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Chapter One: The Carrier Revealed

Beattrix ran through the dark and misty cave, trying to avoid all of the kinrath and shyrack racing and pushing toward her. She constantly looked behind her, hoping that the stalker would of somehow of gone away, but she knew this not to be so. Beattrix could see the faint and dull shadow of her enemy, getting larger, and closer. She quickened her pace, and beat through all of the critters trying to ambush her.

She kept on running, faster and faster, breathing heavily and very tired, but she knew she could not stop. She had to continue on, but she knew she was coming to an end of stamina. She reached in her pack for an explosive, a plasma grenade. She quickly threw the bomb behind her, trying to hit the evil that was following her. In her mind, she knew that she had no escape, but in her body and her physique, she had to keep running.

She eventually came to a fork in her pathway, she began to panic and she hurried to look far into both sections of the caves. Seeing nothing but kinrath at both sides, she clumsily chose a random pathway, for she was aware that the evil was getting closer. She kept running, begging, hopping, pleading that she chose the right pathway. She stopped suddenly, seeing the end of the cave. It was a dead end, a complete block-in. She turned around slowly, to see a dark and faint figure far away. She screamed in fear, and hesitated to move.

The dark figure began to slow its pace, and started to walk, knowing Beattrix was trapped. Beattrix was still hesitant to move, and stared in panic at the evil before her. She saw her near future; she saw her cruel death that would be soon to come. She saw the stalker laughing in triumph, and in mockery. She quickly snapped her thoughts into self-confidence, she began to reach for mines, it was her last and only defense left.

She placed the mines quickly on the floor and walls of the surrounding cave. She stepped back as far as she could, and waited for the figure to approach the mines, hoping that it would stop him. The figure got closer, and indeed it did step on the placed mines, leaving an explosion that boomed through-out the caves, frightening all of the creatures, and giving a slight amount of hope for Beattrix.

While the smoke was surrounding the caves, Beattrix could only wait to see if her amateur plan has worked. It did not, however, and the figure stepped through the remaining smoke, revealing himself to Beattrix with a smirk on his face.

“It isn’t completely dark in these caves, Beattrix, I have seen you place those mines, in a pathetic attempt to smite me down. Such low-classed weapons won’t be enough to even harm me, even in my condition.” Maraae smiled.

“Get away from me!” Beattrix screamed.
Maraae began to laugh in a sick and twisted way, mocking Beattrix in her fear and panic.

“Dear Beattrix, the Force serves me well, it has guided me here, to you, to fulfill a prophecy of great importance. ‘The Son of the Sith’! You will be the boy’s carrier, for the time being. You will be the deliverer of the Sith’s greatest weapon. You will, obey, me.” Maraae stated.

“Get away from me!” Beattrix yelled once more, slowly moving along the sides of the walls, trying to escape from the way she came, without sudden notice.

“Beattrix, you cannot deny your destiny. You cannot deny the boy’s destiny. You cannot deny my, destiny…”

Maraae lifted up his hand, and lifted up Beattrix with his ‘magical’ powers. He slammed the defenseless woman into the hard and rough surface of the cave, knocking her out in a yelp of pain.

“You don’t have a choice, young Beattrix.” Maraae spoke to himself.
Maraae dropped Beattrix, letting her slam hard on the ground. He picked Beattrix up, using his own physique, and carried her out of the cave. The kinrath and shyrack all fled as they saw the Dark Lord Maraae, which gave no resistance for him.

Maraae’s eyes began to burn, as he walked out of the dark cave and into the bright outside and beautiful plains. He sighted his ship, “the Gual” and hurried up the ramp into his ship. Maraae’s servants came out in a hurry, and removed Beattrix from his arms, and waited for his orders.

“Place her in the chambers, and do not wake her up!” Maraae demanded.
His servants obeyed, and instantly threw Beattrix in a holding cell. Maraae gave out a tear from his eye, in joy of his plan’s success.

“Hurry, and plot a course to Lanqe, the High Council will be pleased to hear that I have captured the carrier of the Son.” Maraae said cheerfully as his evil, white eyes stared at the unconscious Beattrix.

The Gual started to rumble and shake in a sudden and explosive movement. The ramp to the Gaul has been detached, and a numerous amount of Jedi flung into the Gual, lightsabers ignited, and ready for battle. Immediately blasters were being blasted, and colors of green and red and blue were being waved all around.

Maraae was caught on the surprise, and he was pushed to oblivion across his ship, as the Jedi killed the last of Maraae’s servants. Maraae quickly got up, and grabbed for his lightsaber. One of the Jedi quickly launched himself toward Maraae, attempting to slash the Dark Lord in half. Maraae remained calm, and countered the Jedi’s attack, with a fatal blow to the chest. Maraae’s bright red lightsaber, was forced through the Jedi’s body.

Maraae pulled out the lightsaber quickly and harshly, leaving the Jedi to fall on his stomach, dead. There were now only three Jedi left, all walking slowly toward Maraae. Maraae summoned his power, and sent the three Jedi hurtling through the air at a flicker of his finger.

“Pathetic Jedi, have you come in search of the carrier? You have no chance of retrieving her, she already belongs to the Sith!” Maraae demanded.

The oldest, and most skilled Jedi of the three, jumped up and readied his stance.

“She does not belong to the Sith, Maraae! She will be received to safety, away from these foolish prophecies and beliefs!”

He used his knowledge of the force, and launched a crate of weapons and armor at Maraae, which was dodged easily. Given the slight second distraction, the Jedi raced toward Maraae, smashing the Force against Maraae, resulting him to be launched right out of the ship. Maraae lay on the ground, in minor pain. He looked up hastily, and two Jedi raced out with Beattrix in their arms.

He hurried to get up, but was knocked back down to the ground again by the Jedi dueling him. Maraae, saw the Jedi escape, and was most annoyed and disturbed. He raced up back to his feet, and nearly dodged a thrust to the chest by the Jedi. Maraae caught the Jedi in a vulnerable position, and slashed through the flesh of him, removing his head from his body.

“Jedi, sacrificing themselves for attempts which will fail.” Maraae said, as the last words he spared for the weak Jedi dead before him.

Maraae turned sharply, seeing the two Jedi entering a ship with Beattrix from a distance. Maraae’s raged multiplied, and he ran to the ship at his fastest pace. But he was too late, the Jedi have succeeded in their rescue mission, and Maraae let out a roar of anger. His ship was damaged from the short battle with the Jedi, he couldn't follow Beattrix. He estimated that he could only fly back to Lanqe, and he would receive new supplies there.

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Chapter Two: The Jedi Enclave

Beattrix awoke in a soft and comfortable bed. She was in a room alone, which was cozy and heated to the perfect temperature. She sat up in the bed, and looked around. There was nothing not ordinary about the room, but there was nothing fascinating about it either. It was a lone room, meant for guests by the looks of it.

She removed the quilts and blankets, and placed her feet on the cold floor. She stood up, suddenly feeling sores and scars all over her body. She sat back down, in too much pain to remain standing. Beattrix then remembered the cave at Dxun, but she did not remember why she was there, or what she was doing there. Only glimpses remained in her thoughts, she suffered from a temporarily short term memory loss.

The door to the room opened, and a man entered the room. He looked like a young man, who had blond hair, green eyes, and had a gentlemen charm that Beattrix was suddenly attracted to. The man shut the door, and walked to Beattrix. He sat himself down on the bed, right next to Beattrix, and started talking.

“How are you feeling?” he asked.

“Where am I? What is this place? What has happened? Who are you?” Beattrix asked in panic. The man smiled and looked at Beattrix in a calm way.

“You are at the Dantooine Jedi Enclave, under protection and safe keeping.” he said. “I am Olan Matale, one of the Jedi who helped rescue you, and who has been stationed to watch over you.”

“You said you, rescued me? From what, what has happened?” Beattrix asked.

“Beattrix, you were at Dxun two days ago, being chased by a Sith Lord known as Darth Maraae. He claims that you are part of a prophecy known as the ‘Son of the Sith’, and he believes that you are the carrier, the mother, of this ‘son’.”

Beattrix looked puzzled, and had the look of disbelief in her eyes.
“It is obvious that you are taking this rather… fast, and you might need some time to take it all in. I think it’s best that we continue this conversation some time later.” Olan said.

“No, please. I want to know what happened. I want to know, why I’m not at home, why I’m in this Jedi Enclave, why I’m being kept as a prisoner and wh—

“You are not being kept as a prisoner, Beattrix. The Jedi have only placed you here for your protection, you do have full control on what you do, as does everyone else in this galaxy.” Olan said.

“Why is it required that I have been sent here to Dantooine? I am more than capable of taking care of myself, thank you very much.” Beattrix said as she got up from the bed.

Olan reached for her arm, halting her for the moment.
“Please Beattrix, stay. As skilled as you might think you are, Darth Maraae is a powerful and dangerous Sith, and is looking for you. If you reject protection, then you will be taken prisoner and killed after you give them what they want. Please Beattrix, stay where you’re safe.” Olan pleaded.

Beattrix stood where she was, thinking and wondering if what this stranger is telling her is indeed true. She looked at Olan, and showed a sign of trust. She sat back down on the bed, and listened to what Olan had to say.

“Thank you for being reasonable and cooperative, Beattrix.” Olan said.

“Now, as you probably know, you have been injured and you have many bruises and injuries. We are doing the best to our abilities to get you healed up, and we have been successful so far. We already treated the fatal injuries, such as the huge hole in the back of your head.” Olan said.

Beattrix’s eyes widened, she didn’t feel any pain resorting from her head. She reached for the back of her neck, and felt bandages that were wrapped around the injuries.

“You didn’t feel it because we numbed it for you, we would’ve done the same for you’re other injuries, but Master Laie saw that unwise.”

“Unwise?” Beattrix asked in confusion.

“Yes, he figured that if you didn’t feel any pain, you would think of yourself healthy and in a fine condition to be moving around. And if you moved too much, the injuries would’ve gotten worse. This was very clever in Master Laie’s part, from my perspective.”

“Yes, the pain did force me to sit back down on the bed, when I tried to stand up.” Beattrix realized.

Olan smiled at Beattrix, and stared at her face. Olan then realized that Beattrix was a beautiful woman. Her black hair and beautiful face was a sight for sore eyes.


“Oh yes, sorry, was day dreaming for a second.” Olan excused. “Well, most of your injuries have already been cleaned out. All you need is rest, a lot of rest.”

“How long do you think I will have to stay here before I can go back home?” Beattrix asked.

“Until we find Maraae again, and take him back here to be questioned, and hopefully to be mind-swept.” Olan answered.

“Mind-swept? What does that mean?” Beattrix asked.

“It’s a technique that Master Jedi can use, it is when they take certain parts of the human brain, and erase certain data that has been stored there. It results in the person completely forgetting what has been erased.”

“Isn’t that… illegal?” Beattrix asked.

“Illegal? No, it is not. But don’t worry Beattrix, the Master Jedi are very careful of who’s memory they erase. They only do it in certain cases.”

“Such as?” Beattrix asked.

“Well… such as, the case we are dealing with now, Darth Maraae. You see, Maraae studies the Sith teachings more than anyone has in the time period. He is as the people call him, ‘the professor’.”

“The professor..? Sounds like a stupid name to be given if you ask me.”

“It’s not so much how good the name sounds, Maraae has been granted this title for knowing everything there is to the Dark Side. Many Sith call him the ‘ultimate professor’ even, but back to the subject. Maraae has studied the Dark Side so much, that he has recently been able to perform a technique so dangerous and powerful, it’s only been performed by one other Sith in the entire universe.” Olan said.

“Who? What’s the technique?” Beattrix asked.

“His name was, Darth Nihilus.” Olan answered. “Now you see, this power allowed you to combine the Force into a spot of great mass, and then rapidly let the Force spread out in different directions, or at least, this was how I was told it was done. The effect of controlling the Force in such a demanding way, however, leads to a massive explosion, that can be heard from light years away.”

“Oh my goodness… How, is that—how is that even, even possible?” Beattrix asked in disbelief.

“The Force is a strange and powerful thing Beattrix, it’s potential is unlimited, and it’s limitations are boundless.” Olan said.

“Has this… Mereea person--”

“Maraae.” Olan corrected.

“Whatever. Has this, ‘Maraae’ person, done such a thing yet? That power could take out a whole city!” Beattrix exclaimed.

“A ‘city’? Oh no Beattrix, it can do far much worse than that.” Olan said.

“Like… what?”

“Although Maraae has only enough to wipe out a small city using this power, Darth Nihilus has been known of taking out entire planets.” Olan said.

“Entire planets?!” Beattrix yelled.

“Yes, and that is why I see it to the most importance, that Darth Maraae should have his mind swept clean of this knowledge, to prevent such disaster.”

“Wow… this is, this is incredible. I never really was interested about the Force, but now that I’ve recently been learning about it, I find it rather fascinating! You must tell me more!” Beattrix exclaimed.

“Perhaps another time dear Beattrix, for now, you must rest and treat those wounds of yours. If you need anything just call for me, I’ll be able to hear you, as I will be in the room to the right.” Olan said.

“Yes, I am feeling rather tired. Which is strange since I’ve been sleeping for two days now.., according to you.” Beattrix said.

“It’s not uncommon,
. A lot of people get like this when they take in too much of… well, anything really.” Olan said.

Olan got up from the bed and walked over to the door.
“Good bye gorgeous.” Olan said as he opened the door.

“Gorgeous?” Beattrix asked embarrassed.

“Hell, did I say that out loud?” Olan asked himself, as he blushed. He quickly closed the door behind him as he walked out, feeling like an idiot. Beattrix giggled, and lay down to try and sleep.

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Chapter Three: The Room of Destiny

Lights turned on, blinding Maraae's eyes. He adjusted to the brightness, and looked above him to see six figures sitting on thrones. To the left was an old woman who looked as if she was the age of many revolutions. Next to her was a female Zabrak with horns that traveled down to her neck. Besides her, was a male Zabrak, looking very similar to the other despite the difference in gender. To the side of him, was a figure that couldn't be recognized; it's robes covered all parts of it's body, and the hood combined with a blue and black mask, hid the identity of it's face. And then to the right of this figure were two young females, who both looked very pale and white.

The male Zabrak stood up from his seat, and cleared his throat.
"The High Council has summoned you to this trial, Maraae, from recent information of your failure to receive the carrier. Madam Muay; the Legend of her Era, Lady Trimphra; the Chronicle of the Sith, Lord Trimphro; the Legendary Weapons Master, Lord Oriaa; the Dark Lord of the Sith, and the two daughters of Darth Loenda; Opa and Apo: will hear your justice on your miserable failure." Trimphro seated himself, allowing Maraae to speak to the Council.

"Mi lords, I have found the carrier, and she was in my vessel ready to be taken to you, but--"

"But you let her fall out of your grasp, clumsily and foolishly." Muay interrupted.

"Madam, Council, I was ambushed by an elite team of Jedi, my men... and myself, were attacked by surprise and--"

"This is no excuse. You, the 'Professor' should be the one to know how to counter sudden attacks. This is most disgraceful." Trimphra spoke. "Did you have no attempt to follow the carrier after she departed with the Jedi?".

"I could not follow them, my vessel was damaged and could not of followed her. My only option was to come back here and--" Maraae said, but was again stopped.

"You let your fear get in the way of your mission, an ignorant act for the Sith." Opa said.

"You've let the likes of Jedi take control of our property. Now the Jedi have the Son, which can lead to the Sith's downfall and--" Apo began, but was interrupted.

"I assure you--" began Maraae.

"How dare you interrupt the Council!" Muay said as she arose from her seat. "Hold your tongue, and be silent fool!"

Maraae felt like he was being attacked by each and every member of the Council. They all stared at him pitifully, which made him most angry. But he not dare defy the Council, he took a bow and calmed himself. As Muay sat down there was a short pause in all communication, then the discussion started again.

"The Son is everything in our future plans to conquer, he is the absolute acquirement we need for our triumph! If he is taught the ways of the Jedi, it will lead to a disaster for the Sith! Do you understand the importance in this mission?!" Trimphro asked impatiently.

Maraae was silent.

"You have been asked a question Maraae, answer!" Muay demanded.

"Y- yes, I - ..I do." Maraae stumbled.

Dark Lord Oriaa, who has been silent for the whole trial, finally spoke. Oriaa's words echoed of many voices, as if Oriaa was made of many people; both female and male.
"Death will not be a necessary penalty in this case Maraae, but only because our value in numbers are growing. For your own sake, you will not return to us unless you have the carrier. You are dismissed." and it was final. Oriaa's words was law. Maraae dismissed himself from the Council, and headed for his ship in a hurry. Without his crew the mission would prove to be difficult, but Maraae was determined to find the carrier and restore his honor.

Beattrix woke up, feeling a lot better. She felt at peace, for the moment, and ignored all physical pains. Beattrix was once again alone in the room, but she was assured that Olan was in the room next to hers. She sat up from the bed, judging that she was well enough to walk a minimum. The floor felt cold against her feet, but she ignored it. She was standing straight and tall, blocking out all of the slight pains that caused tension to her legs. She put a foot out in front of her attempting to walk, and she opened the door leading to a hall. She looked to the left seeing an endless hallway with doors on each wall. To the right she saw what appeared to be the main room of the enclave. There were many Jedi walking around, of different gender and different species.

There was a giant fountain that was placed in the center, and it spilled out many different streams of water. In the corners of the room were each placed with a statue, in honor of previous Jedi or heroes. The statue placed in the northwest corner was of Master Vrook, a well-known Jedi who has helped saved the Republic from Jedi many times. The northeast corner was carved the figure of an old man who hunched low, and had many creases. But he had a gentle look of peace, in the statue at least. The inscriptions below on the mantle said, "The Great Juac, Protector of the Enclave". The southwest statue was a hooded figure with a red mask to hide it's face; the reading below stated, "Revan, the Redeemed Savior". And the southeast corner had a mantle, with no inscriptions or any writing. This corner was being saved for another hero of legend.

Beattrix was amazed with the enclave, the paintings on the walls, the beautiful fountain, the statues, all of them showed a sign of luxury to Beattrix. She loved this place, even though this was her first time here.

"Enjoying the view?"

Beattrix turned around. It was Olan, who looked annoyed.

"You are in no condition to be out of bed Beattrix, what are you doing?" he asked.

"I'm fine, really, I am."

"Well you don't look it. You still have bruises and wounds all around your body, you really need to be in bed still."

"But that's boring, there's a lot more to see and do out here." Beattrix turned and signaled Olan toward the main section of the enclave.

"You'll be able to explore later Beattrix, but you really shouldn't be out of bed."

"Oh come on, I'm fine, I promise." Beattrix said as she smiled to Olan.

"Well..." Olan began. "Alright, but just don't run around or do anything too exhausting, it wouldn't be good for you."

"I won't." she replied. "... Olan, why don't you show me around the enclave? This place is remarkable!"

Olan chuckled, "You kind of get used to this place, but I know what you're talking about. I felt the same way when I was first recruited to be a Jedi, and saw this room."

Olan and Beattrix both looked around, amazed at the sight. "Alright, I guess I'll show you around. But don't expect me to act like a tourist guide."

"I won't." she said with a light giggle after.

"Alright, well, this room here is known as the 'Room of Heroes', and I think you can imagine why." Olan stated. "On with the tour then!"

Olan walked across the room, signaling Beattrix to follow. Beattrix felt awkward, everyone in the room was greeting her saying, "How are you feeling?" or "Awake, huh?". But she replied to the answers politely and ignored the statements. She hurried to follow Olan to where he was taking her. They came to three different hallways that led a different direction. Olan walked down the hall to the west, and Beattrix followed. The hallway seemed long, and there were no decorations anywhere, and there weren't any doors or rooms until the very end of the hall, showing only one door that had an amazing design. It showed a young man that had a blue lightsaber ignited, he was wearing Jedi robes and looked at peace, but it also showed another young man who held a red lightsaber and showed intense anger.

"The door represents to pathways of the Force. Either the path of the Jedi, or the path of the Sith; light, or dark. This door was made to remind the Jedi that enter through of the threat of the dark side, and the alliance of the light." Olan said. He entered a code into a near-by terminal, and the door opened. "On we go then.".

The door opened, and there was a man inside who looked very much like the man on the door's designs. His red lightsaber was already ignited, and he began to walk up to Beattrix. Olan stood there, watching.

"Olan...! Do something!" Beattrix screamed.

The Sith jumped in the air flying across the room. He lifted up his lightsaber and yanked it toward Beattrix, but as the lightsaber touched Beattrix's flesh, he and his lightsaber disappeared, and Beattrix was unharmed. Beattrix was confused, and terrified. She was angry at Olan, for doing nothing, but she was also curious to why the Sith suddenly vanished. In reason, she asked a simple question.

"What the hell just happened?" Beattrix asked.

"You tell me, Beattrix. I don't know what happened, because I could not see it. What did you see?" Olan asked in return.

Beattrix was now more confused than before, but she trusted that Olan wasn't lying when he said he didn't see what happened. Otherwise, in her mind, Olan would've helped her. She said nothing, she just stared inside the room.

"This room is known as the 'Room of Destiny." Olan said. "It's supposed to show you what remains in the future.".

Beattrix grew pale, was it her death that was to come, or did that vision mean something else?
"I saw a man with a red lightsaber, he came toward me and attempted to strike me down, but he vanished before he could touch me." she explained.

"No real harm would've came to you... but this vision is... disturbing." Olan said.

"Why did you bring me to this room? What was to be gained out of putting fear in my mind?" Beattrix asked.

"Much." Olan explained. "You are aware that the Sith believe you to be the carrier of a prophecy, a dark leader of it's era."

"Yes, I know this." Beattrix said annoyed. "But, I still don't believe it."

"But you do, Beattrix. Your feelings say so." Olan replied.

"... What did that vision have to do with the prophecy?" Beattrix asked.

Olan said nothing, he just looked at Beattrix with a calm smile.

"Come, I still have much to show you of the enclave." Olan said as he walked back down the hall.

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Chapter Four: The Invitation

Beattrix has seen much of the Jedi Enclave. She's seen the medical bay, the training grounds, the meditation chambers, the Room of Heroes, and the frightening; Room of Destiny. Olan was done with the tour, even though there were many rooms and areas he did not show Beattrix. He walked her back to her room, and watched as she lay back down in bed.

"How much longer will I have to stay here?" Beattrix asked.

"By tomorrow you should be able to get out of bed." Olan answered.

"No, I didn't mean this bed. I meant this enclave. When can I leave?" Beattrix asked again.

Olan paused and hesitated to answer, but finally words came out of his mouth. "I don't know." he said quietly. "I'll keep you updated with you're injuries and recent events. But for now, you'll just have to trust the Council and I." Olan walked out of the room keeping the door open.

Beattrix couldn't go to sleep, she was wide awake and she felt like she was being forced to lay down in this bed. But she knew it was to treat her injuries. So many questions kept on popping into her head, questions that she herself couldn't answer. How could she be the "carrier of the Sith" if she wasn't even pregnant? How did she even get to Dxun, add why was all of this happening to her out of all the people in the galaxy? All she could do was lay there and wonder about these things. And that's what she did.

Meanwhile, Maraae's vessel came out of hyperspace, he could see the big planet of Dantooine clearly. In his head he was planning on how to capture the carrier, how to get her back to Lanqe in one piece and in good health. This would not be an easy task for Maraae, but his honor depended on his success. Maraae wanted to capture Beattrix at night, while she was asleep. The mission would go much smoother this way, but there would also be guards and a matter of protection. He would have to make some sort of distraction if he was able to get Beattrix unnoticed.

Maraae flew his ship to the opposite side of the planet, to avoid being spotted and to plot his mission. He landed his ship in the outer-boarders of a small city. It looked populated and looked like a good place to hire a bounty hunter, which is what Maraae was planning. He needed someone to attack the Jedi Enclave on the opposite side of where Beattrix is being held. And since the chambers and rooms for the wounded were located to the west side of the enclave, the bounty hunter would attack the east, to get the Jedi's' attention away from Beattrix. The plan seemed perfect, Maraae was sure it would work. What was left to do was to hire a bounty hunter, a good one.

In the town was a bounty hunting guild, a well-known guild around Dantooine. That would be Maraae's first place to look, naturally. Maraae entered the guild, and the building looked completely empty. There was only one human sitting behind a desk, who greeted Maraae as he walked in.

"Greetings dear Sith! Welcome to Jokle's Bounty Industry!"

"I have no time for salutations, I need a top-class bounty hunter - now." Maraae snapped.

"Alright then, let me call out Ieka, our finest hunter currently." The man reached for his com link and dialed a set of numbers. "Ieka, you're needed at the front."

Moments later a female Falleen came out from a hidden door from underground. Her eyes looked deadly and cold, and her face had an intention of killing.

"You have work for me, mister?" she asked in a soft tone. "Of course I have an expensive price."

"Money is of no matter to me, follow me." Maraae said. He walked outside of the guild, with the Falleen closely behind him.

"What will you have me do, then?" she asked.

"You will attack the Jedi Enclave." Maraae replied.

"Ah.. the Jedi Enclave? That shifts the price to double. That's a very dangerous mission you're asking of me." she said.

"Like I said, money is of no matter to me. You'll be paid you're worth. Now let me go over the details." Maraae began. He explained the mission to her, and was exact and clear on the directions.

"Sounds like a tough job, I should be ready by tomorrow then. I need time to get the right supplies and materials." she said.

"No. Get you're supplies by this night. I'm on a limited schedule." Maraae demanded. "I'll be at the guild near sun down, be ready by then." Maraae turned around and headed back to his ship. His plans were working out smoothly. He has found a capable bounty hunter, and he would soon have the carrier of the Son, Beattrix.

Olan came in through the door, Beattrix was wide awake and immediately stared at Olan as he walked in.

"I've talked to the Council about you're situation, and they would like an audience with you." Olan said.

"An audience?" Beattrix asked. "What about?"

"I myself don't know, but it's clear it's about something important." he answered. "Please come with me to the Council." Olan said.

"Alright..." Beattrix replied hesitant. As Beattrix got up from bed and walked to Olan she asked, "Why do they want an audience with me all of a sudden?".

"Well, I told them what you saw in the Room of Destiny, and they were troubled with the information I gave them. They wanted to talk without my presence, and when they called me back in they asked for you. So that's why." Olan explained.

Olan and Beattrix walked down the long hallways of the enclave, passing many rooms and doors. Finally they approached the Council's chambers, and there were four Jedi standing before her and Olan. There was three human males that were middle-aged, and one female Miraluka who seemed pretty young.

"Ah, Beattrix. Please, take a seat." the Miraluka said as she waved her hand toward seats. Beattrix sat down, and Olan left the room.

"I am Laen Marr, and with me are masters Talo, Arrano, and Hael." Laen said as she named the Jedi in order from left to right.

"What is this about?" Beattrix asked.

"Olan has recently told us that you two ventured into the Room of Destiny, and that you saw a disturbing image of a Sith attacking you." Hael said.

"Yes, this is correct." Beattrix said.

"The Room of Destiny shows us what lays ahead in the future, what still remains in our lifetime." Talo stated.

"Yes, I know this. Olan told me already. What did the vision mean though?" Beattrix asked impatiently.

"It meant that you will be hunted by the Sith, and possibly killed." Laen explained.

"...what?" Beattrix asked scared.

"As you know, you are the carrier of the 'Son of the Sith' which means countless Sith will be after you, such as Darth Maraae. This puts you in danger of death, as the Room of Destiny showed you." Arrano said.

"Then I will need protection! I can't be captured by the Sith! I need to go back home with my family, and friends!" she yelled.

"The matter of protection is why we brought you here to the academy, Beattrix." Arrano said.

"..What do you mean?" she asked.

"Beattrix, during your stay here at the enclave, Olan has noticed a minor bit of Force sensitivity in you." Talo said.

"For your protection, and that of the galaxy, we have decided to train you with the Force, to become a Jedi." Hael said.

"A - a Jedi?" Beattrix asked calmly.

"Normally we don't train people as old as you, but it is vital that you are trained for uses of protection against the Sith." Laen said.

"Will you accept this invitation to become a Jedi, Beattrix?" Hael asked.

01-17-2007, 10:21 PM
Chapter Five: The Bounty Hunter

A Jedi? Beattrix thought as she raced the words through her head over and over. When she was young she would always dream of being a Jedi, she would pretend that she was the savior of the galaxy. But she knew that being a Jedi had some consequences, effects that would take away human nature, such as love and hate. Though, she felt she was ready for the discipline and hard work that a Jedi had to face. She really wanted to be a Jedi, it was always her dream. "Yes." Beattrix said finally.

"Then you shall begin your training tomorrow, young Beattrix." Laen said.

"But for now you are dismissed, and may the Force be with you." Hael said.

Beattrix almost ran out the door, she was so excited. She shut the door behind her and turned the corner to the halls, where Olan was waiting for her.

"Well?" he asked. "What did they want?"

"Olan! Guess what? They've asked me to become a Jedi!" Beattrix screamed.

"A... Jedi?" Olan asked.

"Yeah! They want to train me with the Force! It's always been a dream of mine to become a Jedi!" Beattrix said.

"Yes Beattrix, that sounds... great." Olan said sadly.

"Why do you say that so depressed? This is good news, isn't it?" Beattrix asked.

Olan smiled, and then slightly frowned. "Being a Jedi can be... rough, Beattrix." Olan said.

"Yes I know, but I'm ready to face the challenges!" she yelled.

"Beattrix you're not listening! If you take the path as a Jedi you may never see your family again! Us as Jedi have to let go of bonding loves, and we separate from our family to start th--"

"I never knew my family anyways!" Beattrix almost cried out.

"Beattrix... but I thought you said before that--"

"I don't want to talk about it." Beattrix said calmly, as she wiped a single tear from her right eye.

Olan saw that it was not a subject that Beattrix wanted to talk about, so he let the subject go. He placed his arm on her shoulder, and smiled. Then he turned around and headed to his room.

On the other side of Dantooine at the unnamed town, Maraae hurried back to the Bounty Hunter's guild where he impatiently waited for the female Falleen to return. After minutes of waiting, the Falleen came into the guild prepared to her best performance. She was covered in a suit that seemed to be made of iron, and she had blasters and grenades all locked around her waist belt. She looked deadly, and worth the credits.

"Are you ready?" Maraae snapped.

"Yes." She said. Maraae started walking to the door, but the Falleen put her arms out to stop him.

"What's this...?" Maraae asked frustrated.

"There's a large bounty on your head, larger than the credits you'll give me for this mission of yours." she said. Maraae was silent. "I was going to complete your job first, and then kill you to add up the credits, but attempting to kill the Jedi in their own enclave is a little dangerous. Better to be safe than sorry." The man sitting behind the desk quickly ran for the door hidden underground, to escape being injured.

"Better to be safe than sorry...?" Maraae asked. "You don't know how sorry you'll be!" Maraae said as he ignited his lightsaber in a rush, attempting to cut through the Falleen's metal. She quickly jumped out of the way and spaced herself from him.

"My name is Ieka, I'm sure you've heard of it. I'm famous for killing the most Jedi, both light and dark, in the history of Bounty Hunters." Ieka stated. Maraae raised his left hand and started striking lightning at Ieka, it seemed that the armor was immune to it.

"Did you not hear me? I've killed many Jedi, both light and dark. I know all about your Force powers. This suit of mine blocks anything you try to hit me with." Ieka said. She pointed a blaster toward Maraae, and blasted a fully-charged shot. Maraae pulled his lightsaber to block the shot, but oddly the blast cut right through the saber, and impaled into Maraae.

"It's a specially modified blaster, crafted by a Jedi Master during the Mandalorian Wars. One of my ancestors stole it from them, and it's been passed down the bloodline ever since." Ieka said as Maraae kneed to the ground.

Maraae still said nothing, he seemed to be concentrating on something.

"And now, I'll kill you." Ieka said.

01-17-2007, 10:21 PM
Chapter Six: Jedi Training

Beattrix's eyes opened, it was in the middle of the night, and she couldn't sleep. All day she's been thinking about the training ahead of her. The missions she would be sent to do, learning the ways of the force, and just holding a lightsaber seemed to hype her up. At sunrise she would start her training as a Jedi, she felt so proud of herself. She tried to close her eyes and go back to sleep, but she couldn't, she was too excited. Her eyes popped back open, and she stared at the ceiling

Olan couldn't sleep either, he felt worried for Beattrix and her future. He knew as well as anyone that being a Jedi was difficult and sometimes dangerous. Not only are the Sith looking for her, but now that she's a Jedi she will be sent on missions by the council, sometimes life-threatening ones. But he knew he couldn't change Beattrix's mind, she was set on becoming a Jedi.

Beattrix looked out of the window, one sun was setting, and the other sun was just beginning to rise. The morning was coming close, soon her training would start. All of a sudden, she felt very tired. She wanted to fall asleep and wake up in what seems to be seconds. She closed her eyes, and instantly fell asleep.

On the planet Lanqe, the Sith Council began another meeting. All six members of the council were sitting around a large circular table made of blue glass and which had beautiful designs of past Sith legends. Lord Trimphro cleared his throat, and he began to speak.

“A messenger has gave me news that Maraae has failed in his mission, yet again. Citizens of Dantooine have seen Maraae destroyed by a simple bounty hunter. What is the next course of action?” he asked.

“It seems that we cannot trust the simplest of us Sith the receive the carrier. We must send someone far more wise, and someone with far more experience.” Madam Muay said.

“Agreed, but the Sith numbers are decreasing, we cannot waste another life in this mission. We must send someone who can get the job done.” Apo stated.

“You two are forgetting that Maraae was indeed a top-ranked Sith, who was very skilled and talented with the Dark Side. It'll be difficult to find someone who can overcome the skills of Maraae.” Trimphra said.

“Ah, but Maraae was known for his knowledge, not power. We must send someone with more strength to retrieve the carrier.” Opa said.

“Power alone cannot get the job done, Lady Opa. And neither can knowledge. We need to send a Sith who is well-balanced in all areas of combat and wit.” Trimphro spoke.

Darth Oriaa was carefully listening to all of the member's words, but he did not speak or reply to anything they said. He simply listened, and waited.

“I agree with Trimphro, we need someone who is capable of this mission.” said Muay.

“But who is capable?” Trimphra asked.

“Perhaps one of the Council should go?” Apo asked hesitantly.

“But if there is a chance of one of us to die on this mission, then that would be a terrible loss for the Sith.” Trimphro said.

“Though it seems that one of us would get the job done on our first attempt, I think it's a good plan.” Opa said.

“Then there is the question of who should we send?” Muay asked.

“I think it would be wise if we, my sister an I, go to catch the carrier.” Apo said. Opa nodded.

“Even though you two work best together, it would be unwise to send two of the Council, when we only need one of us to get the job done.” Trimphra said.

“I think we should send --” Trimphro began, but was interrupted.

“I shall go.” Dark Lord Oriaa spoke. All members of the council looked at Darth Oriaa, and they spoke no more. It was settled, Darth Oriaa would go to Dantooine to capture Beattrix, the Sith carrier.

Beattrix once again awoke, she was fully rested and was eager for training to begin. She removed her blankets and hopped out of bed. She opened the closet door to find a new and clean pair of clothes, thanks to the nurses and hospital droids. She removed the clothes from the hanger and placed them neatly on her bed. She ran over to the door to lock it, and she shut the blinds to block view of the window.

She quickly removed her dirty clothes and threw them in a corner. She picked up the new pair and put them on in a rush. She straightened her clothes to a comfortable position and opened the blinds to the window. She ran back over to the door, unlocked it, and raced out. She went past the Room of Heroes and down the long halls of the enclave, she came to the Jedi Council's chambers and she opened the steel door. All four of the Jedi Council members were standing next to each other, looking at Beattrix as she entered.

“I'm ready for my training!” Beattrix said.

“Then we shall begin.” Talo replied.

“Beattrix, each member of the Council will teach you certain things needed to know for becoming a Jedi. Master Arrano is the Jedi's Chronicler, he will teach you the basic and advanced knowledge of the Jedi.” Laen Marr said. “Master Hael will teach you about the Force, how to obey it and how to use it properly. Master Talo is the Weapon's Master here at the enclave, he will teach you training in combat and in weapon knowledge. And of course, you will need a mentor to guide you through training.”

“Who's my mentor?” Beattrix asked.

“The Council has come to the conclusion that Olan Matale will be your mentor. He is a well-trained Jedi and knows much about the Force. He will help you much during your training.” Arrano said.

“Olan?” Beattrix asked in joy. “That's fantastic!” Beattrix said.

“We have made Olan your mentor for a specific reason, to resist the temptation of love and attachments.” Talo said.

Beattrix looked dumbfounded. “Love?! That's completely ridiculous! I do not love Olan!” Beattrix said.

“You cannot hide your feelings, Beattrix. We can all notice your feelings for him.” Hael said. “It is not the Jedi way to allow such attachments to sink into our lives. But that's why he will be your mentor, to remind you that such feelings are forbidden against Jedi.”

“Why is love forbidden to the Jedi? Love shows kindness and self-less acts.” Beattrix asked.

“Of course the Jedi show love to all living things around us, but we do not permit the love you speak of.” Laen said.

“Love can lead to fear of loss, fear can lead to lust for power, and lust for power can lead to the dark side. Such acts have been seen many times in the Jedi history.” Arrano said.

“But for now we will drop this subject, and begin your training as a Jedi. Please walk with me Beattrix.” Hael invited. Beattrix and Master Hael walked out of the Council's chambers and back down the long hall way.

“Where are we going?” Beattrix asked.

“To get Olan, he'll be with you while you train.” Hael said.

Beattrix nearly blushed. Beattrix and Master Hael came to Olan's dormitories, Hael knocked on the door, and in a matter of seconds Olan opened the door smiling pleasantly.

“Good morning Olan.” Hael greeted.

“Good morning Master Hael, good morning Beattrix.” Olan replied.

“Are you ready?” Hael asked.

“Yes, I am.” Olan answered. He walked out into the hall and closed his door behind him. The three of them walked down the hall to the front exit, they were going to travel the Dantooine plains, where Beattrix has not yet been. It's finally started, Beattrix's training as a Jedi has begun.

01-17-2007, 10:22 PM
Chapter Seven: The Force

The gigantic command ship called “the Echelon” came out of hyperspace. The large ship soared across deep space, without making a noise, but showing a sign of death. The metal seemed to be scarred and scratched, there were many signs of battle.

Admiral Kila walked down the long isle in the bridge. To the left and right there were many crew members of the ship, all were very busy and were paying their complete attention to the computer terminals in front of them. She came to the end of the isle, where the Dark Lord Oriaa was standing, looking out at the stars.

“You summoned me, mi lord?” she asked.

“Why has my ship came to a halt?” Darth Oriaa asked.

“There is a very large asteroid field ahead and--”

“Asteroids are of no concern of mine, fire upon them and wipe out the entire field.”

“But... mi – mi lord, the planet Coanre is near-by, along with it's eight moons. Wiping out the field will destroy the entire Coanre system.” she complained.

“Do you question my orders?” Oriaa asked.

“N – no, mi lord. I will do as you ask.” she stated firmly.

“Very well, you are dismissed, admiral.” Oriaa said. Kila turned around and walked back down the long isle. Her face was pale, and she had much grief in her eyes.

“Captain,” she began as she approached a uniformed man, “destroy the asteroid field.”.

“It will be done.” he replied. “Blasters enabled!”

Turrets came out from the Echelon, massive turrets with two cannons placed on each.

“Fire at the asteroids!” the captain commanded.

Immediately the turrets blasted white beams that compacted against the asteroids. Explosions burst out and the asteroids were virtually being destroyed. Oriaa watched as the fire flamed in space, stars being brightened as they reflected the fire. He turned his head to see a view of Coanre. The explosions gathered closer to the planet, and finally they both connected. Coanre burst out in large pieces, billions of living organisms died, but still there was much life. The planet separated itself into three pieces, all which would be considered as a new moon for the Coanre system. Oriaa was pleased.

“Continue the travel through hyperspace!” Admiral Kila demanded.

The Echelon raced through the fire, and vanished into unknown space.

“You're mine, carrier.” Oriaa said softly.

The sun felt warm to Beattrix, she stayed put for a moment and let the heat warm up her body. She looked around the fields that were in front of her, endless plains that looked beautiful. Kath hounds were parading the grass looking proud and humble. Cannoks and bomas and much more animals were wandering around, peacefully and carelessly. Beattrix loved the view.

“The Force is divided into four aspects: the light side, the dark side, the unifying Force, and the living Force. The light side of the Force is the facet aligned with good, benevolence, and healing. While the dark side of the Force is the element aligned with fear, hatred, and rage. The unifying Force essentially embraced space and time in it's entirety. The living Force deals with the energy of living things.” Hael said. “This is a famous quote to the Jedi, said by Master Lorn.”

Beattrix listened to every word Hael said. She was very interested in what he had to say about the Force, she wanted to learn more.

“To Jedi, Force is life and life is the Force. To Sith, the Force is their weapon and their servant. They manipulate the Force to their liking, and that is what gives them unique power.” Hael said.

“Is the dark side stronger?” Beattrix asked.

“No, the dark side and the light side are different points of view, different people will have different views of the Force.” Olan said.

“This is correct.” Hael agreed. “In your lifetime, there will be many opportunities to where you will be tempted to fall in darkness. Every Jedi has gone through such things, but it all depends on what choice you make. Do you want to follow the light and become a Jedi?”

Beattrix didn't hesitate in her answer, “Yes.” she said.

“Very well then, walk with me.” Hael said. Olan, Beattrix, and Master Hael walked into the fields where life could be felt. Trees and animals were everywhere, and Beattrix could feel them.

“The living Force is what binds all living things together. Such as that tree, and that cannok to the the west. Feel the bonds between us all, and embrace it. Sense the kath hounds as they bark and roar, listen to the trees as they bristle through the wind. Endure the bomas as they fight for food. All things are bounded together, showing life.” Hael explained.

“Fascinating.” Beattrix remarked.

The three of them continued to walk down through the fields, walking by many animals and creatures.

“All things are connected, as you and that kath hound are connected, so is everything else in the galaxy.” Hael said. Hael stopped talking, he sharply turned his head and looked toward the sky. He looked pale, obviously something was troubling him.

“Is something wrong, Master?” Olan asked.

“Beattrix..” Hael began. “Beattrix, go with Olan back into the academy.” Hael said.

“But wh-” Beattrix started to ask.

“Go, now!” Hael demanded.

“Beattrix, come on!” Olan said, he grabbed Beattrix by the arm and they both ran to the back entrance of the enclave.

Hael continued to look up the sky, he felt a presence of dark power. Hael could tell that this presence has tried to remain secret, it was fortunate that he sensed it. Hael quickly went back to the Jedi enclave, and headed for the Council Chambers.

Olan and Beattrix entered her room, and stayed put. Beattrix was very confused, as well as Olan, though he had a better idea of what was going on.

“What's happening?” Beattrix asked.

“I'm not sure. But it seems like you're in danger.” Olan said.

“In.. danger?” Beattrix asked.

“Can you not sense it? Someone is coming from afar, coming for you.”

“Now that you mention it, I can feel.... something.” Beattrix said.

Dantooine was in view of the Echelon. The gigantic ship approached Dantooine slowly, still trying to remain secret to the Jedi.

“I fear they have sensed us. Continue our approach.” Darth Oriaa demanded.

01-17-2007, 10:23 PM
Chapter Eight: Battle Plans

The Echelon was within the atmosphere of Dantooine, it began to pick up speed due to gravity. From the view of the Echelon, the Jedi academy could be seen, and bombed.

“Shall we fire upon the academy, sir?” Admiral Kila asked.

“Don't be foolish!” Oriaa snapped. “Keep the Echelon away from the academy, and do not fire one blast at the enclave, do I make myself clear? The Jedi may have noticed our presence, but it is vital they do not know where the Echelon is being landed. Tell your men to be stealthy.”

“Yes, mi lord.” Admiral Kila said, she turned around to meet Captain Xua waiting for orders. “Land the ship in a safe range from the enclave, and stay hidden.”

“It will be done.” Captain Xua said, he saluted Kila and turned to his crewmen.
“Your orders are to land the ship far from the academy, be stealthy, and try not to make any noise. Thrusters off.” the captain ordered.

The Echelon swiftly floated across the sky and headed into the forests north of the enclave. As the Echelon landed, the trees completely covered it's presence.

“What's your next course of action?” Kila asked Oriaa.

“The Jedi are aware we are here, but they are slow in planning defenses. Gather your soldiers, all of them.” Oriaa demanded.

“As you wish.” Kila replied.

“Well who do you think it is?” Laen asked.

“To my best knowledge I think it was the Dark Lord Oriaa that I sensed.” Hael asnwered.

“Are you positive Hael?” Arrano asked.

“Of course I am! I would not mistake my old master's presence!” he asnwered.

“Then we have much to do.” Talo said. “No doubt he has came for Beattrix.”

“Agreed, we must keep Beattrix safe.” Laen said.

“But where shall we keep her?” Hael asked.

“Underground, in our training areas.” Arrano recommended.

“Yes, that'll do. We will enable security lock down, this should keep her safe from Oriaa.” Talo said.

“What if the Dark Lord kills us and reaches to Beattrix?” Hael asked.

“This will not happen, not even the famous Darth Oriaa can defeat all of us Jedi.” Laen said.

“There is no place I can think of that Oriaa has traveled without his army. They are definitely here with Oriaa.” Hael said.

“Then we will have to be extra careful.” Laen sighed. “Talo, go sound the alarm. Get all of the Jedi to meet in the back halls.”

“Understood.” Talo said, as he ran out the door.

“Hael, go tell Beattrix on what's happening. Guide her to the training grounds. When she's there, contact Arrano on you're com link so he can enable the security system.” Laen commanded.

“Right.” Hael said as he swiftly walked out the door. Arrano walked over to the master terminal, which was luckily right there in the Council Chambers.

“Be sure you only enable the security system when Hael contacts you.” Laen demanded.

“It will be done as you ask.” Arrano said.

Laen ran out of the room, as the alarm has just been enabled. Talo's voice could be hear from the distance:

“Jedi of the Enclave! The Dark Lord Oriaa is here! Meet together at the back halls, hurry!”

Instantly many Jedi began to swift through the enclave, all heading for the back halls. In minutes all of the Jedi were gathered there, except for Beattrix and Olan would were still in their room scared and confused.

Hael opened the door, Beattrix jumped at the fast movement of the door, but she quickly calmed down seeing it was Master Hael.

“Master, what is going on?” Olan asked.

“A Sith Lord is coming for Beattrix!” Hael said panting, he was catching his breath as he was old and had to hurry to get to Beattrix's room.

“What?!” Beattrix and Olan both yelped simultaneously.

“Beattrix, Olan, there is no time to explain! Olan get to the back halls! Beattrix, follow me!” Hael ordered.

Olan looked pale and shocked that Master Hael would separate Olan from Beattrix, especially when he was needed to protect her.

“You will be protecting her by going to the back halls Olan, now!” Hael said as though he read Olan's thoughts.

“Right away.” Olan said. He turned to Beattrix. “Be safe.”

Beattrix didn't know what to say, she simply looked at Olan as he exited the room.

“Beattrix... now!” Hael screamed as he awaited for her to follow him. Beattrix walked out the room, not even bothering to close the door behind her.

Darth Oriaa was the first to exit the Echelon, along with hundreds of soldiers behind him. Standing next to him were Admiral Kila and Captain Xuga. Xuga looked ready for the mission ahead, while Kila still had a questioning look on her face.

“Are you sure we will be able to break through the enclave's defenses? Many Sith have tried, and none have succeeded. The Dantooine Jedi Enclave is legendary for it's security and--” she began.

“Do not doubt my plans. We are not here to destroy the Jedi Enclave, we are here to capture the Sith Carrier, the young Beattrix is her name.” Darth Oriaa said.

“Still, they will have this girl tightly secured, it will be difficult to--” she began, but was once again interrupted.

“I tire of your doubts. You can be certain the carrier will come to Lanqe with us in the Echelon.” Oriaa. “My apprentice has been under cover as a Jedi Master for quite some time, he will aid us in capturing the son's mother.”

Hael picked up the pace, he was almost running now, with Beattrix closely behind. Beattrix was sure not to ask any questions, she would have the chance for that later. She did not want to distract Hael from keeping her safe. She continued to follow Hael through the enclave.

Talo was done talking and planning with the Jedi. All the Jedi were now scattering to different positions, all had a straight look on their face. They were all very serious about keeping Beattrix safe, for all of them know as well as anyone about the Sith prophecy. The Jedi were scattered to different places, some were ordered to stay inside the academy, while others were ordered to await outside of the enclave.

“Are your soldiers ready to do my bidding?” Oriaa asked.

“We are all ready, mi lord.” Kila answered.

“Good.” Oriaa said longly. “Continue to the enclave, kill any who stand in your way.” Oriaa demanded.

At that being said Admiral Kila and Captain Xuga began to walk forward, as long as the hundreds of soldiers behind them. Oriaa stood in the same spot, standing and watching as his followers stormed off to cause destruction, joy to Oriaa's methods.

“This day, belongs to the Sith!” Oriaa sharply spoke.

01-17-2007, 10:24 PM
Chapter Nine: Betrayal

The Jedi of the enclave could hear the faint foot steps of the Sith soldiers approaching them from afar. They could all sense the dark energy provided by Darth Oriaa. Some Jedi were confident, and determined to help save Beattrix. While others were scared and wished to flee. But all of the Jedi shared this in common; they were ready to defend themselves from the Sith. Each Jedi's lightsaber was ignited. Different combinations of colors could be seen: colors of green, blue, purple, yellow, silver, cyan, and even orange.

All the sounds stopped, the Jedi stared into the forest, seeing nothing but darkness. Without any notice blaster could be heard blasted, and white and red beams of lasers came rushing out of the trees threatening to kill. At the start a handful of Jedi were already killed, or badly injured, but soon all of the Jedi were battle-ready and deflected each blast coming toward them.

Finally figures could be seen coming out of the trees, men in uniforms of black and gray, all with evil looks and intentions on their faces. Red lightsabers were seen ignited in the forest, and to the Jedi's surprise Dark Jedi flew out from the air and began striking down their opponents. The Jedi were beginning to abandon hope as more and more of their numbers lowered. And as more and more of their numbers continued to come from the trees.

Olan was one of the lucky Jedi, who was positioned inside of the enclave, but Olan felt much grief for all of his Jedi companions who were fighting, and dying. He also feared for Beattrix, things weren't looking good. Besides Olan were six other Jedi, all who had their lightsabers ignited, and looked very scared. Olan was as well scared, he could not hide it. His face was as pale as a Dark Lord's could be. But he was still confident that the Dark Lord would be defeated... and Beattrix would be safe.

Beattrix was underground, and she could still hear the screams of dying Jedi and Sith. She of all people, was most frightened. And she had the right to be scared.

Hael finally spoke. “Do not be worried, you will be safe from the Sith here.”

Beattrix wasn't convinced, but she trusted that this was the Jedi's best security. Hael and Beattrix both came to a magnetically-sealed door, with a terminal near-by. Hael went up to the terminal and turned the power on. The screen turned a bright white and then blackened. It showed this message:


“Crem-ta's Teachings” Hael spoke the ancient password. The computer screen once again turned bright white, and once again it blackened. It showed:

“Welcome Master Hael.

Voice Print ID:
Master Arrano
Master Belek (now passed)
Master Hael
Master Juac Oaks [absent from the enclave (on planet Lanqe)]
Master Laen
Master Mola (now passed)
Master Noma (now passed)
Master Crem-ta (now passed)
Master Talo
Master Aen [absent from the enclave (on planet Lanqe)]
Master Kina (now passed)
Master -------- (deleted content)


Edit the Voice Print ID user's list
Delete a user from the list
Open door via accessed code”

Hael chose the third option b using the terminal, and the door opened to reveal a semi-short hall way, which was long enough to hold about 50 people in. At the end of the hall was another magnetically-sealed door and another terminal. Beattrix felt a little better about her safety. Hael and Beattrix both walked over to the second terminal, and Hael began to enable the computer's power.

Masters Talo and Laen both were deflecting blasters and striking down opponents back-to-back. Both were fighting at a top-level, and were worthy of calling themselves 'Masters'.

“Take out the Council members!” Kila demanded as she pointed at Talo and Laen. Two Dark Jedi came up from behind Kila, and ignited their purple lightsabers. This command apparently received Talo's attention. He jumped through the the air deflecting any shots blasted toward him and landed in front of the Sith. With his double-bladed blue lightsaber ready for battle, Talo launched toward them, instantly killing one. The other was a little tougher to fight though, he blocked every attack Talo gave to him, and managed to skin Talo's face, leaving a burnt-like scar.

Kila raised her gun to point and Talo, and she blasted a loud sounding energy. The beam was blocked by Talo's lightsaber, and reflected to the Sith who was blasted in the chest. The Sith fell over from the impact, and slowly began to die.

“Damn!” Kila said feeling stupid.

Blaster shots seemed to be focusing on Jedi Master Laen Marr. Laen kept on deflecting the shots with her two green lightsabers, but eventually she grew tired. Eventually the blaster shots connected to her body, and Laen was killed instantly.

Talo looked over at Laen who was dead on the floor.
“NOOO!” he screamed. He suddenly felt a great pain and fell to the ground. He foolishly let his guard down, and was at last shot by Admiral Kila.

Olan and the other Jedi accompanying him could feel all of the losses. They could sense the pain their friend's were going through, and the death which were being caused by the Sith. Eventually, and sadly, all sounds of battle quited. No blasters were being shot, but no sound of humming came from the Jedi's lightsabers.

“No..” Olan spoke out loud.

Pounding could be heard knocking on the door, explosions from mines and blasting from rifles. The Sith were about to infiltrate the Jedi Enclave, which has never been done before.

“If only Juac and and Aen were here, we might have been able to--” one of the Jedi began, but was clearly interrupted by Olan.

“We can stop them now! Do not give up hope!” Olan shouted. He looked at the other six Jedi who were all trembling. Olan admitted to himself, that he as well has lost all up.

The door flew across the hall, coming fast toward the Jedi. Olan reached his arm out and stopped the door in mid-air, he released the Force and instantly it fell to the ground causing a loud boom which echoed through-out the academy.

Hael stopped entering commands into the terminal, he heard explosions and booming coming from within the enclave. He fastened his pace, and entered the commands for the terminal rushed. The screen went black and showed another message for Hael to read:


“Noma's Ways.” Hael spoke clearly. The screen went static and let out a loud noise. After seconds, the screen again turned black.

“Password incorrect.”

Hael was confused entirely.

“Noma's Ways!” he shouted back to the computer. The terminal went through the same stages last time, static, the noise, and then back to the black screen.

“Password incorrect.


Unidentified user. Security lock down initiated.”

“What the hell?” Hael spoke in anger as he turned around to see the door which he came from close.

Hael quickly reached for his com link inside his robes. He entered a code a hurried to speak into it.

“Arrano! Arrano, answer!” he shouted.

“Yes?” Arrano said in a mocking tone. Hael ignored it.

“Arrano, someone has changed the password to the second terminal. I need you to override the the security system. Arrano, disable the security system!” Hael demanded twice.

Beattrix grew as pale as ever, she waited impatiently for the security system to be overridden. But oddly, it didn't.

“You belong to the Sith, Beattrix.” Arrano said loudly from Hael's com link.

Beattrix froze, those words ran through her head, she was frightened. She let out a large scream and fell to her knees. Tears ran down her eyes as she moped.

Hael looked ferocious and puzzled. He looked to Beattrix.

“What in the hell do you think this is Arrano? A game?! Disable the security system, now!” Hael demanded.

“That's not going to happen Hael. My new master, Darth Oriaa, has specific orders to keep you two locked up there. The plan worked smoothly, you can tell my master is wise.” Arrano said.

“Arrano, I swear, when I get out of this you'll be sorry you crossed us! You'll be sorry you crossed me, your best friend!” Hael shouted.

“Friends are for the weak, Hael. You were never known as my friend. You were a pawn to finish Oriaa's puzzle, and my master has finally put all the pieces together.” Arrano said mocking his old friend.

“I can't believe what I'm hearing!” Hael shouted. “I'll see you dead!”

“We shall see. My master is coming for the carrier now, and you lack the skills necessary to defend Beattrix, or yourself for that matter.” Arrano laughed.

Five of the seven Jedi have been killed, leaving Olan and one of his friends, Waei, to be the last remaining Jedi that were standing between the enclave and the Sith. Olan and Waei were fighting to their full length, deflecting every shot blasted toward them. Striking down every Sith that dare try to pass them. But eventually the Sith grew too much for them to handle alone in a small hallway. The blaster shots eventually came through, and impacted to the chests of Olan and his companion.

Olan's visions were growing weary and blurry. He fell to his knees, then to the ground on his back. He watched helplessly as all of the Sith marched passed him. The last defense for Beattrix were the Jedi Masters Hael and Arrano. Silently in the back of his heart, he knew the Sith would win this battle. Olan glimpsed toward the door-less entrance, as his last sight being Darth Oriaa looking down pitifully at him. And then there came darkness.

01-17-2007, 10:33 PM
Chapter Ten: Death of the Jedi

“Goodbye, my 'friend' Hael.” Arrano bantered. Hael said nothing in return. His face had a bewildered aspect, his fists firmed, squeezing his fingers together. He turned to Beattrix, who's condition was ten fold. Her legs were trembling, and her face was covered in tears.

“Beattrix!” Hael bawled. Beattrix gave her immediate attention. “I will protect you with my life!”.

She didn't have any time to reply. The sealed door flung open, showing Darth Oriaa with a crimson lightsaber ignited. Beattrix instantly fainted as Hael's silver lightsaber ignited to his brightest bark.

“Don't you dare come near her, Oriaa!” Hael shouted. Oriaa, who paid little attention to Hael, was focused on the Sith Carrier, Beattrix.

“Leave me be, old apprentice.” Oriaa calmly said.

“You don't have the right to call me by that title!” Hael shouted.

Oriaa looked at Hael sharply and swiftly, taking a step closer toward him.

“Am I not the one who taught you all you know? Am I not the one who stayed by you through the meaningless trials of the Jedi Knights? You automatically grant the title of apprentice in my eyes!” Oriaa snapped. The hand of the Dark Lord reached for the dark mask covering the face of evil. Oriaa's fingers clenched the mask, and removed it. Showing the face of a beautiful woman.

“I am your old master, Crem-ta, and you cannot hide it.” the voice of Oriaa has not changed, her words still echoed of many genders and races.

“You are not Crem-ta, but a dark spirit who has possessed her! Your words have no meaning to me!” Hael said.

Darth Oriaa removed her robes, indicating she was ready for battle.

“I feel no pity for the dead.” she mocked. Her lightsaber flung up to the air, standing by it's master's face.

“You will not win this fight! Even though you've unlocked the pathway to immortality in age, and your face resembles a thousand young women, you're still old. I'm more agile than you are. Prepare yourself!” Hael yelled.

Unexpected to Master Hael, Arrano walked up to Oriaa, with his red lightsaber also ignited.

“You...!” Hael enraged. Arrano simply smiled.

“Time passes, and apprentices come and go.” Oriaa said, smiling. “You were speaking of age, Hael? Arrano is a few years younger than you if I'm correct.”.

To Hael's fear, hundreds of Sith troops could be seen marching up the halls, with their blasters at the ready.

“And besides that point our numbers overpower you. You, cannot win!” she declared.

Hael watched as the massive squad of Sith soldiers came closer to the three of them. He was outnumbered, but he could still inflict some damage. He jumped through the air, hurtling toward Darth Oriaa. His lightsaber was inches away from burning through the Dark Lord's skin, but he was stopped.

“I've taught you not to get caught with the Force before... haven't I?” Oriaa smiled. “Arrano!” she demanded. Arrano gladly stepped forward with his lightsaber pointing toward the defeated Jedi Master. Without a goodbye, Arrano sliced through the neck of his old friend, leaving his body headless. Both Darth Oriaa and Arrano sealed their lightsabers.

Oriaa watched the head of the legendary Master Hael roll along the floor. “Well done.” she said. She walked over to the fainted Beattrix, and squatted down in front of her.

“Finally, you're mine.” she said.

One Day Later:

“Now that you have fertilized her eggs, what should we do with her?” Muay asked.

The High Council of the Sith were all standing around a long rectangular table, where Beattrix had been chained down to. All the Council members had grins on their faces, imagining the future in front of them. Darth Oriaa had her hand placed on the stomach of Beattrix.

“The way we created life within the carrier's body, using the Force, will speed up the creation of the Son. Meaning in about four or so months, she will be ready to deliver the baby.” Trimphro stated.

“A four month period is not that long, but we cannot risk having the carrier stay here on Lanqe. Remaining Jedi across the galaxy will assemble and army if they have to.” Opa said.

“Then shall we send her off to a remote planet? In the Outer Rim where only we will know of her location?” Apo asked.

“Yes, but to what planet?” Trimphra asked.

“It does not matter which. As long as it provides the life-giving terrains of ocean and plants. She is human, and needs things to survive like anything else in this galaxy. Her survival is vital to our success with the Son.” Muay said.

“Is having her in solitude wise, though? She will need help with common things, such as--” Opa was interrupted.

“I have brought another from the enclave.” Oriaa said. All of the council members paid attention to what she had to say. “A male human. We will make a new identity for the girl, and for this man. They shall think they have been married since as long as they can remember. And of course they will have no knowledge of the Force.”.

“Very good.” Muay agreed.

“Bring in the human!” Oriaa shouted. Instantly two masked men came through the door carrying a medical bed with a man on it. It was Olan.

“He is dead.” Oriaa stated. “Trimphra, spark life into this one's soul.”. The two men laid Olan down on the floor, and then left the room.

“Right away.” Lady Trimphra said as she walked toward the dead corpse of Olan. Everything seemed to be going as planned for the Sith. Their destiny as rulers of the galaxy was near.

“Our next course of action?” Apo asked.

“Destroy the Jedi.” Darth Oriaa spoke triumphantly.

The End