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01-22-2007, 09:21 PM
A long anticipated response to Revan's poem from Carth.

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01-22-2007, 09:22 PM
Love is Forgiveness

A storm rages in my heart
More so when we are apart
As the days pass us by
I canít but wonder if it was a lie

But I think back on past days
When your face shown the sunís rays
Of selfless deeds that bring a light
Always giving, fighting the good fight

From the skies of Taris to Manaanís seas
There for you Iíll always be
You fought in heat and fought in cold
Your antics were turning me old

Together we fought against the odds
Picked up our crew, thank the gods
Traveling towards uncertain doom
The nine of us crammed in a room

Then it happened and we were caught
Our mission that Saul had sought
There you stood, defiant and strong
Surely what Saul said was wrong

I found out who you were
It couldnít be, not her!
There it was so deafeningly true
The dark Lord Revan was you

The others accepted and didnít judge
With stubborn me and my darkening grudge
I told you that I swore an oath
Yet to gain my trust you had a hope

Now I say in difficult words
My anger flew away with the birds
Hate you I canít though Iíve tried
You looked at me ready to cry

Forgive you I do
In my heart this is true
Wherever we go and whatever we do
Together weíll be for I love you

The End