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Born during the dawn of the New order on Duro near the main Duros spaceport of Tenak Sha. Grew up playing video games and watching freighters taking off from the spaceport. Ended up hearing a lot of stories from the spacer folk and always knew that is what he was going to do. His father told him he had the Spacer look, like most of the Duros they were natural pilots.

He grew up hearing over the Holonet about the great things that Chancellor Palpatine was doing for the Galaxy. But the Spacers he talked to told of a different story. Strict customs, high tariffs and taxes, and the ever present and powerful Imperial Navy. He understood studying history in school that the "Empire" would not be tolerated forever…someone was going to fight back and bring back the good old days of the Old Republic.

Once he reached the age of majority (16 years) he was put into service with his Uncles Company Duros Trading Unlimited. He started out as lowly technicians working on an out of date Xiytiar-Class Transport. For 2 years he kept on working and started specializing on targeting systems. Since the transport normally doesn’t have and weapons the Lasers it did have were heavily modified and needed constant attention. Then his big break came. While the craft was in hyperspace he was working on the Dorsal Turbo laser controls. When the ship was pulled out of hyperspace buy a rogue asteroid. Since his uncle preferred to stay on the main shipping lines that meant only one thing…Pirates. As the craft made a hasty Reversion, the pilot was not able to avoid the asteroid in its path. The dorsal side scraped along the asteroid overloading the top shields and casing the bulkheads to seal on the top levels. Rollo was left alone in the turret. Quickly sizing up the situation he immediately manned the Turbo-Laser and did a quick start up. Knowing he would have only a few shots before the cold systems overloaded he turned on the targeting system to see what was happening. It wasn’t working. He was going to have to use the mark one eyeball to fire the cannon. Looking out the window he saw a Corellian Corvette. There was one major flaw in the design and he knew that was the transport only chance. Taking careful aim just like he did playing "Star Commander" as a kid he lined up the cannon, and fired 3 shots directly at the radiator fin of the Corvette. Three shots and three direct hits. The captain of the Corvette would now be worrying about a possible reactor overload instead of it quarry.

Soon after the situation was under control, he was ask to report to the captains quarters. He was congratulated and given the choice of becoming an officer on the ship. At the age of 18 Rollo became the Executive Navigation officer of the transport. Once he became an officer he spent more time in the simulators on the ship. His reputation started growing as an expert marksman. And after a year he was given the chance to become a Z-95 fighter pilot. And one of the escorts for the transport.

The years passed, and the company started to profit from the ability to transport goods, with out loss. This also started perking the interest of some of the more little reputable transport companies. One day the Transport was doing a cargo transfer in the Tatoo system. After the transfer was complete the ships (both the Xiytiar-Class Transport, and the other Action IV Bulk freighter) un-docked. A squadron of Supa fighters came hypering in, and then to add to the confusion the Bulk freighter exploded (from a scuttle charge or bomb) Rollo and a few of the other Z-95s and Y-wing scrambled to intercept the Sup/Fs. Quickly Rollo realized that he might make the big jump on this light fight. The Supa was much heavily armed and armored versus the Z-95. The Supa fighters Quickly took out the Y-wings and made a B-line toward the Transport. The 8 Remaining ships launched Torpedoes and his home for the last 6 years. 16 torpedoes were launched, 32, then 64, not even the guns on the transport or the Z-95s could take out enough in time. Tears started streaming down his eyes as he saw his life being blown to bits. His mouth on its own screamed his frustration and rage as he tried to take as many Supa fighters as possible. Soon after the last one Hypered away, totally ignoring what was left. All that was left was the wreckage of the battle. His Z-95 was not capable of hyperspace and already took some hull damage. His only chance was to try and land on Tatooine.

Coaxing what was left of the Z-95 into the atmosphere the repulsors and some of the atmospheric systems we out. Even the Ejection seat didn’t work. Rollo was able to do a belly landing with some scrapes and bruises in the Dune Sea. So after landing the fusion system in the Z-95 starting doing a cascade failure. Quickly getting some survival equipment out he left, in search of civilization.

After 2 month of wandering around through the desert and sandstorms. Delirious, and de-hydrated, he finally saw something in the distance. Some sort of fortress carved out of a mountain. He quickened his pace, hoping to at least find some shelter. As he got closer he realized there was some sort of battle going on. Strangely garbed people who rode banthas, and were using makeshift weapons. And in the fortress he saw small Brown robed creatures running about in confusion. Bringing out his survival Blaster and a few grenades his decided to attack the strange robed people attacking the fortress. Once the attackers realized someone that knew how to fight was attacking them they quickly left the area with loud hoots and howls. He found the residents willing to accept him into their fortress. Not knowing there language, or customs he was thankful for the food and water they provided. And some much needed rest.

After a few days under the care of the Jawas, he realized he was not really welcomed. The Jawas gave him 2 parting gifts. A cobbled together swoop, and a barley functional R2 unit to guide him to the nearest human settlement. Several Times during the weeklong trip the swoop broke down, or the Droid broke down trying to fix the broken down swoop. When a sandstorm hit him he was able to hide in a cave that was carved out of a Mesa. Shortly after entering the cave he started getting edgy, something was bothering Rollo. Then a piercing scream deafened him from inside the cave. Rollo stood there paralyzed and a 30-foot monstrosity came towards him. With Brown scales and three horns, and it was obviously a carnivore. While he was frozen in place and the monster approached His R2 unit let out and even more impressive Howl. This brought Rollo to action. Grabbing the Swoop he immediately fled the area. Coming back at nightfall to see the lights from the R2 unit patiently waiting for him. The Droid lurched forward and properly fell flat on its front side, reviling a long gash on its back…the monster left its mark, and the R2 was now beyond all repairs.

He was able to finally find the City of Mos Eisley. It was easy to find that with the freighter traffic leaving, Rollo felt like it was a homecoming of sorts. Finding a job and the spaceport and a mechanic, he waited his time out until he could get off-planet. He didn’t know it at the time because his was trying to convince another Duros about upgrading his ship with some less then legal parts. But he did notice the old man with the energy sword, and he knew that something important was happening, he just didn’t know what it was.

After the Imperial left for whatever reason he was working on the engine of a transport. He accidentally tripped over a shipping crate, and out spilled blasters…military grade blasters. He knew that these were illegal, Class 1 Imperial Customs infraction. This was something big, and he wanted a part of it. He was holding one of the blasters when the Captain walked in. he looked at Rollo. Was he going to kill him? The standoff seemed to last forever, until the captain ask him "Would you like to see what those are for?" Rollo nodded.

The captain was a rebel cell member delivering supplies to another cell near the core. He asked if Rollo wanted to join. This is when he knew he was going to be able to fly again.

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I finally took some time to read throught the whole post and I really liked it !

Are we supposed to contribute to it or just wait for the sequence ? I'd really like to read what's next !

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Dood, you make your own installment to the story. That's the whole point of RPing.

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it is a good start to a character. I had a few idea of my own about him, but i really never got around to adding to it.

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This part takes place after he joined the rebellion. the time frame starts soon
after the battle of Yavin, and end shortly b4 the battle of Endor. PLease feel
free to add any suggestions or commants about this story.

Rebel Alliance and New Republic Service record for Rollo Mosari

Age 24: Joined Rebel Alliance with Alabard’s Comets
Stationed in Tapani Sector in the system of Shiva
Age 28: Promoted to Commander and was placed in charge of Avid Squadron
Stationed in the Minos Cluster on the planet Karideph
Age 32: Resigned from New Republic, and was placed in command position of
Privateer force
Operations took place in the Core systems
Age 38: Joined forces with Coalition of Freedom and Liberty.
Main operations in Cooperate sector
Age 41: Re-joined New Republic as Rear Admiral
Founded and created New Republic Escort Service
Age 42: Present day

Having quit his job on Tatooine, Rollo traveled the space lanes toward the core.
And was pitched the idea of joining the Rebel Alliance against the horrors of
the Empire. Rollo didn’t really can about politics, he just wanted a chance to
fly, and he knew his skills as a marksman, and as pilot would serve this
Alliance well.

Having arrived in the Tapani sector he started learning about local events, and
the political situation, he had to, if was going to operate as
Intelligence/Pilot for the rebel cell. He started sympathizing for the Nobel
houses that have been tarnished by the beginnings of a civil war. And the rise
of the Empire. From what he read the Empire was mainly patrolling the Shapani
bypass, guarding the bacta convoys that went for the core. Not much was done
within the sector, but he knew that some houses were more sympathetic to the
Empire, and those houses seemed to be gaining power over the Pro-Rebel houses.

Quickly he proved him self to the squadron leader as a superb pilot, and to
Rollo’s surprise, a very efficient Intelligence operative. The days passed
listening to the holonet receiver, and interpiting coded messages. Along with
the occasional travels into space, acting like pirates, and going after imperial
shipping. Rollo rarely rested, and focused on improving his abilities.

One of the main missions of Alabard’s comets was to eavesdrop on Imperial
Activities, and identify any known Ubiqtorate, COMPNOR, or ISB operatives, or
Operations. Suffice it to say a few dozen Rebel personnel were woefully ill
equipped to keep track of it all. Rollo was delegated to keep in charge of
anti-Imperial group called the “Justice Alliance Network”. This group makes its
manifest to be more destructive then, in their words “The weak Rebellion”.
Willing to blow up the imperial Infrastructure in a big messy way. Through some
careful investigation Rollo found out one of the JAN cell leaders was a
professor in the Mrsslt University. Also he realized that by being a very loud
and active rebel unit, the JAN could hasten the speed that the Empire would take
control of the Tapani sector. The Jan was well funded, and had some of the
latest military equipment, even on occasion prototype weapons and devices.
Obviously there was a powerful source funding JAN, and it wasn’t any of the
houses (at least not enough to make a difference), or the rebellion. Rollo had
a hunch it was The Empire itself.

Somehow, the ISB got wind of Rollo’s snooping around, and sent a Saber Rake gang
after him. The Saber Rakes were a group of Young nobles who main weapon was
Light-foils. Light-foils are a lower powered version fo a lightsaber, but more
used for dueling. Saber-rakes started with original Light-foils, but as their
numberr grew, they tried creating their own. Of cousre, since they were not
force users they could never create one as reliable as a ture jedi could. One
danger of the Light-foil was its chance to Explode. Which also gave the Saber
rakes more thrill of using such a renowned weapon. Since Rollo was undercover
as a Trader, he could not carry his normal weapons. If fact, for once Rollo had
none. Fortunately for him, to humans, all Duros look the same. An apparently
innocent Duros was first encountered by the saber Rakes, and later Warned Rollo.
Sensing that his cover was blown, Rollo quickly borrowed a Swoop, and high
tailed to the Mrsslt Spaceport. With the Saber Rakes in close pursuit. Due to
his quick thinking, and seting the Swoop to overdrive, he was able to beat the
Saber Rakes to his ship.

As Rollo was taking off, he realized that there was unwanted passenger on his
Transport. One of the Saber Rakes hid himself on the ship, and waited. Using
some loose upper bulkheads. He was able to subdue the Saber Rake. And disarm
him. The saber Rake was furious for 2 reasons. That he last to a commoner, and
he lost to an Alien. The Saber Rake charged Rollo, with a backup Light-foil.
In the cramped quarters Rollo's only chance was to defend himself with the
light-foil in his hand. As the light-foils clashed the worse thing possible
happened. Both Light foils exploded and the contained energy killed the saber
rake, and blew off Rollo's arm.

Due to the high traffic of Bacta in the area. Rollo was able to use an
emergency Bacta medical Clasp. It healed the wound, but it never would be able
to grow back. Rollo limped back to the Comet’s and received further medical
attention. Fitted with a life like prosthetic arm. The artificial limb was a
constant reminder of not being prepared. And not thinking ahead.

Month passed, it was learned that the JAN was planning to attack and destroy a
Torpedo Sphere. An Imperial Siege Engine designed to take out planetary
shields. The Empire would realize that the Sector would become a political
hotspot and would Tighten it’s grasp on the Tapani Sector and the whole sector
would Erupt into civil war. Joining a rebel troubleshooter group. They were
able to board the Torpedo sphere, and prevent its distraction. For his efforts
in Intelligence gathering, and subterfuge. Rollo was promoted to Commander,
transferred, and given his first command

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Now, don't forget about your exploits as a flight instructor K_K

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Cool! I should do Rwos' story...

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