View Full Version : Casting Call: TRON: The Abaddon Virus

01-13-2007, 12:13 PM
Well, since Obake Blade hasn't been locked on the grounds that it has nothing to do with Star Wars, I thought I might as well do a TRON RP. The Setting: Fourteen years after the events of TRON 2.0(ten years in the future)(2017). Digitisation technology has vastly improved, but it is still only used privately, by software companies and agencies such as the CIA, MI6, or CSIS. Recently, a deadly virus, known only as Abaddon, has spread across the Net, wiping out system after system. Programmers at ENCOM have discovered that the virus was not created by a User, like other viruses, but it is a User. Jet Bradley has personally coded an anti-virus program to track down Abaddon, and either de-digitise or derez him.

Filename: Alkonium.exe (put .user if your character is a User)
Program Type: Anti-Virus Program (put User, if again, your character is a User)
Gender: Male
Affiliation: ENCOM
Aura Colour: Blue
User: Jet Bradley
Weapon: Disk
Readme file: Written specifically for hunting down Abaddon, Alkonium is a top of line Antivirus program, rivaling Norton or McAfee. He has never been outside of Jet Bradley's computer, let alone the ENCOM network, however, and as such, he is unaware of things like spyware, adware, and popups.

I'd like someone else to take this part:
Filename: Abaddon.user
Program Type: User/Virus
Gender: Male
Affiliation: ?????
Aura Colour: Green
Weapon: Malicious Code
Readme file: Little is known about Abaddon, other than that he is a digitised User, with power unlike any other digitised User. Some programs believe him to be a reincarnation of the MCP or his #2 Sark, while others believe him to just be some hacker with access to a digitising beam.