stuff that speeded it up.

Darth Aap: This plan is perfect. We'll kill this kid who is extremely strong in the force, A ****load of rebels, And some jedi.

Darth Blaze: Jedi?

Darth Aap: Yeah, I senced some jedi reinforcements comming in.

And so Aap and Blaze activated their stealth field generators and sneaked aboard a cargo ship that was just leaving. Darth Aap learned Blaze and himself to suppress their forcepower. This way no jedi could sence them. When the transport was outside the planets atmosphere they walked to the pilot.

Pilot: Stowaways? Get out of my ship before i call secu- Lord Aap?!

Darth Aap: Get to the Deathstar. Don't worry i'll compensate any cash losses.

Pilot: Shure.

Then the transport flew toward the Deathstar hangar.

Imperial through intercom: Transport craft, the Deathstar is forbidden airspace, Please turn your ship arou-

Darth Aap: I'm Darth Aap you fool!! Let me pass NOW or you'll regret it.

Imperial: S-sorry sir.

Then Aap and Blaze boarded the Deathstar. It fired and Coruscant was blown to bits.

Darth Blaze: Heh heh, he's probably dead. I don't sence his presence anymore

Darth Aap: But is he truely dead. If he's uncontious you don't sence him too, remember.

Darth Blaze: But it's impossible to survive that!

Darth Aap: I guess you'r rigth.

Darth Aap and Blaze went off to Korriban for some ''buisness'' in 2 stealthed fighters. They didn't want any unwanted attention with them and Aap said it would be best to not have the eyes of stormtroopers with them. The deathstar with the accompanying fleet remained at Coruscant's remains destroying any transports or any suspicious activity. Darth Aap left 3 Highly trained Sith Lords at the Deathstar to defend any jedi attacks.

03-18-2007, 06:51 PM
Be shure to read my previous post on page 3

Once arrived at Korriban Aap and Blaze traveled to the Valley of Lords. There Aap used some kind of force tecnique Blaze didn't knew. Then in a rock, a hidden entrance opened, Darth Aap and Blaze moved inside. There was an old, very old droid.

Blaze: Amazing

Aap: It's an ancient storage of Sith Warriors who were vrozen in long ago by Naga Sadow. If we can reactivate the we will have an army of sith lords under our command. We will truely be unstoppable.

Blaze: Sweet

Droid: I will now analyse if you are truely a Sith and no Jedi Traitor. Finish the Lines.

Droid: Through passion I gain:
Aap: Strength
Droid: Through Victory:
Aap: My chains are broken
Droid: If my commander orders me to spare an enemy:
Aap: I kill my commander
Droid: Because:
Aap: He is weak. Only the strong survive in the sith.
Droid: Why?
Aap: Because that is why we sith are strong.
Droid: Analysis 1 complete. Please produceed in the next room.

Blaze: This is exiting.

Aap: Yes but stay focussed. the challenges ahead will be VERY hard.

Blaze: I'm ready

Aap and Blaze proceeded inside the next room and the door behind them closed. A door opened and 3 Terentatek beasts entered the room. Darth Blaze attacked them with a strong Force Lightning attack but it had no effect.

Aap: These creatures are immune to the force.

Blaze: Wonderfull

Aap: We'll have to battle them with only our sabers.

03-18-2007, 07:27 PM
Everyone thought aap was dead when i force pushed you aap i told them the wars has endned.
Tj: master skywalker i need all jedi i have now a powerful sith lord called app hasent been killed yet he survived on the holonet.
Luke skywalker: yes master tj
The fleet crossed the gallaxy at full speed to korriabian there were rebal soildgers jedi knights and of coruse me laned then lots of sith pooped out
Jedi: For the rebellion.
Walls cracked has jedi saber cut them
rebal rockts blown up a entire all serching for aap and after me and oke watched the last wall tubmal and darth aap and his apprentice were captured then 80 fleets came.
Tj:What the imperil cruseris then master skywalker and all the jedi came stromtroopers blasted them
darktroopers came and of coruse Darth vader
tj: oh god.

03-19-2007, 11:21 AM
Aap and Blaze were put in forcecages. Aap reached to Blaze with the force to communicate.

Aap: I'm going to get you out of here. You get back inside the tomb. If you steal back your stealth generator you shouldn't be interrupted. No jedi OR imperial knows what's in there anyway. Once you continue through the battle arena we just cleared out, you will get in Naga Sadow's tomb. His spirit still haunts the place. Ask him for support against the Jedi. You don't have to lie to him if he asks something.

Blaze: Yes master.

Aap to Guard: Guard, my apprentice is very sick. Can you open his cell cage.

Guard: Why would i do that

Aap: [Force Persuade] Because he's very sick. And you want to help him.

Guard: [Succes] I, guess I do.

Once the guard opened the cage Blaze used Lightning to blast the guard down. He sneaked to the tomb and went inside the last room.

Naga Sadow: What brings you to my tomb, young sith.

Darth Blaze: I need your help, my master.

Naga Sadow: What's wrong

Darth Blaze: Since you passed away, 4000 years have passed. The sith ruled over most of them, but now the Jedi have a lot of soldiers with them and there are only a few of us sith left. Just me, my master, darth vader, and some adepts.

Naga Sadow: This isn't good. I shall lend you my army of frozen sith lords.

Darth Blaze: Thank you alot master.

An old door opened by some mysterious power and behind it there were hundreds of thousands of frozen sith lords. Each one of them was able to match a jedi knight and together they could destroy 20 jedi orders with ease.

Darth Blaze: The tide has just turned, heh heh heh.

Sith Commander: What is the current situation.

Naga Sadow: You and your men shall obey this young Sith and his master Darth Aap, and the sith lord Darth Vader.

Sith Commander: Affirmative great lord.

Darth Blaze: Follow me outside and kill any Rebels, who are dressed in red, or jedi. The soldiers in white armor are allies.

Sith Commander: It shall be done.

Tons of lightsabers were activated and the army of Lords rushed out terminating any resistance. The jedi were completely overrunned.

Okoe: WHAT THE ****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tj: RUN!!!

Okoe, Tyrone, and 3 Jedi were the only ones who managed to hijack an imperial transport by force-jumping to it. They were the only light siders who left Korriban alive. Meanwhile the Starforge was retaken and an immence fleet of Ravagers and the Sith lords raged throught the galaxy eliminating any resistance. Darth Aap and Blaze were at the Super Star Destroyer inhabated by 300.000 stormtroopers and 600 Sith Lords. in a mather of weeks they'd retaken 62% of the galaxy. Okoe and Tyrone had no other choise then go into hiding until they found a way to counter this immence force.

Darth Aap: Well done my apprentice, The galaxy is ours. We are now unstoppable.

But Darth Blaze had a bad feeling about it.

03-21-2007, 08:13 AM
Why isn't anyone Replying

Nancy Allen``
03-21-2007, 08:14 AM
I was about to actually, been waiting for the story to move on because I had a couple of revelations to drop.

03-21-2007, 08:57 AM
Ok, at least explains 1 person. I wonder why we arent getting any replys from Danial, Tyrone, and ImpElite. And if you just didn't had the time to, I know i'm very impatiŰnt :P

Nancy Allen``
03-21-2007, 09:15 PM
Alixe paused, a pain in her leg from crawling around the insides of the ship. The pain was actually a souvenir from Hoth, when despite the hated cold she fought, using one of the cannons against the AT ATs rather than snipe at the Imperials, until a little run in left her with most of her leg sliced off and after months of protest had a cybernetic one from the top of the thigh down. Even if it did work fine it bothered her that she was part machine. What bothered her more at the moment however was the lack of success in finding anywhere that might have explosives. Alixe could try playing around where she was but the commando had no desire to kill herself doing so. She needed a guide. Peering down through a grate she was surprised at how far she had gone through the ship, it looked like some type of reactor. Not familiar with the type of ship she was on Alixe wanted to hold off doing any damage, at least until she knew what she was doing. The distance she placed between the prison cells looked to be in her favor, there was only a pair of Stormtroopers on guard, whether that was standered procedure or they were waiting for her she wasn't sure. The problem, for them, was they were facing the wrong way. Carefully lifting up the grate Alixe jumped down, freezing at the sight of a laser turret but relaxed when it was evident it was inactive. Quietly she crept behind the Stormtroopers, raised her rifle and just before it pressed against the head of the first one fired. As his companion reacted Alixe wrapped an arm around his throat, pressing the rifle against his back.
"Where is the armory?" she demanded. She began pushing the Stormtrooper to the edge of the walkway.
"There isn't an armory." In response to this Alixe pulled off the soldier's helmet so he could get a good look at the drop below.
"I am willing to bet your life there is." Alixe pushed the Stormtrooper over the edge, nearly causing him to lose his footing.
"You have to believe me, there's no armory." Alixe thought for a moment, not sure whether to believe him. Either way she wasn't going to find the help she needed this way.
"You are going to get yourself promoted. Get on the comlink and tell your pals you killed the prisoner." With his life litrially in her hands the Stormtrooper did as she said.
"This is RC 14498, the woman's been terminated in the reactor. You can shut down the infernal alarm." Judging by his manner Alixe guessed he wasn't a clone. Well that didn't change much. "I'm not sure if they believed me."
"I will find out." Alixe glanced at the deep chasm she held the Stormtrooper over. "Thank you. I will let you go now." She pulled the trooper back before tossing him over the edge, letting him go as he screamed and watched him fall down to hell, where he would see Palpatine no doubt. "If they believed you, your promotion will be posthumous."

03-23-2007, 02:59 PM
sorry about that ive been playing bf2 on my xbox thats all

03-24-2007, 07:14 AM
that's ok. but i havn't seen Daniel for a week and i havnt seen ImpElite for ages

03-24-2007, 09:17 PM
sorry l have not of posted for ages and l wont be poating today because l just got right in the middle of knight of the old republic 2 the sith lords so l will be playing that but l will come back.

03-25-2007, 06:24 AM
lmao ok :P

03-26-2007, 11:40 PM
sorry im not visiting this thread much.mostly i go to jediknight forums.

Dran:fight till all of us die
Rebel:yes sir
*dran grabs a pistol and shoots a stormtrooper in the head
Dran:capture the command post!
All rebels:yes sir
*dran shoots imperial officer and then marches in with his troops
*stormtroopers shoot but he ducks behind a wall
*dran comes out of walls and shoots them all

thats it for now

03-27-2007, 06:45 AM
ok l spent a long 30 minutes trying to keep up l think l need to keep up to date anyway lm back because l finished the game so lm back oh yeah please dont sware is just if my mum or dad sees me on this place and theres people swarring they wont let me go back on and l wont be very happy so please resist the erge thank-you. Oh yeah Aap you blew up darth vader on coruscant with the emporour so you just bassically repeated the same thing ok.

Imperial: Today l had the sith lord get really angry at me l just hate there kind wanting to get everything

Imperial: I agree there always so angry why cant they just be peaceful

Imperial: Because there sith

Imperial: Oh yeah your right

Imperial: I think we should bring order to this

Imperial: We shall make a free peoples army

Imperial: Yeah it should be the best one ever

Imperial: Its time we cannot sit back and let the sith scream in our faces we must act

Imperial: Yeah right now and today we shall do this

Imperial: Affirmitive

*They managed to nearly pursuade all of the imperials and all the stormtroopers followed on and they were happy about it to*

Imperial: Now all stormtroopers do not listen to all sith lords understand

Stormtroopers: YES SIR

Imperial: Good we shall strike korriban thats is were the sith are we shall go there understood

*Several transports prepare to leave to korriban to destroy the sith there*

03-27-2007, 05:31 PM
daniel do you mean that the stormtroopers and imperials ally with the rebels?(or clone liutenants)

03-27-2007, 06:31 PM
no they do not they still hate the rebels just as much they hate the sith lords so no they dont go against the sith and thats all they still fight the rebels and whoever else oh yeah not all of the empire gave in half of it still follows the sith so yeah and l will be on the side of the empire that left the sith and to fight the sith ok l will reply after school ok bye.

03-28-2007, 10:11 AM
Darth Blaze to Imperial that turned against the sith through Intercom: Why are these transports leaving the ship.

Imperial: Well.... The outpost on eh.. Manaan needed some unexpected supply's

Darth Blaze: ehh.. right...

Darth Blaze thoughts: I smell betrayal here. I don't know what but the imperial on the intercom sounded very unconfortable talking to me. I better go to Korriban to warn my master and the other Lords.

Darth Blaze got in his ship and hyperspaced to Korriban. Once he arrived there he went to the main chamber of the recently established Sith Palace.

Sith Lord: No apprentices allowed in the palace without permission.

Darth Blaze: I'm the Dark Lord's apprentice you fool!!

Sith Lord: Ow sorry about that. Strict orders from Lord Aap. You can enter.

Darth Blaze: Master, I came to warn you. Someone or something is betraying us within the empire.

Darth Aap: Yes, that explains the transport ships that are appearing on the radar.

Darth Blaze: What do you mean.

Darth Aap: Looks like were about to be attacked. The next transport should be here in 2 days and it should be 1, not 40. Ah well, let them come. I've got hunderds of Sith Lords here who can only obey us. What do they think they can do! Shoot us?! heh heh heh.


By the way daniel, you liked KOTOR 2?

03-28-2007, 05:03 PM
i'm back after playing bf2
the rebals were warned that korribian is gonne be attacked hang i want 50 fleets with me
Rebal sir yes sir
okee a space battle
tj yep
lets get this war started!!

03-29-2007, 05:05 AM
Darth Aap looked up as a massive space battle between the rebels and some former imperials raged on.

Darth Aap: Look at them. Killing eachother just to get down here and be killed by my sith lords. And to weaken them a bit.

Darth Aap: Activate the Hypervelocity cannons and blast em all!!!.

Nancy Allen``
03-29-2007, 06:27 AM
"Well maybe someone on the other end will know how to take this ship apart." Alixe had found a comms station and was trying to patch a call through to the Rebels, see if someone knew the specs of the ship she was on.
"Halt!" Alixe turned and fired at the sound of the voice, assuming anyone on board to be hostile, choosing to fire rapidly rathar than the slower, argueably more accurate shots that were common. She saw that she got both of the Stormtroopers as a Rebel frequancy was found.
"White Lion here, need some help from someone who knows how to sabotage the ship. Cannot find explosives."
"Can't you find an armory on board?" the officer replied.
"I searched and interrogated one of the people on board. There is no armory." As she waited Alixe looked at the two Stormtroopers she just killed, one of them looking odd. Her face screwed up, not liking it one bit. It was smaller, the armor didn't fit like a normal Stormtrooper did. Listening for a reply from the Rebels Alixe went over to check on the corpse, feeling that there was definetly something wrong. Having a feeling she knew what it was she pulled off the helmet, before jumping back and hissing a curse word. "What the hell is that?" The woman she had shot dead was thirty years younger but was almost an exact clone of Alixe.
How? There was no way it could have happened. Unless... She thought back to Hoth when she was nearly killed, her leg being cleved off. Alixe didn't know a lot about cloning, didn't want to, but thought maybe what had happened was her blood was gathered for the process. But why? Alixe was so completely shocked she didn't even notice the blaster bolt as it grazed the side of her head, sending the commando crumbling to the ground.
"White Lion, we have the schematics to the ship you're on." The Rebel officer grew concerned when there was no reply. "White Lion, do you copy?" When there was still nothing heard he patched through a message to be sent to the Rebel fleet. "We've lost communication with White Lion, have a crew mobilised for search and rescue is possible." The officer would keep trying however, the channel was still open so Alixe should report in.

03-29-2007, 08:35 AM
by the way. What ship are you on exactly

03-29-2007, 08:48 AM
The battle above Korriban rages on as a group of yellow painted Capital ships hyperspaced in.

Okoe: The Consortium still alive??

TJ: Yeah I guess...

Okoe: Ah it doesnt matter. We're with much greater numbers anyway.

Darth Aap: Who the hell are they

Darth Blaze: They are a group of organised thugs calling themselves the Zann Consortium. It was the group that your former enemy Urai was a commander of.

Darth Aap: Whatever... Why do they think they can beat the rebels, a group of former imperials, AND an almost indefeatable group of Sith Lords. What a fools they are.

On that moment a group of Transport Cars destealthed and a large groundforce marched at the Palace.

Darth Aap through Intercom: A group of thugs are trying to attack the palace. Show them why we sith are the strongest race from the galaxy.

Sith Lord Commander: Yes master.

At least 300 Sith Lords rushed out of the temple and started cutting the Con's to pieces.

Consortium Officer: WHAT THE ****!!!! SITH LORDS?!?!?! RETREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

03-29-2007, 06:14 PM
Imperial: Who cares about the rebels lets just go down there to blow up the sith lords

*several transports left to go down to the planets surface but when they opened the door all the troopers died because of the sith*

Imperial talking to another imperial: Whats going on down there

Imperial talking to another imperial: We have lost all troopers

Imperial talking to another imperial: these sith are to strong

Stormtrooper: Sir

Imperial: Yes

Stormtrooper: They fired one of our stardestroyers with hypervelocity gun

Imperial: What this isn't true anyway it wont last long because the sith built it 1000's of years ago it will break

Stormtrooper: It broke and made a large explosion on the surface

Imperial: This is getting out of hand we have the rebels, we have the jedi TJ, we have the jedi, we have the consortiom who decided to stay, we have the sith, man theres heeps of people here we may as well just blow up the planet bring in the death star

Stormtrooper: Yes sir

*the death star hyperspaced into the sytem and begun to orbit the planet and prepare to fire, meanwhile darth aap intercepted the discussion of the imperials and the stormtrooper so he knew whet was going to happen*

Darth Aap: What its time to act get off the planet

Sith lord: We only can remain here because the dark power of this place feeds us and we can not live without

Darth Aap: Your going to get blown up anycase

Sith lord: We have an ancient sith artifact that could drain the force from such places like this would you want to get it?

Darth Aap: Get it quick we need to move

*the sith lord gathered the artifact and brought it to darth aap and he drained the power than all of the sith left the planet reatreting to the planet oderon's forest moon and started the great ritural that was there to bring back the ultimate sith lord*


Alixie stared in shock when she stared at the clone.

Alixie: Hey lm here rebel (saying quietly)

Rebel: Good everyone call of the fleet

Alixie: What call in the fleet

Alixie: Ahh!

Rebel: What..... What heppened

*no answer*

Rebel: Bring in the fleet repeat bring in the fleet

Imperial: We have found the female rebel alixie on transport 1994


Nancy Allen``
03-29-2007, 07:17 PM
The clone looked down at the woman she shot, knowing that Alixe was who she was created from and understanding the wisdom of her creation. The importance she held to the Rebellion, from doing whatever she could in the name of vengence against the Emperor to trying to snipe Grand Moff Tarkin, made it clear that the Rebel terrorists would come after her. Whatever forces were sent would be cut down and the galaxy would be one step closer to being returned to order, something it hadn't been since before the Clone Wars. Dismissing the thoughts the clone checked on Alixe, seeing that despite the blow to the head she was still breathing.
"She may be useful," she mused, her voice clear of the anger that resided in her captor. Feeling a twinge of...concience? She couldn't tell. But she knew she would be much better to question Alixe than having her subjected to whatever torture the Imperials could think up. "Come on." Lifting up Alixe under the arms the clone began to drag her back to the cells.

03-30-2007, 06:34 AM
''This isn't going too well'' Darth Aap said as he knew Korriban was blow to bits.

Darth Aap: How could I be so blind to forget that it are Imperials that guard the Deathstar. Now countless sith knowlege is lost.

Sith Lord: Our master's tomb is gone, and so is his spirit. The age of the Sith is comming to an end.

Darth Aap: No.. NO!!! I WILL NEVER LET IT COME TO THAT!!!! New plan! First we'll settle at Onderon. I'll send Every available ship, wich are millions thanks to the starforge, to hunt down and destroy any Rebel, Kithoran, Con, Traitor or whoever might oppose us.
Darth Blaze. You are going to the Deatstar. Sneak in stealthy and blow it up.

Darth Blaze: Yes Master

Darth Aap: I'll send the 5 best of the Sith, The Sith masters, to hunt down and exterminate this annoying Jedi kid that keeps showing up. After you killed him, hunt down okoe kithoran.

Sith Master: Yes master.

03-30-2007, 04:41 PM
tj was on the on the ship 1994 he hid in the vents to the cells and broke in and cut 2 imperils guading then he saw alixe he saber cut through the cell and smashed sshhh tj said.Tj and alixle jumped in the vent and escaped in a pod with tj theay went down to a rebal base were theay were safe in the meanttime on yavin luke said 5 sith lords were after me well luke i see you had yavin.
luke yes tj

03-30-2007, 05:31 PM
*on the death star...*

Imperial on holo record: To imperial 102
We have tried to blow up the planet korriban but the dark side protects very well and when we went down there the creatures there tore us limb by limb l am the only one that got out of there and lm currently in orbit and our progress in orbit is doing well there is no more remaining hostiles in orbit but we have lost track of where the sith all went to so as l said currently there is still a Korriban in this galaxy
From Imperial 1998

*darth aap intercepted this message and was happy to know that the planet has not become astroid feild*

Darth Aap: Look this message sith lords tells us that korriban is still contact and they are unable to get to the surface because of the creatures

Sith lord: Well that means theres no point

Darth Aap: What do you mean

Sith lord: These creatures love to chew on the force anything that is within the force they will eat

Darth Aap: Well then why did they go for the stormtroopers then

Sith lord: They can sense it they can sense the the force from far far away

Darth Aap: But that doesnt answer my question

Sith lord: Even the smallest peice of force, they can sense any force that is the reason why they went for the troopers

Darth Aap: But they dont have the force

Sith lord: Were you ever a jedi

*Darth Aap had a vision being on dantoine remembering that he was a jedi all those years ago he remembered hes teachings that have no fear, have no hate. He remembered that there was plenty of jedi then he was there and that was the last enclave there was but then it broke the sith took jedi and he hid and a sith found him and he got pursauded to go to the dark side and he rembered one of the teachings that hes master said "all living things have a flow of the force and nothing has no force" that was the end of his vision*

Darth Aap: That was then this is now

Sith lord: Turning to the dark side has changed forever

Darth Aap turning hes light saber on: You sound like a jedi

Sith lord: Us sith lords grow and become wiser and we always descover new things of the force that we cant share and one thing we have found is that it was a mistake going to the darkside because when you die you can not rest and you will stay in your tomb waiting for a traveler to end you misery

Darth Aap taking away your lightsaber: Well why are you loyal to me then

Sith lord: I am not lm only.... well.... following you in your ways l will kill when you kill l will wait if you wait... we do this in our want not yours

Darth Aap: Ok then follow close

Sith lord: As you wish

Sith lord: I sense something

Darth Aap: What wait l sense it too

Sith lord: Korriban is going theres people there

Darth Aap: Im intercepting a transmision

Imperial on comm: We have finnally made our way onto korriban now where stripping the planet for artifacts then taking it to our vault

Darth Blaze: Hello darth aap

Darth Aap: Darth blaze whats the progress

Darth Blaze:progress is not good lm in a cell

Darth Aap: Great oh well you can find your way out

Darth blaze: Understood

03-31-2007, 02:06 PM
Inside the Deathstar's cellblocks

Rebel: Heh, heh, heh. The emperors apprentice betrayed by his own army.

Darth Blaze: Be carefull what you say next. I can destroy your mind in a matter of seconds.

Rebel: Try me piece of scum.

Darth Blaze: Hey guard. [Force Persuade] overload the rebel's forcecage.

Guard: [Succes] Shure why not.


Darth Blaze: Now open mine

Guard: Ehh ok, why not.

Darth Blaze got out choking the guard. He got to the next room and recovered his stuff. Then he went to the core of the deatstar. It wasn't very hard to get there since Darth Blaze found a stealth generator. He slashed down a stormtrooper and threw his thermal detonators inside the core. They exploded but it was too weak to make a difference.

Darth Blaze: I need bigger explosives here.

03-31-2007, 11:00 PM
*dran wins the battle and goes to korriban with plo koon(in my clone wars thread i saved him)*
Plo:i sense some dark side aura
Dran:i see 2 sith lords
*plo koon kills one with saber,and dran shoots one with his 2 pistols*
Plo:it is done,my friend

04-01-2007, 06:10 AM
*in the death star*

*darth blaze was looking for a larger bomb then he heard a alarm sounding*

Darth Blaze: WHAT!

Imperial talking through every speaker in the death star: Attention we are be attacked by by the rebel scum prepare for defense all tie fighter pilots move to the hanger now attention... *he repeats it agian around 4 times*

Darth Blaze: The rebels always have the plans to the death star they will blow it up

Imperial yet again talking: Attention...

Darth Blaze: Not again

Imperial: we have received damage from the inside of death star and it has activated dangerous gas so we need you to activate breath control on your armour and imperials report to the nearest refuge area imediatly imperial out.

Darth Blaze: AAhhhh....... Can't... Breath... it.. is ... Ahhh

Imperial: I fulled that stupid sith that is no core thats a replica if he was near the real one he would be dead and that gas was only there and its sleeping gas stupid sith

Darth Blaze: What happen... GREAT another cell

Darth Blaze: (force pursuade) Open up the door

Gaurd: (failiure) You stupid dark jedi lm an royal gaurd lm force sensitive you cant trick me

Darth Blaze: Great now what

Royal Gaurd: I know how about you sit there and rot in your cell for a while hey thats a good idea

Darth Blaze thoughts: Got get him away maybe l can attract him over to the right then l can contact Darth Aap

Royal Gaurd: What was that

Darth Blaze thoughts: That is not right l didn't even use the force

Royal Gaurd: I think l should... check it out

Darth Blaze thoughts: I wonder what it is

Royal Gaurd while pressing his breath control button: Ahh its an hole those rebels know how to dig into it dont they hey hahahaha... any way ok if you say please l may give you breath

Darth Blaze: Ahh... Cant breath... fine.. please...

* The royal gaurd activates the breath control system for the cells*

Royal Gaurd: There you go

Darth Blaze: Why did you do that?

Royal Gaurd: Im your masters royal gaurd protecter, the imperials forced me here because l am the only one here that can resist the force but lm dark side user

Darth Blaze: Really

Royal Gaurd: Im actully a sith reborn a reborn with dual sabers

Darth Blaze: I know where my master is l can show you

Royal Gaurd: Ok you lead the way

*the royal gaurd deactivates the shield and gives darth blaze a breath control suit*

Darth Blaze: This way

04-01-2007, 09:14 AM
As darth blaze and the royal guard rushed to the hangar they passed the fuel storage.

Darth Blaze: Yo, pass me a grenade.

Guard: Shure

Darth Blaze set the grenade to 3 minutes and rushed off. They stole a transport and when they looked back they saw a giant gap appearing in the Deathstar.

Intercepted Radio: What the hell? The deathstar almost entirely blew up, but we didn't had a chance of even shooting it yet.

Darth Blaze flew back to Darth Aap.

Darth Blaze: Master, this royal guard claims to still be royal to us.

Darth Aap: Good

Royal guard: I've got something you might find interesting, my master.

04-02-2007, 01:39 AM
Royal Gaurd: This is the plan of every move the empire is going to take and it simply intercepts nearly every single transmission.

Darth Aap: Nearly?

Royal Gaurd: Well the thing is that l made it and l am not much of a mechanic but l did create it to be set to the position to intercept every transmission that come along even throught secret comm and it can also tamper with the comm system and maybe disable it or something

Darth Aap: How did you create it then?

Royal Gaurd: l stoll it off the imperials they were creating the prototype of the project well guess what l just saw it just sitting on the desk and well l was tempted to complete so whaen l did l didn't know what to do with th rest of it but since l created it l belive l should own so l took off them but l will let you have it but theres only one so be careful with it.

Darth Aap: Our mechanics can get it to its best thanks

Royal Gaurd: No prob

04-04-2007, 01:07 PM
*dran guns down 5 sith lords,while plo koon sabers them out*
Dran:there are too many,call for rebels
Plo koon:well,there arent enough rebels here
*dran calls all rebels*
*rebels gun down sith lords with guns,and blow them up with rocket launchers*

04-05-2007, 06:45 AM
Then Darth Blaze arrives with the Elite 5.

Darth Blaze: No Prisoners...
Sith Masters: Yes sir.

Then they rushed towards the battle cutting any rebel to pieces.

04-06-2007, 10:36 PM
I'm not able to post much, this will continue for a week or two, maybe more, but I will post as frequently and as much as I can, BTW, thanks for using Okoe for me while I was gone (not sarcastic)

*Okoe on comm with his Lieutenant* "I sense a disturbance in the force, as though billions and billions of life forms cried out, and were instantly silenced...."
*Lieutenant* Well..... that's... nice....? Uh, anyway what do you want me to do?
*Okoe* "I don't like this, bring in the new ship classes we've constructed in the Unknown Regions.
*Leiutenant* What?! A-are you sure about that?
*Okoe* "No, I'm acting stupid and trying to be a funny guy, bring in the ship classes."
*Lieutenant* "Ok, right away sir."

Okoe Kithoran then flew to Korriban, he felt something was wrong there.

04-07-2007, 01:45 AM
ok ill start off.sorry for using Okoe Impelite
*dran sees Okoes ship arrive in korriban.
Dran:hello my friend,there is a massive war here
Okoe:i sensed it in the force
Dran:great,you can help us out
*the massive war still continues,and dran sees some stormtroopers*
Dran:half of the rebels fight sith lords,the other half fight stormtroopers,Plo Koon,you kill sith lords,while i kill stormtroopers
*dran guns down stormtrooper with his rebels,while Plo Koon sabers the sith lords out*

04-07-2007, 04:08 AM
tj escaped to korrabian hey okoe nice to see after the the the fight in the star destroyer
okoe: come on more sith lords came then a thousand jedi pop out of nowhere
sith: what...
tj: yar charge in bombers prepared for exploasions and sith temples rumbles.
Out of nowhere comes luke skywalker and more jedi and rebals then the last remaning sith surened. tj: knew their tricks and tj killed them come on the death star needs to be blowen up from the outside
tj: knew what to do luke was with him theay were in space and fired two torpedos
luke: their it goes...

04-08-2007, 02:05 PM
Didn't blaze already blew up the DS?

Blaze and the 5 Masters arrived at the battlefield but the battle was already over and they were watching a deathzone and some leaving rebel transports.

Darth Blaze: What?! How could they have killed all those sithlords. There's no way common soldiers could have done this.

Half Dead Sith: it were.. it were... jedi........ they came outta nowere and..... killed us....

Darth Blaze: But the jedi are supposed to be extinct!!

Half Dead Sith: I.... know................ *dead*

Darth Blaze: My god.. we gotta find some way to eradicate them fast if the Empire is to survive. I gotta contact my master for this. We need one hell of a plan here.

04-08-2007, 07:01 PM
tj: landed on koraabian well well hey blaze nice to see you jedi did this all i watched it all then
the dule begin
darth blaze; your no match for the darkside
tj: trust ur fellings the sith are evil and dark
darth blaze: no darth blaze cut tjs arm off
rebals found tjs body tj was put in a bacta tank
to heal whoa what happend
luke: darth blaze cut your arm off dont worry you have a robtic one
tj: no!!!!....

04-09-2007, 05:49 AM
Darth Blaze: What the hell was he thinking, it was 6 vs 1. Ah well he's dead now (that's what he thinks).

Sith Masters: What now

Darth Blaze: we are going to hunt down this Skywalker person i keep hearing about. My master is heading over to Yavin 4 to try and discover anything about all of the jedi suddenly appearing everywere.

Then another Jedi came down in a transport. Not knowing what happened on Korriban. He was just unlucky to fly by.

Jedi: You'r under arrest sith scum.

Blaze: What do you think you'r doing. It's 6 of us versus 1 of you, and you'r not even a master.

Darth Blaze lightninged him but didn't killed him yet.

Blaze: Tell me, where do al of these Jedi come from.

Jedi: Never *dead*

Blaze: Lame....

04-09-2007, 04:57 PM
Then the last rebal transport left.
Tj: was with luke on yavin tj felt something in the force that was not a jedi a master from the clone wars..

tj went out and saw a jedi master come with me he said
then a sniper shot the jedi in the head
tj ran and grabbed his body luke quick put him in bacta tank...

04-10-2007, 05:38 AM
Imperial looking through a probe droid: That luke is stupid once someone gets shot there just dead he as stupid as a mynock anyway WHAT IN THE WORLD SHOT HIM!!!

Imperial 2: I dont know sir

Imperial: Well um where is that planet

Imperial 2: Yavin 4 sir

Imperial: Well lets move out with the ahh... whats left

Imperial 2: Not much sir

Imperial: Well its sought of obvious we still have the death star right hey

Imperial 2: Actully sir we don't have the death star

Imperial: Good... WAIT WHAT

Imperial 2: um you heard me


Imperial 2: There was rebels there too

Imperial: Well l would do the same to them

Imperial 2: Well that would be fun

Imperial: Its time to get rid of these rebels because this war is getting out of our hands so we need to get out the super weapon that we been saving you know experiment 25... ahh whats the rest the one you know thats finished

Imperial 2: Experiment 2506

Imperial: Yeah yeah that one bring it in

* the imperial hooks up and comm link to the centre to release it to the paticular coordinates that they were in*

Imperial 2: Its comming now

Imperial: Good ooh here it is now

*the leviathin which is a secong and more powerful then the original arrived at the station the imperials were at. this website on star wars.com will tell you some of the things but this one is enhanced which is twice the size of the original it has 50 blaster cannons on it and it has its own special cloning facility which is greatly enhanced from the original kamonian cloning tanks now this one can only take a hour to grow to full size and be ready for war and its hyperdrive generator is now more powerful and now it has 8 turbo lasers and has 20 ion cannons and has a very powerful tractor beam but this is what it looks like javascript:popExpanded('databank',%20'/databank/starship/leviathan/img/eu_bg.jpg') go to this web sit to see it

Imperial: Isn't she a beauty she is ready to go

Imperial 2: It needs one more bolt

Imperial: Ok put it in

*a stormtrooper puts it in then does a thumbs up*

Imperial: Great lets got to um wheres princess leia

Imperial 2: She is at yavin 4

Imperial: Then where going there

Imperial 2: YES SIR! (he said very excitenly)

*they hyperspace to yavin 4*

Luke: I sense a disturbance in the force

Tj: I sense it too...

04-11-2007, 05:34 AM
What the imperils have broken through the defences
tj: come on luke
luke: all jedi excute order 99
jedi: come on
tj: used force destruction to blow up the cannon

04-11-2007, 08:50 AM
On that moment a cloacked transport secretly landed just a few miles away from the battle. Darth Blaze and the 5 Sith masters sneaked towards the battle using Stealth field generators. Then they saw luke cutting down some stormies.

Darth Blaze: NOW!!!

They force-jumped to luke and started attacking him from all sides. It wasn't a very fair fight and luke got his lightsabergrip cut down.

Darth Blaze: Now It's time for you to die.

TJ senced it and rushed to the place.

TJ: Never!!

He rushed toward Darth Blaze but a Sith master force-pushed him away. Blaze used his saber to cut Luke to pieces.

TJ: NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then some more jedi appeared but Blaze and the Masters activated their stealth generators and force runned away.

TJ: Is there still hope for luke?

Jedi: He cutted down Luke's brains. There's no way to save him. He's gone.

TJ: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!

04-11-2007, 04:05 PM
luke has a family he is still alive luke is a master so you cant kill him
with 5 sith
tj: cut the 4 sith lords heads off then he cut darth blaes two arms off surender
now or your life will be spared

04-11-2007, 05:03 PM
Imperial: This getting so boring

Imperial 2: What sir

Imperial: This stupid mobile phone when l want to do something a text message pops up saying that korriban is under attack and the only thing l got onto was ringtones and the only song on it is that stupid rock aby baby song you know it

Imperial 2: Maybe we should go to korriban and destroy the sith there

Imperial: I have a great idea we will go to korriban and kill the sith

Imperial 2: (his so stupid(he is thinking)) should l get the shuttle ready

Imperial: No No we will take the leviathan

Imperial 2: (he is sooooo stupid) We going to take the shuttle to the leviathan

Imperial: Oh ok

*the 2 imperials took a shuttle to the leviathan that just basically demolished the jedi academy there and when they arrived they took the leviathan close to the surface to shoot them*

Tj: No way what is that

Darth Blaze: What is that!

Darth Blaze on comm to darth aap: Darth Blaze here there is a large ship that has no weakness and can not be identified

Darth Aap: I sense it, it is the leviathan

Darth Blaze: What that but it is so BIG!

Darth Aap: They doubled everything on there even some tripled be careful l am un aware of its presence at korriban

Imperial that intercepted comm: BLAST THERE HEADS OFF LIKE THE STUPID JEDI!!!!!!

Darth Aap: Run darth blaze get out of there quickly come to yavin 4 now!

Darth Blaze: Ok l agree lm leaving

*the leviathin starts to fire at korriban to destroy them and took out 3 quarters of there army and when they got to space it took out an 8th of there army (lm not all that good with maths)*

Darth Blaze: Unbelivable it has so many blasters on that thing and so many heavy turrents how can they have that

*darth Blaze arrives at yavin 4 and sees darth aap alone in the middle of a torn apart academy*

Darth Blaze: Good on you darth aap you blasted these jedis heads of

Darth Aap: it was not me it was the empire that did this and where is the army?

Darth Blaze: Um only one transport survived the battle since there was only transports we were vunreble...

To continue (l dont need to be the one to continue it)

04-12-2007, 08:55 AM
Darth Blaze: Only me, one sith master and some troops got away. Korriban is shot to dust. This thing they have, it's some kind of massive capital ship. I didn't even need a superlaser to destroy korriban.

Darth Aap: Send ALL ships that we have on that thing. And don't forget to destroy the starforge first.

Darth Blaze; D-destroy the starforge?!

Darth Aap: Its very unlikely that our ships will win against this thing and the last thing i want is that the empire gets their hands on the starforge. Then they would truely be unstoppable.

Darth Blaze: But can't they rebuild it?

Darth Aap: Yes they can, but they will never be able to restore the dark powers of it. Only a true sith can do that.

Darth Blaze: And what about us. Were being hunt down by a group of very angry jedi.

Darth Aap: Let me handle them. When i was on korriban last week i discovered some very nice fighting techniques. I can now use the speed of force run in combat. Beside that i learned an ancient technique called force-crush. I can also use the force to stealth myself, and way more stuff. With these thinks I can defeat any jedi.

Darth Blaze: Awesome.

Darth Aap: Let's lure them into a trap. heh heh heh.

The group of surviviors from korriban went to a hidden underground hideout to plan an ambush for the jedi. One that could wipe em all out at once.

04-15-2007, 12:34 PM
Darth Aap finished up his plan but it needed a lot op preparation. He and the dark lords moved out to prepare. They were disguised (however you spell that xD) as refugees and with their force powers supressed the Jedi could not sence them. Before the plan was complete they had to vanish.
Darth Blaze could not join them. Not only was it safer to seperate, he sence something he hadn't senced for a long time. It was weak, but he had to check it out. If what he felt was right, it could change him forever.

04-16-2007, 05:04 PM
plo koon senses the attack(course,hes a very wise jedi from the past)
Plo:liutenant,i sense a disturbance in the force
Dran:good for you,listen we've almost won this battle
Plo:we have to escape
Dran:i will stay here,you run
Plo:very well
*Plo Koon leaves to fight on another battle*
*Dran wins the war against stormtroopers on korriban,but he forgot about the sith*
Dran to rebels:i will go to the planet mon calamari.where me and the rebels will gun down the stormtroopers with gun boats,there are no sith,so i am sure we will win.the reason why i think there are no sith is because the force is weak in mon calamari,other than the fact that kit fisto fought there.

04-16-2007, 05:49 PM
While Darth Aap and the remaining 5 sith lords went to search the legendary "power of te ancient darkness", Darth Blaze went to Mon Calamari to search out what he felt. Disguised as a refugee, he used public transport to not be suspicious. The sith had to vanish until the time was there for revenge on everyone.

Imperial Space station guard: Name and visiting reason please.

Blaze: I'm Bla- i mean Richard, I'm a refugee.

Imperial: Where from?

Blaze: Nar Shadaa

Imperial: Ah i see, in trouble with high-up gangsters?

Blaze: yes..

Imperial: I have to warn you tho, the empire is annihilating some rebel scum down there, so use caution.

Blaze: Oke, thanks.

Blaze went to the planet with the public transport. When he looked out of the window he saw a group of star destroyers and some kind of massive cruiser that was sized bigger than the deathstar. It was the same thing that demonlished Korriban. He had to be extra cautious at the planet. If the rebels OR the imperials found out he was there, there was little chance he would get out of there alive. He didn't feel too worried tho. He could hide his force powers and he looked like a poor homeless guy. Not even Aap would recognise him without using the force.

04-18-2007, 12:51 PM
come on is it too much asked to come by and post once in a few day's? the thread will die like this (at least i'm afraid it will)

04-18-2007, 04:29 PM
have patience my friend.i have two rp threads to answer.im restarting the clone wars thread and i have to answer this thread(i would not like to leave this thread daniel)my thread hasnt been answered since april 11.im waiting till someone else posts.

04-18-2007, 05:07 PM
belive me i'm trying to be patient but only you replied within the last 7 day's. (and i'm impatient xD )

Nancy Allen``
04-19-2007, 08:19 AM
The female Stormtrooper looked down at the woman she shot, the Rebel commando she was cloned from, as the ship shook from the gunfire of attacking ships.
"This place isn't safe," she decided, dragging the fallen warrior towards the escape pods. She heard a beeping from the body, reaching for it to find it was a radio.
"Alixe, do you copy?" She didn't recognise the woman looking for her, the clone assumed it was a Rebel.
"I'm fine." Luckily it was voice only otherwise whoever was looking for Alixe would be able to tell right away that it was a ploy.
"We lost communication with you. Were you able to place the explosives?" She had to think about that one a moment, continuing her way to evacuate.
"I couldn't find a place to set them off effectively. This ship is too heavily guarded, there's someone important on board." Whoever the clone was communicating with pondered this turn of events before replying.
"That would be security when they believed you were Mothma." A lighthearted tone crept into the woman's voice. "Only a fool allows themselves to be caputred, huh."
"She gives the orders, I just follow'em no matter how dumb they are." And the clone had heard a few, not the least coming from those who served, and died, under Vader.
"We're sending in a strike force to take out the ship you're on. I'll swing by and pick you up." The clone shut off communictions with that decided, activating her locator so she and Alixe could be found on the planet below. The Rebels would not survive the trap she had laid out for them.


Jan Ors pondered her communications with 'Alixe' for a moment, thinking that somehow it didn't sound right. The voice on the other end was definetly her, she could tell that even given how bad the quality was. She wondered if maybe it was a droid she spoke to, but if it was why would it impersonate Alixe? It didn't make sense. What bothered her about it Jan couldn't figure out.
"Alixe, she radioed again, getting whoever it was she spoke to. "Turn your locator on would you?"
"Yeah, I got it." She waited a moment while it was done. "Makes sense. You reading this okay?" Listening the voice didn't seem as artificial as she heard it. Somehow that bothered her.
"Affirmative, I'll be able to find you."
"Right. Let me get moving."
"Move it then. Jan out." The voice somehow seemed diffirent, maybe it was being out there fighting that did it. Jan wasn't sure. It did make her uneasy, but the ship Alixe was on had to be destroyed, she had no choice but to go in and pick her up before it was.

04-19-2007, 10:44 AM
Darth Aap used his stealth skills to sneak into the biggest library existing and looked in some files.

Darth Aap: Ah, there it is. A starmap to the item i was looking for. It's in.. manaan. heh heh. It is said that the ''Power of the Dark Master'' power source can be used to fuel or power something for ever. It is a power source that cannot dry up. But if the artifact I found earlier is tossed inside it will react in a massive explosion whiping at least ten systems completely out. The perfect plan. We let the jedi think that I've revived more sith somehow. I'll let them think they are going to need every jedi if they want to win that fight. They all get to that position and KABOOM!!!. All jedi and the rebellion completely gone in one blow. I should be able to hyperspace away myself but the rest won't see it comming. This just can't fail.

Sith lord: A guard

Guard: Hey! Get outta here!

Darth Aap and the dark lords quickly ran away. The guard closed up the starmap not being interested in what map it was.

Guard: Stupid homeless people. Thinking of any dry place to sleep in. hmpf


Lol i'm actually doing 2 stories at the same time now

04-23-2007, 04:10 PM
Sorry l took so long l just lost my password thats all anyway well lm going to make this short

Imperial: I have a weird fealing that there is a spy on mon calamari

Imperial2: What should we do?

Imperial3: I say blow it up

Imperial: I agree blow it up

Imperial2: Well we cant blow it up

Imperial: Why not?

Imperial2: Because we dont have a tunnel

Imperial: Yes we do

Imperial2: Well just shoot the tunnel and caboom

*they prepare there attack on the planet*

Thats all for now

04-23-2007, 05:18 PM
sorry for not rplying been busy playing jedi academy just finished today
danil i am gonna download kotf on jedi academy
Tj had molved fleets around the planet for a space battle
TJ:yee huh...

04-24-2007, 07:02 AM
Im glad your going to download it but there is one problem is that its not out yet well lhave not checked well l will have a look well lets see... still looking oh yes it is not out yet only the dem but there has been debate over the fact that it is illegal but l belive it isnt illegal so dont say l wont download it l will tell you if its illegal or not when it comes out (or if)

04-24-2007, 08:38 AM
Darth Blaze looks up as a space battle has just started. The empire had a feeling Darth Blaze was there so he had to make this very fast. He sneaked inside an Imperial facility and downloaded a civillian list on his datapad.

Blaze: Just as i thought. My brother is still alive, and he doesn't live far away from here. I HAVE to find him. He's the only family I have left.


Darth Blaze felt good about his brother being alive, but it wasn't what he normally felt. He didn't feel this way since his parents got killed. It was partly filling up the eternal darkness in his heart that he carried with him for so much years. One thing was certain. As long as his brother was still alive, he could never completely fall to the darkside. Maybe he could still be saved. But the chance however, remained very small, as he wouldn't betray his mentor and friend Darth Aap just like that.


Meanwhile, Darth Aap had arrived on Manaan. He hired a sub and let the force guide him. When he drove through an underwater tunnle he ended up in a big cave with a big chest in the middle. He used an old force technique to unlock the chest. There was a glowing ball inside it.

Darth Aap: I found it. The Jedi will be doomed. But something bothers me. I have the feeling my apprentice is about to go through some metally tough time.


Meanwhile the Rebellion was trying to defend Mon Calamari at all costs, but it looked bad for them as the empire's leviathan was crushing the rebellion without any problems.

Okoe: WE NEED REINFORCEMENTS!!! wait a minute, did i sence something good might have happened down there that is related to the force? Ah well i'll find that out later, if there will be a later. DEFEND!! DEFEND!!!

04-24-2007, 10:15 PM
Sorry I haven't been able to reply for a while..... and I'm even more sorry to say that this will continue for a month or two, I am very much hoping not more than that, anyway, unless you guys plan to do something crazy with him or his faction I don't mind you using Okoe Kithoran in my absence.

*on the edge of the galaxy in Ryloth's orbit, a fleet of Super Star Destroyer sized Arrowhead shaped ships hyperspaced into the system.*

*Okoe* With these, enemy ships will not be a problem......

*These Arrowhead shaped ships were Serenity class ships (name fits cuz the Kithoran Alliance is fighting to remove the Sith and any evil in the galaxy), they were made of a special type of metal that was next to indestructable from the Unknown Regions, at the front of the ship, it was very sharp, they also had specially designed engines so they could hyperspace from one point to another in the same system if they wished, so they could tear holes in the strongest of ships without receiving so much as a scratch on their hull.*

*Okoe Kithoran* Send most of the ships to the Rattatack system, we will obliterate the Star Forge once and for all, as for the rest, I sence that those on Yavin IV are in terrible danger....

*Seventy-five of the Serenity class ships hyperspaced into the Rattatack system, the Star Forge was moments away from termination. But, about 32 seconds after the Serenity class ships hyperspaced in, a fleet of Star Destroyers with Sith symbols on them hyperspaced in on the other side of the system. As Okoe Kithoran was on the command ship amongst the Serenitys, he commanded them.*

*Okoe* They must be planning to take control of the Star Forge, Serenitys, tear that blasted thing apart!

*They all hyperspaced into the Star Forge, utterly destroying it in seconds.*

*Okoe Kithoran*Now, Let us show these Sith what they're dealing with!

*Half of the Sith's fleet consisting of 236 ships were destroyed before they could fire so much as a weapon, as soon as those were destroyed, the Serenitys shifted and aimed directly for the other half, but before they destroyed them, the command ship managed to get out this message to Darth Aap:"The Kithoran Alliance has a new weapon some sort of Arrow shaped-" and there the message ended in an explosion.*

04-25-2007, 04:26 AM
Darth Aap: Soo.. the Kithorans got themselves a new little toy. If this keeps on going the galaxy will become one big asteroid field. Ah well not my problem. But if i want my plan to work, i have to fake my death. The Jedi won't buy it if i just dissapear.

He created a message that sounded like this.
Darth Aap: Damnit! The escape pods won't work!!!!
Commander: We're crashing!!!
*Crashing sounds*
Commander: I'm, I'm still alive. Sir? SIR?!?! My god Lord Aap has been crushed!! MEDIC!!
Medic: His head is destroyed. Our great leader is truely gone.
Commander: Then, Then we are... doomed...

Darth Aap sent this message in a direction that the Kithorans would intercept.

Darth Aap: this should do it.


Darth Blaze had arrived at the home of his brother. He had to be extra cautious as a squad of jedi were deployed on the surface. Darth Blaze saw that the door was kicked down and he rushed inside to see what happened. Inside he saw his brother lying dead on the floor with a Stormtrooper next to him.

Stormtrooper into intercom: You mean he wasn't a sith lord? Ah well..

Darth Blaze was filled with the purest form of anger existing. The Darkside flowed through him like water through a pipeline.

Trooper: Move along civillian. There is nothing for you to see here.

Blaze drew his lightsaber.


Trooper: What the hell? SITH LO-

Blaze force crushed the Stormtrooper like a piece of paper and then rushed outside. A group of Dark Troopers saw him but they were no match for Darth Blaze who had gone insane. He slayed everything that looked like an imperial.

Leviathan commander: A Sith Master of some sort is slaying our forces. BLOW UP THE PLANET!! NOW!!!

Darth Blaze got back to his Sith Infiltrator just in time and he flew off.

Darth Blaze: I won't stop until they are all dead. I swear that to my brothers grave.

He flew back to join Darth Aap

04-26-2007, 02:00 AM
Darth Blaze unfortunately ran into some imperial forces well apparently it was a space battle that stoped hes hyperspace rout because if he hyperspaced throught it, it would tear him to peices


Darth Blaze flew into the hangar and jumped out on a killing spree on all the stormtroppers there in the hangar and any stormtrooper that went to leave he would force it out of control and it would crash

Imperial on comm to main command of star destroyer: This is imperial 1123 patrolling the hangar there has been a sith that is killing everyone in the hangar it mig- oh no hes comming up here yes *imperial commanding stormtrooper* SHUT THE DOOR

Stormtrooper: Yes sir

Imperial on comm to main command of star destroyer: Ahh that will sto- HES COMMING THROUGH THE WINDOW RUN FOR IT AHH *darth Blaze speaking* show me where the main command bay is NOW *imperial* Its on the *choking sounds* on the 4th floor... theres the elevator it is made to go strait to it an- AHH *dies* *Darth Blaze* This is it now *comm broke off*

Imperial on main command: What quick disable power

Imperial: But that will-

Imperial: I dont care if we will go down just disable all power and then we will run to the escape pods

Imperial: Yes sir

l have to go see ya all

04-30-2007, 06:13 AM
Is anyone going to post on this thing like it has been empty for a while

04-30-2007, 08:35 AM
Yeh i know. I was actually waiting for some1 else to make another post but since nobody is, i'll write one.


Darth Blaze: they think that is going to do them any good? shutting the energy down? prethatic fools. I blast through any door and I don't need any lights.

A bit later


They ran through the hallway towards the escape pods. They opened the door but then-

Blaze: I've been expecting you.

Imperial: DAMN!!

The Imperial grabbed his pistol but blaze crushed it like a can using the force and pushed the officer against the wall.

Blaze: Tell me. Did YOU ordered to search for sith down on Mon Calamari?

Imperial:y- yes.

Blaze: That's too bad for you. Cause one of your men ACCIDENTLY KILLED MY BROTHER!!!!!!!!

Imperial: But we didnt mean to-

Darth Blaze broke his legs and arms and left him there to crash to death together with the ship. Then he entered an escape pod.

Imperial: No!! You can't do this!!

Blaze: Yes i can. Why? Cause I am sith. Happy Flight.

The pod blasted off and he crash-landed on a secret asteroid city that was secret for ages because of the cloacking field around it. Nobody ever found it because nobody ever landed on the asteroid.

05-07-2007, 08:22 AM
already a week since last reply :(

Nancy Allen``
05-09-2007, 06:11 PM
The jolt of the escape pod crash landing was enough to bring Alixe to conciousness, her eyes slowly focusing on the only other occupant; herself, some thirty years before. Alixe backed away from the clone, instinct saying to kill her but she forced herself to back down.
"I imagine you have a lot of questions." Alixe had no reply, who the woman was obvious and the how of it happening, she guessed, must have been the same as how Palpatine was able to generate the Empire so quickly. "I have one that I need to know."
"You are with the Empire," Alixe stated flatly. The clone gave an affirmative nod.
"Yes, I am. And one of your allies have been called here to find you."
"Jan?" Alixe pondered what Imperial forces might be waiting for her. "Were you responsible for it?"
"What's important is the people who sent you." Instead of giving an answer Alixe tried another tact. She didn't want to hurt the clone, maybe she could delay her.
"How was this possible?" she wanted to know.
"Me being cloned from you?" The clone pondered the question for a moment. "Hoth I think. We were able to find the genetic blueprint from there." Alixe noticed that the clone spoke diffirently.
"And the woman you called here, she thought you were me?" She watched as the hatch of the escape pod was kicked open.
"Mustn't have picked up on it." Anger coursed through Alixe's body at what was done and she lunged at the clone. "Hold it." A blaster was shoved right into Alixe's nose. "You can save her. Yourself as well." But Alixe wasn't being cooperative and tried to grab the clone, who sidestepped and watched Alixe tumble into the sand. "Listen to reason," she told her, "I'm giving you the opportunity to save your life and the life of your comrade."
"Yeah?" Alixe spat, sand flying out from her clenched teeth. "How is that?"
"The Rebel forces that sent you here. When the Imperials take you prisoner they will torture you for the information anyway." Alixe kicked at the clone but hit nothing but air.
"Let them, I will not give them a thing no matter what they do." The clone reacted by firing, the stun ray sending Alixe into unconciousness again. The old woman wasn't going anywhere for a while.
"Looks like this is Korriban," the clone mused after a moment, looking at the ruins. Seeing as this was an ancient Sith world she thought it might be worth having a look around.

05-10-2007, 06:59 AM
Sith Master: Master, I don't exactly know how. But i sence Korriban again. It looks like something rebuilt it. But that's impossible.

Darth Aap: With the force, nothing is impossible. You know that. But if you'r right, then the legend about Korriban is true. It was said that Korriban can't be destroyed. The dark energy's of spirits like Naga Sadow's, and other great dark lord keep the sith graveyard intact. Even if it is destroyed, it will regenerate.
But i'm very happy to hear this. It will take a while before someone notices its revival cause everyone is distracted by this out of control war. But once all threats are destroyed, i'll resettle there.

Darth Aap and the 5 Masters arrived at Dagobah for their final plan. They send a message to the Jedi that thousands of sith have been revived at Dagobah.

Darth Aap: Now we wait

05-12-2007, 08:21 AM
*Okoe Kithoran's fleet destroyed all opposition at Rattatack, so then they hyperspaced to Yavin IV, there were Serenity class ships surrounding the planet, ready to obliterate it if they discovered Imperials or Sith there.*

*Okoe* I sence Luke Skywalker is in danger there, padawan, come, we need to rescue him.*

*Padawan* Okay.

*So they flew down there to find Luke Skywalker and save him from a certain doom.*

*Okoe* Why don't we start there, at that Imperial Command Center there.

*They reached the gate.*

*Elite Stormtrooper* Halt! I need to see your Identification Card.

*Okoe* You don't need to see my identification.

*Elite Stormtrooper* I don't need to see your identification.

*Okoe* Go on ahead.

*Elite Stormtrooper* Go on ahead.

*Imperial Command Center comm* Moff Gnarish, two individuals are here to speak with you.

*Moff Gnarish* Who are you?

*Okoe* I am Okoe Kithoran, leader of the Kithoran Alliance, I am here to free Luke Skywalker.

*Moff Gnarish, who had his arms behind his back pressed a small button on his wristband* Give me a reason to let him go.

*Okoe* Reason one: I'm a Jedi and reason two: there are about one hundred ships in orbit above the planet that can and will destroy the planet if I say so.

*Moff Gnarish* Hmmm.... Interesting, well I'm sorry to say a feeble Jedi won't last long against my troops that should be arriving..... now.

*Gnarish pulled out a blaster and pointed it at Okoe Kithoran, surrender, Jedi.

*Okoe* I'm sorry, I'm afraid that's not an option, too bad you don't know much about Jedi.

*Okoe used the force without using his hand to gesture it, he destroyed the pistol and threw the moff against the wall, knocking him out.*

*Elite Stormtroopers broke in through the windows, rifles in hand, and pointed them at Okoe Kithoran and his padawan.*

*Okoe* you never learn, do you?

*Okoe used the force and knocked them all against the ceiling, then used their blasters against them and wounded them all, enough so they wouldn't be a problem but not enough to kill them.*

*So the two tore through the command center and rescued the unconcious Luke Skywalker and brought him back to the command ship.*

*Okoe recalled the Serenity class ships and then hyperspaced all of them to the remains of Korriban, he felt something wrong there.*

Man, this roleplaying stuff is still just as much fun as it was when we first started, keep up the good story guys, be back when I can! :D

Nancy Allen``
05-12-2007, 09:27 AM
Jan Ors could see the Rebel ships that had been sent explode around her, the Imperials taking out the fleet sent to engage after Alixe was meant to have sabotaged the ship she was on.
"Alixe, come in." Jan tried to fly the shuttle where the Rebel fighters could cover her. "Alixe do you copy?" The lack of response troubled her. Clearly she wasn't able to complete her mission. Something must have happened. Giving up Jan tried another frequency. "She's not here. The fleet's still active."
"We have been appempting to contact Sergeant Medcraft with instructions on how to complete her mission, but had lost contact." Jan tried to listen while she concentrated on flying.
"She said she would wait." Jan began to ponder the possility that Alixe did not make it and wondered how long she would be able to hold out before having to retreat.


The clone was looking around the ruins of Korriban, bits and pieces of Sith legend she remembered going through her mind while she waited for the Empire to send someone to pick her up. The heat beat down from the blue sky, not oppressive like Tattoine, the real source of heat came from deep underneath the sand she walked on, deep below the volcanic lakes provided something of a natural energy source for the planet. Many of the people who came here however sought a diffirent kind of power. The clone began to wonder what to do with Alixe. Obviously she had to get the information she needed, one way or another, and wanted to do it before the Imperials had a go. But there was nothing that she could do for a while. Idly she kicked at the sand, looking about the ruins that had been built thousands of years ago. Tombs, if she remembered correctly, standing tall and probably not so proud. Succeeded by newer structures the old ruins had seen better days. The only other thing of notice was a large crevice. The clone wandered over to it, glancing at the computer to see that there was no sign of a rescue yet. The idea of hiding inside some Sith tomb for shelter didn't particularly appeal. Neither did returning to Alixe; if she grew tired and the commando woke up...the clone looked down into the crevice, seeing what looked like a cave amongst some deep jagged rocks. She figured that was her best option, carefully making the climb down and to her surprise saw that it actually led into some type of underground tomb, well maybe it was above ground once before. The clone wondered if this had been discovered, it was sure to have been she thought. A roar from behind however indicated that this place hadn't been disturbed by human hands for some time. Turning around the clone saw a huge, scary looking beast looming towards her. She raised her pistol before thinking it useless, turned, and ran into the tomb, looking as though it had been preserved in time for thousands of years. Once inside the clone spun to close the doors when they closed behind her automatically. She began to look for a way out once the monster had gone when she sensed something behind her.
"It can't be, after all these many centuries." The clone spun on her heel to see a woman, some type of glow around her, the robes she wore making who she was unmistakable.
"A Jedi?" Careful not to make any sudden moves the clone slowly walked towards her, a hand outstretched. "Here?" The Jedi made no move against her, instead she studied the clone closely until her hand passed right through. The Jedi sensed her thoughts before the clone spoke them. "This is too weird." She edged away from the Jedi, the Force Ghost she now realised, trying to make sense of it all.

05-14-2007, 08:43 AM
*Korriban had somehow reconstructed itself*

*Okoe* Okay..... hmmm, I need to investigate this myself.....

*Okoe's shuttle flew down to Korriban, near where Alixie was*

*Okoe started looking around, using the force to feel where the closest and largest force aura was*

*Okoe* a crevice in a stone wall.... interesting.

*he walked towards the crevice*

*Okoe* hmmm.... wait, what's this?

*he saw a handprint in the sandy dust next to the crevice, with footprints leading to the crevice*

*Okoe Kithoran* veeeery interesting....

*Okoe took out his lightsaber in case he needed it, then he felt two lifeforms via force, he ventured into the crevice, opened the door, walked in, looking around him for anything, he heard what sounded like a woman's cry farther down, so he ran towards it, when he was about 10 m away from the woman he saw the second lifeform (the creature the clone Alixie saw) jump her*

*Okoe ran over towards the two, thinking that the clone was the real Alixie, killed the creature*

*Okoe* Alixie? you look..... younger, and why are you here?

*Alixie* Ummmm...... *then Alixie clone thought that the real Alixie must've met this guy and he thinks that she was the real Alixie* I-I was on a shuttle here, then the Imperials jumped me while I was still in space and when I landed I had just enough time to get out of the shuttle before they blew it apart.

*Okoe senced something unusual about her, and being a jedi master that survived order 66 and the Unknown Regions for over two decades knew better than to fully trust Alixie(who was the clone)*

*Okoe* well, come back with me to my shuttle, I'll take you back to the Rebel Alliance.

*Clone Alixie* Alright, thanks.

*So Okoe brought Clone Alixie onto his ship, not knowing of the trouble she'll be later*

Nancy Allen``
05-15-2007, 09:40 AM
"An elegant weapon for more civilized times, eh? Well, guess what, times have changed." Alixe's hand closed around the clone commander's, activating the lightsaber he held and before he could react the laser blade was shoved through his chest.
"Yes," she agreed with the dead soldier's comment. "Considerably.


"Surrender or end up like this," Alixe announced, walking to the front of the Rebel squad with the clone's decapitated head held high. A few of the more human Stormtroopers, spooked by the sight, turned and ran. They were the last to be shot in the back by the vengence crazed woman.


"I was only following orders," the Imperial officer pleaded. Alixe's reply was a blaster shot that took off most of his face.
"That is no excuse!" she roared.


The grim memories of what Alixe had done after the Clone Wars flodded her mind until she was able to shake herself to conciousness, finding that the clone had placed her back in the escape pod. There was no sign of her however. Her first thought was to radio Jan, let her know where she was, but when Alixe checked the radio was gone. The clone must have taken it. Climbing out Alixe could see no sign of civilisation anywhere, nothing but ruins.
"Damn it, she said, her voice raising into a scream. "Okay, you want to play games? Okay, I'll play with you." Her anger and frustration over the clone, over Mara Jade, over Revan's rebirth, the Emperor, everything, came spilling out, making her sound errily like she did at the end of the Clone Wars. "You want to play rough? Die! I will see you in hell!" The old soldier's body was actually shaking at the rage she felt. "That all you got?" she screamed at the inner demons she faced in her mind. "Die! You think you can take me? You need an army if you gonna take me! You hear? I take you all to hell!"

"Yes, that was the arrangement," the clone said to Jan over the radio. After she was picked up she demanded to be taken to a medical ship, then for her privacy.
"You said that you had to take the escape pod down to the planet below?"
"Korriban. Yeah." The clone was taking a razor to her hair so that when they did meet it wouldn't give her away. As for the face that was why she demanded medical attention, pass off her younger looks for needing her face reconstructed.
"And you found no Imperials?" The clone thought about the question for a moment.
"Strange." They both thought the Empire would be trying to uncover some Sith secrets. "And that monster."
"You have much else done to you and we'll be getting spare parts from the same people Vader does." Before the clone could say anything Jan, thinking that the crack wouldn't be appreciated, added, "Look, I'm just glad you're safe."
"You too," the clone said, thinking it was the right thing to say. She remembered their previous conversation when the clone tried to lure Jan into a trap. "Damn Mothma. Doesn't she realise I'm too old to pass myself off as her?" The words sounded right but there was definetly something odd going on. Maybe when they met in person, Jan thought.
"I'd better take this report in," she said adruptly. "She's not going to be happy about this."
"I'll contact you."
"About Mara?" Jan asked. The clone shifted mental gears, trying to come up with a reply.
"Yeah," was the best she could. "Dammit it hurts."
"I'll let you go then." Jan cut off communications at the sound of pain on the other end, and the clone smiled that she bought it.
"Perfect," she said, seeing her now bald haid in the reflection. She called out, wondering if they were still on course for the nearest medical ship so she could complete the ruse.

05-15-2007, 11:46 PM
*Okoe Kithoran on comm with commanding Engineer* How's progress coming on the Serenity class ships?

*Engineer* Well, sir, though the plating is being mined slowly, as it's not common metal, believe me when I say we're building as fast as possible.

*Okoe* I do. What about the other ships? Medical ships and whatnot.

*Engineer* They're doing well, about 25 ships a day.

*Okoe* Good. Okoe Kithoran over and out.

*End transmission*

*Okoe Kithoran* Hmmm, time to contact Alixie.

*Okoe Kithoran on hidden communicator with Alixie (he put one onto Alixie when they were going to kill the Emperor a few days earlier without her realising it)* Alixie! Come in, this is Okoe Kithoran, you must be wondering where my voice is coming from, if you look you will find a small little communicator on your left leg near your boot.

*Half of Alixie was thinking that it was the "inner demons" speaking and the other half thought she might be crazy* What? go to hell you freaking devils!

*Okoe in a calming voice* I feel what you're feeling, fight it, take a deep breath, and sit down.

*Alixie fell down, half of her sat down and the other half was trying to do anything but sit down*

*Okoe using the force* I will calm down myself.

*Alixie* I--calm---.......

*Okoe* calm down.

*Alixie* c-cal-calm down......

*Okoe* There is nothing wrong.

*Alixie* There is.... nothing... wrong....

*Okoe* You will take a deep breath and clear you mind.

*Alixie took a not very deep breath and managed to clear part of her mind up*

*Okoe not using force* Now, how do you feel?

*Alixie* I feel.... OK....

*Okoe* Good, I went through almost the exact same thing at the end of the Clone Wars, a normal individual would not have been able to calm theirself for days.

*Alixie* and how am I not normal?

*Okoe* I sence the force within you, Alixie. I knew I felt something within you when we first met.

Nancy Allen'', if you feel I'm taking more control than I should of your character I'll stop, anyway I'll let you decide the next line, if you want I can erase this Alixie force sensative hidden communicator stuff.

05-16-2007, 01:23 AM
Sorry l have not been on for a while lm just attracted to star wars galaxies anyway l will continue,

Imperial: Sir the liberation of planet 3114 (mon calarmari) has been succesful

Imperial: Good prepare for the move to hmm lets see l know move to endor and blast the little teady bears heads off

Imperial: Um yes sir as you wish

*the overly large ship left to go to the moon planet endor*

*mean while darth blaze tries to meditate in the broken down stardestroyer*

Darth Blaze: to much battle must move somewhere else l know ENDOR (he did not yell it its just telling you he's now going to endor and thats where the imperials are)

05-16-2007, 08:30 AM
The jedi rushed for Dagobah as they got Darth Aaps message about the sith lords that have awakend.

Darth Aap: How far are they.

Sith Master: All jedi have been deployed, or are in orbit.

Darth Aap: It is time then. I do hope we get out of here in time.

Sith Masters: We will stay behind and make shure the explosion succeeds.

Darth Aap: But, why.

Sith Masters: We are revived corpses. We won't be alive much longer, and dying while taking all jedi with us is the most honorable death we can imagine.

Darth Aap: So be it. Farewell. You were great helps.

Darth Aap got in the cloacked fighter and hyperspaced away. The masters tossed the artifact inside the energy core.

Jedi: What the hell is that.

The core exploded and took out Dagobah, The entire jedi army exept Okoe who didn't receive the message, and 7 other systems close to dagobah. Darth Blaze who was traveling to Endor saw a ball of light in the distance as he watched the direction of the explosion.

Darth Blaze: My masters plan has succeeded. Guess i'll go search him

Darth Blaze programmed a new route and hyperspaced to meet Darth Aap.

Kithoran officer: Sir, We lost communication with 8 systems for some reason. All in the southern galaxy. And we're also unable to contact any jedi at all.

Okoe: This can't be good...

05-16-2007, 09:18 PM
Hey Daniel, I'm considering coming back to SWG if we get a better internet connection, if I do I'll let you know.

*Okoe Kithoran* Trooper, yes you, contact the Rebel Alliance, I need to find out what the heck happened to those 8 systems and the Jedi.

*Three minutes later*

*Trooper* Commander Kithoran, Mon Mothma will be onscreen in five, four, three, two, one....

*Mon Mothma* Commander Kithoran, I am guessing you want to know what happened to the eight systems that just obliterated and the poor Jedi...

*Okoe Kithoran* You are correct.

Hmm, gotta go, finish this conversation and whatnot lata.

Nancy Allen``
05-16-2007, 10:56 PM
**OOC: I don't control other people's characters like that, and I do have some long term force sensitive\Jedi plans though not with Alixe (think the clone, Korriban and a long dead Jedi) but more or less whatever you think wprks well.**

As Alixe's mind cleared it made her think that someone the likes of Mara Jade could affect her but this...Jedi?...could. Maybe it was because she was actually prepared to listen.
"The Force is everywhere," Alixe said by way of explanation, "far as I understand from my time with Jedi." Force, but it was good that there was someone friendly for a change, and a remnent from the Clone Wars at that. "I thought you were all wiped out." She hoped she managed to convey in her voice that she was greatful they weren't. There was so much she wanted to say, from her discovery of Anakin's massecre of the Jedi Younglings to the fact that Korriban, being a Sith world, was an odd place for Jedi, even though paradoxically the planet seemed to draw them here throughout the millinnia. "Sense the Force huh?" she repeated, deciding to deal with what she thought was most important. "Uh, no offense, but maybe you should look again." She'd spent enough time before the Clone Wars to know the last place for her was the Jedi and anything to do with their magic and powers.

05-17-2007, 04:14 AM
Imperial: Sir, we have got contact with the planet korriban? do you think it could of easily repaired itself?

Imperial: Well the force has always has the ability to suprise people maybe its the dark side aura that keeps it intact

Imperial: Should we go back and blow it up

Imperial: No point it wil just repair just start shooting the tedies ok

Imperial: Activate all frusters

Imperial: I said to blow up the tedy bears

Imperial: Im not the imperial that you think l am

Imperial: Wha

Imperial traitor: Continue frusters

Imperial: What how did (shoots him) he is so dum you wernt listening wernt you soldiers

Stormtrooper: We were telling you it was him

Imperial: Um sorry

Stormtrooper: Whatever

(bada bang bada bomb to the little tedies ok)

Imperial: Woo Hoo and also get rid of the body

Stormtrooper: Ok

:) cool it will be great if you go on star wars galaxies l hope you do get a better conection ok see ya

05-18-2007, 07:11 AM
Darth Blaze met with Darth Aap at an asteroid.

Blaze: I saw the explosion. Good work master.

Aap: ty, but we have to work very discreet from now on. I'm betting that any faction wants us dead now that we have destroyed half of the southern galaxy.

Blaze: Are ALL jedi really dead.

Aap: I think so. I don't feel any force activity anymore.

Blaze: What about this female rebel you met on kamino during this Revan madness.

Aap: The force is still weak in her and she is way too old for jedi training. I don't think we can consider her an actual threat.

Blaze: Good.

Darth Aap pointed a camera at himself while Blaze hacked into the video channels of the Rebellion, the Empire, and the Kithoran alliance. Aap sent the following to the leaders of all 3 factions.

Darth Aap: Hi there. You all have to be wondering: why won't we get any responce of from the Jedi and the southern galaxy? It's because I have set off an ancient sith energy core that was capable of destroying the systems. And ofcourse I was gentle enough to invite all of the Jedi in the galaxy to my little lightshow. This is what happens if you mess with the power of the dark side. You can look for me, but you will never find me. We sith are the masters of stealth. Be warned galaxy, that this is what we sith can do. Don't mess with us again.

Blaze: Ok it's all sent. This should let them crap their pants. heh heh heh. By the way, i know the ultimate hiding place. When i was escaping a burning ISD i crashed in a cloacked asteroid city. It has been there for ages and nobody EVER discovered its existence. As far as everyone thinks it doesn't exist.

Aap: Perfect, We will go there to make up our next move for the avenge of the sith.

05-18-2007, 07:42 PM
*Just then the video that Darth Aap sent appeared on the screen next to Mon Mothma*

*Video played*

*Okoe Kithoran* Well, that answers that.....

*Mon Mothma* Indeed, is there anything else you would like to ask, Commander?

*Okoe Kithoran* nah, I'm good.

*Moments later, Okoe Kithoran thinking about the recent happennings*

*Okoe* They're going to pay for this, trooper, YES you! Contact my Lieutenant and tell him the new primary objective is to hunt those blasted Sith down and obliterate them!!!

*Okoe Kithoran sent out a Serenity ship to each planet that one could handle and search the planet for any Sith*

05-21-2007, 09:26 AM
Darth Aap and Darth Blaze were looking up as they saw Kithoran spyships traveling to different systems.

Aap: Looks like the Kithorans want to get us pretty badly for this.

Blaze: Like they'll ever find this place.

Aap: Anyway we need to think of the next thing we're gonna do now.

Blaze: I know. Lets assasinate Mothma and make it look like a Kithoran action. That way the rebellion and the kithorans will also be at war. It will be Kithorans vs Rebellion vs Empire vs Corrupt Empire. We'll get a galactic mayhem like never before. And with ships like those Serenity ships, Super Star destroyers, and Home 1-like ships, They'll destroy half the galaxy while fighting.

Aap: Great. First we'll need a Kithoran blaster rifle. What is the closest planet?

Blaze: Well, since Mon Calamari is a graveyard right now i guess... kashyyyk.

Aap: Ok great. Lets go there, break into an outpost and get a rifle from the armory. It's best if no guard sees us tho. If they find a dead guard with lightsaber wounds they'll be suspicious.

Blaze: Sounds like a solid plan. Lets move.

05-23-2007, 01:47 AM
* the master imperial (me!) got the transmission containing the video*

*watches video*

Imperial: Ah, thats more like it the sith blowing up half the galaxy to get the jedi well we would of done that but we have no time, Slicer hack into this video and find out it's current location

Slicer: Yes sir

* The Slicer slices the program and finds out where it's coming from*

Slicer: Um sir, you may want to look at this, it says it is from a planet called Kore

Imperial: What, what's Kore

Slicer: Well it says it is a old republic relic where the droids were manufactured but no one has been there for years

Imperial: Well where going there no matter what!

Slicer: But theres to many astroids in the way

Imperial: Slicer, Slicer, Slicer have you not understood what ship we are in

Slicer sir l do where in a model 6634 AKA The Leviathin Cereal number 109, 10009375 ship No. built

Imperial: Um l guess you do understand it but anyway this ship can go through astroids it's a special feature

Slicer: Ok

Imperial: Set the coordinates

Stormtrooper: Yes sir hyperspace caculating... Caculation finished sir were going now

Imperial: Excellent

*they hyperspace to Kore*

Meanwhile where Darth Aap and Darth Blaze is speaking...

Darth Aap: NO! lm so stupid

Darth Blaze: What

Darth Aap: I forgot to erase the planet where on Kore from the memory banks of the empire!

Darth Blaze: Well there they are

*the leviathin hyperspaces into the system*

Darth Aap: Great

Hey finally KOTF is comming out so get your JK3JA out and download becasue it's comming real soon!!!

05-24-2007, 09:27 AM
Blaze: Now what..

Aap: I have no id- ah look at that. Looks like this problem won't be so big at all.

The patroling Serenity ship was about to pass by the asteroid city.

Kithoran Officer: Look what we have here. The Leviathan. You! Call for reinforcements. Attack Attack!!!

Imperial: Kothorans? Engage!!!

And so, above the asteroid a massive space battle between Serenity's and ISD's with the Leviathan.

Blaze: What a lightshow xD

05-24-2007, 06:42 PM
*A distress signal message flashed onto the screen of the Serenity Command ship (that Okoe Kithoran was on)*

*Kithoran Alliance officer* Need reinforcements! We found the Sith base, it's an Asteroid called "Kore".

*Okoe Kithoran* Very well, reinforcements are on the way.

*Moments later*

*Okoe Kithoran's flagship an several other Kithoran Alliance ships hyperspaced into the system*

*Okoe Kithoran* Serenitys, target the Leviathan!

*The Serenity class ships aimed their ships' noses at the Leviathan and hyperspaced through it, when the smoke lifted, about half of it was destroyed, but with the Leviathan's tough hull, there were several dents in most of the Serenity class ships*

*Serenity captain* Sir, I don't think our ships could survive another go at the Leviathan!

*Okoe* Well, if you can't destroy the hull, then use the hole you've created in the Leviathan to tear it apart from the inside out.

*Serenity captain* Yes sir, I'll tell the others to do the same.

*Okoe* Very well, over and out.

*A few minutes later, the Leviathan was destroyed*

*Okoe Kithoran* Lieutenant, take over, I'm going to finish off these blasted Sith!

*Not two minutes later Okoe's shuttle was heading towards the Sith base*

Now some Sith-Jedi action can ensue *Hint Hint*;)

05-25-2007, 02:36 AM
Aap: Listen up, Okoe and his padawan are heading towards us. They are the last jedi left but they were stronger then any jedi of this era. Unfortunately we also are the strongest sith of our time. And you, Blaze, even while you probaly don't realise it, you,re stronger than me at the moment.

Blaze: For real? Well, i did become much stronger last months.

Aap: And don't forget all the tecniques from Korriban we discovered.

Blaze: Yeh, lets fight.

Okoe and his apprentice landed on the planet. They entered the Sith base that looked more like a temple. After walking through a long hallway they entered a big church-like hall. At the other side Darth Aap and -Blaze were waiting.

Okoe: This fight was waiting since we first met. It has to be fought.

Darth Aap: Even if you win. The war has already destroyed half of the galaxy. If i die now, wich i won't, then I know i have avenged the sith.

Okoe: Enough, bring it on.

All 4 drew their lightsabers and the battle begane. Blaze and the Padawan were using a lot of force-jumps from pillar to pillar while trying to chop eachother. The Padawan used Force-push to push a pillar to blaze. Blaze rolled under it to evade it and started using flury attacks at the padawan.
Meanwhile Aap and Okoe were having a fight with alot of lightning and flying enviorment. Then Okoe jumped towards Aap and they started a saber battle.
The Padawan had a hard time blocking/evading Blaze's dual sabers, but managed to do a force push at Blaze. Blaze managed to recover in the air and threw a lightsaber at him. The padawan didn't manage to block it and the saber cut him in the leg (not cut it off, just a burn wound). The padawan fell on the ground, suffering from the wound. But a few seconds later, Okoe managed to hit Darth Aap with a close-to-lethal blow.

Blaze: NOOOOO!! NEVER!!!!

Blaze jumped towards Okoe. In the air he was summoning the memory of his dying parents, his brother, and now seeing his menthor and friend wounded. He created the purest form of anger ever achieved. He landed next to Okoe and force pushed him with greater power than any Sith Lord ever did. Okoe flew to the other side of the hall where he smashed to the wall. He tried hard to stay contious.

Aap to Blaze telepatic: That's it. Use your anger. You can beat him blaze!

Blaze: BRING IT ON!!!!

Nancy Allen``
05-25-2007, 07:46 AM
"Don't I know you from someplace?" the doctor asked as he looked over the clone.
"Name's Alixe." It was procedure for her to undergo a medical, she knew, and she can claim about her face reconstruction to the Rebels.
"I think I remember." The large man stroked at his beard for a moment. "You worked with the Jedi."
"Briefly." Even as a clone she remembered that much from Alixe. "That was a long time ago, and really only with one."
"Aayla Secura." The muscled doctor looked quite pleased with himself. "You protected the Queen of Naboo, as I recall."
"Former queen," the clone corrected, "she was a senator at the time. Shame what happened to her." The doctor turned away from her sincere look.
"Yes," he said slowly, "it was." He seemed distracted, as though he was in another world for a moment.
"There's no future in the past. How's it look?" Her words brought him back to the present.
"Fine. You survived your mission quite well." The doctor gave her an odd look. "Forgive me, but I thought you'd look older."
"Face reconstruction," the clone explained. "Had a run in with some beast."
"Uh hmm." The clone went to get changed into the civillian clothing she was provided. "I'll give you some privacy."
"Thanks." The clone pulled on her pants first, remembering that Alixe had a cybernetic leg and made a note to keep hers covered, then put a call through.
"This is TK-4512, put me through." A moment later her superior came online.
"TK-4512, we hadn't found you down on the planet anywhere."
"First of all Admiral refer to me as Alixe. The Rebels found me before you did and it'll help with the cover." Given that she was cloned after an important member of the Rebellion the high ranking officer wanted to speak with her.
"Yes of course. Now that you've infiltrated their ranks you'll need to provide us with information on their movements."
"The failed mission was to sneak on board a commando passing herself as Mon Mothma," she said, pulling the robes over her. "Me, in a sense. Maybe I could get to her somehow."
"It'd be a huge risk, and even with her dead the Rebellion wouldn't be defeated." The clone pondered this. "We would be most interested in finding the Rebel pilot who blew up the Death Star."
"That shouldn't be too hard." A pause, then, "The Emperor's hand, should I coordinate what I find out with her?"
"How did you know about that?" the Admiral wanted to know.
"One of the Rebels dropped her name." The clone finished tying the sash around herself. "Someone's coming, call me back."

05-26-2007, 12:46 AM
Tj knew what to do he once blwon up a imperil satr destoyer single self.
darth app:come my aprentice join the darkside
tj:yes master

tj: cut darth blazes arms legs off haha fool join the jedi
:oke you killed darth blaze.
darth blaze walked out
Tj: what he's a fake then blaze walked in.
tj: dueled him so hard
oke escaped
tj:got in an escape pod
he sensed his sister and brother was alive on tattaoin.
tj; went there and used the force to comuicate with his brother.
tj walked in and found stormtrooper's trying to kill his brother and sister
tj:ran so hard and smashed everything in his path killing stormtroopers officers comandos in the entire room
yj:colapesd on the ground
brother:get tj to a medic he used so much midi chroin cells to save his brother and sister.

05-26-2007, 04:02 PM
Imperial: Ok thats enough time for them to move away the leviathin DEACTIVATE THE SYSTEM THAT YOU KNOW MAKE HOLOGRAPHIC STUFF

Stormtrooper: Im right next to you but yes sir!

*the leviathin reapears in space ready for battle*

Imperial: status report

stormtrooper: Well apparently we have taken heaps of damage on the egines

Imperial: What maniac shoves there soldiers into blasting them selves through the hull of somebody el- that's a great idea

Imperial Pilot: Gulp lm not doing that

Imperial: No we use this ship to go throught it and the ship would still be in a good condition but since where stuck here blast the astroid like as if we mining

Stormtrooper: Yes sir

*the astroid split in three but you would no notice it unless you have the force or right there at the time*

05-26-2007, 05:04 PM
tj:The leavthion hmm tj; force senses the mon calamin cruiser and fleets x-wing y-wing a-wins v-wings and the millaem falcon
oke:Lets get this war started.
han solo:kid this is where the fun begus
tj:was in a poratype z_95 and put heavy dents the leathian nearly expload then han solo caused a chain reactor
tj:oh yeah the lethian blows up darht app what the hell?

05-27-2007, 09:49 AM
The battle with Okoe has left Darth Aap wounded. Blaze carried his master to the Sith Infiltrator. Then they flew back to Korriban.

Blaze: I would have killed him if that damn child didn't interfere.

Aap: It doesn't matter. Both of them will die, eventually. But now you have to execute that plan you had earlier. I'll remain on Korriban. The dark energy's there will heal me faster. And i could look for things to discover there. I will keep contact with you through the force.

Blaze: It shall be done.

Blaze took the kithoran blaster he found in a Serenity wreck on Kore and went to Yavin 4. He sneaked in though the airvent. At the room where Mothma was he waited till she was left alone. Then he jumped in the room.

Mon Mothma: What the he-

Darth Blaze: Okoe Kithoran sends his regards.

Blaze shot Mothma in the head, twice. Then he sneaked out without anyone seeing him. He knew that what he said has been recorded, and since nobody saw him it would be quiet convincing. Also because he left the Kithoran blaster rifle at the scene.


Officer: We have a call from the rebels

Okoe: Put them on screen


Okoe: What are you talking about.

The rebel general played the sound recording and showed what he found at Mon Mothma's corpse (the blaster).

Okoe: What?! We didn't do this!! Somebody must have set this up!!!


Connection broken

Okoe: God damnit!!

Current Galactic Overview:

Kithoran Alliance: Huge Army
Rebel Alliance: Medium Army
Galactic Empire: Huge Army
Jedi Knights: 1 Remaining
Sith Lords: 2 Remaining

Dead Planets: Geonosis
Mon Calamari
Dagobah (Took Naboo, Eriadu, Hoth, and 4 Unknown systems with it)

Am i correct about the army's?
Did i forget a planet?

05-28-2007, 03:46 AM
tj:oke dident do it tj used force mind trick on the rebel .
Rebel Comander:Sorry oke and comander Tj.
oke:thanks for that.
rebel troops were sent to korrabian
tj:Assighed 700 jedi for battle
The jedi lanaded on korrabian another battle had beguin rebels fire fire fire y-wings dropped bombs
Then AT-At's appaerd
Commander skywalker: use your harpoon and cables go for the legs
tj:used the force to blow one up then tj jumped out of the snowspeeder killed the people in it then he used on imperil forces.
Tarkin:An imperil walker is blowing up our reinforcesments!!
then Rebels were winning yes every single rebel came
Imperil die!!!!!!!
Tj:eat this tj crushed up everything using the force.

05-28-2007, 04:08 AM
Oke an dan
do yous play Star wars galxies Adiicting game i have but cotains too much lagg

05-28-2007, 04:59 AM
I played SWG for a few months and i was totally addicted until those *******'s AT LUCAS ARTS BANNED MY ACCOUNT!!! Never gave me a reason or anything. Sent them 3 emails, never got ansered. I really miss playing it, even if it's almost half year ago. :(. And i can't just start a new one since you need the activation code for the expantion packs wich i already used for my old one. God damnit.

05-28-2007, 06:37 AM
l know it sucks and about what you said about the galactic overveiw well when it says the sith, then the galactic empire and then the corupt one. Well l dont know what you mean corrupt like if lm the corupt who's the glactic empire and if lm the galactic empire who is the corrupt? And Tj where is luke comming from didn't he gat his head chopped off or somethin

I will continue

Imperial: Man this ship can take 1 mill shots and it still won't die not thats a bad thng it's just that this thing tricks me

(the levithan yet again reapears unarmed)

Imperial: Ah thats better but lm confused on how the rebellion blew half the kithorian fleet away and then suddenly stopped and re-joined lm confused

Stormtrooper: Well they sent a messsage to each other regarding the matter

Imperial: Oh good ok lm ok just made it easier for us to beat them lets fight them

Stormtrooper: Yes sir want to use the secret weapon

Imperial: Sure why not

(the leviathin shot out a beam and it widened and took out all the ships that got in its way)

Imperial: Love to be me he he he

Okoe: What was that!

Imperial: That's what you call fire power Okoe

Okoe: Ahh shoot at them with our secret weapon

Imperial whispers to troops: Get in front of the mon calamari so it will target us but always have the hyperdrive system ready so when they shoot they will not hit us because we already have hyperspaced away but hit Ackbar instead

Stormtrooper: Yes sir

(as he planned it worked and they hyperspaced to coruscant which is a broken place but some people still live there cause they started re-building it)

Rebel pilot commander: You Okoe is going to die cause you just killed ackbar (for those who don't know who ackbar is he is a very well known rebel pilot he pilots his own capital ship with his crew)

Okoe: You stupid imperials!

( the rebel cuts off the line)

The place Blaze is...

Blaze: Ahh those stupid force people they keep doing the wrong thing but at least the empire solved our problem


Back to the imperial...

Imperial: Ok begin repairs

(it's has skipped a few months and the battle at Kore was over and the rebellion and the Kithorians hated each other like they hate the imperials. The battle at Korriban was finished by Aap who killed all of them because he had so much power from the temple around him he did and Tj just made it out alive)

Okoe: Im going to coruscant prepare the fleet where moving out

Kithorian: Yes sir

(the rebels decided to do the same thing)


(the empire were creating ships and had produced 50 extra leviathins which produced there own tie fighters *all classes*)

Okoe: We are going to die!

Rebel Commander: We are definitely going to die!

To be continued...

05-28-2007, 08:55 AM
Tyrone you forgot? All jedi save TJ are dead.


Darth Aap was standing before hundreds of corpses after the battle at Korriban.

Darth Aap: And I didn't even break a sweat. The dark energy's of Korriban are even stronger then I imagined. If we stay here, nobody can harm us. We could kill a hundred Okoe's here.

Darth Blaze: Wouldn't it be a good idea to try to recruit people? Teach them our ways? If we would have some others with us our cause would be more easy.

Darth Aap: Yeh you're right. You should tour the galaxy and find people. If revan was able to recruit enough to almost destroy the republic, then why wouldn't we be able to do the same.

Darth Blaze: But we don't have any capital ships of any kind.

Darth Aap: Who needs Capital Ships if you can raid the hangar and then kill the pilots of the enemy ships.

Darth Blaze: Yeh you're right.

Darth Aap constructed a new Sith Academy on Korriban while Blaze searched the galaxy for people willing to join. There are tons of force sensitives who carry a lot of anger with them because something in their personal life. Those people can easily be trained to the darkside.


Message to the Empire from Darth Aap:
Imperials, Not long ago I was wondering. Why are we sith fighting against you. The Sith and the Empire practically have the same intentions. We strive to kill all Jedi, Rebels, and Kithorans. So why wouldn't we work together. I can be a valuable ally to you and so can you be to me. And I do not wish to share power. If the opposition is gone, you can rule the galaxy i don't care. So, What do you say to this.

05-28-2007, 10:01 AM
Remember, Okoe's still in the Coruscant system facing like 50 Leviathans.

*Okoe got more angry than he had ever been before, then a new force tecnique became open to him because he became even more powerful in the force for a few seconds while he was angry. Okoe's temporary new ability was an ancient force teqnique that allowed him to increase his midichlorians.
Okoe was able to double his midichlorian count before he managed to calm down. So now, besides force-wise he was completely back to normal.
Okoe was able to sence almost everything in all but the farthest systems.
Okoe then lifted his hand and pointed it towards the Leviathans and crushed all of them using the force in a split second*

*Imperial Officer* WHAT THE HE-..........

*Okoe then used the force and gathered every Rebel and Kithoran Alliance ship in the Coruscant system and hyperspaced them to the Korriban system. Then he went to the Airlock of the ship he was on, held his breath and jumped down to Korriban, ready to finish off the blasted Sith once and for all.*

05-28-2007, 04:17 PM
The rebel fleet's hyperspaced in korribian then a battle had bugin.
Stormtrooper:What is that kid
Imperil Commandder:He's a jedi doffus
Stormtrooper:We have no guns
Imp comander: oh god
TJ:kills them using is lightsaber attack
then tj jumped up to an imperil fleet.
And said join the rebelion then the fleet was confused.
Then all sith poped out oh no the imperil had drunken too much rum borfore battle
and fought the sith were jedi fire at them guys with red saber's
Sith:Oh God then the sith was destroyed. Rebels raided the tempel and so did the remaing jedi and stormtroopers. Stormtroopers are confused.
then the imperil flett blew it up.
tj:Eat that

05-28-2007, 05:35 PM
Okoe entered the Sith academy and walked into a big, empty room. The door behind him shut and at the other side of the room there was Darth Aap with his lightsaber in his hand.

Darth Aap: I was expecting you. This room is modified with the force. Only I can unlock the door and it will also unlock if I die. That way only one will leave alive, and we won't have any interfearance like last time.

Okoe: Fine by me. But first, how did you knew I was coming.

Darth Aap: I senced it from all across the galaxy. The explosion of anger. The massive energy. You learned Angerrage didn't you.

Okoe: I did

Darth Aap: It's a dark force power only used by those strong in the darkside. You're becoming a dark jedi my friend. You can't deny it. I know this wasn't the first time you combined your anger with the force.

Okoe: I will never fall to the darkside.

Darth Aap: We'll see. Lets end this.

Darth Aap and Okoe started Duelling. The duel was very intense and was faster then the duel of Anakin and Obi.

05-28-2007, 06:01 PM
Tj: force speed to the door before it close .
Tj:Die!!! Darth Aap.
then the battle raged on then the building rumbled.
okoe:Go for the legs.
Tj:gripped Darth Aap
Darth Aap was knocked out and the door opend
TJ:Lets force speed
then the building rumbled bye bye Aap

05-29-2007, 03:19 AM
Um Tj l did not even end up being at korriban so l dont know here lm comming from because it was a request for me to answer and not your which l will do so now...

Stormtrooper: Sir we have a transmission from the sith should we let it through

Imperial: Sure probably like help help help me me me l need heaps of help

*the video plays through*

Imperial: Send them back a reply l will say it's record...
Dear Sith,
We have noticed you are interested in joining us.
We say ok but we will be keeping you on a very short leash if yuo do something that goes against us or something stupid that you do or etc. we will attack you straight away but we except.

From head imperial moff malra (l have decided to give him a name this is my character)

*darth aap got the message and the beeping made him consious*

Darth Aap: Ahh... WHAT! what happened to my sith temple

Darth Blaze: You got crushed underneath its ruble but we dug you back out

Darth Aap: Wheres the jedi and the rebels

Darth Blaze: They left you to die

Darth Aap: Ahh... well l will meditate in Marka Ragnos's tomb tell me when you have news via with the force

Darth Blaze: ok master and also we have students should we start teaching them in the force

Darth Aap: Yes, how many are there?

Darth Blaze: There is 53 of them master

Darth Aap: Ahh... that's my apprentice l will head off now

*Darth Aap leaves Darth Blaze and goes to the tomb while Darth Blaze begins teaching the students in the ways of the force*

Imperial: Um sir there's been a problem at coruscant

Moff Marla: What has gone wrong

Imperial: All our leviathis have been destroyed

Moff Marla: What oh it's probably there disapering acts you should disbable that ability

Imperial: we shouldn't

Moff Marla: Fine don't do that it's just enoying thats all

*all the leviatins reapear*

Moff Marla: That's better

05-29-2007, 03:56 AM
Rebel Comander: Send in 500000 y-wing sqaudions
Tj:Was the many people leading the space defence on corasunt..
Sorry i have 2 go out for dinner

05-29-2007, 04:21 AM
Darth Blaze was training the Sith Adepts and for some reason it wasn't going too fast. They just weren't motivated enough. So Darth Blaze decided to take them for a little trip in wich he demonstrated the power of the force. They secretly landed on a planet with a Serenity ship in orbit.

Darth Blaze: Ok check out what the power of the dark side can do.

Darth Blaze used Master Angerrage. He fully focussed and used an awesome force pull on the Serenity, slowly pulling him down to the planet.

Kithoran Officer: What the hell is happening. Is there something wrong with the engine?

Pilot: Nope, they are working perfectly. Something is pulling us down. Perhaps a strong gravity?

Kithoran Officer: Could be

Blaze pulled it closer and closer until it crashed to the planets surface.

Dark Side Adept: Awesome.

Darth Blaze: And anyone can learn that. Lets get back to the academy.

05-29-2007, 06:30 PM
The defence raged on meanwhile tj was on corasunt die imperil scum!!

05-30-2007, 01:45 AM
Imperial: Sir a Srenity ship crashed on the planets surface should we duck away from the system

*a transmission from Blaze interupts the talk*

Blaze: Don't be alarmed it's ok it was me

Imperial: Understood

Moff Marla: Position five star destroyers in each system and one levithin understood

Imperial: Yes sir

*the stardestoyers and levithins went to all systems even the damged ones and they all started to build a space station*

Moff Marla: At least we now have control of many systems and now that the sith are at our side we are basically invinsible excspecially the leviathins

Aap: Ahh... Moff Marla, l noticed your progress in all systems have actully been going well

Moff Marla: We are now basically invincible

Aap: I agree we now will control this rebel and kithorian scum!

Moff Marla: What of the little jedi

Aap: I will take care of him sought of personally

Moff Marla: What do you mean

Aap: It won't be just me there, there will be several other Dark Jedi there too

Moff Marla: Oh this conquer thing is going really smoothly

Aap: I know...

05-30-2007, 05:55 PM
Rebel:Tj were is that backup unit's of solidgers
Tj:there in space eand we only have 60 jedi there got 100!
kyle:Your not strong in the force yes I am
tj:I was in the clone wars so don't start.
then tj pulled all 50 leithans to the planet below
Moff marla:Hmm kill that jeid called Tj

05-31-2007, 06:07 AM
Tj jump back to reality, theres to problems in what you wrote...

First problem, Is that you would have to be like the most powerful jedi ever like l mean like the power of the force maybe be powerful but no one can bring down 50 mamous sized ships to the ground which at least you could at least hit down one

2nd, levithin's have a very powerful gravity feild o it would take for ever for it to hit the ground it would be like you need to SSD to get it down which are hyperspacing through it, that is what would take it down

I will reply soon...

05-31-2007, 12:27 PM
I agree. You're kinda over doing it. And Darth Aap killed all jedi and out of nowere there are dosens of new ones? I mean you're making it a little TOO easy. All sith are dead too but you don't see me spawning new ones outta nowere. There's no fun in that

05-31-2007, 04:08 PM
Sorry about that mayby i am doing an overkill and god mode.

06-01-2007, 03:12 AM
Sorry about that mayby i am doing an overkill and god mode.


ok back on topic

06-01-2007, 06:41 PM
Guys i'm makeing my own faction
My faction is called the GIG.
Rebel:Reinforccements have arived
Mon momtha:Whats there name.
Rebel soildger:The GIG.
Tj:Order our fleet's to move in mustafars orbit and mygeeto's

06-02-2007, 08:34 AM
Minor thingy: mon mothma is dead.


Sith Apprentice: Master

Blaze: Yes?

Sith Apprentice: I was on Rattattak and I managed to find the blueprints of the Starforge. Even the instructions on how to get the Dark Energy running through it again.

Blaze: Thats-.. that's frickin amazing!!! You'll gain some maj0r prestige with this.

Blaze told the good news to Darth Aap who was just as amazed as Blaze.

Aap: This is very good news. There is a new army, don't know it's name yet but they're allied with the rebellion, so the Empire could use some help. Tell our engineers to build this as fast as possible. And do it inside the stealthshield.

Blaze: It shall be done master.

06-04-2007, 06:37 PM
Blaze talking to moff marla: We need your engineers to help get the starforge up and running

Moff Marla: Hmm... and why would we want to do that

Imperial Slaps him in the face: What are you talking about?! (he was a historian too) we should love to have the star forge and as well that is how we got the thing we are standing in! Lord Blaze we would be affended if we did not cooperate with this project we would love to help you

Darth Blaze: Good ok now send you engineers to this place

G2g to school see ya

06-07-2007, 06:56 AM
I mailed this message about a few days ago so can we please have more people playing now please thank you.

06-08-2007, 07:46 PM
w00t I found a free moment where I had nothing to do so I can now write a reply.


The Imperial engineers came together above Korriban and together with the Sith engineers they worked around the clock to get the Starforge Operational. The Stealth Field around the construction site prevented any radar or visual detection. Beside that, Darth Blaze used a form of Battle Meditation to make it unable to sence through the force. Meanwhile Darth Aap was studying the blueprints on how the dark energy's work.
Back at the academy, 35 of the 53 sith apprentices had reached a prestige class.

Imperial Guard: Lord Aap, we have just spotted a large Rebel scout force 406 miles from the temple. Should I send an imperial squad to take them out?

Darth Aap: No. I don't want our presence here to be discovered just yet. We will attack when the time is there to attack. Tell the apprentices to release the Hississ beasts. They will deal with the rebels and they won't suspect that we are here. They will probaly stop scouting here because of those dangers. The rebels appear to be very caring for their men's lives. They won't saccrifise more men.

Imperial Guard: Right away Lord.

Nancy Allen``
06-11-2007, 07:22 AM
Alixe Medcraft snuck through the dense jungle of Endor, where the Empire was beginning construction of a shield generator for the new Death Star.
"Remember, the Emperor's Hand is meant to be down there, so remain on your toes." Up ahead was a clearing, and hopefully somewhere she could get a better look at things.
"Understood." The woman wasn't really Alixe, rather her clone that the Emperor created to infiltrate the Rebellion, but as long as no one could tell the diffirence the details didn't bother her. She went out to get a look at the lay of the land below when she heard a rustling behind her. She pulled up her blaster pistol as a woman, a redhead, stepped out from the bushes, her hands reaching for her lightsaber. The Alixe clone immediately lowered the blaster as she recognised who it was. "Mara," she said, identifying Palpatine's prodigy. She felt the woman try and use her Force Currupt ability on her. "Don't do that please, I'm on your side."
"So you say." The two faced off for a moment as Mara probed the clone's mind. "You're diffirent to the woman we cloned you from."
"I had a longer ponytail." The clone had kept her head shaved so she could continue to pass herself off as the Rebel commando. "Have some information to pass on to your boyfriend as well." Mara fumed at this.
"Tell me what you found out or I'll kill you myself." The hand resting on the hilt of the lightsaber indicated she was serious.
"The Rebels are certain there's something going on here. They just don't know what." Mara's eye narrowed.
"What can we expect to encounter?" she asked.
"Spies probably." Alixe gave a shrug. "For all I know she could be here now. Be her type of thing." She, of course, was Alixe herself, the real soldier that loyally served Naboo.
"Is she in on this?" The clone regarded this for a moment before heading to the edge of the clearing, looking at the base.
"Let's find out. Wanna join?"
"I'll pass Alixe." She looked up then turned to face Mara.
"That won't do at all. I need a code name of some description."
"Your Stormtrooper code," Mara suggested.
"It's so impersonal." As the Sith in training wondered if she was serious the clone's face lit up. "Call me Vanile Xer?"
"What?" Mara demanded to know.
"Anagram, something I encountered on Korriban made me think of it." She crouched to go over the edge. "By the way, when I speak with command I'll bring up Lord Vader's proposal for Skywalker. Real hard to keep our finger off the trigger after all he's done. Catch you later."

06-13-2007, 05:36 AM
Imperialgaurd: Sir, there is a large fleet comming to the surface of the planet

Darth Aap: What! This is not right the rebels must know we are here...

I will mail soon

06-13-2007, 05:54 AM
ub3r big post down here ^^


Darth Aap: How the hell did they find ou-

An engineer rushes towards Darth Aap.

Engineer: SIR!! I don't know how but the Starforge activated itsself, even as it technically still isn't possible.

Darth Aap: It's the dark energy. Anyway this is great news. Start producing ships as fast as possible and counter the Rebels. They should be in range in about 14 minutes.


Darth Blaze: Ok students, this will be an opportunity to proof yourselves. All get inside a sith infiltrator and sneak into an enemy hangar. Fight your way to the bridge and destroy their stabilizers and engine controls. That will make them steerless and could cause them to crash into the other ships in the formations. I'll take on the main ship by myself, all of you form groups of 3 and report back to hear what ship you'll get.

Students: Yes master Blaze.

The cloacked fighter units went to the ships's hangar. Blaze rushed in at the main capital ships wich looked like a Home One but then slightly bigger and with some enhanced stuff. Blaze landed inside the hangar and got out with his sabers zooming but the hangar was abandoned.


He moved on but found nothing. Then as he entered the bridge he saw all the rebels who were supposed to steer the cruiser. They were all dead, but it wasn't like usual. They seemed alive, but lifeless at the same time. Blaze felt that this was the work of some kind of dark energy.

Intercom: Sir, all teams have landed but the hangars all seem abandoned... should we move on.

Blaze: This isn't good. No, retreat all teams, retreat.

Darth Aap through the force: Blaze!! The ship is going down!! GET OUT NOW!!!!

Darth Blaze force-runned to the hangar but his ship was all old and rusty. Like it had landed decades ago. Blaze didn't hesitate and rushed to the escape pods. He bashed some random coordinates and took off. Just seconds after he left the ship imploded.

Blaze: What the hell was that...

Aap: It is the work of a Sith Lord who was trained by Darth Nihilus. He was frozen in carbonite 4000 years ago but he somehow got revived. This is his work no doubt. You're lucky to be alive. I'm sending in the star destroyers.

06-15-2007, 01:29 AM
Imperial: Yes darth Aap we will move our stardestroyers into position where would you like us to put them?

Darth Aap: Put them as far away as the ships are possiblem from the abandoned non-shooting ships understood

Imperial: Yes sir

(the ships go to there destination)

Imperial: Hmm... I wonder why those ships are abandoned... Send in a squardron to the ships

Stormpilot Commander: Yes sir

Stormpilot commander: Ok pilots of squadron 463 go to the abandoned ships

Stormpilot: Yes sir!

(they leave to go investigate and they land in the hangar as a few stayed with the ships and the others left to investigate)

Stormpilot on comm to the commander: They seems to be all dead not a single life form sighted... I am headed to the hangar... (he noteses the dead body of ackbar) Ackbar is dead here on the floor not moving but he's life sample says he should still be here moving and all the stabalizers are moving proply cause someone of had to disable them if they were invading... Hmm... Confusing l will investigate the prison chamber... There is a living down here a dark jedi it seems to be he looks like a sith lord since l was a historian of the sith order l think he is marka ragnos that was captured by freedom people when he was ruleing but he seems to be ok and not old or anything still living... Confusing l think l should leave the room since he is meditating cause it is not polite to interupt a jedi's meditation... Ok heading to the hangar to report to you...
What where are the other pilots wait there on the floor they seem to still be alive l think l should get out here lets go troops. (they amazingly enough had the tise to just work and they were elite so they had a small storage space and put there fellow troopers inthere) ok heading back... (they landed in the hangar and reported to the imeprial controlling that star destroyer.

06-15-2007, 06:40 AM
Darth Aap to Imperial General: I've done some research. This Dark Lord we're facing isn't like the ones we know. He has been trained by Darth Nihilus and because of that, he too will need to feed on other life to stay alive. He is controlling the ships by using some sort of very advanced battle meditation. Listen whatever you do, do not enter these ships. The dark energy that rules there can easily corrupt the minds of stormtroopers. Only the ones trained to resist it, or higly force sensitive, can resist there. Beside that, the dark energy's will make your ship old and rusty in several minutes. This Dark Lord has no allies and everyone is a prey to him. Make no mistake in this, he isn't with us. If you somehow manage to locate him, don't move in but tell me. Only me or blaze will have a chance.


Darth Blaze's escape pod crasht on a planet not yet discovered. Blaze got out of the pod and the planet looked like Naboo, only with a bit more trees. The planet was inhabated by some sort of Krayt Dragons only ten times the size of the one revan met on tatooine.

Blaze: This isn't good. I doubt if i can find a decent ship somewere here.

06-15-2007, 02:49 PM
Imperial talking to Aap: Um yeah about what you jsut said we have already gone down to the ship and spoted a dark jedi that was captured by free people years and years ago but he was meditating so we did not go up to him and we left him

(darth aap lift his hand to force choke the officer for doing a bad job but he remembered that the empire are following but we arn't one army yet so it is no good killing allies because then they attack you)

that is all for now :)

06-16-2007, 09:03 AM
Darth Aap: You were lucky you didn't encounter him. They would have suffered a fate that is worse than death. Anyway I'm moving in. Too bad blaze won't be with me.

Darth Aap boarded the ship and moved on to the Sithlord.

Sith Lord: *Sith Hissing*

Darth Aap: You're prethatic. I've discovered Korriban's secrets and now its dark energy is with me. You are no match for me.

They drew their blades and started fighting.


Darth Blaze sneaked his way over the surface of the planet. He let his feelings guide him to wherever the force intended to bring him. He arrived at what looked like an encampment that was occupied by Rakatan's

Blaze Thoughts: Rakatans? Didn't they only live at Rattattak?

Blaze moved inside the camp as he senced no agression in the camp. When he walked inside a few Rakatan's ran towards him.

Rakatans: It's the one we were told about!!

Blaze: What are you talking about

Rakatans: It was told to us that today, an offworlder with connections to the holy energy would arrive.

Blaze: This planet is beginning to annoy me :(


By the way. I passed my exams :D

06-18-2007, 02:29 AM
Cangratz! l will return with a post soon

06-21-2007, 01:57 AM
(this is the rakatan leader Rekemek loco)

Rekemek: The great one is here the great one is here!

Blaze: You are thinking of the wrong person and how you get here

Rekemek: We followed a *jedi* they call them selves here about 50 years ago he's name was Tyrannous he says he was a jedi of the jedi academy but soem off worlders without connections said he was evil but that was 5 years later he's dissapearence from the academy involving him killing fellow students of the academy

Blaze: I am evil too so l will be leaving now

Rekemek: You can't we tried going back to our native planet but there si no way off

(Blaze has a sudden touch by the ligh side he could not resist)

Blaze thinks: Ahh dum light side can't resist well Aap will probably kill me if l do this but well l will do it

Blaze: I will call down ships and l will take you to ratatak and you stay there ok

Rekemak: Ok great one

(blaze does as he said)

06-21-2007, 10:01 AM
Blaze was lucky. A rebel transport landed on the surface to investigate the Escape pod. The door opened and the rebels saw Blaze with his saber up.

Blaze: I'd hate to be you

He walked in cutting down all rebels. Then he gathered the Rakatans and flew them back to their home planet wich wasn't far away.

Rekemek: You are a good man. Why don't you join the Light Side.

Blaze: I can't, I won't. I will never give up my quest to avenge my family. Beside that, Darth Aap is all I have left. He's like a father to me and I will NEVER betray him like that. I'll be going.

Blaze deployed all Rakatans and traveled back to Korriban where the space battle was still going on. Darth Aap was still batteling the Sithlord. Blaze entered the hangar and went to Darth Aap's aid. Darth Aap was on the losing hand against the Sith lord. Apparently he was stronger that he tought. Then blaze appeared. He cut down the Sith Lord who was too busy to defend himself.

Blaze: Missed me?

Nancy Allen``
06-21-2007, 07:25 PM
Vanile Xer crept through the Endor forrest, her mind on what happened on Korriban after leaving Alixe.


"You look as though you know me," she said to the ghost of the long dead Jedi. The woman studied her features for a moment.
"I thought you were the woman I was seeking, a fellow Jedi." A sad look crossed her face. "A fallen Jedi."
"Not me sister." Vanile looked at the Jedi for a moment. "Do I know you?"
"I was a Jedi Master who came here seeking out the Sith." She heard the name before but wondered what information the ancient Jedi might yield.
"The Sith?"


Her thoughts were interrupted when she saw the rustling of trees up ahead. Pulling out her infered binoculars Vanile saw the bright red form of a Bothan, it's body giving off heat that gave himself away.
"Mara," Vanile whispered into her mouthpiece, trying to reach her on the radio. "Do you copy?" All she heard was static. It was a long shot she knew but since Mara was a Sith Vanile tried projecting her thoughts to the woman.
I've spotted a Rebel spy, coordinates 617 latitude, 448 longitude, five miles east of the construction site. Mara's thoughts blared through her mind.
So why isn't he dead already? Vanile raised her blaster.
Be careful, she shot back, watching the Bothan look around. It looked straight at her, and that was when she fired, several laser bolts as she charged out of the bush. She slowed up to get off a better shot but the Bothan was already gone, a look through the binoculars not picking him up anywhere.
"Did you take care of the Rebel?" Vanile's radio crackled to life, Mara's voice coming through.
"Negative, we'd better put the scouts on alert. They'll need thermoptics to spot him." She knew Mara would be unhappy, looking around she spotted a datapad. She looked again to make sure the Bothan was really gone before picking it up. "He dropped something." Vanile tried reading the information. "It's encrypted."
"It must be what we're doing here. Stay there, I'll take it from you to hand in." Vanile nodded, giving up on hacking into it.
"Well thankfully whatever's on here won't reach the Rebellion. I'll wait for you here, Vanile out."

06-22-2007, 04:06 PM
Darth Aap: Hmm... Good strike but this ship is going down we need to get moving

Blaze: Ok

(they fly to a nearby star destroyer while the mon calamari ship was falling down to korriban)

06-22-2007, 09:14 PM
Don't have time now but I'll reply as soon as I can, keep up the good work on the story guys!

P.S. I turned 14 yesterday :)

06-23-2007, 03:43 PM
Happy Birthday :) !!!
l have nothing to say since nobody has sent anything but Impelite so yeah :)

Nancy Allen``
06-24-2007, 08:29 AM
**OOC: Happy birthday.**

Vanile turned the datapad over in her hands, wondering how she could access the information stored on it, when Mara appeared on a speederbike.
"You have the plans?" she asked.
"Right here." Vanile handed them over to her. "Should Vader know about this?"
"No." Mara placed a hand on the hilt of her lightsaber. "You keep quiet about this," she warned.
"Of course. You think I'm going to get myself executed? You think I'll let you do that?" Mara blinked in surprise, logically she knew the grim consequences if someone learnt of what happened. The fact this clone expressed concern about it happening to her however was startling. "Hope there's no more of them," Vanile said, "there's no point in the Rebellion wasting more lives."
"Wait, you're saying you don't want to kill them?"
"Yes." Mara could see she was serious about this. "By continuing this war people are going to die, needlessly." It was a strange logic to hear from someone who worked for the Empire but it made sense.
"I'm sending this to the Emperor, we'll be safe with it in his hands." Mara did as much, looking at Vanile as she did so. As much as she wanted to keep it to herself the clone expressing concern for welfare was unnerving, especially since she was essentially the same woman as Alixe and was meant to keep the Rebel commando off her back in the first place. "I'm needed back right away."
"So it was the plans," Vanile guessed.
"Worse. He saw what it was and became very upset, even I'm..." Mara trailed off when she realised what she was saying. "You're not meant to know these things, you should be heading back yourself to maintain cover. Where's this commando meant to be anyway?" Vanile listened in on the Rebel communications.
"Target down on Korriban, go in and see if there's any survivors."
"I'll need to be back there if Alixe is. You can give me a lift." Mara looked disgusted at the idea. "C'mon, just take me where I can get a shuttle."

06-25-2007, 05:25 PM
Blaze and Aap easily escaped the cruiser and went back to Korriban.

Blaze: Ehm... Master? I think i'm going to have to leave you for a while.

Aap: Why is that?

Blaze: Well, I'll never be able to live with myself if I don't have my vengeance. I've grown strong under your teachings and I think now is the time to go find out whoever is responsible and annihalate him or her.

Aap: Very well, apprentice. I"ll remain here to defend and run the academy. If you ever need me, just reach out, and you'll find me here.

Blaze: Thank you, master.

Blaze took a stealthed Ebon Hawk-like ship and moved out. First he went to Coruscant. The planet is the biggest collection of knowlege and and history records in the galaxy so it was a good place to start at.


BTW Congrats ImpElite :D

06-26-2007, 06:02 PM
Imperial: You stormtrooper, Give me a update on the alixie clones

Stormtrooper: I am sorry to say but poor progress alixie is hitting and running all the time on the project l think the best way to get clones is that we get darth vaders DNA since it should still be on the planet of coruscants surface...

Imperial: Ok send a team to go search there

Stormtrooper: Yes sir!
I will send soon :)

06-27-2007, 08:43 AM
Darth Aap message to Empire & Blaze

I'm happy to report that at the moment all 53 students have reached prestige class. This means they're ready for duty. So if you need them to assist just contact me. We have 20 Sith Lords, 16 Sith Marauders, and 17 Sith Assasins. And By the way 165 new students are accepted into the academy.


My holiday's have started a few weeks ago and I won't be taveling for a month or so and most of my m8's are away so I'll have tons of time to post. Expect a lot of posts from me