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Expert Rookie
04-12-2001, 10:26 PM
I got bored and decided to make a sequel to the ULTIMATE Battle post I did about 1 month ago. ***ONLY RULE***: Use Star Trek and Star Wars vehicles of any kind only.

After the bloody battle between the invaders of galaxy NCG-3822 (Star Wars Galaxy) and the United Federation of Planets, only one Federation starship remains, the U.S.S. Nebulon, a Sovereign-class starship (just like the Enterprise E seen in the recent ST movies) codename NCC-22986-A. The captain of the Nebulon is Captain Federick C. Davids.

CAPTAIN'S LOG, STARDATE 49372.2, we are responding to a distress call from the Federation Starship Enterprise E in the edge of the galaxy.
For some odd reason, we have lost contact with Starfleet HQ and we can't seem to reach any other ships as well. I have my Chief Engineer checking to see if our subspace transmitter is working properly...

***Intercom***: Captain needed on the bridge... Captain to the bridge.

*Capt. Davids walks onto the bridge*

Davids: Report...

Nav.: Sir, we are approaching the apporoximate area of the Enterprise's distress call. Shall we come out of warp?

Davids: Yes

Helm: Coming out of warp sir.

*U.S.S. Nebulon comes out of warp*

Tactical: Sir, I'm reading an incredible amount of what appears to be large pieces of debris...

Davids: The Enterprise?

Tactical: I believe so sir.. but there's way too much for just one ship...

Davids: Try to contact Starfleet...

Comm: Yes, sir... Starfleet come in, this is the U.S.S. Nebulon, we have reached the our objective, unfortunately the Enterprise has been lost... Do you copy?

Davids: When can we expect them to reply?

Comm: From this distance.... about 5 hours sir.

Tac: I'm reading remains of Borg vessels and some unidentifiable ships...

Davids: BORG???

Tac: Yes sir.

Davids: Red Alert, Battlestations... we don't want to be let off guard.

Tac: Sir, INCOMING VESSELS!!!... they're.. BORG!

Davids: I need warp power now engineering... WARP 10 now!!!

*U.S.S. Nebulon jumps to warp 10*

Tac: BORG cubes don't seem to be pursuing...

Davids: Distance from us...

Tac: 2 billion kilometers sir...

Davids: Take us out of warp...

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04-13-2001, 02:14 AM
On Board the Mon Cal Excaliber in Hyperspace enroute to the debris fields.

Admiral Odin (to the command staff):Our mission is simple salavage any Republic ships, or Imperial. From that point the rest of my fleet will come in to do a search for surviors. Records of the few ships that came back show that there are a number of Alien races, and one that appears to be human. For that reason we will try to make contact with the humans.

Computer voice:Warning 5 minutes untill drop out of hyperspace.

Admiral Odin:Get to your stations.....(goes to the command seat, to the crew) Once we drop raise shields, arm turbolasers and prepare to fire on any hostiles. Pilots to their ships.

Excaliber drops out of hyperspace almost on top of the borg Cube which immediatly fires

Admiral Odin: return fire, destroy that ship.

after an hour battle the Borg Cube is another piece of Debri field.

Admiral Odin:secure form battlestation, I want a scan of system, tell me what is our there.

Comm Officer:Sir we are picking up a strange comm signal.

Admiral Odin:contact them and ask if they need assistance

Comm Officer:They replied asking who are we, what should I say?

Admiral Odin:Let me talk to them.... (to the star fleet vessel). I am the admiral of the New Republic's Sixth fleet. We have come on a peaceful mission to rescue any New Repulice soldiers, and make contact with the Humans that call themselves Star Fleet.

waits for reply.

The 6th fleets jumps into system.

"Dulce bellum inexpertis."
(Sweet is war to those who have never experinced it.) Roman Proverb

Expert Rookie
04-13-2001, 01:12 PM
---6 Hours have passed since U.S.S. Nebulon sent the message to StarFleet---

Comm:Sir, I still can't seem to get any reply from Starfleet.. what should we do? Wait, sir... I'm picking up strange readings.. from a ship not on record.. they have destroyed that Borg cube.. they claim to be peaceful..

Davids: Hmmm, forget about that message.. Nav. plot a course for Sector 001.

Nav:Aye aye, sir, course plotted.

Davids: Go to Warp 11 now.

Helm: Yes sir... warp speed now.

---Three days later at what was Earth---

Davids: Where the heck is Earth???

Tac.: Sir, I'm picking up huge pieces of asteroids around the area of where Earth was...

Davids: You mean its gone???

Tac: Yes sir.....

Helm: What are we going to do?

Davids: We must think of something fast.. we could be the only Federation starship in the galaxy...

Nav.: Sir, I have an idea...

Davids: Well then, spit it out Lieutenant.

Nav: Maybe we can jump back in time and prevent this...

Davids: We could... but, we don't know what happened here-

Comm: It was probably the Borg.

Davids: Maybe..

Tac: Sir I am picking up remains of Borg cubes, but not enough to destroy an entire planet... I think someone else was to blame.

Davids: And who or what is that "someone else"?

Tac: Well, sir, I'm picking up remains of ships in a class not on record.

Davids: hmmm, ok, I think there's no other choice except... go back in time to prevent this. Is anyone against me?


Davids: Good, now Communications, put intercom on me.

Comm: Intercom open sir.

Davids:This is the Captain speaking, you are probably aware that Earth is no more and StarFleet with it, we could be the only Federation ship in this galaxy now, I think the only thing to do is to go back in time and prevent what has happened here. If you protest my order your complaint will be noted in my log. That is all.

Davids: Prepare for time warp.

Helm: Roger sir creating temporal fold... standing by sir.

Davids: Engage Time Warp

Helm: Yes sir.

Davids: Make sure we end up at the edge of the Alpha Quadrant where Enterprise's distress call originated, and just minutes before it was sent.

Helm: Yes sir.

Nav: Here we go...

*U.S.S. Nebulon goes back in time to Stardate 49367.9*

Nav: Coming out of warp now sir.

*U.S.S. Nebulon comes out of warp right in the middle of the battle*

Davids: What the heck are those ships???

Tac: According to ID scans, that one is the ESSD-III Eclipse, sir, it's an incredible 20,000 kilometers long.

Davids: Red Alert, Battlestations, Shields Up

Tac: Incoming fighters, ID scans indicate them as TIE Bombers... Sir I've found the Enterprise

Davids: On screen....

Comm: Sir Capt. Picard is hailing us.

Davids: On screen...

Picard: Captain, we need your help we have what our ID scans as "TIE Bombers" taking out our shields at an accelerated rate.. we need help fast...

Davids: Roger that Enterprise, we're on our way...

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04-13-2001, 06:31 PM
*A time warp opens and the Brittania, a ship from the year 2897 warps in. It is commanded by Captain Deac Starkiller, half human, half Klingon.*

Starkiller: Launch all fighter shuttles. Protect the Enterprise! If Picard dies then we won't exist and we'll get one heck of a temperal paradox on our hands. Gunnery! Target I-MOD cannons on the Borg. Let 'em taste resistance.

Borg: Your I-mod will be added to our own. Resistance is futile.

Starkiller: Target the temperal stasis field on the Eclipse. Help out the 6th fleet!

Comm: I've sent a request to help back nto our time. Anything that's left will be along.

Starkiller: Let's hope so...Qapla!

Expert Rookie
04-14-2001, 04:47 PM
Tac: That "Eclipse 3" ship is just too powerful, were giving it all we got but still no effect on its shields.

Davids: How about if we hit it with an energy beam from our deflector dish? Could that drain its shield power?

*Impact Burst

Science Officer: Possibly, but I'm not going to guarantee it.

Davids: Ok, lets do that then... Engineering ready up the deflector dish to send a energy beam towards that 20,000 km long ship.

*Another Impact Burst that has one of the bridge officers flying*

Engineering: (In Intercom)Aye, aye sir

Davids: Damage report...

Comm: Shields 1, 2, & 5 down, Shield 4 is starting to buckle.

Tac: Incoming, BRACE FOR IMPACT!

*[i]10 torpedoes from TIE Bombers impact starboard rear section of Nebulon. Sparks fly on the bridge*

Davids: That didn't feel so good....

Comm: Hull breech decks 17 thru 20, sections 3, 4, 5, and 8.... depressurization in section 9.

Davids: Is it contained?

Comm: I believe so sir.

Davids: Good...


Wedge: This is Rogue Leader, head for the 'Borg' cube over there.

Rogue 6: Yes sir.

Rogue 2: This is Janson, I got a TIE Defender on me... I .. I can't shake him!

Rogue 3: Don't worry Wes, I got him.

Wedge: Watch out for the ISDII Devastator, its trying to take out Ackbar's escape shuttle.

Rogue 8: I got those turbolasers, torpedoes away!

Rogue 2: Wedge watch out for that destroyer's bridge!

Wedge: Oh no, I lost my stabilizer, I'm going down!

Davids: Target the nearest star destroyer and fire!

Tac: Yes sir, targeting ISDII Devastator... firing torpedoes!

Wedge: Oh noooo ahhhhhh...........

*Torpedoes impact Devastator's bridge, sending it straight into the Eclipse 3's hull.*

*Wedge just narrowly misses the ISD surviving, unlike what happened in the prequel, The Ultimate Battle. If it wasn't for the Nebulon, Wedge would have died like he should have.*

Wedge: My R2 unit has locked it down, I have control regained.

Davids: Prepare to fire energy beam... on my mark...... FIRE!

*Energy beam impacts the Eclipse III's bridge making the shields overload and fail*

*Admiral Ackbar's Escape shuttle survives and jumps to hyperspace. (Again, unlike in the prequel RPG)*

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04-15-2001, 01:53 AM
Officer: Sir something strange is happening, an unkown anomly has appeared right beside us!

Admiral Odin: Nav put some distance between the fleet and that thing.

Nav:to late it is sucking us in, I can't stop it.

Admiral Odin:Full power to the shields

1 hour later the 6th fleet is transported back to the battle.

Captain:Sir it appears that the fleet is in tack but we have been transported back in time.

Admiral Odin: Battlestations, launch fighters, gunners target that Eclipse I want it down before it can shoot it's superlaser at us.

Captain:All fighters launched, getting an update from the rest of the fleet, the 6th is all here, and also are those ships that have been destroyed. Admiral Ackbar's command ship has been destroyed, he made it which leaves you in command of the entire Republic Fleet.

Admiral Odin http://www.xwingalliance.com/forums/redface.gifpen a comm to all ships, I want status on how the battle is progressing.

Rogue leader come up to point 10.6 there is an opening to make a run on a defenless SD, take it out.

Gold Lead, ties coming in from below

Knight Squad concentrate fire upon that Borg ship.

Blue Squad support the Knights.

Have War Sword move behind the Eclipse and start opening up on the stern. Defiant come about and target the SD Devieator. Pull those carries back they don't have enough fire power to tack part in this battle.

Sensors Officer: Sir a ferderation ship fired something at that Eclipse and its shields are down.

Admiral Odin: Red,Green,Black,Grey Squads make your runs on the eclpise. Red squad Target the shield generators, Green the Superlasers, Black the Bridge and Grey fly support.

Squad Leaders:Acknowledge making runs now

Red 2:the fire is to inten........

Red Lead:hold them steady almost there.

Red:fire (shield Gens are destroyed.)

Green Lead:we taken out the superlaser

Blakc Lead:Bridge is gone.

Admiral Oding:Good that thing is going down, all ships back away. Comm open communications to Federation ships, tell them that we are here to help them, and we need to know what ships belong to the federation and what are their enemies.

Captain:the battle is going well for us so far

Admiral Odin:the eclipse is destroyed but we still have many Imps to take out plus these other aliens to deal with. The day has just begun and promises to be a long one.

"Dulce bellum inexpertis."
(Sweet is war to those who have never experinced it.) Roman Proverb

Expert Rookie
04-15-2001, 02:56 PM
Davids: Good Job people, the Eclipse has been destroyed.....

Tac: Sir, what out ID scans as "TIE Defenders" are using some kind of ionization cannon to take out our power.

Comm: Sir, we just lost shield power....

Science Officer: Incoming torpedos, bearing 53 degrees mark 6!

Davids: Brace for impact!

*20 torpedoes strike the Nebulon's saucer section where the thrusters are located. The saucer section has now been compromised*

Comm: I'm getting reports sir, our saucer section has been compromised... anti-depressurization shields holding.

Davids: Fatalities?

Comm: So far I believe about 50 or so are dead.

Comm: Sir, incoming reports from the Republic Calamari Cruiser Dauntless, they've lost 3 engines, their 4th engine is failing, they request assistance.

Davids: Helm, get us over the Dauntless and give 'em some cover.

Tac: Sir, incoming fighters, *ship shudders*, sir, we lost our port side engine nacellef... we lost thruster control!

Davids: Oh no...

Helm: We're outta control!..... we're heading straight for that Borg cube...

Davids: Lemme have helm ensign...

Helm: Yes sir *Gets up*

Tac: 30 seconds until impact...

Davids: C' mon... c' mon

Tac: 25 seconds...

Computer: Warning, Hull breech Deck 5

Tac: She's starting to move, but just a little bit... 15 seconds...

Davids: Almost clear..... c'mon....

04-15-2001, 08:29 PM
Admiral Odin:Get a tractor on the federation ship.

Officer:we got her sir, pulling away form the Borg cube.

Admiral Odin:Send the Liberty to protect that ship.

Defiance, and Yavin's pride destroy that cube.

"Dulce bellum inexpertis."
(Sweet is war to those who have never experinced it.) Roman Proverb

Expert Rookie
04-20-2001, 10:01 PM
Davids: We've been pulled away!

Comm:Thank God...

Helm: You said it!

Davids: Let us get back to work... Engineering we need to eject the other warp nacelle, can you do it?

Engineering Officer (on intercom):Yes sir, we'll need a little time to separate the propulsion tubes.

Davids: Get it done quickly...

Engineering: Aye sir

Tac: Sir, new contacts they seem to be more 'Imperials'.

Davids: On screen.

*On the screen another SSD comes in equipped with a superlaser*

Davids: Oh no...

*The SSD targets the cruiser Maria with its superlaser and fires.


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04-21-2001, 06:25 PM
Starkiller: Tactical, target the "SSD" and fire.... THE PHOTONIC CANNON!

Tac: Sir, the photonic cannon is not online, it was being serviced before we left.

Starkiller: Damn. Target those "Balls" on that section of the SSD. Then, beam an antimatter bomb into it's engineering section. Get a drone shuttle ready. Heve it equippped with an antimaater mine and prepare to guide it up that hole where the laser came from.

Fighter leader: Our Weapons won't have any effect on the cap ship, but we can melt the fighters pretty easy.

Starkiller: Send 'em to gre'thor!