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Imperial General Rom Mohc walked to the view screen over looking space, in his ship the Ark Hammer.

An Imperial officer approached him. “Sir, we have caught a very old escape pod in our tracker beam. We our pulling it in now.”

“Good,” Rom told him. “Bring anything inside to me.”

“Yes sir,” The officer said. Then he turned and walked away.


Soon the officer returned. “Sir, here is all that was in there.”

Rom took the old datapad and activated it. A hologram of an evil looking figure appeared. Rom almost shuddered at the look of the figure’s mask.

“You have activated one of the datapads of the Dark Trooper Project,” The figure said. Then it disappeared and a hologram of a heavily equipped solider appeared in its place.

“This is a highly modified version of one of our Troopers,” The voice continued. “It has enough power to wipe out one of the Republic bases.”

Could it be talking about the rebellion? Rom thought.

“For a version of this Project for your army please enter the diagram of your trooper,” the voice said. Then the hologram disappeared.

“What do you think that is?” The officer asked Rom.

“It’s probably some kind of old trooper,” Rom told him. “Enter the diagram.”

The officer nodded and entered the diagram of their stormtroopers. An extremely powerful looking stormtrooper appeared. Rom hurried over to his desk and pulled out his datapad. Then hooked up it up to the old one, and started to copy the diagram to it.

“Officer, produce one of these stormtroopers immediately. Then inform Lord Vader of the prototype. Do not mention this datapad at all…say I made the diagram.”

“Yes sir,” the officer responded. “I’ll get the scientists working on it right away.”


Then the officer walked off.

The Imperial Officer Nog Fawn walked into the scientist facility. A scientist, Pog Fawn who was Nog’s brother approached him. Nog handed him the datapad.

“General Mohc wants the scientist to focus all there effort on building a prototype of this possible future stormtrooper.” Nog told his brother.

“I see,” Pog said viewing the diagram. “We will work on it right away,”

“Good, see to it to inform me when it is done,” Nog said as he turned away.

Then he walked to the door to leave. “Oh, and Pog,”


“Make sure you do your best. Right when you finish Lord Vader will come to see the prototype.”

Pog gulped then nodded worriedly.


Days later the prototype for the now called “Dark Trooper Phase 1” and Dark Trooper Phase 2” were complete.

Pog pulled out his comlink and entered Nog’s comlink number, with twitching fingers.

“Brother,” Pog said as Nog answered. “The Dark Trooper 1 and 2 is complete. Inform Lord Vader of the project.”

“Very good,” Nog said, then he ended the conversation.

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