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01-30-2007, 10:35 AM
Hello all,

Well, I've done it! My first ever MOD is released for any game. This MOD was a long time making just because I have never Modded anything before. I never knew anything about scripts, .mdl files, extracting, compiling, what a modding tool was, or any of that stuff which goes along with making a MOD.

Anyway, an exerpt from the readme:

What this MOD does:

This MOD adds five new items to the game from our good friend Jaga Fett:
Jaga Fett's Implant
Jaga Fett's Armband
Jaga Fett's Force Protection Belt
Jaga Fett's Power Gauntlets
Jaga Fett's Targeting Optics

All of these items can be purchased from the Bounty Hunter's shop on Manaan.

I tried to make these items balanced within the game. They are powerful items, but not ridiculously so and the cost reflects this. With the rest of the expensive items you can purchase from Yavin or Mika Dorin, you will have some choices to make as to which ones are most needed for your party as I don't think you'll have enough credits to purchase all the expensive items from these three places.

I thought it fitting that items from the Bounty Hunter Jaga Fett should be purchased from the Bounty Hunter's store on Manaan, and now, I actually have a reason to visit Manaan since it was never one of my favourite worlds ;). I have packed the MOD with the TSL patcher to allow for easy installation and to allow compatibility with any other MODs you may have in your override folder. You can get the MOD here:


and hopefully soon, the folks at Lucas Files will let me know when it is uploaded there as well. If anyone knows how I can get it uploaded to pcgamemods.com please let me know as I can't seem to find the links on how to upload when I go to that site.

I hope you enjoy the MOD and feedback is always appreciated!


As an aside, thank you Shem for your kind words in your description of the MOD, it is always encouraging to hear!