View Full Version : Asian would-be-Psychonaut players have a great problem

01-14-2007, 01:04 PM
Okay, I don't want to go into the long story of it. I'm from Singapore, and we dont' get out own version of Psychonauts for the Xbox despite having games like Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Wakeboarding Unleashed.

We need it in NTSC-J for starters, so its compatible. But NTSC is also fine.

I need anyone with an NTSC Psychonauts game to PLEASE check its DVD region coding!

This is different from its NTSC code; that shows its display compatibility. NTSC IS compatible with NTSC-J consoles.

The more important thing is the DVD region code! Please tell what code it is so I (and my friends) can check before I try ordering it from DoubleFine.

NTSC games have worked on NTSC-J consoles before, these are region-free games like Indigo Prophecy. Although I doubt that Psychonauts is region-free, I would like to confirm it just in case.

Thank you.

01-14-2007, 03:06 PM
Ummm...K! I'll go check but I'm not sure where it would be on there.

01-14-2007, 03:15 PM
I don't really see it on there, but I'm not exatly sure where to look either. I might just be stupid too. Try emailing Doublefine.com. they're usually pretty responsive with the e-mails, and they would be better equpipped to answer your question. Maybe?

01-15-2007, 02:46 AM
I've e-mailed DoubleFine's shop many times before, no dice...

If you have DVD-Rom, there might be a utility to check the DVD's region. But I'm not sure.

01-16-2007, 11:47 AM
It does have the NTSC insignia on the DVD. But I don't know where or how to check the region code. I'm guessing it would usual one for Norht American stuff. Region 1? I'm not sure. I checked around for any info on it being region free and got bupkus. Maybe try getting it cheap off ebay or something before spending full price on doublefines site. That way if it doesn't work you won't have taken such a big hit on it. I hope that helps man. Good luck.

01-17-2007, 02:08 AM
At this point, I seriously doubt that Psychonauts is either Region 0 (region-free, yeah right, like THAT'S going to happen!) or inclusive of Region 3 (southeast Asia region)...

...The good news is that thankfully, my brother has returned from overseas, and since my current computer is basically his Frakenstein creation, I'LL BE FINALLY GETTING AN HONEST-TO-GOODNES BRANDSPANKING NEW COMPUTER!

Which would most definitely RUN Psychonauts, and run it BETTER than my current 5-6 year old com can (it stutters with Age of Mythology for cripe's sake...)

Anyway, big thanks for trying to check for me ^^

01-19-2007, 11:17 AM
No problem man. Hope things work out for ya. Come back and tell us how it went.

01-19-2007, 03:27 PM
Good to hear you seem to be getting the PC version. It's definitely the most graphically enriched of the versions, although some say the need to buy a gamepad is a big con; personally I enjoy playing it fine with ye olde keyboard/mouse combo though. :D

01-20-2007, 06:38 AM
Oh I plan to get a USB gamepad...although I do wish that I could use my Xbox controller =/

Personally, I'll definitely prefer the one on the console. Simply because it won't be clogged up by viruses and what not and just focus all resources on the game. EVEN if I get a totally new com (my bro 'created' our com from individual parts, I think he'll be doing it again...)

Anyway, that new com isn't coming for awhile. My bro and dad are going on a 'spiritual journey' trip to India's Buddhist temples after the 23rd. I think they'll be away for AT LEAST a week.

Of course, during that time I gotta back-up a whole lot of stuff...

Btw, I got a reply from the DF shop. It's confirmed. The NTSC game won't run on my Xbox (unless you know, modding. But the Xbox is obsolete now, pointless to mod it NOW =/)

01-20-2007, 08:18 AM
Yeah, I guess you can't beat the ease of playing on a console; my computer is horrendously out of date as I just can't be bothered keeping up with the hardware to play the latest games. PC developers tend to be a bit lazier with graphics as they expect people to update their computers to play them at their prettiest, while with consoles they spend years squeezing every last bit of juice out of the hardware. I mean, some PS2 games look absolutely beautiful -- compare it to a year 2000 PC game (which is how old the hardware is) and the different is immeasurable.

Anyway, moving on from that tangent, if you're looking for a good PC gamepad you might want to check out Logitech's collection (http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/products/productlist/GB/EN,crid=2216,categoryid=429). They seem to have basically copied recent console pads, which might be nice if you crave familiarity. Logitech also generally have great build quality; my mouse of theirs has lasted years with no signs of wear. :D

Det. Bart Lasiter
01-21-2007, 12:27 AM
You can get a 360 controller for PC.

@Thrik- there's also the fact that console games don't have to deal with an OS. Just direct interaction with a BIOS written for rendering games at high framerates.

01-21-2007, 04:42 AM
Yeah, I saw a couple of affordable Logitech ones at the store. Most of them look like PS2 DualShocks though, which I've used before but I don't really like compared to the Xbox controller's set-up.