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Anakin Skywalker
01-03-2007, 09:30 PM
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Star Wars
Atton vs. the Droids

A long time ago, in a Galaxy far far away...

The Jedi War was over, the bounties were called off of the Jedi. The Jedi Temple was being rebuilt on Courscant, after much deliberation at Telos... but Sera Tana, a leading member on the Jedi Council, had sided with Atton, her apprentice and husband, that the Jedi Order be rebuilt on Courscant. Of course, Visas and Brianna, being very loyal to Sera agreed with the two.

During the rebuilding of the Jedi Temple, Sera had sent Atton, T3, and HK-47 out to Telos, to ensure that Citidel Station had enough gas...

"Hey what do you think your doing?" Atton asked T3 as he bumped into his leg.

"Beep beep dwoo wheep!" T3 replied.

"Sera needs the Ebon Hawk.... what for?" Atton asked.

"Deet deet doo..." T3 beeped sadly.

"You don't know... why don't you know you little Trash Compactor...." Atton started.

HK-47 walked into the room.

"Query: What is it you require of this little one, meat-bag?" HK asked.

"Look stay out of this HK..." Atton said.

"Statement: Meat-bag, I would be more than happy to terminate you on Masters command..." HK said.

Atton burst out laughing....

"Query: What do you find so funny, meat-bag?" HK asked.

"Sera, asking me to be terminated.... oh that's rich...." Atton said.

HK lifted his blaster rifle.

"Warning: Meatbag.... I will kill you and tell the Master that a Telosian killed you." HK said.

Atton thought nothing about it, and brought his silver blade up and cut right through the blaster rifle.

"Not so strong are you now?" Atton asked.

HK backed down.

"Now, T3, why does Sera need the ship?" Atton asked.

"Beep beep doo weep?" T3 asked.

"Because, I will need it, so I'm on a need to know basis." Atton said.

"Beep beep dwooooooo..." T3 said.

"Well in that case, you can't have it..." Atton said.

A stun bolt came firing from within a room in the Ebon Hawk.

"HK-47, if I die..... tell my wife I said....... Shisen hoisen shingle hiner...." Atton said falling unconsious.

"Statement: An odd way of saying 'I love you,'" HK said puzzled.