View Full Version : [K1 WIP] New Recruits mod.

02-07-2007, 06:32 PM

MY first bigtime mod!

this mod will be in two installments, it will add several new (addable) npc's into the game (mind you there will be no really good textures, however the PC's will have their own diolog And sound files) XD

the first release will add republic War droid into the game, right after you talk with carth on the endar spire. just before stepping into the escape pod.

there will also be several new diologs hidden hroughout the game, that will relate to your new NPC(s), and should help spice up the plot a little bit.

Screen Shots are up!


Edit: next shall be a canderous replacement!!! YAYA!!!!
more info on that tomorrow.

but the first part,(the droid) is almost ready to release in beta form soooooooo YAY!

( i know i'm not doing re-skinning or something, but it seems like the more basic kinds of modding are being swept under the rug... no more adding npc mods have been released*or none that don't use new models textures* so i hope this mod is enjoyed as much as the re-kinning stuff! ***CRITISISM IS EXPECTED!!! XD ****

02-08-2007, 07:53 AM
make it to where you can recruit the assassin droid from korriban, not him though cus you delete his assassin prgram, but make another you can recruit, those are always fun ^^.
Like, I want THAT EXACT ROBOT (the model i mean) to be able to be recruited and have it replace the r2d2 robot (i forget his name, never use him).
I could even do customized robot voices for it, I can send you examples later.

And I'd like to see some more custom jedi recruits (maybe your chara as a recruit) I'll explain more later, school now

I can skin if you get me the templates (im on a mac so i can't exactly retrieve them)

02-09-2007, 12:53 AM
sounds cool to me!
PM me with your email, and i'll send you the stuff!
i was actuall going to create a jedi recruit soon.
but mabey i'll chnge the first installment of this mod to an added recruteble droids mod.