View Full Version : Rules - Please Read!

Rogue Nine
01-23-2007, 05:35 PM
Welcome to the new General Forum Games section of the Community Discussion forums. This forum is for all those silly little games that I know so many of you like to play. So to keep things orderly, a few ground rules...

All game-type threads are to be posted here. This includes all variations of 'User above you', 'Kjo Round' and all other such nonsense.
Only one thread per game type is allowed to be open at any given time. We cannot have multiple instances of word association threads or 'user above you' threads.
Keep it clean. This is a family forum; as such, posts with overly violent and/or sexual content are prohibited. Any such posts in violation of this rule will be summarily deleted and the poster given a warning.
This forum does not add to your post count.

All that being said, have at it.