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Rabish Bini
01-19-2007, 11:35 PM
This is an alternate universe fic. This is my new gimmick for fics, fics intertwined with a song. The song is Until it Sleeps by Metallica. Listen to it here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UmggmTOqg0Y&mode=related&search=). I recommend you listen to it so you know the tune.
The lyrics are here (http://www.lyricsfreak.com/m/metallica/until+it+sleeps_20092075.html). Enjoy. :)

Bastila lay in the bed of the hospital in severe pain. Just yesterday she had ventured into the bottom levels of Coruscant, and didn't come back. Luckily, Revan found her.
Revan sat just outside the room where bastila's bed is in. Suddenly, out of nowhere, he felt a sudden surge go through him. It was like losing a limb, a part of you. The nurse droid walked through the door.
"Revan." It said, "I'm sorry but your wife Bastila Shan has died." Revan stared at the droid before he walked off with tears covering his face.

Where do I take this pain of mine
I run but it stays right by my side

So tear me open, pour me out
These things inside they scream and shout
And the pain still hates me
So hold me until it sleeps

Revan was getting ready to go to the bottom levels of Coruscant to avenge Bastila's death when Master Vaandar walked in the room to stop him.
"Master Revan, we are all aware of Bastila's death, but you should not make any hasty decisions, we must gather more information. Come with me to the Council chambers."

Just like a curse, just like a stray
You feed it once and now it stays
Now it stays

So tear me open, but beware
Theres things inside without a care
And the dirt still stains me
So wash me until Im clean

"Master Revan," Said Master Vrook, "We hear that you wished to avenge Bastila's death, too hasty those moves, we must be patient. Can you justify your reasons?"
"Yes, I believe I can," Said Rvean, "This sudden departure of Bastila has left a hole in me, pain, nothing can fill it, it is like sombody has dipped my heart in acid and left only a shell, only pain." Revan broke out in tears.
"That is not good enough Revan." Said Master Dorak.
"Yes, you are hereby not allowed to go to the bottom of Coruscant." Added Master Vrook.
Revan walked away in disgust...

It grips you so hold me
It stains you so hold me
It hates you so hold me
It holds you so hold me
Until it sleeps...

Revan took the elevator down to the last level of Coruscant. Once again he had done something against the Council's wishes.
He made his way around the slime festering pit, occasionally giving a few credits to beggers. He finally made it to where he was originally going. A little temple in the middle of the courtyard. He walked in.
It was a little structure, with a massive amount of Dark Side energy. In the middle of the only room, there was a young woman meditating. Revan walked up to her.
The second he was within two metres of her she got up, turned around and pushed him away with the Force.
"Revan, so good of you to come." She said, "Now I shall realise my dream of a powerful apprentice and taking over this pathetic planet."
"I will never join the Dark Side again!" Yelled Revan.
"But Revan, think about it, you hate the way this world works, wouldn't you like to shape it how you see fit?"
"Why?" He asked, "Why me?"
The woman said nothing.
"NEVER!" Shouted Revan.

So tell me why you've chosen me
Dont want your grip
Dont want your greed
Dont want it

Ill tear me open, make you gone
No more can you hurt anyone
And the fear still shakes me
So hold me until it sleeps

"No?" Said the woman, "So be it, this will be the place of your death!" She ignited her red lighsaber and attacked.
Revan waited 'till the last second to move out of the way of her attack, but he didn't expect her to swing backwards. It caught him by surprise. He ignited his lightsaber and swung at her leg. She swiftly jump over Revan's attack and tried to decapitate him at the same time.
Revan jumped to the back of the room.
"You don't know how much pain you've caused me. I don't care if i'm posessed or if I just want vengeance, you shall pay!"

It grips you so hold me
It stains you so hold me
It hates you so hold me
It holds you, holds you, holds you
Until it sleeps...

She attacked Revan again, Revan countered with his own flurry. He picked her up using the Force and threw her to the other side of the room. She jumped back to her feet.
"You're doing well Revan, but release your anger!"
"You want to crack my shell and see what anger's inside. You will see nothing but revenge!"

So tear me open, but beware
The pains inside without a care
And the dirt still stains me
So wash me til Im clean

Revan kicked her to the wall.
"And now, you will pay." He said.
The woman lifted up her hand and made a bright flash which blinded Revan. As the light cleared, he saw Bastila standing in the woman's place.
"Bastila?" He asked.
She punched him in the face.
"Come on Revan, hit me." She taunted before punching him again.
"Bastila, I would never hurt you."
"You're weak." She punched him again. "You never were good at resisting mind games."

Ill tear me open, make you gone
No longer will you hurt anyone
And the hate still shakes me
So hold me until it sleeps

"One last time, Revan hit me!"
Revan shook his head.
"So be it." She punched Revan in the gut. As Revan looked up, she saw the Sith woman there again.
"Goodnight Revan."
She stabbed Revan through the heart with her lightsaber. He fell over on the ground. The woman walked off. With his last breath he said, "Bastila, i'm sorry" before fading away ino darkness.

Until it sleeps...

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