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02-12-2007, 02:21 PM
A one shot deal of when Carth Onasi retrns from the war on Avalon to find something totally unexpected. Taken from the Heart of the Guradian Trilogy.

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New Rays of Life

The house was still as he entered through the heavy wooden door. He took no notice of the roses in their pots or the jasilyn blossoms that had begun to open to greet the morning rays. He noticed nothing as he hurried through the main room, his boots clicking on the cool stone floor. He tried to walk quietly but his step was hurried for the housekeeper told him that his wife was recovering. His heart raced as he made his way through the maze of halls and rooms that made the great villa.

The old fashioned wooden door swung open noiselessly on its old hinges. Revan was sleeping in a propped up in bed, looking so tiny and pale but strangely peaceful. He moved silently to her side and sat down on the edge of the bed. When he brushed her forehead with a gentle kiss, her eyes fluttered. She awoke looking tired but with a gentle smile. Softly she spoke, “Hi flyboy. Did they say I was dying?”

Carth looked at his wife incredulously. He had been half out of his mind with worry at what the housekeeper said. It didn’t occur to him that he had misinterpreted her meaning. “Cute. If you were any cuter you’d pass for a Gamorrean’s sister,” he replied in soft tones, “Rev, what’s going on? The housekeeper said that you were recovering and now you’re asking me if they told me you were dying.”

“Relax Carth. I was only teasing. At least you’re still in one piece flyboy. Jacen always keeps a promise.” She then yawned and closed her eyes again.

With her eyes closed, Carth could see the dark circles around her eyes. “Revan, are you all right? You don’t look so good.”

Revan opened her honey colored eyes and gazed into Carth’s brown ones. A teasing twinkle entered them, “I’ll tell you but first you have to close your eyes.”

“Revan…” Carth began, his forehead creased in concern.

“Close your eyes,” she repeated more firmly.

Carth sighed and closed his eyes. The bedcovers rustled and the bed creaked as her weight shifted. Was that a mew that he heard?
“Now you can open them.”

Revan was holding a pink bundle that made tiny movements and little noises. “What? It’s…How…uh…”

“Well Carth I think you know how,” Revan smiled at him, her eyes twinkling with amusement. Carth always had a cute little stutter when he was surprised. She offered the bundle to him saying softly, “Meet your daughter, our daughter.”

He took the tiny bundle from his wife’s arms. Now he understood why Jacen had always been so evasive about Revan when they were fighting on Belos and later Amshrey and why Jacen had agreed to stay and let him leave early to come home. He judged from her size that she couldn’t be more than two maybe three days old. She was perfect—the same eyes and mouth as her mother with his dark brown hair.. He asked, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I didn’t want you to worry about me. I wanted you to come home in one piece. If you knew that I was pregnant, you would have been distracted during battle. I love you too much to lose you.” Tears formed in her eyes as she said that.

As much as he was upset that she didn’t tell him, he couldn’t be mad. She had been watching out for him. He realized that Jacen must have known when they left for Belos to finish the war and save Avalon and the Republic, again. A bemused thought flashed through his mind, I’m going to kill him for not telling me. He asked, “What’s her name?”

“Lilah,” Revan hesitated, “Lilah Morgana Onasi. I…I wasn’t sure if you’d like Morgana for her middle name. We could change it if you don’t like it.”

“It’s perfect. Morgana would have been honored. Why would you think otherwise?”

“Well, she was your wife,” Revan explained, “Michaela explained to me the meaning of namesakes when Tulre was born. I thought she was brave for putting up with the likes of you and I thought…well…”

“She did have great courage, just like you. I think you were right in giving her that as her middle name,” Carth assured her with a kiss.

Revan smiled and rested her head on his arm. She accepted the baby back and just held her. Carth pulled Revan gently towards him so she could lean on him. He placed his one arm around her and he stroked his daughter’s soft cheek with his hand. They were content to sit there looking at the newest member of the family as the Morning Star stretched its rays over the plains of Jasilyn.

The End