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Darth Dan
10-08-2006, 07:27 AM
Hey, I'm new too- looking to get the game december/january (after my year 11 exams).
I'm pretty sure you can't be a jedi (light or dark) and be a bounty hunter at the same time. Pretty darn sure- but please, correct me if I'm wrong.
I also don't think you can put bounties on other players' heads- but I'm not too sure about it. It would be really sweet, but I doubt the game makers would make that available and working- I heard smugglers can actually smuggle as of september this year- after years of waiting.

I would however like to know if you can be a bounty hunter and on the rebel side- that would be interesting.
Also, are credits in this game worth basically anything, or is it all just powerful items? (like in Diablo II- money is, well, worthless). If it is worth something, how much is considered rich?

10-09-2006, 10:44 PM
:fett: i need to know all about bounty hunting, i dont have the game yet, but i still want to know:
can we place bounties on other characters? can they place bounties on us?
can we be a bounty hunter AND a a dark jedi?
if we kill sombody, can we take thier stuff if its just laying there?

Please be more specific about what part of bounty hunting you want to know.

You can place a bounty on another player if they kill you in pvp max limit i think is 100k but can stack with other boutys the player has on his head.

No your character can be only one profession since nge was forced live november 15, 2005. You may have 2 characters per server with a limit of 8 characters total.

BTW my main character is Econn Dustwaver - Elder Bounty Hunter of the Bounty Hunters Guild on Gorath.

10-18-2006, 12:17 AM
Bounty Hunting:

You can't see who you're hunting on the bounty hunter terminals. (which really sucks by the way, soe!) You need to send out Arakyd probe droids to determine which planet they are on, then go to that planet and send out seeker droids (the droids darth maul used to locate qui-gon jinn in the phantom menace) , you have 2 options with the seeker droids. the one option which i use is the 'identify target' and that lets you see the name of who you are hunting.

The max amount of bounty hunters per mark is THREE. So you'll have a little competition.

Smugglers can show marks how much they're worth as well as who is hunting them (very very lame about the 'who is hunting them' deal....)

There are two kinds of marks:

Rebel/Imperial Operatives are marks that have Deathblowed others, and either racked up enough to get a bounty, or whoever they deathblowed, put money towards placing them on the terminals.

Smuggler Operatives are marks that have chose a higher risk factor that allows them to be hunted on a smuggling mission, so you gotta be quick before they complete their mission. nearly impossible to do.

NPC marks are gonna be the most rewarding, as you get a maximum of 32,000 credits, and they drop some good loot, including the bounty hunter armor schematics, which you can have crafted into armor by a munitions trader.

Another thing that Bounty Hunters get is the ability to JAM the Uplink Terminals of Imperial/Rebel Bases, the first step to taking down a player-placed base.