View Full Version : ODD saber color scheme Yellow inside + blue outside (but not green), plus

Darth Avlectus
02-08-2007, 04:20 AM
I offer a challenge...sort of. For K1. ...possibly K2 down the road.

I want a certain lightsaber color scheme. It is described in some detail in my 'death grey' req thread--I'll explain it again here where it is more likely to be recognized.

In advance: I realize this may not even be possible to do--but I'm willing to test that reality.

I have already figured out how to do most color schemes.
There is one, however, that I cannot do on my computer. I have come close, by messing with the K1 color file maverick has with his color file with his curved hilt lightsaber, but not quite getting it--I contrast, and tweak the tint of it....... and it works, but only to a point. I got a vivid light blue and an optic yellow (yellow that is slighly greenish... like highlighter or tennis ball). I'm going for two seperate colors with each other but not blended (well, barely--a little tolerance is ok). A concept that bends reality, sort of.
I see the translucent, the black, and the rainbow varieties. Now I am trying to make one of my own imaginatiion come true.

I guess the question I am asking here: Is it possible to do a saber color file with a solid yellow (I.E. like here :twogun:) inside hue (intead of white) and a vivid blue outside hue?
I understand it may blend a little which is acceptable, but up close it has a yellow in blue. That's my main thing.

If it were rotoscoping in a film with photoshop 6 or higher it probably could be done--but this is a game so it is a little different, I understand. I tried it on my own.

I made a sample of the scheme I want with the program adobe illustrator 2.0 starter and the file is a .ai-- the program to view it is probably not critical. This file is here simply for the interested modder to view for the color scheme as the example for what I am after.

If you are seriously interested: send me a private message, or get the administrators to send me a forwarded email or something; as I cannot post attachments here and I can be horrid at uploading things elsewhere. The reason being for not copying and pasting is that I don't quite know how to convert it to some other type of image file, that simply allows copy and paste, without screwing it up and voiding it or making it unstable and dangerous to computers--I tried the whole rename or append thing and it failed. I will attatch it in an email.

I am pondering... upon its success (uncertain as of now), that there be a Unique color crystal item for it to use in lightsabers. Possibly some lightsabers. It is an annomily, a material from the collision of a star into a black hole makes this twisted material. I have yet to decide some properties, but for right now, I just want to concentrate on making the file as close as possible to my twistewd vision, and yet still usable if it could possibly be realized. We'll concentrate on the rest of the 'unique' item later.

Good luck, and may the force be with you.